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Challenges for Educational Research

Author : Jean Rudduck
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There is much in the book that is thought- provoking, and much wise counsel is offered.... I found this book immensely interesting.... I can recommend it to anyone with an interest in educational research' - "British Journal of Educational Psychology "This book, edited by Jean Rudduck and Donald McIntyre, provides an insightful analysis of the key issues, involved in attempting to take stock of what should be the main purposes of educational research and how well the research that has been conducted has met these purposes..Overall, I found this book immensely interesting. It is published by Paul Chapman as one of the BERA Dialogues Series. This series is intended to provide a forum for a scholarly analysis of a theme that will be of interest to the international research community. This book fulfils this aim admirably and I can recommend it to anyone with an interest in educational research' - "British Journal of Educational Psychology "of use and interest to those presently engaged in educational research and evaluating educational policy. It certainly provides food for thought for all those in educational research community' - "Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning " During the last few years there have been increasingly vigorous debates about the adequacy of educational research in the UK. Is it worth the money spent on it? Is it influenced enough by the user communities who ought to benefit most from it? Does it focus on the right kinds of questions? How does it compare with research in other possibly comparable fields, like medicine and engineering? Does it draw adequately on new developments in related social sciences? Is it effectively organized? Are there too many inadequately qualified people doing educational research? These are some of the questions that have been hotly debated, mainly within the educational research community itself. This book brings together many of the major figures in British educational research. Four central chapters, based on previously unpublished recent reviews of the current state of educational research and of the future directions it should take, are the focus of critical commentaries from many different perspectives. In the opening chapter the two editors, both recent presidents of the British Educational Research Association," " explain the context of the arguments, and in the final chapter synthesize the issues involved. Major changes in the conduct and organization of British educational research must be anticipated in the next few years. This book sets the scene for those changes

Problems and Challenges of Educational Research in Nigeria

Author : Nwene E. Obioha
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New Challenges for Educational Research

Author :
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Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings

Author : Simone White
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Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings is a much-needed guide for educational researchers whose research interests are located outside metropolitan areas in places that are generically considered to be rural. This book is both timely and important as it takes up the key question of how to conduct educational research within and for rural communities. It explores the impact of educational research in such contexts in terms of the lasting good of research and also those being researched. The authorship is international, which brings together researchers experienced in conducting educational inquiry in rural places from across European, Australian, American, and Canadian contexts, allowing readers insight into national and regional challenges. It also draws on the research experiences and methodological challenges faced by senior figures in the field of rural educational research, as well as those in their early careers. Key topics include: Working with and within the rural; The impact of educational globalisation and the problematisation of cultural difference in social research; Researcher subjectivities; The position of education research in rural contexts; The usefulness of research Reciprocity and converging interest; Ethics and confidentiality. This book is uniquely written with an eye to practicality and applicability, and will be an engaging guide for higher degree and doctoral students seeking to gain a stronger understanding of educational research in rural settings.

Doing Educational Research

Author : Marit Honerød Hoveid
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Every educational research project has challenges and obstacles that need to be managed and overcome. This book uses real case studies employing a wide range of research methodologies and drawn from educational contexts across Europe to explore these challenges offering flexible and universal guidance that you can apply to your own research. Published in partnership with EERA, this book is: · Realistic and informed: It explores a range of perspectives on educational research, from planning to data collection to international collaboration · Challenging: It integrates a holistic and critical view on the process of educational research · Culturally aware: It covers a variety of research projects from different countries and encourages you to challenge dominant perspectives in education This is the first major English language textbook for postgraduate and postdoctoral education researchers that represents and explores the range of research traditions that exist throughout Europe and what they mean in practice. This book is not available as a print inspection copy. To download an e-inspection copy click here or for more information contact your local sales representative.

Knowledge management New Challenges for Educational Research

Author : OECD
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This report explores the first two OECD reviews ever on national educational R&D systems in England and New Zealand. It shows that OECD countries are increasingly taking innovative research initiatives in order to improve the knowledge base in education for teachers and policy makers.

