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Censored Poems

Author : Marin Sorescu
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Romania's comic genius Marin Sorescu was so popular during the worst of the Ceausescu years that his readings had to be held in football stadiums, and his books sold hundreds of thousands of copies. While his witty, ironic parables were not directly critical of the regime, Romanians used to a culture of double-speak could read other meanings in his playful mockery of the human condition. All this time, however, he was also writing the 'secret poems' he did not dare publish then because - as Dan Zamfirescu commented - 'the gesture would have been the equivalent of suicide'. Censored Poems is a selection from two books published in Bucharest after 1989, including borderline poems censored by the authorities as well as the riskier secret poems censored by the author.

Poetry and Censorship in Counter Reformation Italy

Author : Jennifer Helm
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In Poetry and Censorship Jennifer Helm offers insight into motives and strategies of Counter-Reformation censorship of poetry in Italy. Materials of Roman censorial authorities reveal why the control of poetry and of its reception was crucial to Counter-Reformation cultural politics.

The Censorship Effect

Author : William Olmsted
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In 1857 the trials of Flaubert and Baudelaire for offending against religion and public morality drew attention to the features we now associate with literary modernism; but instead of winning praise for their innovations they were indicted for "ideological crimes." With the passage of time the offenses have been forgotten and the innovations inserted into a triumphal narrative about the rise of modernism. Far from manifesting the autonomy proclaimed by modernism's defenders, though, Flaubert's and Baudelaire's works remain enmeshed in their socio-historical contexts. To that end, The Censorship Effect argues that the stylistic features that prompted the criminal indictment of Madame Bovary and Les Fleurs du Mal--Flaubert's free indirect style and Baudelaire's multiple poetic personae--were much more the products of an intense struggle with a culture of censorship than they were hallmarks of autonomous or autoreferential works of art. They exhibit signs of self-censorship and collaboration with a regime of ethical and political censorship that not only shaped their very composition but affected their reception and continues to operate in the field of literary criticism. Indeed, as William Olmsted compellingly demonstrates, French modernism begins and remains deeply embedded in a culture of censorship whose proprieties, both literary and social, Baudelaire and Flaubert nevertheless challenged and transgressed. Exploring the censorship effect as it played out for Baudelaire and Flaubert, from their trials to their monuments, The Censorship Effect recaptures some sense of their original anger as well as its ongoing suppression by new orthodoxies and reveals how the effect of censorship has implications beyond Flaubert and Baudelaire, beyond authors, but for us as readers too.

The Poetry of Protest Under Franco

Author : Eleanor Wright
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The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Author : Percy Bysshe Shelley
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"His name is Percy Bysshe Shelley, and he is the author of a poetical work entitled Alastor, or the Spirit of Solitude." With these words, the radical journalist and poet Leigh Hunt announced his discovery in 1816 of an extraordinary talent within "a new school of poetry rising of late." The third volume of the acclaimed edition of The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley includes Alastor, one of Shelley’s first major works, and all the poems that Shelley completed, for either private circulation or publication, during the turbulent years from 1814 to March 1818: Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, Mont Blanc, Laon and Cythna, as well as shorter pieces, such as his most famous sonnet, Ozymandias. It was during these years that Shelley, already an accomplished and practiced poet with three volumes of published verse, authored two major volumes, earned international recognition, and became part of the circle that was later called the Younger Romantics. As with previous volumes, extensive discussions of the poems’ composition, influences, publication, circulation, reception, and critical history accompany detailed records of textual variants for each work. Among the appendixes are Mary W. Shelley’s 1839 notes on the poems for these years, a table of the forty-two revisions made to Laon and Cythna for its reissue as The Revolt of Islam, and Shelley’s errata list for the same. It is in the works included in this volume that the recognizable and characteristic voice of Shelley emerges—unmistakable, consistent, and vital.

Poetry s Appeal

Author : E. S. Burt
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Poetry's Appeal studies the reemergence of a viable poetry in the politicized culture of revolutionary and post-revolutionary France. It finds that poetry addresses history and the political through a disjunction between its illusory status as a song of private, lyrical intent and its actual state as a material inscription, inevitably public in character.


Author : Ellis Golden
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Artist, Ellis Golden, reflects on their thoughts over the past, most influential, year through poetry, divided into 7 categories: Surroundings, Other, Tragedy, Haikus, Realizations, Unrequited, and Present. Enter their world as they grapple with transitioning from living in the South to moving to the North, lying to themselves about gender to attempting to be themselves fully, and sitting in their losses to moving forward with them in mind.Transformative. Transgender. Transregional. Transitions.(This version is not censored language-wise but rather by content, limiting the amount of poems of sexual nature.)

