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China Its History and Culture

Author : W. Scott Morton
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“A wonderful job! So lucid, beautfully written, with great range and insight. This will set a new standard for short general histories of China.” —Michael Gasster, professor emeritus of history at Rutgers University Newly updated and revised, China: Its History and Culture, Fourth Edition, incorporates the crucial social and economic changes that have taken place in China over the last decade. Through rich detail and engaging illustrations, the book traces China’s history from Neolithic times to the present day.


Author : William Scott Morton
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A concise, illustrated survey of Chinese religion, philosophy, art, dynastic courts, militarism, and agriculture from ancient times to the present also considers those aspects of Chinese culture transformed by the Revolution of 1949.

China Its History and Culture

Author : William Scott Morton
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""A wonderful job! So lucid, beautfully written, with great range and insight. This will set a new standard for short general histories of China."" "--Michael Gasster, professor emeritus of history at Rutgers University" Newly updated and revised, China: Its History and Culture, Fourth Edition, incorporates the crucial social and economic changes that have taken place in China over the last decade. Through rich detail and engaging illustrations, the book traces China's history from Neolithic times to the present day.

Encyclopedia of China

Author : Dorothy Perkins
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A reference guide to China presents its history as well as current information on its government, industry, art, and culture.

Japan Its History and Culture

Author : Scott W. Morton
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Once a star of postwar industrial production and methods, Japan has encountered serious trouble with market forces in recent years. Social changes and departures from tradition are becoming more common in this conservative country. The revised edition of the popular work, Japan: Its History and Culture, Fourth Edition, documents and explains these changes. Seamlessly blending current events, politics, and cultural elements, the authors provide a riveting account of a nation often misunderstood by the West.

Chinese History and Culture

Author : Yingshi Yu
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Volume 1. Sixth century B.C.E. to seventeenth century C.E.


Author : Michael Dillon
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This new reference work contains approximately 1500 entries covering Chinese civilisation from Peking Man to the present day. Subjects include history, politics, art, archaeology, and literature to name but a few.

China s Imperial Past

Author : Charles O. Hucker
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A panoramic survey of the course of Chinese civilization from prehistory to 1850, when the old China began to give way

Chinese Roundabout

Author : Jonathan D. Spence
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"If one has the art, then a piece of celery or salted cabbage can be made into a marvelous delicacy; whereas if one has not the art, not all the greatest delicacies and rarities of land, sea, or sky are of any avail." --a Beijing cook, nineteenth century from Chinese Roundabout

An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture

Author : Qizhi Zhang
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This book breaks with convention and provides an overview of Chinese history in the form of special topics. These topics include the major issues of “A Scientific Approach to the Origins of Chinese Civilization,” “Ancient Chinese Society and the Change of Dynasties,” “The Golden Ages of the Han, Tang and Qing Dynasties: a Comparative Analysis,” “Transportation Systems and Cultural Communication in Ancient China,” “Ethnic Relations in Chinese History,” “The Systems of Politics, Law and Selecting Officials in Ancient China,” “Agriculture, Handicraft and Commerce in Ancient China,” “The Military Thought and Military Systems of Ancient China,” “The Rich and Colorful Social Life in Ancient China,” “The Evolution of Ancient Chinese Thought,” “The Treasure House of Ancient Chinese Literature and Art,” “The Emergence and Progress of Ancient Chinese Historiography,” “Reflection on Ancient Chinese Science and Technology,” “New Issues in the Modern History of China,” and “A General Progression to the Socialist Modernization of the People’s Republic of China.” The book is based on current literature and research by university students. The modern history section is relatively concise, while the topics related to ancient Chinese history are longer, reflecting the country’s rich history and corresponding wealth of materials. There is also an in-depth discussion on the socialist modernization of the People’s Republic of China. The book provides insights into Chinese history, allowing readers “to see the value of civilization through history; to see the preciseness of history through civilization.” It focuses on the social background, lifestyle and development processes to illustrate ideologies and ideas.

Exam Prep for China Its History and Culture

Author :
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Culture and Customs of China

Author : Richard Gunde
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Examines Chinese religious rituals, literature, performing arts, fine arts, food, clothing, architecture, housing, family life, holidays, festivals, and social customs.

A History of Food Culture in China

Author : Rongguang Zhao
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' Since the 1980s, China has developed a broader and deeper connection with the world. One of the most intriguing aspects of Chinese culture is its rich cuisine and fascinating cooking. China is a nation with a long history of food culture, and food has become an essential part of Chinese culture. This book tells in sprightly and straightforward language about the structure of traditional Chinese food, food customs for festivals and celebrations in China, Chinese dining etiquette, traditional food and cooking methods, healthy and medicinal diets, as well as historical exchanges of foods between China and other nations. It can present to the readers a complete and truthful picture of the summarized history and culture of Chinese food. Published by SCPG Publishing Corporation and distributed by World Scientific for all markets except China Contents: Ingredients in Chinese Traditional CookingTraditional Food for Celebrations and FestivalsEtiquette Around Chinese FoodFood Culture at the Mansion of Duke Yansheng in QufuTraditional Chinese cuisine and cookingCulture of Food Made from WheatCulture of TeaCulture of Chinese WineCulture of Chinese Spices and SeasoningsCulture of Chopsticks"We All Eat and Drink, Yet Few Know How to Taste": The Ten Perfections of Chinese Cuisine"Food as the People''s Prime Concern": Chinese Culture of Health and DietCultural Exchange on Food and Cuisine"Dinner Table of the Masses": Contemporary Culture of Food Consumption Readership: Researchers, general readers interested in the food culture of China. Key Features:A work that at present stands out with its systematic and unique approach in introducing Chinese food cultureIn sprightly and straightforward languageKeywords:Food Culture;Chinese Food;Chinese Cuisine;Chinese Cooking;Food Consumption;Health and Diet'

