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Chicken Beaks Forever

Author : Ben Romero
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In the 1960's a depressed economy in the southwestern United States created an accelerated migration to California. Countless families pulled up stakes and looked with hope toward a land where jobs were plentiful and food affordable. Despite the trials and struggles, families found humor in everyday life. Unity became the foundation for strength and survival. This book retraces experiences of a Hispanic family leaving New Mexico and relocating in California. THE LAND OF GOLD On Labor Day weekend of 1968 my family traveled toward a dream we believed would be found or made in the land of gold. I had lived my entire life in Northern New Mexico and never traveled more than 150 miles in any direction. My parents had suffered a few financial setbacks and my father and eighteen year-old brother, Louie went to California to find work. Two months later, my father returned for the rest of the family. My two younger brothers were soon asleep with the hum of the motor and movement of the car. My seventeen year-old sister, Marcella was irritable, but quiet. It had been a tiring day, renting and hitching the tiny U-haul trailer and stuffing our belongings, before driving three hours to the airport to pick up Dad. He had worked in the morning and taken a late flight from San Francisco to Albuquerque. "How long will we be on the road?" asked Marcella. "We should be in San Jose by Monday morning," said Dad. It was a long trip, compounded by the slow speed we were forced to travel. The U-haul had signs painted on all sides that read 45 MPH. Dad violated the limit most of the time, but not by much. Although there were six of us in the car, we were not crammed. Joseph, being only three, sat in front, between my parents. There were no seat belts to worry about at the time, so he was able to stretch out and sleep. "Mejór ladeate (You'd better pull over)," said Mom, when she noticed the car weaving. Dad drove the car off the shoulder of the highway where we'd be safe from traffic. "Are we going to sleep in the car?" I asked. "No," said Dad. "Vámos a sacar un colchón (Let's pull out a mattress)." Dad and I unlocked the trailer and tossed a twin-size mattress on the ground. The night was dark, but warm and comfortable. The only noise was the occasional sound of passing cars. We stretched out, with a thin blanket and a couple of pillows. The rest of the family stayed in the car. Dad shook me. "Vámos (Let's go)." I felt a chill as Dad pulled off the blanket. I wanted to sleep longer. The darkness was disappearing. "Ahorita paramos a comer (We'll stop to eat soon)," said Dad, starting the motor and pulling onto the highway. I envied Johnny and Joseph for their peaceful sleep. Marcella was curled up like a possum. "Give me room," I said, claiming space with my elbows. "Why don't you ride in the trailer?" grunted Marcella. Dad looked at us through the rear-view mirror and I held my tongue. Although I was nearly sixteen years old, I knew better than to make Dad angry. A few miles inside Arizona, we stopped at a service station. It had clean restrooms and an outside picnic table. We enjoyed Mom's baloney and green chile sandwiches and apples we'd picked from the trees back home. The morning chill gave way to a harsh sun. "We have to get moving," said Dad. "We'll rest later, when the day gets hot." We had never owned a vehicle with air conditioning and had never missed it - until now. The mid-afternoon sun beat on the car, threatening to melt the windows. "It's like an oven in here," said Marcella. She rolled down her window and a gush of hot air assaulted us like a torch. "Close it!" cackled Johnny. At eight years of age, his shrill voice annoyed everybody. I had my shirt unbuttoned and wat

Chicken Beaks

Author : Ben Romero
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CHICKEN BEAKS: GROWING UP HISPANIC, tells a story about family, religion, and values. The setting is northern New Mexico during the late 1950's and early 60's. Told in first person, using dialogue sprinkled with Spanish, each event comes alive as told through the eyes of a child. Every chapter has an underlying lesson mixing humor, love and drama. Though Hispanic in flavor, the vignettes have universal appeal. Portions have appeared in Reminisce and Sun magazines. This book is written for older children and adults. Hispanics account for 35.3 million people in the United States, and census figures show a 60 percent growth in the last decade. Cultural similarities that exist among Hispanics include a strong commitment to traditional values such as family, religion and heritage. While the common language, Spanish, is regionalized, the need to learn English is a binding tie. Hispanics are notorious for learning to read by employing humor. That explains the high sales of comic books in Mexican and South American markets. Even so, there is a shortage of Hispanic writers. CHICKEN BEAKS: GROWING UP HISPANIC developed from the stories the author told his children about his life. What people are saying about CHICKEN BEAKS: GROWING UP HISPANIC "Many parents like myself, forget there were happy childhoods without Game Boys, cartoon networks and Beanie Babies. Fresno resident Ben Romero recounts such a childhood in "Chicken Beaks: Growing up Hispanic" The book is filled with stories about life in the village of Nambe, N.M., which had a populations of fewer than 300 when Romero was a child. "Romero could have titled his collection of stories "What Are You Doing?" That often was his mother's refrain after, just in the nick of time, finding her boys on the verge of doing something that could have caused serious injury." Mary Lou Aguirre, Fresno Bee

A Forever Home for the Holidays

Author : Melissa Davis
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Emma Miller has lost everything. At the tender age of sixteen, a tragic accident took her parents and her beloved dog from her. Now stuck in the foster care system, Emma is in foreign territory. Her experience so far has her wanting to run away. However, love can come from unexpected places; she only has to open her heart to find it. When presented a Christmas miracle, Emma holds on to it for all she’s worth, but will it be enough? A Forever Home for the Holidays is a heart touching, emotional roller coaster ride about a young girl’s journey to find herself.

