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C lestine

Author : Gillian Tindall
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One summer evening in central France, Gillian Tindall went on an errand into a deserted house. There she discovered a cache of letters in various hands, all written to the same woman. In piecing together the life of this extraordinary person, the author rediscovered a vanished village world and a remarkable period in French history.

The Intruder

Author : Gillian Tindall
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A mother and her teenage daughter come to the isolated French village of St Laurent-la-Rivière, a village still scarred by the blood and fire of thirty years before. It was here that the mother survived her years of war, an Englishwoman alone with face papers in occupied France, an intruder cut off by the flood tide of battle . . . ‘The Intruder is a marvellous account of what survival is like . . .’ The Listener

The Rough Guide to France

Author :
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The Rough Guide to France is the ultimate travel guide with clear maps and detailed coverage of all the best French attractions. Discover the length and breadth of this majestic country, from the stunning lavender-covered fields of sunny Provence to the beautiful, languid canals of Burgundy and the mighty Cathar castles of Languedoc. Informative full-colour features explore the very best French wines and cheeses, as well as France's key walking regions and routes, while an extensive language section will get you started on all the most important French phrases and vocabulary. Find detailed practical advice on what to see and do in France while relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels in France, bars in France, restaurants in France, shops in France and French festivals for all budgets. You'll find expert tips on exploring France's varied landscapes, from the alpine slopes of the Alps to the vibrant metropolis of Paris; and authoritative background on France's history, wildlife and food, with the low-down on the top French films and books. Explore all corners of France with the clearest maps of any guide.

A Social History of France 1780 1914

Author : Peter McPhee
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This volume provides a lively and authoritative synthesis of recent work on the social history of France and is now thoroughly updated to cover the 'long nineteenth century' from 1789-1914. Peter McPhee offers both a readable narrative and a distinctive, coherent argument about this remarkable century and explores key themes such as: - Peasant interaction with the environment - The changing experience of work and leisure - The nature of crime and protest - Changing demographic patterns and family structures - The religious practices of workers and peasants - The ideology and internal repercussions of colonisation. At the core of this social history is the exercise and experience of 'social relations of power' - not only because in these years there were four periods of protracted upheaval, but also because the history of the workplace, of relations between women and men, adults and children, is all about human interaction. Stimulating and enjoyable to read, this indispensable introduction to nineteenth-century France will help readers to make sense of the often bewildering story of these years, while giving them a better understanding of what it meant to be an inhabitant of France during that turbulent time.

Hugh Oram S French Blogs

Author : Hugh Oram
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This book contains all the blogs that Hugh Oram has written over the twelve months, from November 2012 to November 2013. In these blogs, he has commented on many tourism topics in France and social, political, and economic trends, as well as the fashions and happenings of the moment. He hasnt excluded happenings in Ireland, where he and his wife live, and elsewhere in the world.


Author : Sue McKemmish
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Archives: Recordkeeping in Society introduces the significance of archives and the results of local and international research in archival science. It explores the role of recordkeeping in various cultural, organisational and historical contexts. Its themes include archives as a web of recorded information: new information technologies have presented dilemmas, but also potentialities for managing of the interconnectedness of archives. Another theme is the relationship between evidence and memory in archives and in archival discourse. It also explores recordkeeping and accountability, memory, societal power and juridical power, along with an examination of issues raised by globalisation and interntionalisation. The chapter authors are researchers, practitioners and educators from leading Australian and international recordkeeping organisations, each contributing previously unpublished research in and reflections on their field of expertise. They include Adrian Cunningham, Don Schauder, Hans Hofman, Chris Hurley, Livia Iacovino, Eric Ketelaar and Ann Pederson. The book reflects broad Australian and international perspectives making it relevant worldwide. It will be a particularly valuable resource for students of archives and records, researchers from realted knowledge disciplines, sociology and history, practitioners wanting to reflect further on their work, and all those with an interest in archives and their role in shaping human activity and community culture.

