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Celluloid Gaze

Author : Boze Hadleigh
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Reading the Male Gaze in Literature and Culture

Author : James D. Bloom
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This book examines the phenomenon of 'the male gaze', a concept which has spread beyond academia and become a staple of cultural conversations across disciplinary boundaries. Male gazing has typically been disparaged and even stigmatized as a reflection of misogyny and an instrument of objectification, often justifiably so. But as this book argues and illustrates, male gazing can also be understood as an illuminating, intellectually engaging, aesthetically compelling, and even politically progressive practice. This study recounts how the author’s own coming-of-an-age as a gazer became the basis for his long career teaching and writing about American fiction and poetry and poetry, canonical and contemporary, as well as about film, painting, TV, and rock-and-roll. It includes closely-reasoned analyses of work by James Baldwin, Rembrandt, Willa Cather, Philip Roth, Henry James, Charles Chesnutt, Bob Dylan, Robert Stone,Tim O’Brien, Edith Wharton, Theodore Dreiser, Frank O’Hara, Italo Calvino, John Schlesinger as well such cultural phenomena as the British Invasion of the 1960s, the Judgment of Paris in Greek mythology, the technology of seeing (kaleidoscopes, microscopes, telescopes) and the concept of 'objectification' itself.

Medusa s Gaze

Author : Marina Belozerskaya
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The long and intricate history of the beautifully carved Hellenistic style Egyptian bowl, from the days of Cleopatra to Constantinople, the French Revolution, and to near destruction by a deranged museum guard in 1925.

Celluloid Nationalism and Other Melodramas

Author : Susan Dever
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Explores issues of representation and rebellion in Mexican and Mexican American cinema.

An Actor Succeeds

Author : Boze Hadleigh
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(Book). An Actor Succeeds is a very special collection containing all the best trade secrets of the biggest and most successful film and theater professionals. Presented in an informative format, An Actor Succeeds is a useful yet entertaining how-to, tips-and-advice book comprising nearly 900 quotes mostly from actors but also directors, writers, casting directors, and more. The book is conveniently divided into five chapters: Acting, Auditioning, Connecting, Working, and Coping. Here's a sampling of quotes from each section: (Acting) "Of course we all learn that acting is basically reacting. The least acting you ever have to do is in a close-up. The close-up may require an actor's reaction, but a small, subtle one. Generally speaking, the less you 'act' in a close-up, the better." Sir John Gielgud. (Connecting) "Acting, especially in motion pictures, is very hierarchical, like a caste system. The stars are royalty, the other actors are serfs-okay, commoners... If you're not a big shot, you gotta be careful not to push or intrude. You gotta watch what you say, how you say it, and, especially, when you say it." Bruce Dern. (Working) "Acting in front of a camera or a live audience requires intense concentration, to shut out the real world and create the character's reality. Focus is just as important for an actor as for a cinematographer." Keira Knightley. (Coping) "Partly I got into show business to become rich and famous and thus show up anyone who'd treated me badly growing up. But doesn't one evolve with maturity? My focus ultimately changed from negative to positive, as I found that I enjoyed the work, even the struggle, for its own sake." Michael Landon

The Celluloid Madonna

Author : Catherine O'Brien
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The Celluloid Madonna is the first book to analyze the life of the Virgin Mary on screen from the silent era through to the present. For decades, Mary has caught the imagination of filmmakers from a range of religious backgrounds, whether Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Marxist, or atheist, and film's intersection of theology and secular culture has inspired some of the most singular and controversial visions of this icon in cinema history. Focusing on the challenge of adapting Scripture to the screen, this volume discusses Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings (1927), Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964), Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth (1977), Jean-Luc Godard's Hail Mary (1984), Jean Delannoy's Mary of Nazareth (1994), Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (2004), Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story (2006), and Mark Dornford-May's Son of Man (2006).

Celluloid Couches Cinematic Clients

Author : Jerrold R. Brandell
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Looks at how therapy and the "talking cure" have been portrayed in the movies.

The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East

Author : S. Nair-Venugopal
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This volume explores Western attitudes towards the phenomenon of Easternization, drawing upon Eastern perspectives and examining the impact upon contemporary culture to argue that Easternization is another type of globalization.

Our Paper

Author :
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Maiden USA

Author : Kathleen Sweeney
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Maiden USA: Girl Icons Come of Age explores images of powerful, contradictory pop culture icons of the past decade, which run the gamut from Mean Girls and their Endangered Victims to Superheroines and Ingenue Goddesses. Are girls of the Title IX generation in need of Internet protection, or are they Supergirls evolving beyond gender stereotypes to rescue us all? Maiden USA provides an overview of girl trends since the '90s including the emergence of girls' digital media-making and self-representation venues on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube as the newest wave of Girl Power.

The Cincinnati Lancet clinic

Author :
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Female Circumcision and the Politics of Knowledge

Author : Obioma Nnaemeka
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By exposing the colonial and imperial discourses that undergird the global debate on female circumcision, this important work creates a space for the marginalized to speak and mount their challenges and proposes strategies for creating a transnational feminist movement that fosters genuine collaboration and partnership.

Up from Invisibility

Author : Larry Gross
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A half century ago gay men and lesbians were all but invisible in the media and, in turn, popular culture. With the lesbian and gay liberation movement came a profoundly new sense of homosexual community and empowerment and the emergence of gay people onto the media's stage. And yet even as the mass media have been shifting the terms of our public conversation toward a greater acknowledgment of diversity, does the emerging "visibility" of gay men and women do justice to the complexity and variety of their experience? Or is gay identity manipulated and contrived by media that are unwilling—and perhaps unable—to fully comprehend and honor it? While positive representations of gays and lesbians are a cautious step in the right direction, media expert Larry Gross argues that the entertainment and news media betray a lingering inability to break free from proscribed limitations in order to embrace the complex reality of gay identity. While noting major advances, like the opening of the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore—the first gay bookstore in the country—or the rise of The Advocate from small newsletter to influential national paper, Gross takes the measure of somewhat more ambiguous milestones, like the first lesbian kiss on television or the first gay character in a newspaper comic strip.

