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Christian Engagement with Islam

Author : Douglas Pratt
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In Search of Understanding

Author : Clinton Bennett
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Clinton Bennett reflects on four decades of engagement with Muslims and Christian-Muslim relations as a missionary, scholar, and interfaith activist. Set in the context of his personal story, chapters discuss a series of critical questions to the Christian-Muslim relationship reprising earlier writing. Bennett asks: can Christians appreciate the prophet Muhammad as a genuine messenger from God or is this theological treason? How might Christians respond to the Muslim claim that Jesus was a prophet and is not God incarnate? Can Christians with integrity regard the Qur’ān as a word from God, and is there any possibility of rapprochement on the issue of whether Jesus died on the cross? Focusing on the United States, Bennett also describes church-sponsored Christian-Muslim initiatives and offers suggestions on how Christians can rethink their ideas about Muslims and cooperate with them in peace and justice advocacy, and social and community development. Exploring some of the causes of Islamophobia, Bennett set out to challenge Christians to keep the commandment not to bear false witness against their Muslim neighbors.

Law and the Rule of God

Author : Joshua Ralston
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This book advances a constructive theological approach to the controversial issues of sharī'a, public law, and secularism in Christian-Muslim relations.

Muslim Christian Engagement in the Twentieth Century

Author : Charles Fletcher
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Christian-Muslim dialogue grows increasingly important, but little is known about individual Muslim dialogical thinkers. Born in Palestine in 1921, Isma'il al-Faruqi was a leading figure in the development of conversation and debate across faiths in North America in the second half of the twentieth century, and was actively engaged in inter-faith study and dialogue. Here, Charles Fletcher presents an illuminating study of the life and thought of this important scholar. Tracing the development of al-Faruqi's ideas and practice of inter-faith dialogue, Fletcher also shows how Muslim intellectuals engaged in such attempts viewed their role as representatives of the worldwide Muslim community. With perceptive insights into the history of contemporary Muslim-Christian dialogue, this book will be invaluable for all those interested in inter-faith relations, comparative religious studies, North American Muslims and Islamic studies.

Theological Issues in Christian Muslim Dialogue

Author : Charles Tieszen
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Theological Issues in Christian-Muslim Dialogue addresses the main theological topics of discussion that appear in Christian-Muslim engagement. Many of these topics originate in the medieval period and the earliest encounters between Christians and Muslims. Even so, the topics persist in contemporary contexts of dialogue and engagement. Christians and Muslims still discuss whether or not God should be understood as strictly one or as a Trinity-in-Unity, and debates over the nature of revelation or prophethood remain. Theological reflection, therefore, must continue to be brought to bear on these topics in light of their history and in view of their applicability to growing contexts of inter-religious engagement. Theological Issues in Christian-Muslim Dialogue is a comprehensive theological sourcebook for students learning about Christian-Muslim relations and practitioners engaged in Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Courting Islam

Author : Sean Oliver-Dee
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This book is an exploration of the perceptions of the American and British governments about Islam and Muslims based upon their experiences over the past two centuries. It provides a response to the accusation that US and British governments are inherently anti-Islamic and are seeking the destruction of that faith through their policy decisions. The book uses primary documents from the US and British governments to examine the attitudes of politicians and officials in a variety contexts ranging from the ‘War on Terror’, the Iranian Revolution and the ‘Trojan Horse’ Scandal to the conversion of Alexander Russell Webb to Islam, Islamic Finance and Mosque-building. In so doing it provides a wide-angle lens on the diversity of issues and experiences which have shaped the views of officials and politicians about Islam.

Muslim Christian Encounters in Africa

Author : Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa
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This engaging collection of essays offers new insights into the multi-faceted and changing encounters of Muslims and Christians in Africa in the past and closer to the present.

