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Case Studies in Strategic Management A Practical Approach

Author : Sanjay Mohapatra
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Through handpicked cases from a variety of areas and business houses, this book illustrates how strategic management can be used to achieve better operational performance and strengthen their services by aligning business goals with performance measures.

Strategic Management

Author : Ron Flavel
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A guide showing the steps involved and the factors to be considered in the preparation of a strategic plan and its subsequent implementation and management. Chapters focus on strategic planning in small and medium enterprises and include summaries and discussion questions. Contains an in-depth case study using the complete range of analytical tools, as well as case studies from a variety of industries, together with a table of case studies which identifies each case by industry. Includes five appendices, a bibliography and an index. The authors have wide experience in consulting work on organisational planning and control.

Case Studies on Strategic Management A Practical Approach

Author : Sanjay Mohapatra
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Through handpicked cases from a variety of areas and business houses, this book illustrates how strategic management can be used to achieve better operational performance and strengthen their services by aligning business goals with performance measures.

Case Studies in Marketing

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Strategic Management Accounting

Author : Wing Sun Li
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This book serves as a guide to strategic management accounting. It introduces new and useful concepts on how to collect, analyse, and evaluate options to enable managers to steer corporate directions and write strategic plans for the long-term success of the corporation. Starting with basic techniques and the latest strategic management approaches, the book then presents cases that show the techniques employed step by step. By demonstrating how easily the ideas can be translated into action, it is a valuable resource for business practitioners, as well as for students taking advanced management accounting courses.

A Practical Approach to Marketing Management

Author : Kujnish Vashisht
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In The Modern World, Every Individual Indulges In Marketing Process In A Variety Of Forms And At All Places Be It Buying Of Goods Or Services, Dealing With Customers, Applying For A Job, Joining A Club, Drinking Tea Or Offering Coffee. In Fact, Marketing Is An Extensive Social And Managerial Process By Which Individuals And Groups Obtain What They Need And Want Through Creating, Offering And Exchanging Products Of Value With Others. Keeping In View The Increasing Importance Of Marketing, The Present Book A Practical Approach To Marketing Management Makes An In-Depth Study Of Marketing Management And Aims To Provide For The Ambitious Students A Comfortable, Genuine And Firm Grasp Of Key Concepts Of The Subject In A Pleasantly Lucid Style With A Minimum Of Jargon. The Main Attraction Of The Book Is The Manner In Which The Fundamentals Of Marketing Have Been Explained So As To Enable The Students Not Only To Acquire Theoretical Knowledge Of The Subject But Also To Apply Them When Needed In The Real Time Marketing Situations.The Present Book Includes In Its Wide Spectrum All The Core Concepts Of Marketing Relationship Between Exchange And Marketing; Dynamic Marketing Environment; Strategies Of Marketing Planning; Marketing Research And Information Systems; Demand And Sales Forecasting; Market Segmentation, Differentiation And Positioning; Branding And Packaging; Price Determination; Marketing Channels; Retailing And Franchising; Advertising, Sales Promotion And Public Relations; Sales Management; Marketing In Service Sectors And International, Industrial And Rural Marketing, To Name But A Few. The Book Explicitly Explains The Consumer Behaviour And Social Responsibility Of Marketing And Analyses The Levels Of Competition Involved In Marketing.A Practical Approach To Each Topic, Well-Illustrated With Rich Examples From The Indian Marketing Environment, Makes The Book Easily Accessible To The Average Readers. In Addition, Practical Case Studies And Analytical Questions As Well As Marketing Quiz Provided At The End Of Each Chapter Would Help The Students Of The Management In Self-Study And Self-Assessment. The Book Would Be Highly Useful To The Corporate Executives And Entrepreneurs Besides The Students And Teachers Of The Subject.