Lamentations of a Young Man Poems and Songs 1995 2000

Author : Rami Cohen
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Bleak and beautiful, immediate and visceral, Lamentations of a Young Man is the culmination of years of introspection presented in poetic form. Cohen's background in the visual arts, with a focus in sculpture, has helped him imbue his poetry with a distinctive visual and tactile quality. The poems, though often quite short, are deeply emotional and very personal; each one carefully crafted to read like an explosion of thought onto the page.

Censorship and Silencing

Author : David Poles Professor of Law Robert Post
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Censorship was once a predictable topic, dividing liberals and conservatives down the middle on issues like obscenity and national security. Today, the debate over the regulation of speech offers no such easy dichotomy, with feminists joining forces with religious fundamentalists to control pornography, and abortion rights advocates seeking to restrict clinic demonstrations while prolife groups defend their freedom to picket. Underlying this trend is a fundamental intellectual shift--exemplified by the work of Michel Foucault--that holds that the state is not the only agent of censorship. The thirteen contributors here explore the topic of censorship from the viewpoint of numerous disciplines and viewpoints.

Selected Poems

Author : Marin Sorescu
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Marin Sorescu (1936-96) was a cheerfully melancholic comic genius, and one of the most original voices in Romanian literature. His mischievous poetry and satirical plays earned him great popularity during the Communist era. While his witty, ironic parables were not directly critical of the régime, Romanians used to a culture of double-speak could read other meanings in his playful mockery of the human condition. But later - like a hapless character from one of his absurdist dramas - the peasant-born people's poet was made Minister of Culture, in Ion Iliescu's post-Ceauçescu government.Like Miroslav Holub in Czechoslovakia, Sorescu used plain, deceptively straightforward language, believing that poetry should be 'concise, almost algebraic'. Seamus Heaney wrote that behind Sorescu's 'throwaway charm and poker-faced subversiveness...there is a persistent solidarity with the unregarded life of the ordinary citizen, a willingness to remain at eye-level and on a speaking terms with common experience'.A prolific writer and a prominent dramatist, Sorescu published over 20 books of poetry in Romania, with several English translations of his poetry and plays appearing in Britain and America. Michael Hamburger's translation of his Selected Poems (1983), drawing on six collections published between 1965 and 1973, introduced him to English readers. The Biggest Egg in the World followed in 1987, a selection of mostly later work edited by Edna Longley with translators including Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon.Virgil Nemoianu has described how Sorescu's black humour and keen feeling for the absurd enabled him to survive as a writer: 'His reactions to an increasingly absurd political régime were always cleverly balanced: he never engaged in the servile praise of leader and party usually required of Romanian poets, but nor did he venture into dissidence. He was content to let irony do its job... His texts are masterpieces of allusion and adroit manoeuvring...' All this time, however, he was also writing the 'secret poems' he dared not publish then because - as Dan Zamfirescu commented - 'the gesture would have been the equivalent of suicide'. Censored Poems (2001), translated by John Hartley Williams and Hilde Ottschofski, is a selection from two books published in Bucharest after 1989, including borderline poems censored by the authorities as well as the risker secret poems censored by the author.The Bridge (2004), translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu, published in Romania in 1997, was Sorescu's farewell to life, a book of painfully quizzical poems composed from his sickbed over five weeks - and dictated to his wife - as he waited for death to take him. Suffering from hepatitis and cirrhosis, he died from a heart attack on 8 December 1996, in the same year that he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Undiscovered Country

