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Childbirth as a Metaphor for Crisis

Author : Claudia D. Bergmann
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Krisen und Katastrophen aller Art haben Menschen schon immer vor große Herausforderungen gestellt. Die vorliegende Studie geht der Frage nach, wie literarische Texte diese Herausforderungen durch die Gedankenwelt der Metaphern be- und verarbeiten. Herausgestellt wird die Geburtsmetapher, die krisengeschüttelte Menschen mit gebärenden Frauen vergleicht (und manchmal umgekehrt). Behandelt werden Texte aus dem Alten Orient, dem Alten Testament sowie ein exemplarischer Text aus dem Qumrankorpus, der die Geburtsmetapher aufgreift und weiterentwickelt.

Childbirth as a Metaphor for Crisis in the Hebrew Bible and in 1QH 11 1 18

Author : Claudia D. Bergmann
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Holy Labor

Author : Aubry G. Smith
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Women are valued for their ability to bear children in many cultures. The birth process, though supposedly the most painful experience of a woman’s life, is seen as a necessary evil to achieve the end goal of children and motherhood. And yet, in the face of a typically masculinized Christianity that nevertheless professes that women are equally created in the image of God, shouldn’t childbirth—a uniquely feminine experience—itself shape Christian women’s souls and teach them about the heart of the God they love and follow? Drawing on her own experience of giving birth and motherhood—and the conflicting assumptions attached to them, by Christians and the culture at large—Aubry G. Smith presents a richly scriptural exploration of common conceptions about pregnancy and childbirth that will not only help mothers and soon-to-be mothers understand how to think biblically about birth, but also walks them through how to put the ideas into practice in their own lives. Along the way, she shows all readers how to see God’s own experience of the birth process—and how childbirth leads to a deeper understanding of the gospel overall.

Making Sense of Motherhood

Author : Beth M. Stovell
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Motherhood provides a crucial place for exploring human life and its meaning. Within motherhood lies a deep tension between the pain, crisis, and association with death in motherhood and the joy, transformation, and life in motherhood. Few metaphors in Scripture (or in life) stand so firmly between life and death, love and loss, and joy and deep pain. After all, motherhood's meaning in part comes again and again at these crucial crossroads. Thus, motherhood has powerful implications for our biblical and theological understanding. Bringing together Jewish and ecumenical Christian scholars from North America, Oceania, and South America, this edited volume provides biblical and theological perspectives on understanding motherhood. The authors reflect upon a selection of biblical texts, systematic theologians, and Christian spiritual traditions to dialogue with the experience of maternity in its diverse manifestations. The purpose of the book is to provide essays that--through these biblical and theological lenses--engage the question of motherhood today, from the experience of pregnancy and birth, to raising children, to losing children and coping with grief. In this way, this volume helps to "make sense" of the complexity of motherhood.

More Than a Womb

Author : Lisa Wilson Davison
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This book lifts up women of the Hebrew Bible who, working with the Divine, play amazing roles in the stories of Israel—prophet, judge, worship leader, warrior, scholar, scribe. They helped people celebrate the Divine’s triumph over oppression. They spoke boldly to those in power. They went into battle to secure their people’s safety. They gave wise judgments in important legal matters. They authenticated sacred texts and inspired a reform to help Israel return to the way of Torah. In roles that were not tied to their wombs or fertility, these women made Israel’s story possible and helped it to continue to future generations.

Children in Ancient Israel

Author : Shawn W. Flynn
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Flynn contributes to the emerging field of childhood studies in the Hebrew Bible by isolating stages of a child's life, and through a comparative perspective, studies the place of children in the domestic cult and their relationship to the deity in that cult. The study gathers data relevant to different stages of a child's life from a plethora of Mesopotamian materials (prayers, myths, medical texts, rituals), and uses that data as an interpretive lens for Israelite texts about children at similar stages such as: pre-born children, the birth stage, breast feeding, adoption, slavery, children's death and burial rituals, childhood delinquency. This analysis presses the questions of value and violence, the importance of the domestic cult for expressing the child's value beyond economic value, and how children were valued in cultures with high infant mortality rates. From the earliest stages to the moments when children die, and to the children's responsibilities in the domestic cult later in life, this study demonstrates that a child is uniquely wrapped up in the domestic cult, and in particular, is connected with the deity. The domestic-cultic value of children forms the much broader understanding of children in the ancient world, through which other more problematic representations can be tested. Throughout the study, it becomes apparent that children's value in the domestic cult is an intentional catalyst for the social promotion of YHWHism.

