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Catholic Schools

Author : Gerald Rupert Grace
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In this ground-breaking book, Gerald Grace addresses the dilemmas facing Catholic education in an increasingly secular and consumer-driven culture. Theory and original research drawn from interviews with Catholic headt are combined.

Catholic Schools and the Common Good

Author : Anthony S. Bryk
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The authors found that Catholic schools have an independent effect on achievement, especially in reducing disparities between disadvantaged and privileged students. Today’s Catholic school, they show, is informed by a Dewey-like vision of the school as a community committed to democratic education and the common good of all students.

The Contemporary Catholic School

Author : Terence McLaughlin
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Catholic Schools

Author : William Sander
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In When Work Disappears, Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson (1996) notes that African Americans in Chicago who attended Catholic schools are viewed more favorably by employers than African Americans who attended public schools. Such findings corroborate a widely though not univer sally-held view that Catholic schools succeed in boosting mobility for children of less-privileged families. Can its success bebroadened? Nobel-prize winning economist Robert Fogel (2000) drawing upon the research by Wilson and oth ers suggests that Catholic schools might play a larger role in promoting an egalitarian society, if grants were made available to poor students that could be used in the parochial school sector. Nobel-prize winning economists Milton Friedman (1962) and Gary Becker (1989) also make strong cases for education vouchers and for more competition in primary and secondary education in the United States. From a different perspective, Archbishop of Chicago Francis Cardinal George argues that Catholic "education that is faith-based, that pro vides values and discipline, that is Jesus-centered, has the potential to trans form the world" (Archdiocese of Chicago, 2000b). Despite such opinions, there is controversy concerning the measured effects of Catholic schooling on educational attainment, academic achieve ment, and other tangible outcomes.

The Catholic Community and the Integration of Public and Catholic Schools

Author : Mary Von Euler
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Catholic Schools in the Public Interest

Author : Patricia A. Bauch
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This book is a study of the contributions of Catholic K-12 schools in the United States to the public interest from the 1800’s to the present. It presents seven strategies that have the possibility of leading Catholic schools in positive, new directions. Outsiders often misunderstand the mission, purpose, and inclusivity of Catholic schools. This book brings a new focus on Catholic schools from the perspective of their service to this country through the education of Catholics and non-Catholics. In 16 chapters, a variety of scholars examine these schools across three periods: echoes of the past, realities of the present, and future directions. The intention of the editor and authors of this volume is that Catholic schools and those interested in conducting Catholic school research will find guidance, especially in examining newer types of partnerships flourishing in different types of Catholic schools in different regions of the country and types of schools from rural, suburban to city and inner-city schools. By increasing the data we have, such studies could help stem the tide of Catholic school demise. In addition, Catholic school leaders, and parents who chose them or are thinking about choosing them, will find here a balanced description of what constitutes a Catholic school and how they are different from public schools. In understanding better the role and function of Catholic schools in serving the public interest, new ideas, innovations, and improvements can help these schools survive and grow.

Catholic Schools and the Future of the Church

Author : Kathleen Engebretson
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During the first decade of the 21st century the Catholic Church in the developed world has faced a decline in its moral authority, increasing accusations of irrelevance to a secular age, and a steep and steady decline in commitment among successive generations from the 1960s on. Despite this Catholic schools have multiplied and grown in popularity and educational achievement. The book sets out a programme for the contribution of Catholic schools to the future of the Church, covering such topics as the religious education curriculum in its cognitive and affective aspects, the sacramental life of the school, selection of staff, the issue of staff and Catholic witness and many other topics. Engebretson argues that Catholic schools are a powerful key to the future of the Church and shows how, within their diversity, Catholic schools can be ecclesial communities, which have at their heart the building up of the Church.

Catholic School Leadership

Author : Thomas Hunt
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Catholic School Leadership addresses many of the challenges facing those who prepare faith leaders and education leaders for the Catholic schools of the future. The well-known editors and contributors to this volume have written about their personal experiences with Catholic schools; the educational foundations of Catholic schools; teacher preparation and development; Catholic school leadership; dealing with parents and families; and the challenges of technology for Catholic schools. The contributions emphasize the perspectives of both scholars and practitioners within Catholic education and will interest anyone who has experienced time in a Catholic school either as a student, teacher or administrator, as well as those interested in what is happening within Catholic schools today.

Catholic School Administration

Author : Robert H. Palestini
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The leading comprehensive guide for Catholic school principals Fully revised and expanded 2nd editionNew material on curriculum, instruction, testing, development, fundraising, federal regulationsDiscusses school management fundamentals: from budgeting to recruitment This new edition of the highly influential text, Catholic School Administration, has been greatly enlarged and improved with new chapters on curriculum improvement, supervision of instruction, ways to assess testing—as well as new information on marketing, human resources, and student recruitment. Based on principles drawn from Ignatius to Vatican II, as well as concepts from current educational and social theorists, the book combines the best ideas for leading and decision-making with detailed practical presentations of the managerial tasks that must be mastered to run a parochial school. Case studies and surveys provide extra guidance. For readers seeking to make organizational and instructional improvements, this text offers proven techniques for systematic change. It is an outstanding resource for introducing administrators to the challenges of running a Catholic school.

New Life in Catholic Schools

Author : Leo Richard Ward
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