The Rough Guide to France Travel Guide eBook

Author : Rough Guides
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Now in its fourteenth edition, The Rough Guide to France is brimming with carefully curated information and inspiration to help you squeeze every last drop out of your Gallic gallivanting. Whether it's making like a movie star in Cannes, following in Jeanne d'Arc's footsteps in medieval Rouen, cycling the Loire châteaux, brushing up on Impressionism or hitting Corsica's rugged GR20 hiking trail, Rough Guides' expert insights and gorgeous photos give you everything you need to embark on your Francophile dream. And with France being the world's gastronomic capital, we've got the lowdown on all the foodie fun, from Parisian neo-bistros and Lyon bouchons to champagne-quaffing in Épernay and Périgord's hearty country cooking. Full-colour maps throughout - at regional and city level - ensure you won't lose your way, however dazzled you are by France's riches. There are also suggested itineraries to help with planning, plus in-depth sections of illuminating historical context and cultural background. Make the most of your holiday with The Rough Guide to France.

The Surgeon and the Shepherd

Author : Meg Ostrum
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"In 1942, in coordination with the Belgian resistance, Schepens stage-managed a highly secret information and evacuation service through the counterfeit operation of a backcountry lumbering enterprise. This book traces Schepen's gradual transformation from an apolitical young ophthalmologist into double agent "Jacques Perot," and his emergence in the postwar period as a modern folk hero to the residents of Mendive. Woven into the account are the stories of a remarkable international cast of characters, most notably the Basque shepherd Jean Sarochar, regarded as a local misfit, with whom Schepens formed his most unlikely partnership and an enduring friendship.".

France since 1870

Author : Charles Sowerwine
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This thoroughly revised, updated and expanded new edition of an established text surveys the cultural, social and political history of France from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the Paris Commune through to Emmanuel Macron's presidency. Incorporating the newest interpretations of past events, Sowerwine seamlessly integrates culture, gender, and race into political and social history. This edition features extended coverage of the 2007-8 financial crisis, the rise of the political and cultural far right and the issues of colonialism and its contemporary repercussions. This is an essential resource for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students of history, French studies or European studies taking courses on modern French history or European history. This text will also appeal to scholars and readers with an interest in modern French history. 'Richly informative and lucidly presented, Sowerwine's France since 1870 offers essential reading for students and researchers. Particularly powerful is the new final chapter, which draws on historical expertise to explore and explain the literary and political malaise of contemporary France.' – Jessica Wardhaugh, University of Warwick, UK. 'This third edition is unparalleled in its reach and excellence as a history of modern France from 1870 to the present. Sowerwine seamlessly integrates culture, gender, and race into political and social history. His incorporation of the newest interpretations of past events as well as the historical perspective he lends to current events such as terror attacks, new laws regarding labor and marriage, modern globalization, neo-liberalism-as well as to France's darkening mood--make this highly readable book a true masterpiece.' – Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California, USA. 'Her recent social and economic challenges have cast deep shadows into the story of modern France that Charles Sowerwine tells so clearly. Those dark questions about culture, politics and society have their full place in this This scholarly but accessible reassessment of French history since 1870. This edition raises new questions about France's story, directly and compellingly, and remains the key text for readers who are curious about modern France.' – Julian Wright, Northumbria University, UK. 'Following on the fine precedent set by earlier editions, this masterful survey offers students and the public alike a readable and illuminating account of the tortuous and ever intriguing path of French history since 1870.' – George Sheridan, University of Oregon, USA.

The Fields Beneath

Author : Gillian Tindall
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One of a precious handful of books that in their precise examination of a particular locality, open our understanding of the universal themes of the past. In this case it is Kentish Town in London that reveals its complex secrets to us, through the resurrection of its now buried rivers and wells, coaching houses, landlords, traders, and simple tenants. Fragments of this past can still be found by the observant eye. This book is a brilliant evocation of the complex history of London, city of villages, revealed through this particular study of Kentish Town.