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Church Law and Church Order in Rome and Byzantium

Author : Clarence Gallagher
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This book presents a comparative study of church order in the East and West of the Christian world. It deals with the development of canon law from the 6th century, the time of Dionysius Exiguus and John Scholastikos, up to the period of Balsamon and Gratian. While the focus is upon Rome and Constantinople, the author includes in his discussion the churches under Islamic rule, in Syria and Persia, and describes the beginnings of Slavonic canon law in Moravia. The issues of church government, the discipline of the clergy (married or celibate), and the question of divorce and re-marriage are key themes. By illustrating how these were faced in the canon law of the Christian churches of late antiquity and the earlier Middle Ages, the book highlights questions of unity and diversity within the Christian tradition.

Medieval Church Law and the Origins of the Western Legal Tradition

Author : Kenneth Pennington
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In this volume leading scholars from around the world discuss the contribution of medieval church law to the origins of the western legal tradition. Subdivided into four topical categories, the essays cover the entire range of the history of medieval canon law from the sixth to the sixteenth century.

Byzantium Rus Russia

Author : Professor of Slavonic Studies Simon Franklin
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The Christian culture of Rus (the medieval precursor of modern Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) is sometimes presented either as a reflection of an indigenous spirituality wrapped in borrowed (Byzantine) forms or, by contrast, as merely a provincial version of its Byzantine original. The essays in this volume start from the premise that neither view is adequate. The history of culture - even of a self-consciously imitative culture - involves a continual process of inevitable 'mistranslation', as the imported models are reshaped and reinterpreted according to local resources, circumstances and preconceptions. These essays explore aspects of the 'translation of culture' on several levels: from the semantic processes of the actual translation of written texts from Greek into Slavonic, through to larger issues of ideology and identity. They consider both the initial stages of such 'translation' (from Byzantium to Rus) and some of the subsequent 'retranslations' of the Byzantine heritage in the culture of Rus and - eventually - of Russia.

The Patristic and Byzantine Review

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The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity 2 Volume Set

Author : John Anthony McGuckin
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With a combination of essay-length and short entries written by a team of leading religious experts, the two-volume Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodoxy offers the most comprehensive guide to the cultural and intellectual world of Eastern Orthodox Christianity available in English today. An outstanding reference work providing the first English language multi-volume account of the key historical, liturgical, doctrinal features of Eastern Orthodoxy, including the Non-Chalcedonian churches Explores of the major traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy in detail, including the Armenian, Byzantine, Coptic, Ethiopic, Slavic, Romanian, Syriac churches Uniquely comprehensive, it is edited by one of the leading scholars in the field and provides authoritative but accessible articles by a range of top international academics and Orthodox figures Spans the period from Late Antiquity to the present, encompassing subjects including history, theology, liturgy, monasticism, sacramentology, canon law, philosophy, folk culture, architecture, archaeology, martyrology, hagiography, all alongside a large and generously detailed prosopography Structured alphabetically and topically cross-indexed, with entries ranging from 100 to 6,000 words

The Catholic Historical Review

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Ancient Jewish and Christian Texts as Crisis Management Literature

Author : David C. Sim
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This volume seeks to demonstrate, for the first time, that many Jewish and Christian texts in the ancient world were written as a direct response to an earlier situation of crisis that affected the author, or the intended reader. Presented here are texts from both traditions that were written over many centuries in order to establish that such crisis management literature was widespread in the religious and theological literature of ancient times. These chosen works reveal that all manner of crises could contribute to the production or the nature of these texts; including persecution, political factors, religious or theological differences, social circumstances; as well as internal or external threats. By understanding this crucial element in the composition of these texts we are better able to understand the complexity of social, political and religious forces that gave rise to many ancient theological texts, and to appreciate the strategies which the authors used to manage these crises.

