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Tendencias y retos en la formaci n inicial de los docentes

Author : Juan Carlos Torre Puente (coord.)
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Bewegung Spiel und Sport in Kindheit und Jugend

Author : Hans Peter Brandl-Bredenbeck
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Las Instalaciones Deportivas en Espa a y su Incidencia en la actividad f sico deportiva de la poblaci n

Author : Pablo Burillo
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Europe Active s Essentials for Fitness Instructors

Author : EuropeActive
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EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors contains the most comprehensive information and materials to guide fitness instructors towards best practices in helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals. Endorsed by EuropeActive, the fitness and health industry’s standard-setting authority in Europe, this manual is essential for all aspiring and qualified fitness instructors. This resource includes fundamentals and best practices of concepts, procedures, duties and responsibilities that individual and group fitness instructors perform on the job, covering the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for level 3 classification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the baseline standards for registered fitness instructors in Europe. It provides mechanical and physiological information with hands-on techniques and practical examples to ensure that all fitness instructors deliver enjoyable and effective exercise sessions. Authored by renowned experts from all over Europe, EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors supports fitness instructors in promoting healthy lifestyle management and exercise adherence. Current and future fitness instructors will learn ideal ways to do the following: • Build rapport and motivate participants. • Identify participants’ motives and goals. • Prepare appropriate choreography and use music. • Provide effective and safe instruction; display and provide feedback on technique; and give advice on intensity, progressions and adaptations. • Deliver excellent customer service and be a positive role model for participants in a clean and safe environment. The book begins by addressing customer service and communication. By first detailing the principles of customer service, the importance of communication in teaching and how to provide and receive feedback, fitness instructors can receive the information that follows with the proper mind-set. The book then delves into the core of physiology of individual fitness training, giving instructors a solid base from which to work with clients. Chapters on cardiorespiratory exercise and resistance exercise explain the science and training methods specific to each type of workout, including optimal warm-ups and cool-downs, adaptations and matters of safety. A chapter on principles of training, including progression, dose–response relationship, specificity, overload and reversibility, ties all of these concepts together. The second half of the book deals with effective group instruction, specifying how to incorporate the science of training with the art of class leadership. Preparing for, delivering and even ending a class come with particular strategies that will boost retention and results, and three chapters on music and choreography take the guesswork out of structuring a routine. Finally, a chapter on stress management offers an overview of the effects of stress on health, symptoms to watch for and relaxation techniques. The book concludes with an appendix of the EuropeActive EQF level 3 standards for reference. Aspiring and qualified fitness instructors have a duty of care to keep up with the latest health and fitness standards. EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors ensures instructors are properly serving their industry and their clients. For those who promote physical activity and healthier lifestyles, there is no other title with more authority in Europe.

Ageing Physical Activity and Health

Author : Karin Volkwein-Caplan
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One of the most pressing questions facing society today is how to care for its burgeoning elderly population. By the year 2050, experts predict that one-third of the world’s population will be over 60 years old. Health promotion for the elderly is therefore becoming an increasingly important topic in public policy and planning. This book examines the challenges presented by an ageing global population, our varying expectations of healthy ageing, and the importance of exercise and physical activity for the elderly. Drawing on empirical research from around the world, it considers the factors that influence health and well-being in later life and compares practices and policies designed to promote healthy ageing. It presents case studies from 15 countries spanning Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia, and sheds light on how attitudes to physical activity differ across nations, regions and cultures. Ageing, Physical Activity and Health: International Perspectives is important reading for all students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in physical activity, public health, exercise science or gerontology.

Women and Sport in Latin America

Author : Rosa Lopez de D'Amico
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This multidisciplinary book draws on sociology, cultural studies, anthropology and history, to explore the diversity, challenges and achievements of Latin American women in sport. It offers an in-depth analysis of women’s sport in ten countries across Latin America, insights into the sport activities of indigenous peoples, and the contributions of Latin American women to sport living outside of the region. The book also provides a comprehensive overview of international developments in gender and sport research, policy development and theory, and addresses sport participation at many levels including in school-based physical education, community and high performance contexts.

