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China and the World

Author : David Shambaugh
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As the world evolves in increasingly unpredictable directions, one of the key determinants of the future global order will surely be the impact of China. No country and no society can escape China's reach-indeed many seek its embrace. China brings benefits to many-but it's also a problematic interlocutor for others. In China and the World, one of the world's leading China specialists David Shambaugh has assembled fifteen leading international authorities on China to create the most comprehensive and up-to-date scholarly assessment of China's foreign relations and roles in international affairs. The volume covers China's contemporary position in all regions of the world, with all major powers, and across multiple arenas of China's international interactions. It also explores the sources of China's grand strategy, how the past shapes the present, and the impact of domestic factors that shape China's external behavior. China and the World is a uniquely focused and well-organized volume that provides many insights into China's calculations and behavior, and identifies a number of challenges China will face in the future.

China and the Developing World

Author : Joshua Eisemann
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China's relationship with the developing world is a fundamental part of its larger foreign policy strategy. Sweeping changes both within and outside of China and the transformation of geopolitics since the end of the cold war have prompted Beijing to reevaluate its strategies and objectives in regard to emerging nations.Featuring contributions by recognized experts, this is the first full-length treatment of China's relationship with the developing world in nearly two decades. Section one provides a general overview and framework of analysis for this important aspect of Chinese policy. The chapters in the second part of the book systematically examine China's relationships with Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The book concludes with a look into the future of Chinese foreign policy.

The Rise of China and the Capitalist World Order

Author : Li Xing
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China's rise within global society and politics has brought it into the spotlight - for social scientists, the country's long and dramatic transformations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries make it an ideal case study for research on political and economic development and social changes. China's size, integration and dynamism are impacting on the functioning of the capitalist world system. This book offers a non-conventional analysis of the possible outcomes from China's transformation and provides a dialectical understanding of the complexities and underlying dynamics brought about by the rise of modern-day China. The theoretical and methodological approaches will prove useful for students and researchers of development studies and international relations.

China and the World Since 1945

Author : Chi-kwan Mark
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The emergence of China as a dominant regional power with global influence is a significant phenomenon in the twenty-first century. Its origin could be traced back to 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party under Mao Zedong came to power and vowed to transform China and the world. After the ‘century of humiliation’, China was in constant search of a new identity on the world stage. From alliance with the Soviet Union in the 1950s, China normalized relations with America in the 1970s and embraced the global economy and the international community since the 1980s. This book examines China’s changing relations with the two superpowers, Asian neighbours, Third World countries, and European powers. China and the World since 1945 offers an overview of China’s involvement in the Korean War, the Sino-Soviet split, Sino-American rapprochement, the end of the Cold War, and globalization. It assess the roles of security, ideology, and domestic politics in Chinese foreign policy and provides a synthesis of the latest archival-based research on China’s diplomatic history and Cold War international history This engaging new study examines the rise of China from a long-term historical perspective and will be essential to students of Chinese history and contemporary international relations.

China Joins the World

Author : Oksenberg. Michel
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Each chapter in this volume explores the record of Chinese participation in a specific international issue area. These in-depth and timely studies reveal considerable success--more than most forecasts expected--but the road ahead may prove tougher than the terrain already covered.

The Boxers China and the World

Author : Robert A. Bickers
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In 1900, China chose to take on imperialism by fighting a war with the world on the parched north China plain. This multidisciplinary volume explores the causes behind what is now known as the Boxer War, examining its particular cruelties and its impact on China, foreign imperialism in China, and on the foreign imagination. This war introduced the world to the "Boxers," the seemingly fanatical, violent xenophobes who, believing themselves invulnerable to foreign bullets, died in their thousands in front of foreign guns. But 1900 also saw the imperialism of the 1890s checked and the Qing rulers of China move to embark on a series of shattering reforms. The Boxers have often been represented as a force from China's past, resisting an enforced modernity. Here, expert contributors argue that this rebellion was instead a wholly modern resistance to globalizing power, representing new trends in modern China and in international relations. The allied invasion of north China in late summer 1900 was the first multinational intervention in the name of "civilization," with the issues and attendant problems that have become all too familiar in the early twenty-first century. Indeed, understanding the Boxer rising and the Boxer war remains a pressing contemporary issue. This volume will appeal to readers interested in modern Chinese, East Asian, and European history as well as the history of imperialism, colonialism, warfare, missionary work, and Christianity. Contributions by: C. A. Bayly, Lewis Bernstein, Robert Bickers, Paul A. Cohen, Henrietta Harrison, James L. Hevia, Ben Middleton, T. G. Otte, Roger R. Thompson, R. G. Tiedemann, and Anand A. Yang.