The Absence of God in Biblical Rape Narratives

Author : Leah Rediger Schulte
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In this groundbreaking work to identify and address God’s absence in three key rape narratives in the Hebrew Bible, Leah Rediger Schulte finds a pattern that indicates a larger community crisis. With a careful look at Genesis 34, Judges 19, and 2 Samuel 13, this study outlines God’s absence, a foreign presence, and a persistent problem that is resolved incorrectly to highlight consequences of the Israelites breaking their covenant with God. Using methodologies from literary criticism and gender studies and situating rape in its historical context, this volume makes distinctions between modern constructs of rape and biblical rape. Commentaries and studies on rape in the Bible often read a modern understanding of the victim and rapist back into the biblical text, missing how it would have been understood in ancient Israel. These biblical rape scenes are intimately connected to and assist in telling the story of Israel’s history as a people and their covenantal relationship with their deity.

The Comparable Body Analogy and Metaphor in Ancient Mesopotamian Egyptian and Greco Roman Medicine

Author : John Z Wee
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The Comparable Body explores how analogy and metaphor illuminate and shape conceptions about the human body and disease, through 11 case studies from ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman medicine.

The Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the Shaping of New Testament Thought

Author : Benjamin E. Reynolds
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The contemporary study of Jewish apocalypticism today recognizes the wealth and diversity of ancient traditions concerned with the “unveiling” of heavenly matters‒‒understood to involve revealed wisdom, the revealed resolution of time, and revealed cosmology‒‒in marked contrast to an earlier focus on eschatology as such. The shift in focus has had a more direct impact on the study of ancient “pseudepigraphic” literature, however, than in New Testament studies, where the narrower focus on eschatological expectation remains dominant. In this Companion, an international team of scholars draws out the implications of the newest scholarship for the variety of New Testament writings. Each entry presses the boundaries of current discussion regarding the nature of apocalypticism in application to a particular New Testament author. The cumulative effect is to reveal, as never before, early Christianity, its Christology, cosmology, and eschatology, as expressions of tendencies in Second Temple Judaism.

Metaphor Competition in the Book of Job

Author : Lance R. Hawley
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Within the book of Job, the interlocutors (Job, the friends, and Yahweh) seem to largely ignore one another’s arguments. This observation leads some to propose that the dialogue lacks conceptual coherence. Lance Hawley argues that the interlocutors tangentially and sometimes overtly attend to previously stated points of view and attempt to persuade their counterparts through the employment of metaphor. Hawley uses the theoretical approach of Conceptual Metaphor Theory to trace the concepts of speech and animals throughout the dialogue. Beyond explaining the individual metaphors in particular texts, he shows how speech metaphors compete with one another, most perceptibly in the expressions of job’s words are wind. With regard to animal metaphors, coherence is especially perceptible in the job is a predatory animal metaphor. In these expressions, the dialogue demonstrates intentional picking-up on previously stated arguments. Hawley argues that the animal images in the divine speeches are not metaphorical, in spite of recent scholarly interpretation that reads them as such. Rather, Yahweh appears as a sage to question the negative status of wild animals that Job and his friends assume in their significations of people are animals. This is especially apparent in Yahweh’s strophes on the lion and the wild donkey, both of which appear multiple times in the metaphorical expressions of Job and his friends.

The Writing Cure

Author : Alexandra Lembert-Heidenreich
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Medicine and literary studies are often thematically aligned, since the former can be understood as an interpretive science. Literary texts across all genres and time periods deal with medical issues portraying illness, patients suffering and recovering, or doctors at work, thus pointing towards a deep-seated interest in the human condition. Enveloping the growing interdisciplinary field of medical humanities this book examines the connections between medicine and fictional and non-fictional literature from the Early Modern period to the most recent present from literary, medical and cultural studies perspectives. Alexandra Lembert-Heidenreich is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Leipzig. Jarmila Mildorf teaches English language, literature and culture at the University of Paderborn.

Joy at Birth

Author : Susan Crowther
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To be at the birth of a baby is special, yet there is an increasing secularisation and reliance on technology in contemporary maternity care, particularly in the western context. Through exploration of experiences at birth this book explores joy at birth, which is often ignored and overlooked beyond the activities that help to ensure survival. This book draws on a collection of stories of birth from mothers, birth partners, obstetricians and midwives, that demonstrate joy at birth across professional groups and in different types of births and locations with or without technological interventions. Each chapter introduces stories of joy that highlight embodied, spatial and relational meanings. Employing the Heideggerian notion of a human being, it sketches out an ontological focus that draws our gaze to the everyday taken-for-granted ways of being at birth. Based on phenomenological experiential data and rigorous interpretive analysis underpinned by seminal philosophical writings, this book calls for readers to attend to the wholeness of birth in all situations and at all births in ways not attempted before. It will be of great interest to midwives, and those working in and studying maternity, obstetrics and neonatology, as well as social and medical anthropology, sociology, cultural, organisational and clinical psychology and spirituality.

Wom b an A Cultural Narrative Reading of the Hebrew Bible Barrenness Narratives

Author : Janice P. De-Whyte
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In this book Janice Ewurama De-Whyte offers a reading of the Hebrew Bible barrenness narratives. Barrenness was the threat to female honour and the lineage’s continuity. Therefore, the word “wom(b)an” visually underscores the centrality of the productive womb to female identity.