The Beak Speaks Chicken School

Author : Jeremy Strong
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THE BEAK SPEAKS: Mark is concerned that his dad has too much to do since his mum left - looking after him and his sister Tammy, the house and his vet's practice. He advertises for a girlfriend for his dad and soon the surgery is full of eager women, including the beautiful, but evil, Divine and her ugly henchman, Jaundice. This pair of crooks are smuggling animals and need a vet to look after them. Mark's dad is a sucker for Divine, but just to make sure of his help, she kidnaps the children. Luckily Mark has made friends with one of the smuggled chimps, Arnold Teabag, who is a bit of an escape artist, and the chimp brings help. CHICKEN SCHOOL: Tim's family is the Most Boring Family In The World and he's fed up. He wants fun! Thrills! Adventure! And school's just as boring too. But one day a phantom message about Tim appears and everything changes. Who is the day-glo scribbler - and what's so special about chickens anyway? ** Jeremy Strong is the award-winning author of The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog, My Brother's Famous Bottom and Cartoon Kid. ** He is one of the top 20 most-borrowed children's authors from British libraries. ** His slapstick humour appeals to both boys and girls age 7+ ** Great value - two books in one!

Chickenlandia Mystery

Author : Daisy Pettles
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Pawpaw County, Indiana, is all atwitter about Ma and Peepaw Horton’s annual Chickenlandia Festival. The mood turns dark though when the Horton’s prize-winning rooster, Dewey, and his best laying hen, Ginger, vanish, leaving behind no clues except for a trail of tail feathers. Also missing: Gertie Wineagar, local sourpuss, and BBQ chicken cook-off queen. Amateur women sleuths, and lifelong gal pals Ruby Jane (RJ) Waskom and Veenie Goens, suspect Hiram Krupsky, Pawpaw County’s self-proclaimed Chicken Wing King, of master-minding the crime spree in an attempt to sabotage the Horton’s free-range chicken ranch. Follow the senior snoops as they attempt to sort the good eggs from the bad in this humorous small-town country crime comedy. Chickenlandia is Book 3 in the award-winning women's mystery series, The Shady Hoosier Detective Agency, winner of three Best Humor Book Awards and two Best Cozy Mystery Awards.

Beautiful Babies

Author : Kristen Michaelis
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Did you know that simple changes in your diet could increase your fertility by 60 percent? That what you eat when you're pregnant could affect whether your child will need to wear glasses or braces? That increasing your intake of certain nutrients before you become pregnant could radically decrease your chances of suffering from morning sickness?In Beautiful Babies, nutrition educator Kristen Michaelis reveals the truth about diet and pregnancy. Based on her research of the nutrient-rich diets of healthy and fertile populations around the world, she lays out exactly what you should and shouldn't eat when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breast-feeding. In the first half of the book she explains the ways industrialized foods can prevent pregnancy, how a low-fat diet can increase your likelihood of infertility by 85 percent, what to do if breast-feeding doesn't work for you, why babies can't digest cereal, and gives step-by-step instructions on how and when to introduce your baby's first foods. In the second half of the book she equips you with more than 50 recipes for incorporating traditional fertility-boosting foods into your diet. Beautiful Babies provides you with everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy and nourishing your growing baby.

Six Old Crows

Author : J. P. Martin
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Lasting friendships are sometimes formed in unusual ways. The following story shows how this can happen. Buses and trains take us places, but they sometimes bring us together. And once we are together . . . Well, youll see. Ordinary people do brave things during the most trying times. And acts of kindness, even during the most distressing of situations, are well remembered.

Chicken Mission The Curse of Fogsham Farm

Author : Jennifer Gray
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'Chickens: we've got a vampire problem.' In the lonely village of Fogsham, vampire mink Stella von Fangula, has risen from the grave. Her aim: to suck the blood of chickens in a bid for eternal life. In an attempt to stop Fangula, Professor Rooster orders his elite chicken squad to the scene. What he hasn't bargained on is the devious plotting of his archrival, Thaddeus E Fox and his MOST WANTED gang of criminals. Can Amy, Boo and Ruth find a way to stop Fox and Fangula and their army of zombie chickens before it's too late?

Night of the Zombie Chickens

Author : Julie Mata
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Night of the Zombie Chickens is supposed to be Kate Walden's breakout film. But her supporting actresses???her mother's prize organic hens???are high maintenance, to say the least. Thank goodness Kate's best friend Alyssa is the star. She's great at screaming and even better at killing zombies in creative ways. But when Alyssa turns into a real-life soulless zombie and ditches Kate for the most popular girl in seventh grade, Kate suddenly finds herself both friendless and starless. Now, thanks to Alyssa's new crowd, Kate is the butt of every joke at school and consigned to the loser table at lunch. If movies have taught Kate anything, it's that the good guy can always win???with the right script. And her fellow social outcasts may be the key to her own happy ending. Kate hatches the perfect revenge plot against her former best friend, but even though her screenplay is foolproof, Kate soon realizes that nothing???in filmmaking or in life???ever goes exactly as planned. Especially when there are diabolical hens out to get you.

Travelers Tales Thailand

Author : James O'Reilly
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Winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, this newly designed collection paints a unique portrait of a complex and captivating land. One contributor lives as a monk for a month, gaining an inside look at monastic life. Another discovers Bangkok’s riverine pleasures, a world away from its car-choked streets. Yet another finds refuge as the houseguest of an isolated tribesman. Through these engaging personal stories, readers witness how Thailand satisfies just about any traveler’s hunger for the exotic, the beautiful, the thrillingly different. Writers include Pico Iyer, Norman Lewis, Diane Summers, Simon Winchester, Ian Buruma, Thalia Zepatos, and Tim Ward. “The breadth and color of the collective portrait [the contributors] provide of Thailand is remarkable.” — Los Angeles Times