Ruraling Education Research

Author : Philip Roberts
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Knowledge Management New Challenges for Educational Research

Author :
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Visual Research Methods in Educational Research

Author : J. Moss
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Have you noticed there is a burgeoning take up of visual research in education? Are you considering using visual research as part of your next research project or revitalising your research methods course? For researchers who are new to the field of VRMs in education there is little critical literature on the subject. This book addresses the gap in the literature and brings together some of the leading educational researchers engaging and reflecting on the visual from Australia, the UK and Canada. Encapsulated in a single volume, this book sets out theoretically grounded discussions of the possibilities and challenges of the approach for educational researchers around four key themes: images of schooling, performing pedagogy, power and representation and ethical issues in educational research.

New Challenges for Educational Research

Author :
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This report explores the first two OECD national reviews of the research and development initiatives being undertaken in England and New Zealand, which are designed to expand the understanding of fundamental educational processes both for teachers and policymakers and so improve the quality of educational policy and practice.

Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research

Author : Todd Ruecker
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How do education researchers navigate the qualitative research process? How do they manage and negotiate myriad decision points at which things can take an unexpected – and sometimes problematic – turn? Whilst these questions are relevant for any research process, the specific issues qualitative researchers face can have impactful repercussions, that if managed adeptly, can lead to successful and even new research opportunities. Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research includes narratives that provide real world experiences and accounts of how researchers navigated problematic situations, as well as their considerations in doing so. These contributions give students and researchers a chance to understand the possibilities of research challenges and better prepare for these eventualities and how to deal with them. Providing educative windows into the challenges and missteps even seasoned researchers face along the way, this book is an invaluable resource for graduate students and early career qualitative researchers, particularly those who are interested in education.


Author : Nicholas Sun-keung Pang
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Bringing together a group of international authors, this book attempts to examine the effects of globalization on educational policies and practices under the following themes: (1) the roles of educational research in the era of globalization and how comparative education can contribute to such investigation; (2) the relationships between the development of higher education and globalization in different countries; and (3) the impacts of globalization on school education and how schools can respond to the challenges ahead.

Methodological Challenges When Exploring Digital Learning Spaces in Education

Author : Greta Björk Gudmundsdottir
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"Over the last decade, the practices by which scholarly knowledge is produced – both within and across disciplines – have been substantially influenced by the appearance of digital information resources, communication networks and technology enhanced research tools. Viewed from a methodological perspective, the rich ICT-based environment in educational settings influences research methods, ethics and the general conduct of research. Methodological Challenges When Exploring Digital Learning Spaces in Education represents a collection of work of established academics as well as emerging early career researchers all of whom focus on various methodological challenges. From numerous perspectives, the chapters in this volume deal with three particularly demanding challenges for educational research in digital learning contexts. The first challenge concerns how research manages to explore networked learning within a multi-faceted ICT environment. What kind of research designs and forms of data collection are able to grasp this complexity of multiple learning taking place within these contexts? The second challenge deals with how researchers experience the research context and interact with various actors within these settings. How to capture and understand interaction between contexts and across different dimensions of contexts in time and space? And finally, the third challenge is about exploring how children make meaning across physical places and virtual spaces. All together, these challenges are questioning the traditional research methods that we use and are familiar with. This volume is devoted to stimulating debate about the various methodological challenges facing the researcher in the digital sphere of educational research, and furthermore, exploring what kind of new methodological approaches these challenges impose. It is aimed at students, researchers and academics within education and those working with learning across disciplines and contexts interested in methodological issues. Greta Björk Gudmundsdottir lives and works in Oslo, where she is a Researcher at the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education. Kristin Beate Vasbø also works and lives in Oslo, where she is an Associate Professor at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo. "

Educational Research in the Age of Anthropocene

Author : Reyes, Vicente
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The current geological age has had a profound effect on the relationship between society and nature, and it raises new issues for researchers. It is important for educational research to engage with the politics of knowledge production and address the ecological, economic, and political dynamics of the Anthropocene era. Educational Research in the Age of Anthropocene is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the impact of educational research paradigms through the dynamic interaction of human society and the environment. While highlighting topics such as human consciousness, complexity thinking, and queer theory, this publication explores the historical trends of theories, as well as the context in which educational models have been employed. This book is ideally designed for professors, academicians, advanced-level students, scholars, and educational researchers seeking current research on the contestability of educational research in contemporary environments.

