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Changing Attitudes and Behavior

Author : John Jensen
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Changing Attitudes and Behavior: Practice Makes Permanent, the second of the Practice Makes Permanent series, argues that school performance is directly correlated to student motivation. If school administrators and teachers adopt Jensen s easy, direct, and effective ways to help students manage their feelings and focus their attention, the results will be two-fold: schools will foster a cooperative and high-performing learning community, and students will succeed academically while also mastering important social skills. To do so, both schools and students must make permanent learning their first priority rather than temporary, superficial knowledge so that students can take pride in- and ownership of their achievements in the classroom. Maintaining this standard will require educators to build learning activities systematically: they must understand, record, organize, and deepen knowledge. It will also require that they know simple and direct ways to change and improve the thinking that drives students behavior, in addition to the points of leverage available to teachers when redirecting even the most distracted or distracting students. Although identifying and modifying behavior patterns can be difficult, Jensen provides tried methods that will address student motivation, unify class instruction, and get teachers and students back on track for their long-term, permanent learning goals. For more information about the author's work, please check out his educational blog here: http: //"

Action and Inaction in a Social World

Author : Dolores Albarracín
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This book explains how actions and inactions arise and change in social contexts, including social media and face-to-face communication. Its multidisciplinary perspective covers research from psychology, communication, public health, business studies, and environmental sciences. The reader can use this cutting-edge approach to design and interpret effects of behavioral change interventions as well as replicate the materials and methods implemented to study them. The author provides an organized set of principles that take the reader from the formation of attitudes and goals, to the structure of action and inaction. It also reflects on how cognitive processes explain excesses of action while inaction persists elsewhere. This practical guide summarises the best practices persuasion and behavioral interventions to promote changes in health, consumer, and social behaviors.

Attitudes and Attitude Change

Author : William D. Crano
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This volume assembles a distinguished group of international scholars whose chapters on classic and emerging issues in research on attitudes provide an excellent introduction for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The book’s chapters cover all of the most critical features of attitude measurement, attitude development, and attitude change. Implicit and explicit approaches to measurement and conceptualization are featured throughout, making this one of the most up-to-date treatments of attitude theory and research currently available. The comprehensive coverage of the central topics in this important field provides a useful text in advanced courses on persuasion or attitude change.

Attitudes and Persuasion

Author : Phil Erwin
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This work provides an up-to-date overview of the crucial role that attitudes play in our everyday lives and how they influence our thoughts and behaviour. The nature, function and origins of attitudes are examined, and a review of how they can be measured is provided.

Manual for Changing Attitudes and Behaviour

Author : Jeff Coats
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Influencing Attitudes and Changing Behavior

Author : Philip G. Zimbardo
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The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

Author : Joseph P. Forgas
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Human beings have a unique ability to create elaborate predispositions and evaluations based on their social experiences. The concept of attitudes is central to understanding how experience gives rise to these predispositions, and psychologists have spent the best part of the past 100 years trying to understand the intricacies of this process. Yet, despite decades of research, we still do not fully understand how attitudes are created, maintained and changed. The main objective of this book is to review and integrate some of the most recent, cutting-edge developments in research on attitudes and attitude change, presenting the work of eminent scholars in this field. Chapters in this book deal with such intriguing questions as: What role do associative processes play in the formation of attitudes? How do attitudes function as global and local action guides? What is the function of implicit evaluations, and vicarious experiences in producing attitude change? Are implicit associations a useful way to measure attitudes? What role does affect play in attitude formation and change? What role do social interaction processes play in persuasion, and how does persuasion work in real-life settings? The book is essential reading for students and researchers in social psychology, as well as practitioners in every field where understanding and changing attitudes is important, such as clinical, counseling, organizational, marketing, forensic, and developmental psychology.

Predicting and Changing Behavior

Author : Martin Fishbein
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This book describes the reasoned action approach, an integrative framework for the prediction and change of human social behavior. It discusses critical issues related to the reasoned action framework, and provides methodological and conceptual tools for the prediction and explanation of social behavior and for designing behavior change interventions.

Changing Attitudes Toward the Dual Work home Roles of Women

Author : John W. Engel
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Resources in Education

Author :
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Research in Education

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An Analysis of Attitudes and Behaviors of Young Adults Toward the Aged

Author : David L. Petty
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Alcohol Health and Research World

Author :
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On the Development of a Theory of Traveler Attitude behavior Interrelationships

Author : Charles River Associates
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Readings in Attitude Change

Author : Samuel Himmelfarb
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Discusses some of the important discoveries in astronomy and the circumstances that prompted them.

Attitudes and Overt Behavior

Author : Richard Welling Roskelley
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Social Psychology

Author : Michael C. Kearl
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This work integrates a broad range of interdisciplinary research to help students make connections with other subject matter they may be studying. It provides chapters that offer in-depth analyses of the psychology of religion, work and social change.

Development of Safety Helmet Educational Material Final Report

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Human Communication Research

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