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Cities at War in Early Modern Europe

Author : Martha Pollak
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Martha Pollak offers a pan-European, richly illustrated study of early modern military urbanism, an international style of urban design.

Early Modern Europe

Author : Mark Konnert
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"A tour de force." - Vladimir Steffel, Ohio State University

The City and the Process of Transition from Early Modern Times to the Present

Author : Magdalena Gibiec
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In 2017, during a conference held at the Historical Institute of the University of Wrocław, Poland, an international group of early career researchers and PhD students had the opportunity to discuss the process of transition in cities from early modern times to the present day. This book, arising from the discussions of that meeting, focuses on the social, economic, political and structural transformations of some cities in Europe, the Near East and Asia from the seventeenth century up to the contemporary era. The first part of the text, entitled “Facing the Other: Perception, Relations, (Co)existence” explores the attitudes of the locals towards newcomers to a city, as well as the coexistence of different social, ethnic, religious and cultural groups, and their adaptation, assimilation, integration, and rejection. The second part “The Evolution of the Urban Space” concentrates on municipal and central authorities’ policies that, together with structural transformations in the urban tissue, had a direct impact on public space and the everyday life of the city dwellers. The volume will serve to contribute to the international discussion on the complexity of progressive urbanisation and its consequences from the early modern period onwards.

War and the State in Early Modern Europe

Author : Jan Glete
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The 16th and 17th centuries saw many ambitious European rulers develop permanent armies and navies. Jan Glete examines this military change as a central part of the political, social and economic transformation of early modern Europe.

Literary Forgery in Early Modern Europe 1450 1800

Author : Walter Stephens
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Havens, Jack Lynch, Shana D. O’Connell, Ingrid Rowland, Walter Stephens, Elly Truitt, Kate Tunstall

The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe

Author : Daniel H. Nexon
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Looks at the pivotal events of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - including the Schmalkaldic War, the Dutch Revolt, and the Thirty Years' War. This book argues that early modern 'composite' political communities had more in common with empires than with modern states.

A Community at War

Author : John Wroughton
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Garrison Towns and Society in Early Modern Europe

Author : Thomas Riis
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Program of the Annual Meeting American Historical Association

Author : American Historical Association
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Some programs include also the programs of societies meeting concurrently with the association.

Towns and Networks in Early Modern Europe

Author : Peter Clark
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Cities and the Making of Modern Europe 1750 1914

Author : Andrew Lees
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A survey of urbanization and the making of modern Europe from the mid-eighteenth century to the First World War.

The Process of Change in Early Modern Europe

Author : Miriam Usher Chrisman
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Historians of Early Modern Europe

Author :
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Urban Decline in Early Modern Germany

Author : Terence McIntosh
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During the Middle Ages, southwest Germany was one of the most prosperous areas of central Europe, but the Thirty Years' War brought devastating social and economic dislocation to the region. Focusing on the town of Schw bisch Hall, Terence McIntosh explor

Liberty and Order in Early Modern Europe

Author : J. H. Shennan
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Borders and Travellers in Early Modern Europe

Author : Thomas Betteridge
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Early modern Europe was obsessed with borders and travel, concepts that appealed and appalled in equal measure. Adopting a broad cultural approach, this collection presents a series of essays dealing with travel in the near east, Venice and Germany, trave

Scholars of Early Modern Studies

Author :
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The Structure of European History Early modern Europe 1450 1650

Author : Norman F. Cantor
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The Origins of War in Early Modern Europe

Author : Jeremy Black
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Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Author : Hobsons Publishing, PLC
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