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Charles Willson Peale

Author : David C. Ward
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It links the artist's autobiography to his painting, illuminating the man, his art, and his times. Peale emerges for the first time as that particularly American phenomenon: the self-made man."

Charles Willson Peale

Author : Charles Coleman Sellers
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Charles Willson Peale and His World

Author : Charles Willson Peale
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Traces the life of the eighteenth-century artist, Charles Wilson Peale, discusses his study of natural history, and examines his paintings of American society

Charles Willson Peale

Author : Charles Coleman Sellers
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The Selected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family

Author :
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Charles Willson Peale s Allegory of William Pitt

Author : Charles Henry Hart
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History Museums in the United States

Author : Warren Leon
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Every year 100 million visitor's tour historic houses and re-created villages, examine museum artifacts, and walk through battlefields. But what do they learn? What version of the past are history museums offering to the public? And how well do these institutions reflect the latest historical scholarship? Fifteen scholars and museum staff members here provide the first critical assessment of American history museums, a vital arena for shaping popular historical consciousness. They consider the form and content of exhibits, ranging from Gettysburg to Disney World. They also examine the social and political contexts on which museums operate.

American Iconology

Author : David C. Miller
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This overview of the "sister arts" of the nineteenth century by younger scholars in art history, literature, and American studies presents a startling array of perspectives on the fundamental role played by images in culture and society. Drawing on the latest thinking about vision and visuality as well as on recent developments in literary theory and cultural studies, the contributors situate paintings, sculpture, monument art, and literary images within a variety of cultural contexts. The volume offers fresh and sometimes extended discussions of single works as well as reevaluations of artistic and literary conventions and analyses of the economic, social, and technological forces that gave them shape and were influenced by them in turn. A wide range of figures are significantly reassessed, including the painters Charles Willson Peale, Washington Allston, Thomas Cole, George Caleb Bingham, Fitz Hugh Lane, and Mary Cassatt, and such writers as James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, and William Dean Howells. One overarching theme to emerge is the development of an American national subjectivity as it interacted with the transformation of a culture dominated by religious values to one increasingly influenced by commercial imperatives. The essays probe the ways in which artists and writers responded to the changing conditions of the cultural milieu as it was mediated by such factors as class and gender, modes of perception and representation, and conflicting ideals and realities.

History of the Portrait Collection Independence National Historical Park

Author : Doris Devine Fanelli
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This volume provides a history and catalog of the portraits by Charles Willson Peale, who painted heroes of the American revolution, founders of American government, statesmen, jurists, men of science, and individuals who contributed art and letters. The three chapters by Fanelli (Cultural Resources Management, Independence National Historical Park) discuss the collection from its inception through the period in which the shrine that housed it became a museum. Each of the 250 entries (mostly b&w, with a few in color) in the catalog includes a brief biography of the subject, a physical description of the painting, the circumstances under which it was created, and its provenance. They are arranged alphabetically by sitter. Edited by Karie Diethorn, chief curator, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Nature s Ghosts

Author : Mark V. Barrow, Jr.
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The rapid growth of the American environmental movement in recent decades obscures the fact that long before the first Earth Day and the passage of the Endangered Species Act, naturalists and concerned citizens recognized—and worried about—the problem of human-caused extinction. As Mark V. Barrow reveals in Nature’s Ghosts, the threat of species loss has haunted Americans since the early days of the republic. From Thomas Jefferson’s day—when the fossil remains of such fantastic lost animals as the mastodon and the woolly mammoth were first reconstructed—through the pioneering conservation efforts of early naturalists like John James Audubon and John Muir, Barrow shows how Americans came to understand that it was not only possible for entire species to die out, but that humans themselves could be responsible for their extinction. With the destruction of the passenger pigeon and the precipitous decline of the bison, professional scientists and wildlife enthusiasts alike began to understand that even very common species were not safe from the juggernaut of modern, industrial society. That realization spawned public education and legislative campaigns that laid the foundation for the modern environmental movement and the preservation of such iconic creatures as the bald eagle, the California condor, and the whooping crane. A sweeping, beautifully illustrated historical narrative that unites the fascinating stories of endangered animals and the dedicated individuals who have studied and struggled to protect them, Nature’s Ghosts offers an unprecedented view of what we’ve lost—and a stark reminder of the hard work of preservation still ahead.