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Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas

Author : Raghvendra Kumar Chaudhary
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This book introduces 5 key feeding techniques such as coaxial probe, microstrip, conformal strip, aperture, and coplanar waveguide and covers different shapes of dielectric resonator antennas leading to improvement in circularly polarized (CP) performance. It introduces advancements in the field of dielectric resonator antennas and dilectric resonator antennas (DRAs). Five different types of feeding techniques (i.e. coaxial probe, microstrip, conformal strip, aperture, and coplanar waveguide) are described for obtaining CP followed by two modified shaped DRA (sector DRAs). Throughout this book, rectangular and circular with their modified shapes of the dielectric resonator are utilized, providing differing degrees of freedom as well as different variable parameters, including length, width, height, radius, aspect ratio and dielectric constant, which are tuned to obtain the desired antenna parameters.

Omnidirectional Dielectric Resonator Antennas for Achieving Circularly Polarized Diversity

Author : 李威蔚
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Design and Analysis of a Compact Dielectric Resonator Circularly Polarized Antenna and Four Resonator Bandpass Filter at Ku band for Satellite Communications Applications

Author : Joshua Matthew Patin
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All communications systems require band-limiting filters and antennas for proper operation. In space communications, strict requirements on size, weight, and power necessitate the use of low power, low loss components which are physically small and lightweight. Often times, higher frequencies are also desired in order to sustain higher data transfer rates. Circular polarization is a common need for space communications, as the atmosphere can unpredictably re-orient the polarization of a linearly polarized system. A need therefore exists for low loss, miniaturized high frequency filters and antennas for these applications. Moreover, the antenna must satisfy the circular polarization need. This thesis presents a study of dielectric resonator use for the design of a dielectric resonator filter and dielectric resonator antenna, both at Ku-band frequencies for satellite communications applications. Dielectric resonator filters can obtain very high quality factor (Q) responses due to their inherent low loss material, which is lucrative for communications systems, while dielectric resonator antennas can exhibit low loss and high radiation efficiency, but present a challenge in excitation for circular polarization from single feed designs. The filter designed in this research is a four element dielectric resonator filter operating at a center frequency of 13.029 GHz with a bandwidth of 89.5 MHz, and achieving a loaded Q of 145.58. The filter utilizes microstrip excitation of four dielectric resonators in the TE01[subscript lower case delta] resonant mode in iris-coupled cavities mounted on a low loss substrate. An investigation of the substrate topology, parametric studies on the filter parameters, and filter tuning methodologies are presented. This thesis also presents a dielectric resonator antenna achieving right handed circular polarization centered at 12.935 GHz, with a 17.24% 3 dB axial ratio bandwidth. The antenna features a single feed design utilizing back-side microstrip excitation through novel bowtie cross slots, exciting the dielectric resonator in the HEM11[subscript lower case delta] resonant mode. Parametric studies on the antenna parameters are presented and used to tune the final design. A prototype dielectric resonator antenna was fabricated and experimentally verified for impedance matching and radiation patterns showing reasonable agreement with the simulated data.

Nano Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Applications

Author : Rajveer S. Yaduvanshi
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We are always surrounded by electromagnetic waves and fields of various spectra. This book explains basic electromagnetic theory with the help of design formulations i.e. mathematical background on antennas along with experimentations, which has made this book unique. The main purpose of this book is to embed mathematical EM theory of dielectric resonator antennas with experimental validation so that understanding of concepts takes place. Initially, basic understanding of philosophy of dielectric resonators has been discussed, then it is supported with mathematical modeling and later same is implemented with its prototype model along with experimentations. The modes theory gives important analysis on currents distribution, impedance analysis and radiation pattern in DRA. Circular polarization can built signal robustness, case studies on circular polarization has been included. Equivalent RLC circuit concept has been introduced. Challenges of switching from microwave to terahertz has been briefly discussed. Nano DRA will revolutionize the wireless technology. Nano DRA ,Terahertz DRA and Quantum DRA have analyzed and studied.

Circularly Polarized Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antennas for Personal Communications

Author :
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Circularly Polarized Antennas

