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Chemical Reactivity in Liquids

Author : Société française de chimie. Division de chimie physique. International Meeting
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Understanding chemical reactivity has been the permanent concern of chemists from time immemorial. If we were able to understand it and express it quantitatively there would practically remain no unsolved mystery, and reactions would be fully predictable, with their products and rates and even side reactions. The beautiful developments of thermodynamics through the 19th century supplied us with the knowledge of the way a reactions progresses, and the statistical view initiated by Gibbs has progressively led to an unders tanding closer to the microscopic phenomena. But is was always evident to all that these advances still left our understanding of chemical reactivity far behind our empirical knowledge of the chemical reaction in its practically infinite variety. The advances of recent years in quantum chemistry and statistical mechanics, enhanced by the present availability of powerful and fast compu ters, are very fast changing this picture, and bringing us really close to a microscopic understanding of chemical equilibria, reaction rates, etc.... This is the reason why our Society encouraged a few years ago the initiative of Professor Savo Bratos who, with a group of French colleagues, prepared an impressive study on "Reactivite chimique en phase liquide", a prospective report which was jointly published by the Societe Fran

The Chemical Reactivity of the Fused Alkali Bases of the Water and Ammonia Systems

Author : W. Conard Fernelius
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Essential Practices for Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards

Author : Robert W. Johnson
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In its recent investigation of chemical reactivity accidents, the US Chemical Safety Board noted a gap in technical guidance and regulatory coverage. This volume closes the gap in technical guidance, helping small and large companies alike identify, address, and manage chemical reactivity hazards. It guides the reader through an analysis of the potential for chemical reactivity accidents to help prevent fires, explosions, toxic chemical releases or chemical spills. This volume is applicable to processes at any scale and is particularly useful for chemists, safety managers, and engineers involved in scale-up. An enclosed CD-ROM provides portable checklists, analysis tools, and a list of additional references. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Adsorption and Chemical Reaction of Gaseous Mixtures of Hydrogen Chloride and Water on Aluminum Oxide and Application to Solid propellant Rocket Exhaust Clouds

Author : Wesley R. Cofer
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Discussions of the Faraday Society

Author :
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Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide Second Edition

Author :
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Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Technology

Author : Tapio O. Salmi
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The role of the chemical reactor is crucial for the industrial conversion of raw materials into products and numerous factors must be considered when selecting an appropriate and efficient chemical reactor. Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Technology defines the qualitative aspects that affect the selection of an industrial chemical reactor and couples various reactor models to case-specific kinetic expressions for chemical processes. Offering a systematic development of the chemical reaction engineering concept, this volume explores: Essential stoichiometric, kinetic, and thermodynamic terms needed in the analysis of chemical reactors Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactors Residence time distributions and non-ideal flow conditions in industrial reactors Solutions of algebraic and ordinary differential equation systems Gas- and liquid-phase diffusion coefficients and gas-film coefficients Correlations for gas-liquid systems Solubilities of gases in liquids Guidelines for laboratory reactors and the estimation of kinetic parameters The authors pay special attention to the exact formulations and derivations of mass energy balances and their numerical solutions. Richly illustrated and containing exercises and solutions covering a number of processes, from oil refining to the development of specialty and fine chemicals, the text provides a clear understanding of chemical reactor analysis and design.

Chemical Reaction Technology

Author : Dmitry Yu. Murzin
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The book discusses the sciences of operations, converting raw materials into desired products on an industrial scale by applying chemical transformations and other industrial technologies. Basics of chemical technology combining chemistry, physical transport, unit operations and chemical reactors are thoroughly prepared for an easy understanding.

Chemical Reactions

Author : Denise Walker
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This title introduces the reader to the huge variety of chemical reactions that shape our world. Find out all about explosions, learn about how to start reactions and understand how chemical equations work.

Oswaal Chemistry Topper s Handbook NEET UG 17 Years Solved Papers 2006 2022 Physics Chemistry Biology Set of 2 Books For 2023 Exam

Author : Oswaal Editorial Board
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NEET (UG) Year-wise Solved Paper (2006 – 2022) – 24 Papers Fully solved NEET (UG) latest solved paper 2022 fully solved Mind Map: A single page snapshot of the entire chapter for longer retention Mnemonics to boost memory and confidence Oswaal QR Codes: Easy to scan QR codes for online content Analytical Report: Unit-wise questions distribution in each subject Two SQPs based on the latest pattern Tips to crack NEET Trend Analysis: Subject-wise & Chapter-wise