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Dramatherapy with Children Young People and Schools

Author : Lauraine Leigh
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Dramatherapy with Children, Young People and Schools is the first book to specifically evaluate the unique value of dramatherapy in the educational environment. A variety of highly experienced dramatherapists, educational psychologists and childhood experts discuss the benefits to the children and young people, and also in relation to the involvement of teachers, the multi-disciplinary team and families. This professional book offers a panoramic view to explain how through dramatherapy children and young people develop their communication skills, sociability and their actual desire to learn. Detailed case studies demonstrate individual successes in youngsters experiencing a range of emotional difficulties and psychological needs. These studies include: conquering a fear of maths; violent behaviour transformed into educational achievement; safe expression of feelings for a sexually abused child; and where children are diagnosed with mental health disorders such as ADHD and ODD, where the benefits of dramatherapy with children and families are carefully described and evaluated, suggesting that this therapeutic discipline can achieve positive outcomes. The practical advice and inspirational results included here promote a future direction of integration and collaboration of school staff, multi-disciplinary teams and families. Education and equality are high on the agenda, and the function of dramatherapy is not just as a treatment, but as an economically viable and valuable preventive therapy.

Invisible Children in the Society and Its Schools

Author : Sue Books
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Reports on groups of children and young people who are largely unseen or unheard in the society and its schools. Provides basic information and analysis of social conditions in a form accessible and useful to educators.

Children Young People and Social Inclusion

Author : E. Kay M. Tisdall
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This book critically examines the concepts of participation and social inclusion and their links with children and childhoods ; considers the geography of social inclusion and exclusion ; and examines how these concepts have been expressed in policy at various levels. The book concludes with an agenda for progressing participation and social inclusion, both for and with children and young people.

Learning Democracy in School and Society Education Lifelong Learning and the Politics of Citizenship

Author : Gert J.J. Biesta
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This book explores the relationships between education, lifelong learning and democratic citizenship. It emphasises the importance of the democratic quality of the processes and practices that make up the everyday lives of children, young people and adults for their ongoing formation as democratic citizens. The book combines theoretical and historical work with critical analysis of policies and wider developments in the field of citizenship education and civic learning. The book urges educators, educationalists, policy makers and politicians to move beyond an exclusive focus on the teaching of citizenship towards an outlook that acknowledges the ongoing processes and practices of civic learning in school and society. This is not only important in order to understand the complexities of such learning. It can also help to formulate more realistic expectations about what schools and other educational institutions can contribute to the promotion of democratic citizenship. The book is particularly suited for students, researchers and policy makers who have an interest in citizenship education, civic learning and the relationships between education, lifelong learning and democratic citizenship. Gert Biesta ( is Professor of Education at the School of Education, University of Stirling, UK.

Schools and Societies

Author : Steven Brint
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In Schools and Societies the author demonstrates that more than any other major institution, schooling and schools are political, and virtually everyone has opinions to voice and interests to promote. Steven Brint musters a wealth of comparative material to show how schooling around the world is shaped by social forces even as it tries to shape the societies of the future.

New Voices from Iceland

Author : Dóra S. Bjarnason
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This book presents a study of the perspectives and experiences of 36 disabled young adults, some of their parents, teachers and friends, on coming of age as a disabled person in Iceland. The young people of the study belong to the first generation of disabled children and youth to grow up with normalisation and inclusion in school and society as the law of the land. The aim is to describe, explore and interpret the social construction of disabled adulthood within culture and society, and to describe how inclusive and exclusionary processes within families, school and society, impact young disabled persons' claims to adulthood. The study is located within disability studies, and within a social constructivist, interpretative framework, involving interviews and document analysis. This volume focuses on the emergence of young disabled adulthood and on how families, general or segregated special education and special or generic support systems and relationships impact that process. The lesson learned form this book apply to the disabled everywhere.

Encountering Religious Pluralism in School and Society

Author : Thorsten Knauth
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Education and Disadvantaged Children and Young People

Author : Mitsuko Matsumoto
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Examines the educational experiences of disadvantaged and marginalised children and young people in different international contexts, including Vietnam, Ukraine, the UK, the USA, and India.

Annual Report of the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society Presented at the Annual Meeting

Author : Massachusetts Sabbath School Society
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Social Pedagogy and Working with Children and Young People

Author : Peter Moss
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Social pedagogy is an innovative discipline that supports children's upbringing and overall development by focusing on the child as a whole person. It has been described as where education and care meet or as 'education in its broadest sense'. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, principles and practice of social pedagogy and the profession of social pedagogue. With chapters from leading international contributors, it outlines the roots of social pedagogy and its development in Europe, and its role in relation to individuals, groups, communities and societies. Also covered is how it applies in practice to working with children and young people in a variety of settings, including children in care and in need of family support, and its potential future applications. This seminal book on an increasingly important topic will be essential reading for all academics, researchers and practitioners working with children.

