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Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks

Author : David E. Harkins
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A terrifying tour of cemeteries where ghosts of Civil War soldiers, criminals, and others wander the grounds . . . includes photos! From the neatly tended urban necropolis to the long-forgotten family plot at the end of a winding gravel road, these “quiet cities” of the Ozarks have the power to send chills up and down the spine of the most hardened skeptic. Be it the restless Civil War soldiers of Greenbrier, the mass murderer who stalks Peace Church, or the red eyes that persecute visitors to Robinson, tales of ghostly activity abound in every burial ground carved out of the ancient Ozark hills. Follow Dave Harkins as he explores the fascinating history and unsettling lore clinging to these haunted graveyards.

Peterson s Magazine

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Author : William Hinton
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Fanshan is a marvelous and revealing look into life in the Chinese countryside, where tradition and modernity have had both a complimentary and caustic relationship in the years since the Chinese Communist Party first came to power. It is a rare, concrete record of social struggle and transformation, as witnessed by a participant. --from publisher description.

New Peterson Magazine

Author : Charles Jacobs Peterson
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The unofficial ARK Guide

Author : Andreas Zintzsch
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NEW EDITION SUMMER 2020! If you want to survive in ARK, you need a reliable companion on your side. This guide is your partner during the perilous fight for survival. With its help, you'll be equipped to overcome every imminent danger on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Among other things, you'll learn how to build, which creatures can be found on each map, and how to tame as well as breed them. Use the practical overview of the DLC maps, resources, and bosses. Learn the most important console commands and cheats to summon your favorite creatures and items. Rise to the challenge, fight through the maps, and find a way to save humanity! Content: - Introduction to the basics - Extensive overview of the maps: The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, and Genesis Part 1 - How to survive in ARK - Comprehensive creature encyclopedia - Taming and breeding - Tips for building - Console commands and cheats - Modifications overview - Things to know about every boss and Ascension

Cheat the Grave

Author : Vicki Pettersson
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After abandoning her powers and embracing mortality, Las Vegas socialite and otherworldly avenger Joanna Archer is still condemned to roam a nightmare landscape that ordinary humans cannot see or enter, as a killer hunts her down.

The Movie Guide

Author : James Monaco
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From The Big Sleep to Babette's Feast, from Lawrence of Arabia to Drugstore Cowboy, The Movie Guide offers the inside word on 3,500 of the best motion pictures ever made. James Monaco is the president and founder of BASELINE, the world's leading supplier of information to the film and television industries. Among his previous books are The Encyclopedia of Film, American Film Now, and How to Read a Film.

The Twisted Muse

Author : Richard Corey
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Author Richard Corey has worn many different outfits in his young life. As a student in his undergraduate studies at Concord University to his master's studies at Ohio University, he paid his way through school by performing musically and gambling professionally throughout the southeastern United States. Shaping his life and bending his mind to create The Twisted Muse, which he started as early as 1989 to present day, he presents a work of poetry that witnesses the evolution of his life-from "Diary of a Psychopath" to the song "I Am." Struggling with economic hardship and bipolar disorder as well as almost losing his writing hand in a horrific accident in 2009, he selected these poems and songs from his handwritten pages. Through these works, Corey shares his multifaceted persona as a seeker, a reader, a lover of nature, of country music, and cowboy movies. Filled with many vivid images and pleasing sonic effects, this collection of poetry offers insight into how Corey grew as a writer, lyricist, and person while living with bipolar disorder.

New Peterson Magazine

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