Transgression and Transformation

Author : L. Juliana Claassens
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This volume on feminist, postcolonial and queer biblical interpretation gathers perspectives from a global body of researchers; in offering innovative interpretations of key texts from the Hebrew Bible, both established and emerging biblical scholars consider the question of how commonplace interpretative practices may be considered to be transgressive in nature. Utilizing innovative strategies, they read against the grain of the text and in support of the marginalized, the subordinated or subaltern others both in the text and in our world today. Important questions regarding power and privilege are constantly raised: whose voices are being heard, and whose interests are being served? Knowing all too well the harm that stereotypical constructions of the Other can do in terms of feeding racism, sexism, homophobia and imperialism in their respective interpretative communities, the essays in this volume interrogate constructions of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and class, both in the text as well as in their respective contexts. By means of these thought-provoking interpretations, the contributors show their commitment not merely the sake of scholarship but to a scholarly ethos, which in some shape or form contributes to the cultivation of more just, equitable societies.

Sennacherib s Campaign against Judah

Author : Dan'el Kahn
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The campaign of Sennacherib against Judah is one of the most widely researched in biblical studies and Ancient Near East studies, and one that also poses scholarly challenges. Allusion to the event is found in Isaiah, Kings, and Chronicles, but there is no correlation between the Assyrian and biblical descriptions of the same event. Dan'el Kahn offers a text-critical analysis of these biblical passages that allude to the military events. Detecting repetitions, breaks in the narrative, and contradictions and inconsistencies in the texts, he traces and reconstructs different and discrete sources. Kahn demonstrates that the biblical passages are based on earlier sources that were later edited and revised by a third hand. Based on historical events that are found in non-biblical texts, he also offers new dates for the sources. He claims that the narrative was written for the book of Isaiah, arguing that it predates the version found in Kings.

Theodicy and Hope in the Book of the Twelve

Author : George Athas
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This volume explores the themes of theodicy and hope in both individual portions of the Twelve (books and sub-sections) and in the Book of the Twelve as a whole, as the contributors use a diversity of approaches to the text(s) with a particular interest in synchronic perspectives. While these essays regularly engage the mostly redactional scholarship surrounding the Book of Twelve, there is also an examination of various forms of literary analysis of final text forms, and engagement in descriptions of the thematic and theological perspectives of the individual books and of the collection as a whole. The synchronic work in these essays is thus in regular conversation with diachronic research, and as a general rule they take various conclusions of redactional research as a point of departure. The specific themes, theodicy and hope, are key ideas that have provided the opportunity for contributors to explore individual books or sub-sections within the Twelve, and the overarching development (in both historical and literary terms) and deployment of these themes in the collection.

Psalm 18 in Words and Pictures

Author : Alison Ruth Gray
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In Psalm 18 in Words and Pictures: A Reading Through Metaphor, Alison Gray offers new insights into the psalm’s translation and interpretation, by paying particular attention to the poet’s metaphors and other forms of verbal art.

From Crisis to Creativity

Author : Gail Carr Feldman, PhD
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Have you ever wondered whether credible evidence supports the old cliché, “Every cloud has a silver lining?” In this fascinating exploration of the interplay between pain and possibility, Dr. Gail Feldman shows us that the answer is an emphatic ‘yes.’ Grief can be a powerful catalyst for creativity. Through portraits of historical figures such as van Gogh, Gandhi and Michelangelo, as well as clinical case studies featuring psychotherapy and past life regression therapy, Dr. Feldman takes us on a journey through the human psyche and provides a map for finding new life among the ruins of personal loss and change. “It takes very special information to lead to transformation. From Crisis to Creativity is very special and can lead you to revelation and rebirth. Charcoal to diamonds – Use the pressure.” – Bernie Siegel, MD. “In this beautiful and inspiring book, Gail Feldman shows how to transform adversity into creative expression and joy. From Crisis to Creativity is one of the best roadmaps I have read to illuminate the way.” – Brian Weiss, MD

Bodies Embodiment and Theology of the Hebrew Bible

Author : S. Tamar Kamionkowski
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Recognizing that human experience is very much influenced by inhabiting bodies, the past decade has seen a surge in studies about representation of bodies in religious experience and human imaginations regarding the Divine. The understanding of embodiment as central to human experience has made a big impact within religious studies particularly in contemporary Christian theology, feminist, cultural and ideological criticism and anthropological approaches to the Hebrew Bible. Within the sub-field of theology of the Hebrew Bible, the conversation is still dominated by assumptions that the God of the Hebrew Bible does not have a body and that embodiment of the divine is a new concept introduced outside of the Hebrew Bible. To a great extent, the insights regarding how body discourse can communicate information have not yet been incorporated into theological studies.

The Construction of Time in Antiquity

Author : Jonathan Ben-Dov
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Time stands at the heart of human experience. In this book, new investigations illuminate the gamut of human engagement with time in antiquity.