Author : William Logan
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William Logan has been called both the "preeminent poet-critic of his generation" and the "most hated man in American poetry." For more than a quarter century, in the keen-witted and bare-knuckled reviews that have graced the New York Times Book Review, the Times Literary Supplement (London), and other journals, William Logan has delivered razor-sharp assessments of poets present and past. Logan, whom James Wolcott of Vanity Fair has praised as being "the best poetry critic in America," vividly assays the most memorable and most damning features of a poet's work. While his occasionally harsh judgments have raised some eyebrows and caused their share of controversy (a number of poets have offered to do him bodily harm), his readings offer the fresh and provocative perspectives of a passionate and uncompromising critic, unafraid to separate the tin from the gold. The longer essays in The Undiscovered Country explore a variety of poets who have shaped and shadowed contemporary verse, measuring the critical and textual traditions of Shakespeare's sonnets, Whitman's use of the American vernacular, the mystery of Marianne Moore, and Milton's invention of personality, as well as offering a thorough reconsideration of Robert Lowell and a groundbreaking analysis of Sylvia Plath's relationship to her father. Logan's unsparing "verse chronicles" present a survey of the successes and failures of contemporary verse. Neither a poet's tepid use of language nor lackadaisical ideas nor indulgence in grotesque sentimentality escapes this critic's eye. While railing against the blandness of much of today's poetry (and the critics who trumpet mediocre work), Logan also celebrates Paul Muldoon's high comedy, Anne Carson's quirky originality, Seamus Heaney's backward glances, Czeslaw Milosz's indictment of Polish poetry, and much more. Praise for Logan's previous works: Desperate Measures (2002)"When it comes to separating the serious from the fraudulent, the ambitious from the complacent, Logan has consistently shown us what is wheat and what is chaff.... The criticism we remember is neither savage nor mandarin.... There is no one in his generation more likely to write it than William Logan."—Adam Kirsch, Oxford American Reputations of the Tongue (1999)"Is there today a more stringent, caring reader of American poetry than William Logan? Reputations of the Tongue may, at moments, read harshly. But this edge is one of deeply considered and concerned authority. A poet-critic engages closely with his masters, with his peers, with those whom he regards as falling short. This collection is an adventure of sensibility."—George Steiner "William Logan's critical bedevilments-as well as his celebrations-are indispensable."—Bill Marx, Boston Globe All the Rage (1998)"William Logan's reviews are malpractice suits."—Dennis O'Driscoll, Verse "William Logan is the best practical critic around."—Christian Wiman, Poetry

Baudelaire the Flowers of Evil and All Other Authenticated Poems

Author : Charles Baudelaire
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Plays and Poems

Author : William Cartwright
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The Book of Repulsive Women and Other Poems

Author : Djuna Barnes
File Size : 63.83 MB
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova

Author : Anna Andreevena Akhmatova
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Akhmatova was recognised as one of the world's great poets after her death in 1966. Refusing to leave Russia when her work was censored and her name attacked she spoke to and for the soul of her people. There are 800 poems and essays in this edition some of which have not been published in English before.

Selected Poems and Prose

Author : Gottfried Benn
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Gottfried Benn ranks among the most significant German poets of the twentieth century. His early work, with its shockingly graphic depictions of human suffering and degradation, was associated with the Expressionist movement; the overriding theme of his later work was the isolation and fragmentation of the human being adrift in a nihilistic world. David Paisey here presents two selections, of verse and prose respectively, from Benn's large oeuvre, ordered chronologically to enable readers to perceive the developments of Benn's art and thought. The original German text of the poems is also included. In an important biographical introduction, Paisey tackles the difficult question of Benn's compliance with the Nazi regime and its impact on his life and work.

The English Boccaccio

Author : Guyda Armstrong
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The Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio has had a long and colourful history in English translation. This new interdisciplinary study presents the first exploration of the reception of Boccaccio’s writings in English literary culture, tracing his presence from the early fifteenth century to the 1930s. Guyda Armstrong tells this story through a wide-ranging journey through time and space – from the medieval reading communities of Naples and Avignon to the English court of Henry VIII, from the censorship of the Decameron to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, from the world of fine-press printing to the clandestine pornographers of 1920s New York, and much more. Drawing on the disciplines of book history, translation studies, comparative literature, and visual studies, the author focuses on the book as an object, examining how specific copies of manuscripts and printed books were presented to an English readership by a variety of translators. Armstrong is thereby able to reveal how the medieval text in translation is remade and re-authorized for every new generation of readers.

Writing Poetry

Author : Matthew Sweeney
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Cross My Heart and Hope To Die

Author : Sheila Radley
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Ziggy and Gladys Crackjaw, in their late seventies, living in squalid isolation on the outskirts of Byland, a remote East Anglian village, suddenly disappear. Their pension books on the living room mantelpiece, indicative of an intended return, mystify the local police in the persons of Detective Chief Inspector Douglas Quantrill, Head of Breckham Market CID, and his cool and elegant sergeant, Hilary Lloyd. Do the smears of blood on the floor and iron fender in front of the fireplace indicate domestic violence? Janet Thacker, the brisk village sub-postmistress, who spent her youth in Byland but who now pretends to know nothing about the Crackjaws and their eight children, is Hilary Lloyd’s first target for interrogation. The extraordinary story of a primitive yet aspiring rural childhood and adolescence emerges from the pages of a ‘stolen’ manuscript to lead Quantrill and Lloyd to a solution to the mystery of the missing Crackjaws. In this lucidly written, heartfelt, dual narrative, Sheila Radley has transcended the boundaries of the traditional crime novel to produce a story of poignant, universal appeal.

Teach Yourself Writing Poetry

Author : John Hartley Williams
File Size : 68.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Explains the process of writing poetry, suggests ways of approaching particular subjects, describes how to overcome writer's block, offers tips on getting published, and includes writing exercises