Global Strategic Management

Author : Philippe Lasserre
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Thoroughly revised and updated, this fourth edition of Lasserre’s popular textbook is a user-friendly introduction to planning and making decisions for businesses on a global scale. It features numerous case studies and examples of established international companies and of SMEs looking to grow their international presence. Global Strategic Management blends academic rigour and a practical approach to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding strategic management in a global environment. Written by a world-renowned professor of strategy and international business from one of the world’s leading business schools, this new edition confirms Global Strategic Management as one of the most accessible, engaging texts on the market, one which students find easy to learn from and actually enjoy reading. This fully-updated fourth edition includes: • New and expanded coverage of BRICs, ‘born global’ firms, Corporate Social Responsibility and the underground econo my • More on e-business and the role of the internet in global business • A brand new video feature with business leaders explaining the practical implications and implementation of issues covered in the text • Genuinely global in scope and approach: over 40 mini-cases and examples cover emerging economies in Africa, Latin America and the Far East as well as established firms worldwide • Perfect balance between theory and the real world of business: numerous up-to-date examples that illustrate principles and support learning throughout The strong pedagogical framework from the previous edition remains, including: - Learning objectives - Mini cases, with questions, and shorter examples - Summary and key points - Learning assignments - Key words – with an end-of-book glossary - Web resources – providing links to useful websites - References and further reading Please visit the companion website at : for online resources including self-assessment questions, mini-case questions, PowerPoint presentations, and useful weblinks, as well as new video interviews with leading business people across the world. Philippe Lasserre is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He is an established authority in the field of international business and strategy, with over forty years’ experience in teaching, research and consulting in strategic management and international business. He has authored many books in these areas, and has held visiting professorships in Singapore, China, the US and Australia.

Strategy and Risk Management

Author : Ron Rael
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Employees make dozens of day-to-day decisions—and any one of them could come back to haunt you, even when the decision does not seem to have hidden or unknown ramifications. That is why your organisation must have a protocol in place for identifying and mitigating all major business risks long before it is needed. At the strategic level, risk management and strategic management are intertwined. Using this book, learn how to apply powerful tools and approaches to make your planning processes more effective and flexible and build a set of decision-making processes based on plain language. Author, Ron Rael, uses quality concepts/language (TQM & Six Sigma) to define the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process and value of prevention, while showing how these elements are both necessary and highly desired in an organisation’s strategic decision-making. ERM extends to your everyday business decisions because employees take actions and make daily choices that could have a detrimental effect on your profits and business’s longevity and future. This book will provide a best practices view on the latest developments in ERM deliver how-to guidance on developing ERM processes at the enterprise and department levels facilitate enterprise-wide ERM participation via practical information and examples deliver cross-functional management and implementation of ERM

Successful Management Strategies and Tools

Author : Marc Helmold
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This book equips managers and professionals with effective management tools and strategies as well as most important concepts to help them combat current challenges and problems. It provides a holistic and practical approach to lean and quality management throughout the business value chain. The author describes comprehensively how management strategies and problem-solving tools enable companies to concentrate on value-adding activities and processes to achieve the competitive advantage. This allows for managers to choose the proper tool and strategy for each situation and use it effectively. A wealth of best practices, industry examples and case studies are also included.

Introduction to Business Strategy

Author : Tony Morden
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Essentials of Strategic Management

Author : Thomas Wunder
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Das praxisorientierte englischsprachige Lehrbuch behandelt alle Phasen des Strategieprozesses. Neben strategischer Analyse und Strategieentwicklung werden auch die wahren Herausforderungen des strategischen Managements, nämlich Operationalisierung und Umsetzung auf den verschiedenen Business-Ebenen, detailliert beleuchtet. Außerdem im Fokus: aktuelle Themen wie Business Modeling und Strategy Alignment. Optimal für englischsprachige Veranstaltungen an Hochschulen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Modern, kompakt, pragmatisch, praxisorientiert! Mit umfangreichen Übungsaufgaben und praxisorientierten Fallstudien für Studierende Mit Unterrichtshilfen für Dozenten