Education and Teacher Education in the Modern World

Author : P. Calogiannakis
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This book discusses current problems and policies, approaches, trends, and recruitment conditions within the education of teachers in the modern world. It investigates new research within this area, and explores various aspects prevalent in teachers and in their own and general education today. The contributions to this volume approach the topic of modern teachers from various geographical and contextual perspectives, discussing the challenges facing teachers from educational, cultural, socio-political, demographic, and economic points of view.

Educational Research Discourses of Change and Changes of Discourse

Author : Paul Smeyers
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This collection addresses concepts and theories of change, contexts and functions of reform discourses, and fields of change in educational research. It examines a wide variety of issues such as girls’ education in France, educational neuroscience, the professionalization in Child Protection, and mathematics discourses. It pays attention to the pervasiveness of crisis rhetoric in American Education Research, to the current university climate, and to perspectives for teacher education. The volume presents in-depth studies that integrate the perspective of history and philosophy of education. Educational research has been typically carried out within a discourse of change: changing educational practice, changing policy, or changing the world. Sometimes these expectations have been grand, as in claims of emancipation; sometimes they have been more modest, as in research as a support for specific reforms. This book explores the answers to such questions as: Are these expectations justified? How have these discourses of change themselves changed over time? What have researchers meant by change, and related concepts such as reform, improvement, innovation, progress and the new? Does this teleological and hopeful discourse itself reflect a particular historical and national/cultural point of view? Is it over promising for educational research to claim to solve social problems, and are these properly understood as educational problems? In doing so, it challenges prevailing ideas about the application of philosophy and history of education, and demonstrates the relevance of philosophical and historical approaches for the practice and theory of education and for educational research. This publication, as well as the ones that are mentioned in the preliminary pages of this work, were realized by the Research Community (FWO Vlaanderen / Research Foundation Flanders, Belgium) Philosophy and History of the Discipline of Education: Faces and Spaces of Educational Research.

The Future of Educational Research

Author : Noleine Fitzallen
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The Future of Educational Research: Perspectives from Beginning Researchers provides a snapshot of research across a diversity of fields in education conducted by beginning researchers. The five main sections of the book cover research into policy and curriculum, teachers’ experiences, educational technologies, the teaching and learning of mathematics, and literacy development. The chapters make valuable contributions to knowledge of contemporary issues in education. They illustrate research topics and methodologies that will underpin and provoke future research, and demonstrate the potential of these beginning researchers to become leaders in their chosen fields of educational research. The chapters also demonstrate the breadth of research topics being undertaken in educational research today. For supervisors and research higher degree students the book provides samples of research higher degree student writing that not only exemplify approaches to presenting research but also support the value of publication at all stages of study.

International Journal of Educational Research

Author :
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Sustainable Pedagogical Research in Higher Education

Author : Cecília Guerra
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Considering both the theoretical and practical possibilities of the sustainability of higher education research in a world in which research budgets are often hard to secure, this book shares results from international research to demonstrate the innovation occurring to secure sustainable research funding. Rooted in diverse research experiences and reflections of academics and higher education institutional leaders, this book explores ways to promote and sustain pedagogical innovation in the higher education context. Beginning with an analysis of theoretical views from political, institutional and research practice spheres about the relevance of sustainability of educational research in higher education, it considers the need to promote educational research focused on pedagogical innovations in higher education. The second part of the book addresses practical experiences of funded educational research and offers guidance to assure the future of sustainable pedagogical interventions. This book is ideal reading for anyone interested in the role of sustainable funding in ensuring the future of higher education research, including researchers and postgraduate or undergraduate students who are researching or interested in the topic. It will also be of interest to senior institutional leaders and managers responsible for educational development in higher education.

An Introduction to Educational Research

Author : Chad R. Lochmiller
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Written specifically for education practitioners, An Introduction to Educational Research: Connecting Methods to Practice approaches research methods from a practice-first perspective that aligns research with professional experiences and identifies the tools and resources readers can use when conducting their own research. Throughout the book, authors Chad R. Lochmiller and Jessica N. Lester illuminate complex research concepts using problems of practice confronting educators to help readers make meaningful connections with key concepts and research practices. The authors present balanced coverage across research methodologies that is linked to practice, so readers clearly see research as a tool they can use to improve classrooms, schools, districts, and educational organizations.