Diccionario Biling e de Met foras y Metonimias Cient fico T cnicas

Author : Georgina Cuadrado Esclapez
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Diccionario Bilingüe de Metáforas y Metonimias Científico-Técnicas presents the extensive range of metaphoric and metonymic terms and expressions that are commonly used within the fields of science, engineering, architecture and sports science. Compiled by a team of linguists working across a range of technical schools within the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, this practical dictionary fills a gap in the field of technical language and will be an indispensable reference for students within the fields of science, engineering or sports science seeking to work internationally and for translators and interpreters working in these specialist fields.

Deporte y cambio social en el umbral del siglo XXI

Author : Asociación Española de Investigación Social Aplicada al Deporte. Congreso
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Perspektiven einer interkulturellen Musikp dagogik

Author : José A. Rodríguez-Quiles y García
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XI International Symposium in Strength Training

Author :
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Innovation and Research

Author : Miguel Botto-Tobar
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This book presents the proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Innovation and Research – A Driving Force for Socio-Econo-Technological Development (CI3 2020). CI3 was held on June 18–19, 2020. It was organized by the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Rumiñahui and GDEON, in co-organization with Higher Institutes: Libertad, Bolivariano, Vida Nueva, Espíritu Santo, Sudamericano Loja, Central Técnico and sponsored by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Perú), the Federal University of Goiás (Brazil) and HOSTOS—Community University of New York (USA). CI3 aims to promote the development of research activities in Higher Education Institutions and the relationship between the productive and scientific sector of Ecuador, supporting the fulfilment of the National Development Plan “Toda una vida 2017-2021”.

Monitoring and Promoting Physical Activity and Physical Fitness in Children

Author : Adilson Marques
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Physical Education Initiatives for Early Childhood Learners

Author : Gil-Madrona, Pedro
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In early childhood education, children find in their own body and movement the main way to get in touch with the reality that surrounds them and, therefore, acquire knowledge about the environment in which they grow and develop. Undoubtedly, the progressive discovery of the body itself as a source of feelings and sensations, as well as exploring the different possibilities of action and bodily functions, constitutes necessary experiences on which children's thinking is built. Furthermore, the affective relationships established in psychomotor education situations, and particularly through play, are essential for the emotional development of children. Physical Education Initiatives for Early Childhood Learners offers globalized educational practices, didactic approaches, and proposals for intervention around motor development in the children ages 0-6 years. The book specifically explores laterality, coordination, relaxation, rhythm, etc. and how these are achieved through games, music, and motor stories. This book is ideal for early childhood educators, physical education teachers, administrators, daycares, preschools, early childhood learning centers, researchers, academicians, and students interested in physical education’s role in early child development.

Europe Active s Foundations for Exercise Professionals

Author : EuropeActive
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EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals provides core knowledge and industry standards to help exercise professionals serve their clients. Endorsed by EuropeActive, the continent’s leading standard-setting organisation in fitness and health, this text is an authoritative guide for current and future exercise professionals and training providers in Europe. The book uses scientific foundations to cover concepts and hands-on skills that promote best practices in exercise instruction and training. The content applies to all levels of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and associated job titles—the only resource to do so—and matches the core information for EQF levels 3 and 4. Thus, this instructional guide ensures smooth movement and work transfers among employers, educational institutions and countries in Europe. Written by renowned experts in exercise and sport sciences and framed in the European Register of Exercise Professionals’ Code of Ethical Practice for exercise professionals, the text offers several practical features for readers: • Easy-to-apply instruction accompanied by 88 full-colour photos and 68 illustrations offer an ideal visual learning experience. • Complete descriptions and images detail proper form for common free-weight and machine-resistance training exercises. • Explanations and recommendations are included for the most popular cardiorespiratory exercise equipment. • Official nutrition recommendations prepare professionals to address clients’ concerns. • The complete Code of Ethical Practice serves as a guide for all exercise professionals in Europe. EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals begins by covering the bones, joints, muscles and cardiovascular system to ensure a proper understanding of the body’s movement and physiology. Readers then learn the components of exercise theory and prescription, including energy systems; body composition; resistance, aerobic and flexibility training; warm-up and cool-down; and the principle of progression. The book helps professionals become role models in the industry with information on managing lifestyle through physical activity, health, nutrition, hydration and safety. After gaining foundational knowledge, readers will look closer at the role of the exercise professional, starting with building rapport, motivating, screening and assessing clients. The final chapters discuss the basic aspects of training: exercise technique using weight machines, free weights and cardiorespiratory equipment. Both aspiring and qualified exercise professionals should keep abreast of foundational information about all areas of the health and fitness sector in order to properly serve the industry and their clients. EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals is an ideal reference for promoting physical activity, making lifestyles healthier and guiding clients toward their fitness goals.

