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Cases on E Learning Management Development and Implementation

Author : Yang, Harrison Hao
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New technologies can help teachers and trainers empower learners and create exciting new learning opportunities for students. However, these facilitators must also create e-learning contexts which are properly scaffolded to serve the needs of learners. Cases on E-Learning Management: Development and Implementation meets this challenge by providing innovative case studies covering a range of topics such as teacher education, mobile and blended learning strategies, e-learning tutorial content, digital cognitive games, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, and distance education. This casebook will enhance the work of educators, instructional designers, trainers, administrators, and researchers in the areas of online learning and distance learning.

Cases on Formal and Informal E Learning Environments Opportunities and Practices

Author : Yang, Harrison Hao
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Today, the online sphere is no longer just an information repository or a place to search for resources. It has become instead a place supporting both intentional and non-intentional learning. Intentional, formal learning, often leads to certification, whereas informal learning is unstructured and takes place as part of daily work-related or leisure activities. Cases on Formal and Informal E-Learning Environments: Opportunities and Practices brings together cases outlining the practical aspect of formal, non-formal, and informal online learning. This book introduces conceptual aspects of these types of learning, knowledge-base, new learning paradigms, policy implications, evaluation and concerns, design, and development of online learning.

Cases on Global E Learning Practices Successes and Pitfalls

Author : Sharma, Ramesh C.
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E-learning has assumed a significant role in the educational sector in both face-to-face learning and distance learning forms. Universities all over the globe have adopted e-learning methodology, or are planning to implement it in the near future. Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls looks into global practices of e-learning, examining the successes and failures of e-learning professionals. It provides a judicious mix of practical experiences and research in the form of case studies. Written by experts from all over the globe, this book shows how to design instructional strategies for e-learning, illustrates the application of e-learning with case studies, and reviews the potential of e-learning in education and training. Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls gives an understanding of the practical implementation of e-learning technologies, including what to do and what to avoid.

How to Plan and Manage an E learning Programme

Author : Roger Lewis
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This book looks at the practical steps that need to be taken to create the infrastructure for an e-learning initiative. The implications for adopting new learning strategies or delivery methods are far reaching and usually require major developmental input. The book is suitable for those responsible for managing e-learning schemes such as human resource and IT managers, managers of learning resource centtres and team leaders.

Cases on Successful E Learning Practices in the Developed and Developing World Methods for the Global Information Economy

Author : Olaniran, Bolanle A.
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Cases on Successful E-Learning Practices in the Developed and Developing World: Methods for the Global Information Economy provides eclectic accounts of case studies in different contexts of e-learning.

Human Resource Management Text Cases 2nd Edition

Author : Sharon Pande & Swapnalekha Basak
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In a constantly evolving service-led Indian economy, human resources have become the cornerstone of an organization's success. The management of human capability has become an art that has to be understood and mastered to run a successful enterprise. Human Resource Management: Text and Cases, 2e, explains the basic concepts of this discipline and presents cases that provide an insight into the challenges faced by HR professionals on a day-today basis. Going beyond the coverage of a traditional textbook, this book focuses on applied aspects of HRM, which capture the evolving challenges in the field. The authors have used their extensive real-world work experience in talent acquisition, and human resource development and retention to provide lucid explanation of all major concepts of human resource management. Replete with examples and cases, this title is a complete guide for all MBA students and HR practitioners. KEY FEATURES • Extensive coverage of HR best practices and innovations • Sample ?ready-to-use formats' of relevant documents • Thought-provoking chapter opening cases to set the context for learning in the text ahead • Application cases to showcase real-world implementation of concepts • PowerPoint slides and Question Bank for teachers

Handbook of Research on E Learning Standards and Interoperability Frameworks and Issues

Author : Lazarinis, Fotis
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Handbook of Research on E-Learning Standards and Interoperability: Frameworks and Issues promotes the discussion of specific solutions for increasing the interoperability of standalone and Web-based educational tools. This book investigates issues arising from the deployment of learning standards and provides relevant theoretical frameworks and leading empirical research findings. Chapters presented in this work are suitable for practitioners and researchers in the area of educational technology with a focus on content reusability and interoperability.

E Learning 2 0 Technologies and Web Applications in Higher Education

Author : Pelet, Jean-Eric
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Once considered the traditional approach to education, brick and mortar institutions are no longer the norm due to e-learning technologies. Populations are turning into ubiquitous human beings, and educational practices are reflecting this change. E-Learning 2.0 Technologies and Web Applications in Higher Education compiles the latest empirical research findings in the area of e-learning and knowledge management technologies assessment. Highlighting specific comparisons and practices of e-m-learning and knowledge management technologies, this book is an essential guide for professionals and academics who want to improve their understanding of the strategic role of e-learning at different levels of the information and knowledge society.

Making the Transition to E Learning Strategies and Issues

Author : Bullen, Mark
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Higher education institutions around the world are increasingly turning to e-learning as a way of dealing with growing and changing student populations. Education for the knowledge society means new skills and knowledge are needed and it means that lifelong learning has become a necessity. Higher education institutions are looking to e-learning to provide convenient and flexible access to high quality education and training that is needed to meet these emerging demands. As they implement e-learning, however, institutions are struggling with the many pedagogical, organizational and technological issues. Making the Transition to E-learning: Strategies and Issues provides insights and experiences from e-learning experts from around the world. It addresses the institutional, pedagogical, and technological issues that higher education institutions are grappling with as they move from conventional face-to-face teaching to e-learning in its diverse forms.

Cases on Cultural Implications and Considerations in Online Learning

Author : Edmundson, Andrea
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Expectations – of life, work, education, and so forth – are rooted in cultural values. As a result, access to an engagement with online learning is a culture-bound experience. Cases on Cultural Implications and Considerations in Online Learning illustrates ways in which to reach and engage learners across cultures by using online learning that accommodates cultural differences and preferences. This casebook helps online educators understand what cultural expectations their students have before they create online programs and tailor their instructional designs for multicultural and international learners.