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Churches Cultures and Leadership

Author : Mark Lau Branson
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In a world that is more culturally diverse than ever, pastors and lay leaders need skills and competencies to serve in multicultural contexts. This rich blend of astute analysis and practical guidance offers a praxis of paying attention, study, and discernment that leads to genuine reconciliation and shared life empowered by the gospel.

Churches Cultures and Leadership

Author : Mark Branson
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As the church continues to heed Christ's call to reflect the multiethnic character of his people, pastors and lay leaders need to gain skills and competencies to serve in those contexts. The multicultural team of Juan Martinez and Mark Branson has written this book to equip such leaders to carry out God?s reconciling initiatives effectively.

Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World

Author : LaMar Herndon
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In Constructing Blue-Collar Leaders in a White-Collar World . . . "Dr. LaMar Herndon considers a group of leaders often overlooked and occasionally denigrated-the-bivocational pastor. Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World integrates important theoretical leadership concepts with spiritual and practical realities. Dr. Herndon explores important topics such as trends and issues facing the global church and its leaders, leadership models, values and ethics, character and integrity, cultural effects, creativity and innovation, reverse mentoring, and strategic planning. This book is a profoundly honest hands-on guide to what constitutes a true leader serving as a bivocational minister." -Dr. Gary Oster Regent University School of Business & Leadership, Virginia Beach, VA "Down through my thirty plus years of education, ministry, and leadership I have read many books on the subject of leadership. Some have challenged me and inspired me, but none have done so at the level of Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World. As a State Minister, I work with many bivocational and blue collar Pastors. I will be using Dr. Herndon's book as a primary resource to assist me in working with those Pastors in challenging and inspiring them in their leadership development." -Dr. Darryl Allen State Minister KY Church of God Ministries, Adjunct Professor at Nazarene Bible College & Mid-America Christian University "It [Constructing Blue-Collar Leaders in a White-Collar World] is an excellent presentation of leadership issues every pastor needs to understand to some degree. The chapter on "Values and Ethics" is worth the price of the book. Thanks for sharing the results of your many hours of study and hard work." -Ray Gilder National Coordinator Bivocational and Small Church Leadership Network, Bivocational Small Church Ministries Specialist Tennessee Baptist Convention "Dr. LaMar Herndon presents leadership from a very down to earth and practical approach. This book seeks to help the bivocational church leader be effective while balancing these two worlds. I believe this book needs to be in every pastor, minister, and leaders library; whether bivocational or not." -Rev. Jewel D. Williams, M.R.E. (Church of God, Anderson, IN Author of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Living our Theology, and the Path of a Preacher

Leadership God s Agency and Disruptions

Author : Mark Lau Branson
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Leaders in congregations and Christian organizations wrestle with an unraveling of the world in which they have little experience and training. While they are offered unending resources by experts on leadership, some with claims to biblical blueprints, the challenges seem mismatched to those methods. Branson and Roxburgh frame the situation as one in which “modernity’s wager”—the conviction that God is not necessary for life and wisdom and meaning—has defined the Western imagination. Because churches and leaders are colonized by this ethos, even when God is named and beliefs are claimed, approaches to leadership are blind to God’s agency. Branson and Roxburgh approach this challenge as a work in practical theology, attending to our cultural context, narratives of God’s disruptive initiatives in Scripture, and a reshaping of leadership theories with a priority on God’s agency. With years of experience as teachers, consultants, and guides, they name practices which lead to more faithful participation. Leadership, God’s Agency, and Disruption is wide-ranging in cultural and biblical scholarship, challenging in its engagement with numerous leadership studies, and practical with its focus toward the on-the-ground life of churches and organizations.

Cultural Insights for Christian Leaders Mission in Global Community

Author : Douglas McConnell
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This volume helps leaders and leaders-in-training become students of culture who can then contextualize what they learn for their own organizational settings. Douglas McConnell, a respected leader in the worlds of missiology and higher education, enables readers to understand intercultural dynamics so they can shape their organizational cultures and lead their organizations in a missional direction. This is the latest volume in an award-winning series emphasizing mission as partnership with Christians around the globe.

