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The Modernization of China

Author : Rozman
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In the Modernization of China, an interdisciplinary team of scholars collaborate closely to provide the first systematic, integrated analysis of China in transformation--from an agrarian-based to an urbanized and industrialized society. Moving from the legacy of the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties to the reforms and revolutions of the 20th century, the authors seek reasons for China's inability to achieve rapid, steady growth during a 200 year-long struggle to modernize. They examine the changing shape of Chinese society: the role of the state in local politics; military affairs; economics; the development of the educational system; changes in family; population, and settlement patterns; science and technology; world views and foreign relations. And they make frequent comparisons between China's experience with growth and that of two other latecomers to modernization, Japan and Russia. The result is a book that brings much-needed clarity and perspective to our understanding of China, and the way a great civilization attempts to meet the challenge of modernity.

China s Path to Modernization

Author : Ranbir Vohra
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Revised and updated, this thoughtful, balanced and highly readable work provides a succinct, yet comprehensive and cohesive overview of China's path to modernization, preparing readers to understand the complex interaction between the Chinese cultural traditional and the internal and external pressures for change that led China onto the path of revolution and Communism. Evaluating the impact of Mao Ze-dong's thought and action on China's development, it explores the nature of Deng Xiao-ping's "second revolution" that reversed many of Maoist policies that put the country on the road to economic prosperity but which also created serious economic and political imbalances that will continue to plague China in the near future. Develops and sustains a narrative line not usually available in survey histories of China, presenting an internal coherence within each chapter that provides not only an integrated picture of political, cultural, and economic developments but also a convenient foundation to grasp the sequence of fundamental changes in China. Provides a brief summary of China's past history, focusing on the ideology and institutions that molded Chinese political culture. Covers critical transition periods, such as the collapse of the Manchu dynasty and the establishment of the first republic; the shift of power from the Nationalists to the Communists; and the rise of Deng Xiao-ping after the passing away of Mao Ze-dong. Expands coverage on many areas, including Tibet, PRC in Taiwan, and Hong Kong; the Sino-Indian war of 1962, and the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979; plus social, economic, and cultural topics in various periods.


Author : Yue-man Yeung
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As China's largest city best known for its pre-eminent achievements in the early part of the twentieth century, Shanghai grew modestly in comparison with southern China after the adoption of China's open policy in 1978. With the 1990 announcement of Pudong as an area for special development, Shanghai has raced ahead, seemingly on its way to an economic and cultural resurgence that is likely to accelerate development and modernization in the Yangzi Delta and China at large. This volume focuses on the physical and socioeconomic transformation of Shanghai across a wide range of topics. Drawing on the experience and expertise of researchers primarily in Hong Kong, this study is a major contribution to the subject of economic development and social change in China. It seeks to understand, analyze and interpret how Shanghai has transformed itself in recent years.

China s Political System

Author : June Teufel Dreyer
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"China's Political System provides a concise introduction to the political, economic, and social factors that determine China's government. Highly respected specialist June Teufel Dreyer offers expert analysis of the challenges facing China's economic, legal, military, social, and cultural institutions while examining the historical context and current trends. China's Political System asks readers to think about the broader problem of governance in China and their global implications by comprehensively showing how the past and present impact leaders, citizens, ethnic minorities, and policies. New to the 10th Edition - the first text to incorporate results from the 19th Party Congress. - includes a new chapter on developments under Xi Jinping - considers the effects of slowing economic growth on politics and society - addresses recent Chinese assertiveness in military and foreign policy The 10th edition of China's Political System continues to provide all of the tools professors need to introduce their students to Chinese politics in ways that are informed, accessible and intriguing"--

China s Search for Modernity

Author : H. Ping
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Twenty years after a return from fundamentalism to economic reality, China has become the world's tenth largest economy and an increasingly important global power. Despite the rise of fundamentalism and post-modernism, the pursuit of modernity was an ongoing historical movement in late twentieth century China. He Ping focuses on China's quest for and experience of modernity. Implicitly comparative, the author discusses broad aspects of both Chinese and western civilizations, including their scientific traditions and socio-economic structures, with reference to modernization. He seeks to enhance our understanding of the cultural changes behind China's phenomenal rise and provides a fresh case study for the global cultural discourse.