A Practical Guide to University and College Management

Author : Steve Denton
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Written for Higher Education managers and administrators, A Practical Guide to University and College Management is a highly accessible text that offers practical guidance on how to manage the day-to-day life of universities. The authors take a proactive approach and offer a range of good practice examples and solutions, designed to resolve the dilemmas that arise in today’s rapidly changing higher education environment. Drawing on a wealth of management experience, this edited collection pulls together advice and practical guidance from expert managers working in the field of Higher Education. Each chapter is underpinned by theoretical perspectives to support invaluable pragmatic hints, mini-case studies, practical examples, and sample guidelines. The book covers four main areas: Selecting and inducting students: This section outlines the essential process for targeting, attracting, recruiting and inducting students Managing throughout the university year: Advice on the student experience, from the admissions process right up to graduation Assuring the quality of the student learning experience: How to manage course administration, student learning through assessment, student complaints and issues of quality assurance Maximising staff and student engagement: This section looks at how to maximise commitment and involvement by both staff and students, and includes approaches and examples of engagement implementation at other universities A Practical Guide to College and University Management will be of interest to Higher Education managers, administrators, and anyone looking for a pragmatic "how to" navigational guide that informs the working life of a university, from attracting students through to graduation. It offers managers and administrators essential training and support required to promote highly successful and efficient Higher Education Institutions, and is essential reading for anyone who works in university administration or aspires to do so. Sally Brown is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Assessment, Learning and Teaching at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has published widely on innovations in teaching, learning and particularly assessment. Steve Denton is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Registrar and Secretary at Leeds Metropolitan University bringing together University-wide student administrative and support services, including governance and legal matters, the academic registry, planning, student services, communication and marketing and widening access and participation.

Internet Marketing a practical approach

Author : Alan Charlesworth
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Internet Marketing: A Practical Approach is a step-by-step guide to marketing using the internet. Concentrating on the operational and functional aspects of this dynamic area, the book is packed with tactical advice and real-life examples from those leading the field to help you succeed. Written as an accessible guide to equip you for the online element of any contemporary marketing role, Internet Marketing covers all the key topics, including search engine optimization and social media marketing, before moving on to consider the internet as part of an integrated marketing strategy. With real-world case studies to illustrate e-marketing in practice and exercises to help you analyse, plan and execute effective strategies within the workplace, this practical resource will prepare you to undertake internet marketing across a variety of organizations. More than just a book, this complete package features an associated website at which hosts the case studies for the book, offers further tips and advice, and provides access to a wealth of extra material such as up-to-date references and web links.

Organizational Behavior

Author : Fred Luthans
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@@Organizational [email protected]@ by Fred Luthans was the first mainstream organizational behavior text on the market and continues the tradition of being the most current and up-to-date researched text today. Well known author Fred Luthans is the 5th highest Publisher in Academy of Management Journals, is a senior research scientist with the Gallup Organization, and continues to do research in the organizational behavior area. @Organizational Behavior 11th [email protected] is ideal for instructors who take a research-based and conceptual approach to their OB course.

Brand Management

Author : Saurabh Aggarwal
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Brand euity and strategic brand management combine a comprehensive theoretical foundation with numerous techniques and practical insights for making better day-to-day and long-term brand decisions and thus improving the long-term profitability of specific brand strategies. This book is prepared for specific tactical guidelines for planning, building, measuring and managing brand euity.It includes numerous examples virtually on every topic.Representing the brain trust in brand management, the book of Brand Management presents the highly sophisticated branding techniques used by some of the world's leading companies.Strategies such as brand stretching and brand architecture are described,especially as tools for managing the total brand experience and value.the book also includes a brand management toolkit,which provides checklists and exercise, as well as global and asian case studies.