A Systematic and Historical Exposition of Roman Law in the Order of a Code

Author : William Alexander Hunter
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Announcing the Feast

Author : Jason McFarland
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How does the entrance song of the Mass function within the Roman Rite? What can it express theologically? What should Roman Catholics sing at the beginning of Mass? In this groundbreaking study, Jason McFarland answers these and other important questions by exploring the history and theology of the entrance song of Mass. After a careful history of the entrance song, he investigates its place in church documents. He proposes several models of the entrance song for liturgical celebration today. Finally, he offers a skillful theological analysis of the entrance song genre, focusing on the song for the Holy Thursday Evening Mass-arguably the most important entrance song of the entire liturgical year. Announcing the Feast provides the most comprehensive treatment of the Roman Rite entrance song to date. It is unique in that it bridges the disciplines of liturgical studies, musicology, and theological method.

Gregory of Nyssa

Author : Saint Gregory (of Nyssa)
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This book presents 37 letters of Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335-379) translated into English and equipped with scholarly notes. It includes a biography, testimonia from Basil and Gregory Nazianzen, 30 letters established by G. Pasquali and seven additional letters reassigned to Gregory.

The History of Byzantine and Eastern Canon Law to 1500

Author : Wilfried Hartmann
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Wilfried Hartmann is emeritus professor of the medieval history of canon law at the University of Tbingen. Kenneth Pennington is Kelly-Quinn Professor of Ecclesiastical and Legal History at The Catholic University of America. He is the author of numerous works including Pope and Bishops: The Papal Monarchy in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries and The Prince and the Law, 1200-1600: Sovereignty and Rights in the Western Legal Tradition. Hartmann and Pennington are coeditors of the History of Medieval Canon Law series.


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The Church and State Under Communism

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Canon Law Abstracts

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The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author : Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc
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Index to Legal Periodicals Books

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European Union the Second Founding

Author : Ludger Kühnhardt
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The author is presenting a broadly structured study about the first fifty years of European integration, its geopolitical context and academic reflection. His study is based on the two-fold thesis that since a few years, the European Union is going through a process of its Second Founding while simultaneously changing its rationale.

A Pronouncing Gazetteer and Geographical Dictionary of the Philippine Islands

Author : United States. Bureau of Insular Affairs
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The Slaves of the Churches

Author : Mary E. Sommar
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"This is the story of how the church sought to establish norms for slave ownership on the part of ecclesiastical institutions and personnel and for others' behavior towards such slaves. The story begins in the New Testament era, when the earliest Christian norms were established and continues through the Late Roman Empire, the Germanic kingdoms, and the Carolingian empire, to the thirteenth-century establishment of a body of ecclesiastical regulations (canon law) that would persist into the twentieth century. Along with an analysis of the various policies and statutes, chronicles, letters, and other documents from each of the various historical periods provide insight into the situations of these unfree ecclesiastical dependents. The book stops in the thirteenth century, which was a time of great changes, not only in the history of the legal profession, but also in the history of slavery as Europeans began to reach out into the Atlantic. Although this book is a serious scholarly monograph about the history of church law, it has been written in such a way that no specialist knowledge is required of the reader, whether a scholar in another field or a general reader interested in church history or the history of slavery. Historical background is provided and there is a short Latin lexicon"--

Dictionary of Theologians to 1308

Author : Jonathan Hill
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An exhaustive guide to every significant Christian theologian from the first century through to the death of John Duns Scotus in 1308, the Dictionary of Theologians is an invaluable window into the complex world of early and medieval Christian thought. The dictionary encompasses the Catholic, Orthodox, Nestorian and Monophysite traditions, including information not previously available in English. Thoroughly indexed, the dictionary includes common variants of names and concepts which will help and direct the reader. With over 290 entries, each provides an accessible summary of a theologians life and writings that reflect recent scholarship, as well as an up to date bibliography containing all primary and secondary texts and translations in the major western European languages published as of 2008. Useful for all levels of academia; no other text matches the depth of the dictionarys bibliographies. The unprecedented thoroughness of Hills compilation has provided an indispensable resource for even the most penetrating of studies on so large and varied a range of Church thinkers.