China s Last Nomads

Author : Linda Benson
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This study, based on Chinese publications and archival materials as well as on recent fieldwork, provides an up-to-date treatment of Kazak history and culture, emphasizing the Kazaks in 20th-century China and, in particular, their status today as one of China's minority nationalities.


Author : 許倬雲
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An internationally recognized authority on Chinese history and a leading innovator in its telling, Cho-yun Hsu constructs an original portrait of Chinese culture. Unlike most historians, Hsu resists centering his narrative on China's political evolution, focusing instead on the country's cultural sphere and its encounters with successive waves of globalization. Beginning long before China's written history and extending through the twentieth century, Hsu follows the content and expansion of Chinese culture, describing the daily lives of commoners, their spiritual beliefs and practices, the changing character of their social and popular thought, and their advances in material culture and technology. In addition to listing the achievements of emperors, generals, ministers, and sages, Hsu builds detailed accounts of these events and their everyday implications. Dynastic change, the rise and fall of national ambitions, and the growth and decline of institutional systems take on new significance through Hsu's careful research, which captures the multiple strands that gave rise to China's pluralistic society. Paying particular attention to influential relationships occurring outside of Chinese cultural boundaries, he demonstrates the impact of foreign influences on Chinese culture and identity and identifies similarities between China's cultural developments and those of other nations.

China Condensed

Author : Siew Chey Ong
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A Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China

Author : Benjamin A. Elman
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In this multidimensional analysis, Benjamin A. Elman uses over a thousand newly available examination records from the Yuan, Ming, and Ch'ing dynasties, 1315-1904, to explore the social, political, and cultural dimensions of the civil examination system, one of the most important institutions in Chinese history. For over five hundred years, the most important positions within the dynastic government were usually filled through these difficult examinations, and every other year some one to two million people from all levels of society attempted them. Covering the late imperial system from its inception to its demise, Elman revises our previous understanding of how the system actually worked, including its political and cultural machinery, the unforeseen consequences when it was unceremoniously scrapped by modernist reformers, and its long-term historical legacy. He argues that the Ming-Ch'ing civil examinations from 1370 to 1904 represented a substantial break with T'ang-Sung dynasty literary examinations from 650 to 1250. Late imperial examinations also made "Tao Learning," Neo-Confucian learning, the dynastic orthodoxy in official life and in literati culture. The intersections between elite social life, popular culture, and religion that are also considered reveal the full scope of the examination process throughout the late empire.

Some Aspects of Asian History and Culture

Author : Upendra Thakur
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The Chinese Literary Canon

Author : Yu Qiuyu
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In The Chinese Literary Canon, one of China's most brilliant critics puts three millennia of Chinese writing in its proper historical context. He shows us what to read and how to read it. Yu Qiuyu traces a bright line of the very best literature that China has produced: from the first carvings on bone, through the first poems, the first philosophers, the greatest historian, to the ultimate stylists of the Tang Dynasty and beyond. And because brilliant literature is always a product of its time and place, Yu tells us about the men who did the writing and the worlds in which they lived. Most of all, Yu tells us about the ideas that motivated them, how they read the writers of the past, and how each writer of genius transformed and added his own stamp to the literary canon. The Yellow Emperor, the Book of Poetry, Confucius and Laozi, the great historian Sima Qian, Cao Cao, Kumarajiva, Li Bai, Du Fu, Cao Xueqin… Their thread weaves in and out of the history of the first Chinese, the Warring States, the unification under Qin, the destructive split into the Three Kingdoms, and the cosmopolitan Tang Dynasty. All of this history is interpreted and presented in the warm, distinctive voice of a truly great reader, Yu Qiuyu.

History Of Medicine In Chinese Culture A In 2 Volumes

Author : Ma Boying
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This book set covers the last 3000 years of Chinese Medicine, as a broadly flowing river, from its source to its mouth. It takes the story from the very beginnings in proto-scientific China to the modern age, with a wealth of historical and cultural detail. It is unique in presenting many anecdotes, sayings, and excerpts from the traditional classics.The content is organized into four parts. Part one focuses on the medical activities in Chinese primitive society and the characteristic features of the witchcraft stage of medicine. Part two traces the progress of Chinese medicine as it entered the stage of natural philosophy. It also discusses how other aspects of philosophy, religion, and politics influenced Chinese medical theory and practice at the time. Chinese medicine, having a kind of social existence, was also impacted by the natural and social environment, and multiple cultural factors. Some of these factors are discussed in Part three. The last part concludes by examining the cultural process of Chinese medicine in history and offers a glimpse into the future of Chinese Medicine.