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Chicago Tribune Index

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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

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The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Cubs

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The history of Chicago’s first major league team, packed with photos, stories, and profiles from the archives of their hometown newspaper. The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Cubs is a decade-by-decade look at one of baseball’s most beloved (if hard-luck) teams, starting with the franchise’s beginnings in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings and ending with the triumphant 2016 World Series championship. For over a century, the Chicago Tribune has documented every Cubs season through original reporting, photography, and box scores. For the first time, this mountain of Cubs history has been mined and curated by the paper’s sports department into a single one-of-a-kind volume. Each era in Cubs history includes its own timeline, profiles of key players and coaches, and feature stories that highlight it all, from the heavy hitters to the no-hitters to the one-hit wonders. And of course, you can’t talk about the Cubs without talking about Wrigley Field. In this book, readers will find a complete history of that most sacred of American stadiums, where Hack Wilson batted in 191 runs—still the major-league record—in 1930, where Sammy Sosa earned the moniker “Slammin’ Sammy,” and where fans congregated, even when the team was on the road, throughout its scintillating championship run.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

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The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears

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In Chicago, the Bears grip on the city spans generations and cultures, endures disappointments, and celebrates triumphs great and small. From the team’s humble beginnings to its status as a marquee NFL franchise, the Chicago Tribune has documented every season. The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears is an impressive testament to Bears tradition, compiling photography, original box scores, and entertaining essays from Hall of Fame reporters. The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears is a decade-by-decade look at the Chicago Bears, beginning with George Halas moving the team to Chicago in 1921. The Bears soon became known as the Monsters of the Midway, dominating the sport with four NFL titles in the 1940s, seven winning campaigns in the 1950s, and a final title with Halas as coach in 1963. Their 1985 Super Bowl championship transformed the city's passion into a full-blown love affair that continues today. Professional football was practically born in Chicago, nurtured by Halas through the Depression and a world war. The game was made for Chicago, in Chicago, by a Chicagoan. Now the award-winning journalists, photographers, and editors of the Chicago Tribune have produced a comprehensive collector’s item that every Bears fan will love.

Business Research Handbook

Author : Shimpock
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Business Research Handbook is the best strategic approach to research. It gives you ready-to-adapt strategies that streamline and focus your information search, complete with: Procedures that progressively sift and regroup your research decision points that allow you to evaluate which steps remain The most cost-effective ways to take advantage of today's electronic media resources Efficient ways to retrieve the information your search has located. Easy-to-adapt sample research strategies are found throughout the book to help you confidently and quickly conduct your research in unfamiliar areas. You will find that the Business Research Handbook is designed in a graphic, user-friendly format with easy-to-recognize icons as reference pointers, and extensive lists of sources and material to help you obtain the information you need to: Compile biographical information on key players or parties Investigate potential business partners or competitors Engage in marketing research Compile a company profile Locate expert witnesses and verify credentials And much more.

New Serial Titles

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A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31, 1949.

Library Research Strategies and Resources

Author : Linda Pegg Hardin
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The Second Disestablishment

Author : Steven Green
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Debates over the proper relationship between church and state in America tend to focus either on the founding period or the twentieth century. Left undiscussed is the long period between the ratification of the Constitution and the 1947 Supreme Court ruling in Everson v. Board of Education, which mandated that the Establishment Clause applied to state and local governments. Steven Green illuminates this neglected period, arguing that during the 19th century there was a "second disestablishment." By the early 1800s, formal political disestablishment was the rule at the national level, and almost universal among the states. Yet the United States remained a Christian nation, and Protestant beliefs and values dominated American culture and institutions. Evangelical Protestantism rose to cultural dominance through moral reform societies and behavioral laws that were undergirded by a maxim that Christianity formed part of the law. Simultaneously, law became secularized, religious pluralism increased, and the Protestant-oriented public education system was transformed. This latter impulse set the stage for the constitutional disestablishment of the twentieth century. The Second Disestablishment examines competing ideologies: of evangelical Protestants who sought to create a "Christian nation," and of those who advocated broader notions of separation of church and state. Green shows that the second disestablishment is the missing link between the Establishment Clause and the modern Supreme Court's church-state decisions.

University Leadership in Urban School Renewal

Author : Nancy L. Zimpher
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The themes of this book resonate closely with the values of ACE: leadership, change, community partnership, and the importance of teacher education and learning. The book features examples of university leaders who took a personal interest in and led their institutions' efforts to improve the quality of teacher preparation, and who developed partnerships with school systems to ensure that more future teachers were recruited, prepared, and provided with an excellent transition into their teaching roles.