Author : Steven Shichang Gao
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This book presents a comprehensive insight into the design techniques for different types of CP antenna elements and arrays In this book, the authors address a broad range of topics on circularly polarized (CP) antennas. Firstly, it introduces to the reader basic principles, design techniques and characteristics of various types of CP antennas, such as CP patch antennas, CP helix antennas, quadrifilar helix antennas (QHA), printed quadrifilar helix antennas (PQHA), spiral antenna, CP slot antennas, CP dielectric resonator antennas, loop antennas, crossed dipoles, monopoles and CP horns. Advanced designs such as small-size CP antennas, broadband, wideband and ultra-wideband CP antennas are also discussed, as well as multi-band CP antennas and dual CP antennas. The design and analysis of different types of CP array antennas such as broadband CP patch arrays, dual-band CP arrays, CP printed slot arrays, single-band and multi-band CP reflectarrays, high-gain CP waveguide slot antennas, CP dielectric resonator antenna arrays, CP active arrays, millimetre-waveband CP arrays in LTCC, and CP arrays with electronically beam-switching or beam-steering capabilities are described in detail. Case studies are provided to illustrate the design and implementation of CP antennas in practical scenarios such as dual-band Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers, satellite communication mobile terminals at the S-band, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers at 2.4 GHz, and Ka-band high-speed satellite communication applications. It also includes the detailed designs for a wideband Logarithmic spiral antenna that can operate from 3.4-7.7 GHz. In addition, the book offers a detailed review of the recent developments of different types of CP antennas and arrays. Presents comprehensive discussions of design techniques for different types of CP antennas: small-size CP antennas, broadband CP antennas, multi-band CP antennas and CP arrays. Covers a wide range of antenna technologies such as microstrip antennas, helix, quadrifilar helix antenna, printed quadrifilar helix antenna, dielectric resonator antennas, printed slots, spiral antennas, monopoles, waveguide slot arrays, reflectarrays, active arrays, millimetre-wave arrays in LTCC, electronically beam-switching arrays and electronically beam-steerable arrays. Reviews recent developments in different types of CP antennas and arrays, reported by industries, researchers and academics worldwide. Includes numerous case studies to demonstrate how to design and implement different CP antennas in practical scenarios. Provides both an introduction for students in the field and an in-depth reference for antenna/RF engineers who work on the development of CP antennas. Circularly Polarized Antennas will be an invaluable guide for researchers in R&D organizations; system engineers (antenna, telecom, space and satellite); postgraduates studying the subjects of antenna and propagation, electromagnetics, RF/microwave/millimetre-wave systems, satellite communications and so on; technical managers and professionals in the areas of antennas and propagation.

Advances in Networks Security and Communications Reviews Vol 2

Author : Sergey Yurish
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Trends in Wireless Communication and Information Security

Author : Mithun Chakraborty
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Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antennas

Author : Rajveer S. Yaduvanshi
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This book covers resonating modes inside device and gives insights into antenna design, impedance and radiation patterns. It discusses how higher-order modes generation and control impact bandwidth and antenna gain. The text covers new approaches in antenna design by investigation hybrid modes, H_Z and E_Z fields available simultaneously, and analysis and modelling on modes with practical applications in antenna design. The book will be prove useful to students, researchers and professionals alike.

Electronics Communications and Networks IV

Author : Amir Hussain
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The 4th International Conference on Electronic, Communications and Networks (CECNet2014) inherits the fruitfulness of the past three conferences and lays a foundation for the forthcoming next year in Shanghai. CECNet2014 was hosted by Hubei University of Science and Technology, China, with the main objective of providing a comprehensive global foru

Proceedings of the Fifth International Mobile Satellite Conference 1997 IMSC 97

Author : Louise Anderson
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Recent Innovations in Computing

Author : Pradeep Kumar Singh
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This book features selected papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computing (ICRIC 2020), held on 20-21 March 2020 at the Central University of Jammu, India, and organized by the university's Department of Computer Science & Information Technology. It includes the latest research in the areas of software engineering, cloud computing, computer networks and Internet technologies, artificial intelligence, information security, database and distributed computing, and digital India.

Design and Analysis of Singly fed Dielectric Resonator Antennas with a Wideband Circular Polarization

Author : Mohamad Ismail Sulaiman
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The proliferation of mobile communications technology increases the demands for faster and more robust services, in addition to the ever decreasing sizes of antennas. These demands can be satisfied using circularly polarized (CP) dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) exhibiting wide operational bandwidth capability. By utilizing such antennas, the probability of linking the transmitted and received signals is higher, and the system is more reliable since the CP wave is transmitted in all planes and less susceptible to unwanted reflections and absorptions. As CP system is insensitive to the transmitter and receiver orientation, the time consuming practice of continuously aligning the antennas can be avoided. Furthermore, the antennas profile can be reduced simply by using dielectric material with higher permittivity. The thesis focuses on the design and analysis of singly-fed regular-shaped DRAs with a wideband circular polarization. Two new single-point excitation schemes that can be easily used to excite an arbitrarily shaped DRA are introduced, where a square spiral and a rectangular open half-loop are used for DRA excitation. These proposed feeding methods are based on employing conformal conducting metal strips that are placed on the DRA surface. Additionally, two different approaches are employed onto the DRA design to enhance the CP bandwidth. The first approach is based on using a multilayer dielectric, and the second introduces a parasitic half-loop inside the feeding element. The generated broad CP bands have been achieved in conjunction with sufficient impedance matching bandwidths. The studied geometries have been modeled using a comprehensive self developed MoM code that employs the volume surface integral equation (VSIE). The computed results have been validated against those obtained from measurements as well as CST microwave studio simulations. Theoretical and experimental results demonstrate a several folds enhancement in the CP bandwidths compared to those reported in the literature for identical DRA geometries.