Accession of China and Taiwan to the World Trade Organization

Author : USGPO Staff
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China and Japan in the Global Setting

Author : Akira Iriye
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The relationship between China and Japan remains among the most significant of all the worldâe(tm)s bilateral affairsâe"yet it is also the most tortured and the least understood. Akira Iriye adds brilliant clarity to the past century of Chineseâe"Japanese interactions in this masterful interpretive survey. Placing the relationship within its global context, he outlines three distinct periods in the history of these Asian giants. From the 1880s to World War I, the two nations struggled for power. Armaments, war strategies, and security measures played pivotal roles, reflecting the importance 0f military calculations in a world dominated by Western governments. In the second period, that between the two World Wars, Iriye illuminates the dominant role of culture and the stress on internationalism. Chinaâe(tm)s continuing literary influence, an exchange of ideas and students reforms such as Japanâe(tm)s Taisho democracy and Chinaâe(tm)s May Fourth movement, and both nationsâe(tm) bid for racial equality in the West profoundly affected these interwar years. The third period reaches from the end of World War II through the present day, and is characterized by exchanges of an economic nature: trade, shipping, investment, and emigration. The author discusses the results of Chinaâe(tm)s civil war, the rise and decline 0f the Cold War in the West, and the cultural and ecological problems brought by Japanâe(tm)s spiraling economic development. But economic ties remain deeply entwined with cultural concerns, and ultimately, Iriye stresses, the future of China and Japan depends on the successful cultural interdependence of what may be the most significant pair of countries in the world today.

China and the World Economy

Author : Yih-chyi Chuang
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China's integration in the world economy is perceived as one of the major events in the world economy in recent decades. As a result of the large inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), China has become one of the leading trade nations worldwide. China's opening to the outside world, privatization of state-owned enterprises, urban and rural industrial development, and pursuit of economic plus ecological policies (green GDP) are presented as key elements of the so-called socialist market economy of Chinese origin. The situation in China tends to present some very contradictory features: in terms of GDP per capita, China still belongs to the group of developing countries but, on the other hand, Chinese enterprises are set to become highly competitive - and active in the international business arena. China and the World Economy is a topic-oriented edition of the bi-annual journal, Berliner China-Hefte/Chinese History and Society, which analyzes issues related to China's integration in

Mapping China and Managing the World

Author : Richard Joseph Smith
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From the founding of the Qin dynasty in 221 BCE to the present, the Chinese have been preoccupied with the concept of order (zhi). This cultural preoccupation has found expression not only in China's highly refined bureaucratic institutions and methods of social and economic organization but also in Chinese philosophy, religious and secular ritual, and a number of comprehensive systems for classifying every form of human achievement, as well as all natural and supernatural phenomena. Richard J. Smith's Mapping China and Managing the World focuses on several crucial devices employed by the Chinese for understanding and ordering their vast and variegated world, which they saw as encompassing "all under Heaven." The book begins with discussions of how the ancient work known as the Yijing (Classic of Changes) and maps of "the world" became two prominent means by which the Chinese in imperial times (221 BCE to 1912) managed space and time. Smith goes on to show how ritual (li) served as a powerful tool for overcoming disorder, structuring Chinese society, and maintaining dynastic legitimacy. He then develops the idea that just as the Chinese classics and histories ordered the past, and ritual ordered the present, so divination ordered the future. The book concludes by emphasizing the enduring relevance of the Yijing in Chinese intellectual and cultural life as well as its place in the history of Sino-foreign interactions. This selection of essays by one of the foremost scholars of Chinese intellectual and cultural history will be welcomed by Chinese and East Asian historians, as well as those interested more broadly in the cultures of, and interactions between, China and East Asia.

China and the World war

Author : William Reginald Wheeler
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Mainland China in the World Economy

Author : United States. Congress. Economic Joint Committee
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Mainland China in the World Economy

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee
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Examines China's economic position relative to world economy and possible U.S. trade with the People's Republic of China.