Analysing Psychosocial and Contextual Factors Underpinning Bullying and Cyberbullying

Author : Eva M. Romera
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The Private Sport Sector in Europe

Author : Antti Laine
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This book outlines the private sport sector in different European countries. Sport in the European countries is organized in three distinct sectors. These are the state/public sector, which provides financial and political support for sport infrastructure; the civic/non-profit sector, which provides sport activities and services for citizens, usually in the forms of sport clubs; and the private sector, which is comprised of profit-making private companies and professional teams that produce and sell sport products and services. The private sport sector is becoming ever more important in a global market economy and a financial climate characterized by a public sector in crisis. Taking this into consideration, this book provides a detailed outline of the structure and characteristics of the private sport sector, discusses recent developments in the sector, and compares data across business fields and countries. Containing contributions from sport academics from eighteen countries, this book provides an overall, up-to-date picture of the private sport sector in Europe. Filling a significant gap in sport sociology and economics scholarships, this book will be of use to students and scholars of business and social sciences of sport as well as decision makers and the entrepreneurs.

Improving Gender Equity in Sports Coaching

Author : Leanne Norman
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The sport coaching profession has historically been and continues to be a White male-dominated occupation and this remains a global issue. This imbalance persists despite an improvement in wider social attitudes and legislation towards equality and diversity within many societies, and despite the action by sporting organisations and national governing bodies. Within the research literature, the underrepresentation of women in sport coaching is a well-documented issue with a number of research studies highlighting the experiences and impact of being in the minority for women coaches. The issue of gender inequity in sport coaching is a long-standing one and shows little sign of changing significantly anytime soon. Therefore, a new approach is needed, one that draws on the knowledge and evidence we have to create actionable, sustainable, deep-rooting interventions that challenge the issue of gender equity at its very core. The overall purpose of Improving Gender Equity in Sports Coaching is to take an action or forward-thinking approach about what works, or could work, to improve the recruitment, development, or promotion of women sport coaches. The book brings together a global group of esteemed scholars working in this subject area. In this book, we have brought together not just the insight but also a collection of strategies and recommendations as to how this research could be or has been utilised to make our sport coaching envrionment places where all coaches feel as though they belong. As such, this ground-breaking book is a must read not just for students and researchers of gender equity in sport but also for policy and decision-makers working in sport.

Sport Policy Systems and Sport Federations

Author : Jeroen Scheerder
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This book explores the organisation and structure of sport in and beyond Europe. Drawing upon up-to-date data, the collection’s main focus lies on the relationship between public sport policy structures and sport (con)federations. The authors present thirteen country-specific contexts wherein sport policy systems are embedded. This evidence provides in-depth descriptions and analyses within a solid academic and theoretical framework. This volume will be of interest to students and scholars of Sociology of Sport, Sport Management and Sport Policy.

Proceedings of AC 2018 in Prague

Author : Group of Authors
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International Academic Conferences in Prague, August 10 - 13, 2018