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Church and Censorship in Eighteenth Century Italy

Author : Patrizia Delpiano
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Dealing with the issue of ecclesiastical censorship and control over reading and readers, this study challenges the traditional view that during the eighteenth century the Catholic Church in Italy underwent an inexorable decline. It reconstructs the strategies used by the ecclesiastical leadership to regulate the press and culture during a century characterized by important changes, from the spread of the Enlightenment to the creation of a state censorship apparatus. Based on the archival records of the Roman Inquisition and the Congregation of the Index of Forbidden Books preserved in the Vatican, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the Catholic Church’s endeavour to keep literature and reading in check by means of censorship and the promotion of a "good" press. The crisis of the Inquisition system did not imply a general diminution of the Church’s involvement in controlling the press. Rather than being effective instruments of repression, the Inquisition and the Index combined to create an ideological apparatus to resist new ideas and to direct public opinion. This was a network mainly inspired by Counter-Enlightenment principles which would go on to influence the Church’s action well beyond the eighteenth century. This book is an English translation of Il governo della lettura: Chiesa e libri nell’Italia del Settecento (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2007).

Church Censorship and Culture in Early Modern Italy

Author : Gigliola Fragnito
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2001 essay collection on the Italian Church's attempt to control and censor 'knowledge' during the counter-Reformation.

Art and Ideas in Eighteenth Century Italy Lectures given at the Italian Institute 1957 1958

Author :
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Italy s Eighteenth Century

Author : Paula Findlen
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In the age of the Grand Tour, foreigners flocked to Italy to gawk at its ruins and paintings, enjoy its salons and cafés, attend the opera, and revel in their own discovery of its past. But they also marveled at the people they saw, both male and female. In an era in which castrati were "rock stars," men served women as cicisbei, and dandified Englishmen became macaroni, Italy was perceived to be a place where men became women. The great publicity surrounding female poets, journalists, artists, anatomists, and scientists, and the visible roles for such women in salons, academies, and universities in many Italian cities also made visitors wonder whether women had become men. Such images, of course, were stereotypes, but they were nonetheless grounded in a reality that was unique to the Italian peninsula. This volume illuminates the social and cultural landscape of eighteenth-century Italy by exploring how questions of gender in music, art, literature, science, and medicine shaped perceptions of Italy in the age of the Grand Tour.

The Invention of Free Press

Author : Edoardo Tortarolo
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Tracking the relationship between the theory of press control and the realities of practicing daily press censorship prior to publication, this volume on the suppression of dissent in early modern Europe tackles a topic with many elusive and under-researched characteristics. Pre-publication censorship was common in absolutist regimes in Catholic and Protestant countries alike, but how effective it was in practice remains open to debate. The Netherlands and England, where critical content segued into outright lampoonery, were unusual for hard-wired press freedoms that arose, respectively, from a highly competitive publishing industry and highly decentralized political institutions. These nations remained extraordinary exceptions to a rule that, for example in France, did not end until the revolution of 1789. Here, the author’s European perspective provides a survey of the varying censorship regulations in European nations, as well as the shifting meanings of ‘freedom of the press’. The analysis opens up fascinating insights, afforded by careful reading of primary archival sources, into the reactions of censors confronted with manuscripts by authors seeking permission to publish. Tortarolo sets the opinions on censorship of well-known writers, including Voltaire and Montesquieu, alongside the commentary of anonymous censors, allowing us to revisit some common views of eighteenth-century history. How far did these writers, their reasoning stiffened by Enlightenment values, promote dissident views of absolutist monarchies in Europe, and what insights did governments gain from censors’ reports into the social tensions brewing under their rule? These questions will excite dedicated researchers, graduate students, and discerning lay readers alike.

History and the Enlightenment

Author : Hugh Trevor-Roper
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Arguably the leading British historian of his generation, Hugh Trevor-Roper (1914–2003) is most celebrated and admired as the author of essays. This volume brings together some of the most original and radical writings of his career—many hitherto inaccessible, one never before published, all demonstrating his piercing intellect, urbane wit, and gift for elegant, vivid narrative. This collection focuses on the writing and understanding of history in the eighteenth century and on the great historians and the intellectual context that inspired or provoked their writings. It combines incisive discussion of such figures as Gibbon, Hume, and Carlyle with broad sweeps of analysis and explication. Essays on the Scottish Enlightenment and the Romantic movement are balanced by intimate portraits of lesser-known historians whose significance Trevor-Roper took particular delight in revealing.