Post War Modernist Cinema and Philosophy

Author : H. Ford
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A unique study of four major post-war European films by four key 'auteurs', which argues that these films exemplify film modernism at the peak of its philosophical reflection and aesthetic experimentation.

The Pharmaceutical Era

Author :
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The Bad Sister

Author : Emma Tennant
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Introduced by Candia McWilliam. The Bad Sister Two Women of London Wild Nights This omnibus edition brings together for the first time three of Tennant’s most acclaimed works, all of which share a spiritual affinity. The Bad Sister and Two Women of London retell two Scottish masterpieces of the macabre – James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner and Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – resetting their claustrophobic and terrifying examinations of duality in the contemporary environment of London through female protagonists. The third book, Wild Nights, is a tour de force of descriptive writing as well as a tale of old love and family friction, and completes a trilogy of immense power and enduring value. ‘Tennant has the authentic knack of tapping into one’s mental and nervous wiring . . . to read her is to feel oneself in the grip of something as absorbing and impossible not to respond to as a close family.’ Candia McWilliam ‘The year’s best novel . . . a whirlwind of pure imagination, and for that reason far more “real” than most so-called fiction: as exhilarating as racing the rapids in a glass gondola with a white witch at the helm.’ J.G. Ballard on The Bad Sister

Cut Pieces

Author : Lotte Hoek
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Imagine watching an action film in a small-town cinema hall in Bangladesh, and in between the gun battles and fistfights a short pornographic clip appears. This is known as a cut-piece, a strip of locally made celluloid pornography surreptitiously spliced into the reels of action films in Bangladesh. Exploring the shadowy world of these clips and their place in South Asian film culture, Lotte Hoek builds a rare, detailed portrait of the production, consumption, and cinematic pleasures of stray celluloid. Hoek's innovative ethnography plots the making and reception of Mintu the Murderer (2005, pseud.), a popular, Bangladeshi B-quality action movie and fascinating embodiment of the cut-piece phenomenon. She begins with the early scriptwriting phase and concludes with multiple screenings in remote Bangladeshi cinema halls, following the cut-pieces as they appear and disappear from the film, destabilizing its form, generating controversy, and titillating audiences. Hoek's work shines an unusual light on Bangladesh's state-owned film industry and popular practices of the obscene. She also reframes conceptual approaches to South Asian cinema and film culture, drawing on media anthropology to decode the cultural contradictions of Bangladesh since the 1990s.

Latin American Cinema

Author : Lisa Shaw
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Renewed interest in Latin American film industries has opened a host of paths of scholarly exploration. Productions from different countries reflect particular social attitudes, political climates and self-conceptions, and must be considered separately and as a whole. The search for national identity is a key component of Latin American films in a time of decreasing cultural diversity and pressures to westernize. Globalization and falling government support have fueled cross-border collaborations, calling into question the idea of a movie's "nationality," and leaving some nations' film industries on the brink of collapse. Whether thriving or barely surviving, struggling to remain distinct or embracing globalization on its own terms, addressing the government or society, Latin American cinema remains vibrant, offering a wealth of material to scholars of all stripes. These collected essays explore important elements of Latin American cinema and its associated national film industries. The first section of essays examines the impact of modernization on both Latin American screen images and the industry itself, offering modern and historical perspectives. The second section focuses on filmmakers who deal with issues of gender and sexuality, whether sexual transgression, the role of female characters, or societal attitudes towards sex and nudity. The final section of essays discusses the relationship between national identity and Latin American film industries: how movies are used to create a sense of self; Uruguay's ongoing identity crisis; and Brazil's use of Hollywood's stereotypical depiction of the country to depict itself. Photographs and an annotated bibliography accompany each essay, and an index supplements the text.

Hollywood s West

Author : Peter C. Rollins
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Hollywood's West examines popular perceptions of the frontier as a defining feature of American identity and history. Seventeen essays by prominent film scholars illuminate the allure of life on the edge of civilization and analyze how this region has been represented on big and small screens. Differing characterizations of the frontier in modern popular culture reveal numerous truths about American consciousness and provide insights into many classic Western films and television programs, from RKO's 1931 classic Cimarron to Turner Network Television's recent made-for-TV movies. Covering topics such as the portrayal of race, women, myth, and nostalgia, Hollywood's West makes a significant contribution to the understanding of how Westerns have shaped our nation's opinions and beliefs -- often using the frontier as metaphor for contemporary issues.

Jacques Tourneur

Author : Chris Fujiwara
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At least three of director Jacques Tourneur’s films—Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie and The Leopard Man—are recognized as horror classics. Yet his contributions to these films are often minimized by scholars, with most of the credit going to the films’ producer, Val Lewton. A detailed examination of the director’s full body of work reveals that those elements most evident in the Tourneur-Lewton collaborations—the lack of monsters and the stylized use of suggested violence—are equally apparent in Tourneur’s films before and after his work with Lewton. Mystery and sensuality were hallmarks of his style, and he possessed a highly artistic visual and aural style. This insightful critical study examines each of Tourneur’s films, as well as his extensive work on MGM shorts (1936–1942) and in television. What emerges is evidence of a highly coherent directorial style that runs throughout Tourneur’s works.