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Politics in a Changing Ireland 1960 2007

Author : Tom O'Connor
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An analysis of aspects of Irish politics from 1960 to 2007,

Changing Ireland

Author : Christine St. Peter
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During the past twenty-five years, Ireland has seen an explosion of women's fiction - hundreds of published works that reimagine the inherited literary traditions and the social contexts of women's lives. Changing Ireland examines women's use of historical fiction, exile literature, Northern war narratives, speculative fiction, and classic 'realism', and looks at the local Irish forms of international women's genres like the romance novel and feminist fiction.

Combating Poverty in a Changing Ireland

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Covering a Changing Ireland

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Literature and the Changing Ireland

Author : Peter Connolly
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Changing gender roles and attitudes to family formation in Ireland

Author : Margret Fine-Davis
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Recent decades have witnessed major changes in gender roles and family patterns, as well as a falling birth rate in Ireland and the rest of Europe. While the traditional family is now being replaced in many cases by new family forms, we do not know the reasons why people are making the choices they are and whether or not these choices are leading to greater well-being. While demographic research has attempted to explain the new trends in family formation and fertility, there has been little research on people's attitudes to family formation and having children. This book presents the results of the first major study to examine people's attitudes to family formation and childbearing in Ireland. Based on a nationwide representative sample of 1,404 men and women in the childbearing age group, the study was carried out against a backdrop of changing gender role attitudes and behaviour as well as significant demographic change.

Changing Ireland in International Comparison

Author : Betty Hilliard
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This book provides an analysis of social and attitudinal change in Ireland over a period of unprecedented societal transformation.

Plays of Changing Ireland

Author : Curtis Canfield
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Continuity Change and Crisis in Contemporary Ireland

Author : Brian Girvin
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The focus of this book is to analyse from a number of perspectives the politics of change in Ireland north and south since 1969. The emergence of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the final push to gain entry to the EEC, changing social mores and severe economic difficulties all begin to appear on the horizon at this stage. While considerable change and, indeed, moments of extreme crisis, have taken place in areas such as Northern Ireland, the economy, moral politics, and Ireland’s attitude towards the European Union, continuity has also been a significant hallmark of Irish politics since 1969. This volume offers important perspectives and opens up new debates in explaining the phenomena of continuity, change and crisis in contemporary Ireland. New evidence on the origins of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Arms Crisis, Ireland’s relationship with Europe, the process of social partnership, and the politics of morality all offer important fresh insights into how contemporary Ireland has functioned. Featuring a number of high profile scholars and uniquely dealing with both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, this volume argues that the intriguing feature of recent Irish history is not the absence of change but the extent to which change has been mediated by the existing political cultures, national traditions and long-standing institutions of both north and south. This book was based on a special issue of Irish Political Studies.

Brand New Ireland

Author : Michael Clancy
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What role does the state have over national development within an increasingly globalized economy? Moreover, how do we conceive 'nationality' during periods of rapid economic and social change spurred on by globalization? By examining tourism in the Republic of Ireland over the past 20 years, Michael Clancy addresses these questions of national identity formation, as well as providing a detailed understanding of the political economy of tourism and development. He explores tourism's role in the 'Celtic Tiger' phenomenon and uses tourism as a lens for observing national identity formation in a period of rapid change.