The Challenge of Islam

Author : Douglas Pratt
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Preface Introduction Part I Understanding Islam A Precursor to Dialogue The origins of Islam: prehistory and prophet Scripture and tradition: Qur'an and Sunnah Islamic community: Sunni Shi'a and Sufi Belief, practice and law: being Muslim Part II Encountering Islam Paradigms and Contexts Christian-Muslim encounters: history and prospect Jewish-Muslim relations: Islamic paradigms Islamic identity and ideologies: contemporary contours Part III Engagement with Islam Prospects for Dialogue Barriers to dialogue: perceptions of Islam Dialogue and Da'wah: elements of encounter Theological dialogue: Christian-Muslim engagement Conclusion Appendix Glossary Bibliography Index.

Encountering Islam

Author : Richard Sudworth
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What do Christian Churches say Islam is? What does the Church of England say Islam is? And, in the end, what space is there for genuine engagement with Islam? Richard Sudworth's unique study takes as its cue the question of political theology and brings this burgeoning area of debate into dialogue with Christian-Muslim relations and Anglican ecclesiology. The vexed subject of Christian-Muslim Relations provides the presenting arena to explore what political theologies enable the Church of England to engage with the diverse public square of the twenty-first century. Each chapter concludes with an ‘Anecdotes from the Field’ section, setting themes from the chapter in the context of Richard Sudworth’s own ministry within a Muslim majority parish.

Christian Responses to Islam

Author : Anthony O'Mahony
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This is the only book currently on the market that attempts to construct a global perspective of Christian-Muslim interaction in a post-9/11 world.

The Bulletin of the Henry Martyn Institute of Islamic Studies

Author :
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Defending the People of Truth in the Early Islamic Period

Author : Sandra Toenies Keating
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This volume contains the apologetical writings of Ab? R?'i?ah al-Takr?t? (+ c. 835) devoted to the defense of the Christian doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation, and the proof of the Christian religion in response to Muslim critics of his time.

Meeting Islam

Author : George Dardess
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Islam's key facts, chief concepts, and practices are shared through the author's own failings and successes in a guide that explores the rewards and dangers of venturing outside the boundaries of one's faith. Original.

African Christianity

Author : Ogbu Kalu
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It is ideologically driven to build a group of church historians who will tell the story of African Christianity, not Christianity in Africa, as an African story, by intentionally privileging the patterns of African agency without neglecting the noble roles played by missionaries. The effort has been to identify the major themes or story lines in African encounters and in the appropriation of the gospel. --from publisher description.

The Muslim World Book Review

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Muslim and Christian Understanding

Author : Waleed El-Ansary
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This book explores “A Common Word Between Us and You,” a high-level ongoing Christian-Muslim dialogue process. The Common Word process was commenced by leading Islamic scholars and intellectuals as outreach in response to the Pope’s much criticized Regensburg address of 2007, and brings to the fore, in the interest of developing a meaningful peace, how the Islamic and Christian communities representing well over half of the world's population might agree on love of God and love of neighbor as common beliefs.

Islam and Inter faith Relations

Author : Lloyd V. J. Ridgeon
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Islam and Inter-Faith Relations is an insightful inquiry into the relationship of Islam with the Worldâe(tm)s other religions. Both the current religious diversity and the historical relationships with the major religious traditions are examined here. In this succinct, clarifying volume, five world-renowned Muslim theologians meet with scholars of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism to engage in a vivid dialogue. The Muslim realm once stretched from Spain to China. Islam encountered and connected with a vast spectrum of different cultures and today is obviously an incredibly significant influence across the globe. What can Islam give to and what might Islam receive from other great faiths? What are the major points of conflict and how can these be resolved? Each chapter follows a similar pattern of presenting an Islamic view, followed by the view of another world religion. Then both contributors to each chapter reflect on the shared values as well as the conflicting areas, looking to possible resolutions for the future.

Study Encounter

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Bibliographie internationale annuelle des m langes

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Pt. 1, A. Miscellanea in ordine alphabetico honoratorum/Festschriften in the Alphabet of the honored.--Pt. 1, B. Miscellanea in ordine scientiarum/Festschriften by fields of knowledge.--Pt. 2, C. Contributionum index rerum/Contributions by keywords.--Pt. 3, D. Contributionum index systematicus/Keyword index of contributions.--Pt. 3, E. Author index of contributions.

Teachings on Usury in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Author : Susan Louise Buckley
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