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China s Electronics Industry

Author : Michael Pecht
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China's Electronics Industry is a comprehensive and current report on the technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and infrastructure that have made China a major player in the electronics industry. Not only does it cover the past, present, and future of important electronic technologies, but also the pros and cons of conducting business in China. This is an important reference for any company planning a venture in China as well as those who have already taken their first steps. It will also be of great interest to researchers and policy makers who need to know more about the role of central government in promoting strategic industries and assisting national science and technology development. Much of the data contained in the report is from 2006. No country has burst onto the economic scene as dramatically as China has in the past decade. It is the world's largest producer of many electronic products and has a leading edge semiconductor industry. This timely and comprehensive report from America's leading authority is a critical for anyone who is interested in working with China in the electronics field including business managers, academics, government institutes, foreign investors, as well as those who are interested in the past, present and future growth of China's Electronics Industry. If you are thinking about doing business in china's electronics industry, you must have this book.

The Chinese Electronics Industry

Author : Michael Pecht
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The Chinese Electronics Industry documents the technologies, capabilities, and infrastructure that has made China a major player in the Asian electronics industry. This book covers the major segments of China's electronics industry, including semiconductors, packaging, printed circuit boards, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, and electronic systems. In addition, this book examines the role of government, research organizations, educational institutions, and major companies in establishing an infrastructure where the industry can flourish. Specifically, this book will help readers: Comprehend the historical developments, current status, and future growth of China's electronics industry Understand the cultural, economic, and technological factors that drive and inhibit market access and success in China Make decisions on strategic issues, such as market entry, establishing joint ventures or strategic alliances with Chinese electronics companies in order to access world's largest emerging market Formulate strategy to cooperate and compete in the global electronics industry

On the Development of China s Information Technology Industry

Author : Jiang Zemin
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In the early 1980’s, Jiang Zemin, then Minister of Electronics Ministry of China, assessed the IT industry as ‘the strategic high ground in international competition.’ He "perceived the discrepancy between China’s level and the world's advanced level was so great that we had to do our utmost to catch up." Since then through numerous articles and frequent speeches he has drawn up a detailed technological and policy roadmap for doing exactly that. This volume collects over 25 pieces written over more than 20 years. It demonstrates the former president of China’s authority and insight into the development of China’s IT industry since the introduction of reforms, and the cutting-edge issues experienced throughout the global IT industry. Jiang’s ambitious goal is the transformation of China into a leader in the global IT industry by 2020. This volume offers IT industry analysts, China watchers, policy makers and advisors, IT researchers, and investors a singular and authoritative view on how China should get there. Establishes key measurements for the development of China’s IT industry Sets forth the priorities for government and industry Identifies opportunities for interrelating military and civilian R&D and applications Reveals key obstacles to progress and directives for overcoming them Sets out an R&D agenda for industry Names the core industry sectors for government and industry investment Identifies opportunities and the necessity for international collaboration Establishes the need to develop China’s own IPR and to respect and protect others’ IPR

China s Rise in the World ICT Industry

Author : Lutao Ning
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One of the most striking phenomena of China’s remarkable economic growth is that its huge volume of exports are becoming high-tech. China is now the world's largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) exporter, having overtaken Japan and the European Union in 2003 and the United States in 2004. China's ICT industry is also the largest manufacturing sector within the Chinese economy. This book examines how China has attained this leading position and presents one of the first accounts of China’s ICT development model with specific reference to the experiences of East Asian 'tigers'. It shows how the development of the industry was military-driven before 1978, and how subsequently Chinese policymakers, struggling with domestic market reform and challenged by trade liberalisation and globalisation, managed to push through ICT development strategies. Overall, it discusses the debates between policymakers as to the most appropriate economic development strategy for 'catching-up' and demonstrates how China moved away from the across-the-board protectionist and interventionist industrial policies pursued by many developing countries, but has not wholeheartedly followed the neo-liberal free trade and market polices favoured by the World Bank, WTO and IMF. By doing so, it sheds light on the limitations of China’s strategies moving forward, and identifies policy lessons for other developing countries.

China s Economic Reform

Author : Robert Ash
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This book presents a collection and analysis of original policy documents, newly translated into English, from a key period of Chinese development, providing both a current and a retrospective analysis of China's economic reform efforts. Topics dealt with include the evolution of Chinese economic strategy; economic planning and the spread of market mechanisms; technology transfer in industry; evolution of an agricultural system; the development of population policy; and foreign economic relations. The collection will be of great interest not only to scholars and students of Chinese studies, but also to professionals and social scientists concerned with China but unable to read source documents in Chinese.

Business Strategy and Corporate Governance in the Chinese Consumer Electronics Sector

Author : Hailan Yang
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This book analyses how China’s firms in the consumer electronics (CE) sector have developed their business strategy and corporate governance during the reform process. The CE sector is one of China’s most important and dynamic manufacturing sectors. As one of the earliest market-oriented sectors after 1978, its experience illustrates the adoption of the Western model of management in China. This is the first book to analyse the link between business strategy, corporate governance and performance of firms, explicitly comparing state-, collective-, and privately-owned firms. This book argues that the competitive dynamics of the market are central to the survival of firms in contemporary China. Focuses on the state, collective and private Chinese firms in the consumer electronics sector Provides insights into the interactions among political, economic and corporate factors in the China business environment that influence the strategies and performance of these firms Compares the corporate governance of these Chinese firms across different ownership forms

Upgrading China s Information and Communication Technology Industry

Author : Cassandra C. Wang
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This book effectively challenges the conventional wisdom regarding the cluster-innovation relationship and provides convincing evidence to show that the prevailing theoretical models derived from AngloOCoAmerican experiences cannot be uncritically applied to Chinese reality. This book introduces a new theory of state-firm coordination to explain why and how some Chinese ICT firms have turned out to be more innovative than others. Perspectives from the viewpoint of economic geography, institutional economics, political science, and regulation theory have been provided to throw light on the enigma that is China's ICT industry. Empirically, the book provides state-of-the-art findings to clarify the confusion and misunderstanding about the exact nature of the ICT industry in China. This book has essentially set a new baseline and made definitive contribution to knowledge production about China's economic geography. Methodologically, it shows how original, critical, and independent research can be undertaken effectively and innovatively through cross-disciplinary theoretical interaction, deductive reasoning with hypotheses testing, combination of multiple means of data collection; integration of quantitative and qualitative methods; and structured presentation of research findings with extensive tabular, graphic, and cartographic illustrations.

The Growth of Chinese Electronics Firms

Author : K. Kimura
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The Growth of Chinese Electronics Firms outlines the way firms grow in China at an organizational level. Kimura uses China's electronics industry as a case study for measuring technology-fuelled growth and provides a way to understand diversified the growth process systematically.

The Business and Investment Environment in Taiwan and Mainland China

Author : Chen-Min Hsu
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Focusing on the IT & high-tech industries, this book offers an analysis of foreign SMEs in Taiwan & China, presenting indices of knowledge capital, innovative ability, the utilisation of information technology & social infrastructure that can be used to evaluate cross-strait competitive advantage.

China s Economic Development Strategies for the 21st Century

Author : Harry J. Waters
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This look at the economic development plans and programs of China is designed to identify investment and marketing opportunities available to foreign businesses.