Cracking Your Church s Culture Code

Author : Samuel R. Chand
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Strategies for transforming a toxic church culture Why is it that the best strategic plans and good leadership often are not able to move churches in the desired direction? Sam Chand contends that toxic culture is to blame. Quite often, leaders don't sense the toxicity, but it poisons their relationships and derails their vision. This work describes five easily identifiable categories of church culture (inspiring-accepting-stagnant-discouraging-toxic), with diagnostic descriptions in the book and a separate online assessment tool. The reader will be able to identify strengths and needs of their church's culture, and then apply practical strategies (communication, control and authority, selection and placement of personnel, etc.) to make their church's culture more positive. Discusses how to diagnose the state of a church's culture Reveals what it takes to put in place effective strategies for creating a more positive church culture Author served on the board of EQUIP (Dr. John Maxwell's Ministry), equipping five million leaders world-wide. This important book offers a clear guide for understanding and recreating a healthy church culture.

Look Before You Lead

Author : Aubrey Malphurs
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Pastoral ministry is challenging work, especially when a pastor ignores the church's "congregational culture" when seeking to minister to church members or implement changes. Just as a pastor studies to interpret the Scriptures in order to understand and preach the Bible, he or she must interpret the local church culture to better understand and move it toward accomplishing its mission and vision. In Look Before You Lead, trusted church leadership expert Aubrey Malphurs shows pastors how to read their church's unique local culture, how to change or revitalize it, and even how to combine two cultures when one church adopts another. This unique resource approaches leadership and discernment from a solid, biblical perspective and includes a number of helpful appendixes, such as a behavior, belief, and a values audit, that are key to reading and understanding the culture.

Making Christianity Work Letters and Lessons on Leadership Theology and the Church

Author : Carl Shank
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The Maturing Church

Author : Ermias G. Mamo
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For a church to be considered mature an integrated approach between contextualization, discipleship and mission is required. Globally, the church is facing multiple challenges both rom within and from without. Despite the challenges, however, churches in the Majority World continue to grow rapidly. But is this growth in numbers accompanied by spiritual depth? And is this growth built upon biblical and theological foundations, so that the church can play its transforming role in the world? In this book, Dr Ermias Mamo makes the case for an integrated approach, guiding the reader through the topics of discipleship, mission and contextualization, for which he uses his home country of Ethiopia as a working example. Dr Mamo closes with strategies for effective contextualized discipleship and the impact such an approach will have on the future of the church. This is a resource that will benefit all who wish to be part of a church that seeks to shape its theological learning, institutional structure and core values around their identity in Christ and God-given mission.

An Ordinary Mission of God Theology

Author : Andrew R. Hardy
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The mission church literature seems to be dominated by idealized conceptions of the benefits of equipping congregations to participate in local mission work. This investigation challenges this idealism, by paying critical attention to congregants’ ordinary theologies that develop in reaction to the communication of Missio Dei theology to them. Their voices are absent from the formal literature. The study employs rescripting methodology to modify key assumptions made in the formal ecclesiological literature by drawing on insights that come from Christians’ ordinary theological voices. The study traces how the introduction of a Missio Dei theology to a British Reformed congregation had a significant impact on them. A small team of Christian leaders communicated Missio Dei theology to this church over a period of six years. It found that mission changes came at substantial personal cost to the church’s members: 1) a schism occurred when congregants attempted to remove the leader responsible for these changes from his office as church pastor, and a third of congregants left the church because they did not want to embrace the church’s new mission identity; 2) three divergent groups then emerged—two of them wanted different kinds of churches that seemed incompatible; 3) two thirds of members supported and participated in the church’s mission activities, which put strains on some of their families; 4) unresolved tensions continued to impact the congregation throughout the whole change process; 5) unexpectedly, for a Reformed church, a third group made up of women developed prophetic practices that arose due to the mediation of Missio Dei theology. Vitally, this thesis challenges the notion that helping churches to become mission-focused will make them thrive.