The Modernization of China and Japan

Author : George M. Beckmann
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China s Modernization I

Author : Georg Peter
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The idea of only one way leading to a modern society seems to be hardly tenable. But even if we agree to this, our theories and terms describing modernization are gained on our own Western history. So social science has to reconsider its basic terms to describe China’s modernization, and maybe even the understanding of modernization itself. The first of two volumes on China’s modernization, collects articles by leading Chinese and Western scientists focusing on the main conflicts and differences this process involves. In a first section – “Changing China: Dealing with Diversity” –, Björn Alperman analyses the terms “Class, Citizenship and Individualization in China’s Modernization”. Andrew Kipnis analyses the “Chinese Nation-Building as, Instead of, and Before Globalization”, while John R. Gibbins examines “Principles for Cosmopolitan Societies: Values for Cosmopolitan Places”. “On Modernization: Law, Business, and Economy in China”, the second section, deals with “Modernizing Chinese Law: The Protection of Private Property in China” by Sanzhu Zhu, “Chinese Organizations as Groups of People – Towards a Chinese Business Administration” by Peter J. Peverelli, and “Income Gaps in Economic Development: Differences among Regions, Occupational Groups and Ethnic Groups” by Ma Rong. The last section – “Thinking Differentiations: Chinese Origin and the Western Culture” – concentrates on the role of religion with articles by Richard Madsen (“Christianity and Hybrid Modernity in China”) and Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (“Confucianism, Puritanism, and the Transcendental: China and America”). Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom argues that Nathan Sharansky’s test for free nations should take regional variations into account in “China and the Town Square Test”. In “Metaphor, Poetry and Cultural Implicature” Ying Zhang examines if the Western understanding of metaphor can be transferred to Chinese language and culture. The additional rubric “On Contemporary Philosophy” involves three articles about the question “Can Science Change our Notion of Existence?” by Jody Azzouni, “The Epistemological Significance of Practices” by Alan Millar, and “On Cappelen and Hawthrone’s ‘Relativism and Monadic Truth’” by J. Adam Carter. Content and abstracts:

The Modernization of China s State Governance

Author : Angang Hu
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This book elaborates on how China’s previous leaders established, consolidated, developed and improved China’s basic modern governance system. It also explores and discusses how to correctly, objectively and scientifically perceive, evaluate and promote the modernization of China’s state governance and its capacity. Using detailed and accurate data and extensive background information, this book analyzes the changing history and future perspectives of the relationship between China’s government and the market, state-owned economy and private economy. Covering an extensive timespan, this comprehensive book includes contributions from Chinese scholars specialized in contemporary China studies discussing the major breakthroughs and decision-making consultations in Chinese development strategies. It also offers insights into the research mechanism and development levels of Chinese think tanks based at research institutes. Last but not least, it sheds light on the democratic advances in the Chinese decision-making process.

Modernization and Revolution in China

Author : June Grasso
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Extensively revised and updated, this popular text conveys the drama of China's struggle to modernize against the backdrop of a proud and difficult history. Spanning the years from China's humiliating defeat in the Opium Wars to its triumphant hosting of the 2008 summer Olympics, the authors narrate the major developments of that journey: the breakdown of imperial China in the face of Japanese and Western encroachments; Sun-Yatsen and the founding of the Chinese republic; the early struggles between the ideologies and armies of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong; China's bitter and costly war with Japan; the final shootout that sent Chiang to Taiwan and Mao to Beijing; the turbulent first decades of the People's Republic; and the dramatic shift to a globalizing economic strategy. This edition features all new analysis of issues facing China's leaders today, including environmental challenges, rural economic developments, corruption, the current economic climate, China's relations with its neighbors and the United States, the latest Tibet crisis, and the reelection of Hu Jintao. The authors have also incorporated some of the latest scholarship on Chinese historical events, making this the best and most up-to-date brief text on modern China currently available.

Tradition and Modernization in China and Japan

Author : Peter R. Moody
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