China Engaged

Author : Dipak Das Gupta
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Food, consumption, demand, agricultural research, fertilizer, land, water resources, infrastructure, domestic grain, international grain market, economy, business, markets, tariffs, environment, health, productivity, pollution, energy, industry, water, urban transportation, pension reform, elderly, education, employment, rural, urban, income, poverty.

From the Great Wall to the New World Volume 11

Author : Julia C. Strauss
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Analysis of China-Latin America relations is usually dominated by policy analysis in political economy, defense strategy and bi-lateral relations. While integrating these topics, this volume differs from earlier works by engaging notions of 'going out' (zou chuqu) and 'arriving in' (desembarco) as metaphors to characterize a wide range of 'new' interactions between China and Latin America: transnational flows of capital and people, adaptation in industrial production and mining, the fluidity of perceptions between China and Latin America, stereotypes and 'othering' of Latin America within China, and changing rhetorical assumptions of the leadership for the China-Latin America relationship. Unusually, this volume has several articles that consider the role of Latin America within China, as well as China's more obvious impact on Latin America. With its primary source material from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and China, this volume offers an early contribution to the emerging body of scholarship on China and Latin America.

How China Sees the World

Author : John M. Friend
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Han-centrism, a virulent form of Chinese nationalism, asserts that the Han Chinese are superior to other peoples and have a legitimate right to advance Chinese interests at the expense of other countries. Han nationalists have called for policies that will allow China to reclaim the prosperity stolen by foreign powers during the “Century of Humiliation.” The growth of Chinese capabilities and Han-centrism suggests that the United States, its allies, and other countries in Asia will face an increasingly assertive China—one that thinks it possesses a right to dominate international politics. John M. Friend and Bradley A. Thayer explore the roots of the growing Han nationalist group and the implications of Chinese hypernationalism for minorities within China and for international relations. The deeply rooted chauvinism and social Darwinism underlying Han-centrism, along with China’s rapid growth, threaten the current stability of international politics, making national and international competition and conflict over security more likely. Western thinkers have yet to consider the adverse implications of a hypernationalistic China, as opposed to the policies of a pragmatic China, were it to become the world’s dominant state.

China and the Brave New World

Author : Chung Tan
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China and the World Trading System

Author : Deborah Z. Cass
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China, the world's sixth largest economy, has recently joined the rules-based international trading system. What are the implications of this accession? Leading scholars and practitioners from the US, Europe, China, Australia and Japan argue that China's membership will affect the WTO's decision-making, dispute resolution and rule-based structures. It will also spur legal and economic reform, have far-reaching social, political and distributional consequences in China, facilitate a new role for China in international geo-political affairs, and alter the shape, structure and content of the international trading system as a whole. Of interest to scholars of China, as well as trade lawyers and economists.

When China Rules the World

Author : Martin Jacques
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Greatly revised and expanded, with a new afterword, this update to Martin Jacques’s global bestseller is an essential guide to understanding a world increasingly shaped by Chinese power Soon, China will rule the world. But in doing so, it will not become more Western. Since the first publication of When China Rules the World, the landscape of world power has shifted dramatically. In the three years since the first edition was published, When China Rules the World has proved to be a remarkably prescient book, transforming the nature of the debate on China. Now, in this greatly expanded and fully updated edition, boasting nearly 300 pages of new material, and backed up by the latest statistical data, Martin Jacques renews his assault on conventional thinking about China’s ascendancy, showing how its impact will be as much political and cultural as economic, changing the world as we know it. First published in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim - and controversy - When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order has sold a quarter of a million copies, been translated into eleven languages, nominated for two major literary awards, and is the subject of an immensely popular TED talk.

China and the World Trade Organization

Author : Qingjiang Kong
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This book examines, from the legal perspective, China's process of WTO accession, its commitments to the accession, the implications of such commitments for its trade and legal systems, and its efforts towards WTO compliance. It also discusses the issue of the capacity of the evolving Chinese legal system for ensuring compliance. In particular, the book probes into the trade and legal systems at the turn of the accession and evaluates selected trade and legal issues, including intellectual property, foreign investment law and settlement of trade disputes.