Church and Society in Catholic Europe of the Eighteenth Century

Author : William J. Callahan
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Of the great European institutions of the Old Regime, the Catholic Church alone survived into the modern world. The Church that emerged from the period of revolutionary upheaval, which began in 1789, and from the long process of economic and social transformation characteristic of the nineteenth century, was very different from the great baroque Church that developed following the Counter-Reformation. These studies of the Church in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germane, Austria, Hungary and Poland on the eve of an era of revolutionary change assess the still intimate relationship between religion and society within the traditional European social order of the eighteenth century. The essays emphasize social function rather than theological controversy, and examine issues such as the recruitment and role of the clergy, the place of the Church in education and poor relief', the importance of popular religion, and the evangelization of a largely illiterate population by the religious orders.

Science Politics and Society in Eighteenth century Italy

Author : Brendan Maurice Dooley
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The Oxford Illustrated History of Italy

Author : George Holmes
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Traces the history of Italy from the Roman Empire to the present, and examines the connections between Italian society, politics, and culture.

Outlines of European History From the seventeenth century to the present time by J H Robinson and C A Beard revised to include the Great War 1914 1918

Author : James Harvey Robinson
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Italian Studies

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Includes the sections "Reviews", "Italian studies published in England", "Academica" and "A chronicle of public lectures, etc.".

Europe 1450 to 1789 Gabrieli to Lyon

Author : Jonathan Dewald
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Online version of the 6-volume work, published: New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004.

Beaumarchais and the Theatre

Author : William D. Howarth
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William D Howarth sets Le Mariage de Figaro and Beaumarchais's other dramatic works in the broad historical context of pre-revolutionary France, providing a unique and authoritative study of the dramatist and his plays. He presents detailed analyses of the plays themselves, discussing their critical receptions, their influence on drama of the period and their legacy. Included is a discussion of the operatic adaptations: Mozart's Mariage de Figaro and Rossini's Le Barbier de Seville. The author also provides analyses of sketches and fragments only recently re-discovered. Beaumarchais and the Theatre is a comprehensive and much needed study of one of the most significant playwrights of the turbulent eighteenth century. It is invaluable reading for students of theatre history.

Literature and the Disciplines 1700 1820

Author : Robin Valenza
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Italian Studies in Memory of Frederick May

Author : Frederick May
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Italy in the Making June 1846 to 1 January 1848

Author : G. F.-H. Berkeley
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This book examines the movement towards Italian nationality and independence during the period between June 1846 and January 1848.

Cursing the Christians

Author : Ruth Langer
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Ruth Langer offers an in-depth study of the birkat haminim, a Jewish prayer for the removal of those categories of human being who prevent the messianic redemption and the society envisioned for it. In its earliest form, the prayer cursed Christians, apostates to Christianity, sectarians, and enemies of Israel. Drawing on the shifting liturgical texts, polemics, and apologetics concerning the prayer, Langer traces the transformation of the birkat haminim from what functioned without question in the medieval world as a Jewish curse of Christians, through its early modern censorship by Christians, to its modern transformation within the Jewish world into a general petition that God remove evil from the world. Christian censorship played a crucial role in this transformation of the prayer; however, Langer argues that the truest transformation in meaning resulted from Jewish integration into Western culture. Eventually, the prayer shed its references to any specific category of human being and lost its function as a curse. Reconciliation between Jews and Christians today requires both communities to confront a long history of prejudice. Ruth Langer shows through the birkat haminim how the history of one liturgical text chronicled Jewish thinking about Christians over hundreds of years.

Outlines of European History From the opening of the eighteenth century to the present day

Author : James Harvey Robinson
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From the opening of the eighteenth century to the present day by J H Robinson and C A Beard

Author : James Harvey Robinson
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Historical Abstracts

Author :
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