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Chinese Military Modernization

Author : C. Dennison Lane
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Examining Chinese intentions and the means they have to achieve those intentions, this volume begins with Roger Ames's essay analyzing the Chinese military through from the earliest times


Author : Monika Chansoria
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China's strides towards the creation of a formidable military posture, backed by strong economic growth, demonstrate a resolve to assert its claim towards becoming an Asian superpower. By opting to showcase its military prowess to the world, the Chinese armed forces have signalled that they have come a long way from what was essentially a rustic and bucolic 'Red Army' that waged a 'People's War' six decades ago. The modernisation programme undertaken by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) can be interpreted as the foundation of deterrence to attain the objectives of military strategy. Today, the Chinese armed forces are preparing to fight small-scale, high-intensity, regional combat and military operations in the future. At the same time, China seeks to deter or prevent their outbreak decisively through the possession of an adequate deterrent force and the determination to use that force. Robust military modernisation of the PLA represents a contrasting facet to the tall claims made by China, in so far as its 'peaceful rise' campaign is concerned. It is difficult to reconcile these rather opposing, while equally reinforcing, ideas. As a consequence, the entire debate on the impending "China threat" (Zhongguo weixie) theory has progressively gained significance within the Asian continent and beyond.

China s Military Modernization

Author : Richard D. Fisher
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China's rise to global economic and strategic eminence, with the potential for achieving pre-eminence in the greater-Asian region, is one of the defining characteristics of the post-Cold War period. For students contemplating a broad range of business, social science, journalist, or military science curricula, it is critical to possess a basic understanding of the military-strategic basis and trajectory of a Rising China. This work is intended to be attractive to a range of courses that require a volume that can provide background and outline current and future issues concerning China's rise in strategic-military influence.

Chinese Military Modernization

Author : Anthony H. Cordesman
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Changing political relationships and a substantial increase in resources have prompted the Chinese leadership to accelerate the modernization of its armed forces. Observers, not least the United States, have wondered what objectives China's military buildup is meant to serve. The Chinese government's extreme secrecy about military budgets, force training, and weapon system procurement leaves considerable room for speculation. Perhaps naturally, China is believed to be preparing capacities for a possible conflict with Taiwan, which might or might not involve the United States. But other developments, like the modernization of strategic nuclear weapons and the acquisition of naval surface combatants, have raised the attention of analysts as to what role the Chinese armed forces will play in China's evolving security policy.This study provides an assessment of the current state of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). It addresses command structures, doctrine development, military spending, weapon system procurement, and the force structure of all four branches of the PLA. It does so by providing comparisons of current assessments of all aspects of PLA modernization and trend analyses that point out the developments in manpower, spending, and holdings of weapon systems, among others, over the past two decades. Thus, the volume seeks to lay a basis for a meaningful analysis of the role and trajectory of the Chinese military.

The Dragon Awakes

Author :
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"Four essays ... analyze broad trends in Chinese military modernization. While they treat strategic capabilities ... the essays analyze considerably more. They look at the whole pattern of Chinese military modernization-- strategy, doctrine, information warfare, ground, naval and air forces. The essays come to ... much the same conclusion: that while the PLA ... is acquiring "pockets" of modern capabilities through a variety of legal and illegal endeavors, these selective acquisitions do not offset the overall obsolescence of most of China's armed forces."

Assessment of Chinese Military Modernisation and Its Implications for India

Author : P.K. Chakraborty
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Indigenous Weapons Development in China s Military Modernization

Author : Amy Chang
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"China's process of modernizing its armed forces has involved the development of indigenously designed weapons systems, some of which appeared to undergo a process of development, procurement, and/or deployment that outpaced the estimates of U.S. and other foreign observers. This paper specifically focuses on four key weapons platforms that have been discussed as 'surprise' developments to U.S. analysts. ... Based on the four case studies covered in this report, there are no universal trends in publicly reported U.S. government analysis on the development of indigenous Chinese weapon systems. ... The trends of past decades are no longer a reliable guide to the performance of China's defense industries. Furthermore, U.S. observers should not take at face value statements from the Chinese government on military policy, as they could either be deceptive, or simply issued by agencies (e.g., the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that have no real say over military matters. Based on the trends identified in this paper, U.S. analysts and policymakers should expect to see continued advancements in the ability of the PRC to produce modern weapons platforms, and an attendant increase in the operational capabilities of the People's Liberation Army."--Exec. sum.

China s Military Modernization Policy and Strategy

Author : Jonathan D. Pollack
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Since the fall of 1976, China's military leadership has initiated the first sustained reappraisal of its military force structure and defense strategies and policies in close to twenty years. This essay will briefly assess these recent policy changes and their potential consequences. There are four objectives: to identify the political, military, strategic, and economic context of these changes; to explore the areas of particular concern to the military leadership; to evaluate how far-reaching the possibilities for policy change might actually be; and to consider the potential implications of these changes for China's overall political and military role in East Asia during the 1980s.

Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development

Author : Anthony H. Cordesman
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This report from the CSIS Burke Chair in Strategy examines trends in Chinese strategy, military spending, and military forces based on Chinese defense white papers and other official Chinese sources; US reporting by the Department of Defense and other defense agencies; and other government sources, including Japanese and Korean defense white papers and the International Monetary Fund.

National Security

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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