Design and Analysis of Wideband Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications

Author : Ali Khalajmehrabadi
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Optical and Wireless Technologies

Author : Vijay Janyani
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This book presents selected papers from 1st International Conference on Optical and Wireless Technologies, providing insights into the analytical, experimental, and developmental aspects of systems, techniques, and devices in these spheres. It explores the combined use of various optical and wireless technologies in next-generation networking applications, and discusses the latest developments in applications such as photonics, high-speed communication systems and networks, visible light communication, nanophotonics, and wireless and multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The book will serve as a valuable reference resource for academics and researchers across the globe.

Modern Antenna Systems

Author : Mohammad Abdul Matin
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The field of antenna engineering has been advancing at a remarkable pace to support modern communication systems. Recently, significant progress has been made in the development of new antennas and techniques targeted for applications in medical, defense, health care, communication, etc. The motivation of this project is to present cutting-edge research materials in the field of antennas for modern wireless communication.

Recent Trends in Communication and Electronics

Author : Sanjay Sharma
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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR organized the 4th International Conference ICCE-2020 during November 28-29, 2020. Information compiled in this book is based on the 114 research papers of excellent quality covering different domains of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. The subject areas treated in the book are: Satellite, Radar and Microwave Techniques, Secure, Smart, and Reliable Networks, Next Generation Networks, Devices & Circuits, Signal & Image Processing, New Emerging Technologies, having the central focus on Recent Trends in Communication & Electronics (ICCE-2020). In addition, a few themes based on Special Sessions have also been conducted in ICCE-2020. The objective of the book resulting from the 4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Communication & Electronics (ICCE-2020) is to provide a resource for the study and research work for an interested audience comprising of researchers, students, audience, and practitioners in the areas of Communications & Computing Systems.

Miniaturized wideband circularly polarized hybrid dielectric resonator antenna

Author :
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This document reports on a compact circularly polarized hybrid dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) operating over the entire Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) frequency band, which includes the GPS, Galileo and GLONASS frequency bands. The proposed design is composed of a small cylinder of ceramic, a single layer substrate material and a back plate housing, and is therefore relatively easy to fabricate. The used concept consists of 4 sequentially rotated arc-shaped slots etched in the ground plane, which radiate in the lower part of the frequency band and feed the DRA in the upper part. This antenna was fabricated and characterized. It exhibits a good impedance matching from 1.22 to 1.71 GHz (33% bandwidth) thus covering the complete GNSS frequency band. The achieved gain is over 0 dBic and the axial ratio (AR) is lower than 2 dB at boresight over the 1.25-1.63 GHz frequency band. The halfpower beamwidth larger than 95°, and the AR beamwidth (AR

Omnidirectional Slots Antenna

Author : Junping Geng
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Omnidirectional antenna with high gain, low profile, vertical polarization, even CP polarization is very difficult to design, although it is from the dipole. In this book, a novel idea that the running wave in the coaxial wire is disturbed by the orthogonal slot array on the cylindrical metal shell is introduced, which radiates the CP wave in omni-direction. When feeding on two ends of the coaxial wire respectively, there will appear left hand circularly polarized (LHCP) omnidirectional radiation or right hand circularly polarized (RHCP) omnidirectional radiation. By introducing the T-shaped feed structure, the coaxial wire with slot array can conveniently produce the LHCP and RHCP radiation diversity with one end feeding. In the further, combining with the directional antenna, it will generate the pattern diversity in the half-sphere space. The antenna of the coaxial wire with slot array can further transform into conical CP beam antenna if the coaxial wire becomes into a conical frustum. By introducing the PIN diode into the slot, the antenna of the coaxial wire with slot array can radiate the reconfigurable directional beam by switching the states of the PIN diodes. By introducing a novel switchable microwave circuit, the omnidirectional /directional pattern switchable antenna can be realized easily.This book proposes a continues method to develop the potentialities of the omnidirectional antenna. And the readers can study the method or ideas of the omnidirectional slots antenna, even graft the CP or diversity methods to other antennae.

Intelligent Communication and Automation Systems

Author : Kamal Kumar Sharma
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This comprehensive reference text discusses concepts of intelligence communication and automation system in a single volume. The text discusses the role of artificial intelligence in communication engineering, the role of machine learning in communication systems, and applications of image and video processing in communication. It covers important topics including smart sensing systems, intelligent hardware design, low power system design using AI techniques, intelligent signal processing for biomedical applications, intelligent robotic systems, and network security applications. The text will be useful for senior undergraduate and graduate students in different areas including electrical engineering, and electronics and communications engineering.