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Underground Catholicism in Scotland

Author : Peter Frederick Anson
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Catholicism and Scotland

Author : Compton Mackenzie
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History of the Catholic Church of Scotland from the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Day From the accession of Charles I to the restoration of the Scottish hierarchy A D 1625 1878

Author : Alphons Bellesheim
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History of the Reformation in Scotland

Author : John Knox
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The History of Catholic Intellectual Life in Scotland 1918 1965

Author : Clifford Williamson
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This book offers an innovative approach to the character of the intellectual life of Catholics in Scotland. It looks at Catholic attempts to fight the appeal of communism amongst the working classes in interwar Scotland, it analyses developments in the devotional life of Scottish Catholics and it discusses the unique theological contribution made by Scottish clerics. Chapters also explore the increasing presence of Catholics in Scotland in higher education and their role in shaping change within the Catholic Church. Finally, readers will have the opportunity to learn more about the previously under-researched Catholic Intelligentsia, and the debate within it on the place of Catholicism in the history of Scotland. The History of Catholic Intellectual Life in Scotland, 1918–1965 presents the domestic context of the changing character of Scottish Catholicism, as well as the context of changes in European Catholicism.

Out of the Ghetto

Author : Raymond Boyle
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The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women

Author : John Knox
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Creating a Scottish Church

Author : S. K. Kehoe
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A book about how Scotland's Catholics participated in the extension of citizenship in Scotland and how it was transformed from an underground and isolated church to a multi-faceted institution that existed on a national scale.

Knox On Rebellion

Author : John Knox
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An edition of John Knox's most important writings on the theme of rebellion against tyranny.

The Sectarian Myth in Scotland

Author : M. Rosie
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The question of sectarianism in Scotland belongs within a wider framework than it has hitherto been placed. It offers insights into continuing, indeed pressing, debates about religious identity and civil and political society in the modern world. This book questions the view that religion and politics do not, and cannot, mix in pluralistic, tolerant and increasingly secular societies, and reveals that memories - bitter memories - can outlive, and obscure, the demise of actual conflict.

The Humanity and Divinity of Christ

Author : John Knox
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Professor Knox considers the several attitudes towards Christ's humanity adopted by the Early Church, and discusses ways in which modern Christians should consider the humanity of Christ. This clear account of a complex subject is designed for both the scholar and thoughtful layman.

A History of Catholic Education and Schooling in Scotland

Author : Stephen J. McKinney
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This book analyses the development of Catholic schooling in Scotland over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Scholarship of this period tends to be dominated by discussions of the 1872 and 1918 Education (Scotland) Acts: while these crucial acts are certainly not neglected in this volume, the editors and contributors also examine the key figures and events that shaped Catholic education and Catholic schools in Scotland. Focusing on such diverse themes as lay female teachers and non-formal learning, this volume illuminates many under-researched and neglected aspects of Catholic schooling in Scotland. This wide-ranging edited collection will illuminate fresh historical insights that do not focus exclusively on Catholic schooling, but are also relevant to the wider Scottish educational community. It will appeal to students and scholars of Catholic schooling, schooling in Scotland, as well as Christian schooling more generally.

The Catholic Population of Scotland Since the Year 1680

Author : James Darragh
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Catholicism and the Future of Scotland

Author : Gerard Hand
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Metropolitan Anxieties

Author : Mark Boyle
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In a lecture entitled ’Scotland’s shame’, delivered at the Edinburgh Festival in August 1999, Scotland’s leading musical composer James MacMillan sought in an explosive way to expose the continuing pervasiveness of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sectarianism and bigotry in contemporary Scotland. A decade of heated public debate has followed. Drawing upon post-colonial critiques of the provincial nature of metropolitan theory, this book approaches the Scotland's shame debate as, in many ways, itself a classic metrocentric cultural struggle over the true and essential telos of a once colonised population. It argues that the most interesting question the debate has provoked, a question which thus far has failed to generate a worthy answer, is: is the Irish Catholic encounter with Scotland intelligible and if so, what is the nature of this intelligibility? The purpose of this book is to harness the complex and rich theory of colonialism which French philosopher, political activist and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre developed and struggled over, to venture a qualified and partial interpretation of the Irish Catholic experience of Scotland. Nevertheless, in so doing, the book takes seriously the charge of metrocentricism as it bears on the search for the meaning of the Irish Catholic adventure in Scotland and refuses to permit any simplistic interpretation of this adventure. Presenting findings from a new oral history archive consisting of 67 interviews with members of the Irish Catholic community in Scotland, attention is given to the themes of national identity, estrangement and belonging; diasporic imaginings of Ireland; anti-imperial activism, agitation and advocacy; culture, faith and family; and poverty, work education and equality.

Anti Catholic Strategies in Eighteenth Century Scotland

Author : Clotilde Prunier
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This book analyses the relationship between Presbyterians and Catholics in eighteenth-century Scotland. The author considers the weapons wielded against the Scottish Catholic Mission by the state and by the Church of Scotland - penal laws, Royal Bounty missions and SSPCK schools. Once the government no longer saw Catholics as a threat to the safety of the state, Presbyterians were left to fight their crusade on their own. Convinced as they were that the best strategy in order to stamp out Catholicism was to eradicate ignorance, Presbyterians seemed to give pride of place to education. The author, however, argues that - for all their criticism of the attitude of the Church of Rome in Catholic countries - Presbyterians used similar strategies to try and improve their standing in the Highlands.

No Pope of Rome

Author : Steve Bruce
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Anti Catholicism in Britain and Ireland 1600 2000

Author : Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille
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This edited collection brings together varying angles and approaches to tackle the multi-dimensional issue of anti-Catholicism since the Protestant Reformation in Britain and Ireland. It is of course difficult to infer from such geographically and historically diverse studies one single contention, but what the book as a whole suggests is that there can be no teleological narration of anti-Catholicism – its manifestations were episodic, more or less rooted in common worldviews, and its history does not end today.

Scotland s Shame

Author : Thomas Martin Devine
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In one of the most controversial lectures of recent times, Scotland's foremost composer, James MacMillan, accused his country of being a land of `sleep-walking bigotry' where visceral anti-Catholicism' disfigures national life. Pandora's Box, it turned out, had been opened in truly spectacular fashion. By his remarks, the media became obsessed with the issue and for weeks Scotland's broadsheets were crammed with columns and letters exploring all aspects of the topic. Clearly MacMillan had touched a nerve. Was Scotland really `Northern Ireland without the guns and bullets'? Although the debate was intense, however, few contributions rose above the level of swapping competing anecdotes. More heat then light was generated in the process. It soon became clear there was a crying need for more reflective assessments and for hard evidence to confirm or deny the many assertions made in the course of the discussion. Scotland's Shame is the first book since the MacMillan lecture to tackle the issues he raised head on. A team consisting of the best writers, researchers and academics in the field has produced a readable volume which is accessible in approach to everyone interested in the subject. Their conclusions will often surprise and intrigue.

Glasgow the Uneasy Peace

Author : Tom Gallagher
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