Concepts and Case Studies in Threat Management

Author : Frederick S. Calhoun
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Professionalization has come to the field of threat management. It has developed a systematic theory unique to the field, recognized authorities have emerged, and it is finding its own ethical code of conduct. It is also beginning to grow its own culture, complete with a vocabulary of its own. Although the field has a way to go, it is well along th

A Practical Introduction to Mixed Methods for Business and Management

Author : Patricia Bazeley
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Mixed Methods Research for Business and Management guides students and researchers through how to use this methodology successfully in a research-based dissertation or project. The book introduces the concepts and debates associated with combining methods, and illustrates the many benefits, and hazards, of undertaking a mixed methods study. Example studies from across business and management disciplines bring the text to life throughout. The reader is taken step-by-step through the mixed methods process from developing a mixed methods study, through designing and conducting it, and finally, reporting on the results. Suitable for business and management students and researchers undertaking their own mixed methods research.

Approaches and Processes for Managing the Economics of Information Systems

Author : Tsiakis, Theodosios
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"This book explores the value of information and its management by highlighting theoretical and empirical approaches in the economics of information systems, providing insight into how information systems can generate economic value for businesses and consumers"--Provided by publisher.

The Core Competence of the Corporation

Author : The Macat Team
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C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel’s 1990 The Core Competence of the Corporation helped redefine traditional ideas of management strategy. It did so by focusing companies on one of the key critical thinking skills: evaluation. In critical thinking, evaluation is all about judging the strengths and weaknesses of arguments – assessing their reasoning and the relevance or adequateness of the evidence they use. For Prahalad and Hamel, companies could gain a competitive edge by evaluating themselves: their own strengths and weaknesses. By sensitively evaluating core competencies – the collective knowledge inside the organization that distinguishes it from other corporations – they could target efforts and resources with strategic focus. For Prahalad and Hamel, managers need to be able to identify and evaluate their company’s unique skill sets, and the technologies that distinguish them from others businesses. How well they then coordinate these elements defines a company’s competitive strength and how quickly it can adapt to new challenges. As Prahalad and Hamel showed in their case studies, the critical thinking skill of evaluation – knowing what you do best, how well you do it, and how you might improve – is absolutely central to staying ahead of the crowd.

Strategies for E business

Author : Tawfik Jelassi
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Do you want a book that links e-business to overall corporate strategy? That has case studies that investigate the phenomenon as well as the 'dot.bomb' disasters? This important new textbook offers a framework for comprehensive e-business strategy formulation based on rigorous and time-proven concepts from the field of strategic management, adapted to the specific context of e-business. Ideal for MBA students, upper-level undergraduates and practitioners, "Strategies for e-Business" provides the reader with tools for analysing 28 original case studies, examining how companies have developed and implemented electronic and mobile commerce strategies. The cases are contributed and researched by acknowledged experts and have been chosen to represent a range of industries including banking, retailing, media, education, manufacturing and advertising in Europe and beyond. ""Strategies for e-Business" is packed with a treasury of timely and insightful international case studies, the very best concepts from academics, and powerful prescriptions for practising managers who wish to navigate the world of e-business without the hype. This highly readable book is clearly the culmination of years where Jelassi, in particular, has remained at the forefront of making e-business particularly relevant to the practising manager, gleaning deep insights from case research on how firms use e-business to gain competitive advantage, and his own leading academic research." Professor Andrew Boynton, Director of the Executive MBA, IMD Lausanne "This textbook is a great resource for everybody who is active in e-business. The comprehensive case studies outline the new pillars for success: a solid business model and well-founded strategy adapted to the unique characteristics of the digital world." Philipp Justus, Managing Director, eBay Germany "I have used several of the case studies that Jelassi has produced in my own teaching and find them to be invaluable...This will become, in my opinion, one of the best textbooks on e-commerce. It combines case studies with a serious and respected intellectual perspective. I would definitely adopt it - books like this are rare." Neil Pollock, Lecturer in e-Business, Management School and Economics, The University of Edinburgh The practical approach of this book inspires the reader to create value with e-business. It breaks down the barriers between conventional business and e-business. The carefully-researched and well-written case studies vividly demonstrate how to achieve sustainable advantage through new technologies. Haider Rashid, Chief Information Officer, ABB Group" Tawfik Jelassi" is Professor of e-Business and Information Technology at the School of International Management at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France "Albrecht Enders" is an Associate with The Boston Consulting Group, Cologne, Germany