Children and War

Author : James Marten
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How did a sleepy New England fishing village become a gay mecca? In this dynamic history, Karen Christel Krahulik explains why Provincetown, Massachusetts--alternately known as “Land's End,” “Cape-tip,” “Cape-end,” and, to some, “Queersville, U.S.A”--has meant many things to many people. Provincetown tells the story of this beguiling coastal town, from its early history as a mid-nineteenth century colonial village to its current stature as a bustling gay tourist destination. It details the many cultures and groups—Yankee artists, Portuguese fishermen, tourists—that have comprised and influenced Provincetown, and explains how all of them, in conjunction with larger economic and political forces, come together to create a gay and lesbian mecca. Through personal stories and historical accounts, Provincetown reveals the fascinating features that have made Provincetown such a textured and colorful destination: its fame as the landfall of the Mayflower Pilgrims, charm as an eccentric artists’ colony, and allure as a Dionysian playground. It also hints at one of Provincetown’s most dramatic economic changes: its turn from fishing village to resort town. From a history of fishing economies to a history of tourism, Provincetown, in the end, is as eclectic and vibrant as the city itself.

Teenage Religion and Values

Author : Leslie J. Francis
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International Perspectives and Empirical Findings on Child Participation

Author : Tali Gal
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The 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has inspired advocates and policy makers across the globe, injecting children's rights terminology into various public and private arenas. Children's right to participate in decision-making processes affecting their lives is the acme of the Convention and its central contribution to the children's rights discourse. At the same time the participation right presents enormous challenges in its implementation. Laws, regulations and mechanisms addressing children's right to participate in decision-making processes affecting their lives have been established in many jurisdictions across the globe. Yet these worldwide developments have only rarely been accompanied with empirical investigations. The effectiveness of various policies in achieving meaningful participation for children of different ages, cultures and circumstances have remained largely unproven empirically. Therefore, with the growing awareness of the importance of evidence-based policies, it becomes clear that without empirical investigations on the implementation of children's right to participation it is difficult to promote their effective inclusion in decision making. This book provides a much-needed, first broad portrayal of how child participation is implemented in practice today. Bringing together 19 chapters written by prominent authors from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel, the book includes descriptions of programs that engage children and youth in decision-making processes, as well as insightful findings regarding what children, their families, and professionals think about these programs. Beyond their contribution to the empirical evidence on ways children engage in decision-making processes, the volume's chapters contribute to the theoretical development of the meaning of "participation," "citizenship," "inclusiveness," and "relational rights" in regards to children and youth. There is no matching to the book's scope both in terms of its breadth of subjects and the diversity of jurisdictions it covers. The book's chapters include experiences of child participation in special education, child protection, juvenile justice, restorative justice, family disputes, research, and policy making.

Inclusive Schools Inclusive Society

Author : Race On The Agenda
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This book is a manual for planning and taking action against racism in schools. Its implementation will improve schooling for all children, not just those from ethnic minority groups. It clearly sets out the issues, the statistics and the research that show which groups are failed by schools and why, and then moves to a range of solutions. It is compiled by leading United Kingdom experts in the field of education and race, who have consulted widely, and is certainly one of the most authoritative books available on the subject. It is designed to be photocopied

Being Bilingual

Author : Safder Alladina
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An attempt to present issues of bilingualism to the bilingual families themselves, so that although psycho- and socio- linguistically sound, this book is straightforward and populist in style. The text argues for families to maintain their mother tongues and suggests strategies for doing so at home and with schools.

I Bet You Have a Story

Author : Evangelist Catherine J. Carter
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This book is a testament to many African American Ancestors known and unknown who made many contributions and sacrifices. Because of these trail blazers we the fruit of their labor are allow to enjoy many opportunities, rights,and privileges which were denied during their lifetime. I am deeply grateful to the typists, Ayesha Livas, Donsshaunneek Sims, Alex and Mary Whitley. Carlos Crochet, (reference and research librarian) who allowed meto use his two large complied binders of information on St. Lucy Catholic School and Southdown High School. To my two former co workers, Diane Leblanc (Art Teacher at Ellender High School) and Elizabeth "Beth" Plaisance, former Social Studies Teacher at Raceland Jr. High and Central Lafourche High School, for their words of encouragement . Coach Nathaniel Denu, lifelong friend and confidant who has always supported my many endeavors and encouraged me in a positive manner, " JuSt Do lt." Finally, to those of you who trusted me with your stories and tributes of love ones, outstanding citizens, and your story, thank you so much and may God continue to Bless you.

A Brief History of the Mass Sabbath School Society

Author :
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Counselling in Schools A Reader

Author : Keith Bovair
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First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

School Society and State

Author : Tracy L. Steffes
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This book examines the connections between public school reform in the early twentieth century and American political development from 1890 to 1940.

Young People and HIV AIDS

Author : UNICEF.
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Young people are at the centre of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, with an estimated 11.8 million people aged 15 to 24 currently living with the disease. Yet the vast majority remain uniformed about sexually transmitted diseases.