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City of Life City of Death

Author : Max Michelson
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A stirring and haunting personal account of the Soviet and German occupations of Latvia and of the Holocaust. Michelson had a serene boyhood in an upper middle-class Jewish family in Riga, Latvia at least until 1940, when the fifteen-year old Michelson witnessed the annexation of Latvia by the Soviet Union. Private properties were nationalised, and Stalin's terror spread to Soviet Latvia. Soon after, Michelson's family was torn apart by the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. He quickly lost his entire family, while witnessing the unspeakable brutalities of war and genocide. Michelson's memoir is an ode to his lost family.

Life and Death in the Ancient City of Teotihuacan

Author : Rebecca Storey
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Cities arose independently in both the Old World and in the pre-Columbian New World. Lacking written records, many of these New World cities can be studied only through archaeology, including the earliest pre-Columbian city, Teotihuacan, Mexico, one of the largest cities of its time (150 B.C. to A.D. 750). Thus, an important question is how similar New World cities are to their Old World counterparts. Storey's research shows clearly that although Teotihuacan was a very different environment and culture from 17th-century London, these two great cities are comparable in terms of health problems and similar death rates.

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Author : Jane Jacobs
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Thirty years after its publication, The Death and Life of Great American Cities was described by The New York Times as "perhaps the most influential single work in the history of town planning....[It] can also be seen in a much larger context. It is first of all a work of literature; the descriptions of street life as a kind of ballet and the bitingly satiric account of traditional planning theory can still be read for pleasure even by those who long ago absorbed and appropriated the book's arguments." Jane Jacobs, an editor and writer on architecture in New York City in the early sixties, argued that urban diversity and vitality were being destroyed by powerful architects and city planners. Rigorous, sane, and delightfully epigrammatic, Jacobs's small masterpiece is a blueprint for the humanistic management of cities. It is sensible, knowledgeable, readable, indispensable. The author has written a new foreword for this Modern Library edition.

Life Death and Community in Cairo s City of the Dead

Author : Hassan Ansah
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THE CITY OF THE DEAD is a mysterious area of Cairo that many Egyptians are aware of but not intimately connected too. This book provides a historical evolution of a residential cemetery more than four centuries old. Beneath a modern multilane highway lies a vast intricately connected ancient necropolis that stretches over three kilometres. The primary focus of the book is to analyze, understand, and to share the unique history and culture of this hidden, yet dynamic city with the outside world. It is here that life and death reconcile under the amazingly interesting stories of the lives shared by its community members. From the Majestic Citadel to the wonderfully designed grave tombs of unknown mystic saints, this book expresses the historical and cultural voice of this indomitable city which never stops reinventing itself. This panoramic story of a city that oscillates between the sacred and the profane- ancient tombs coalesce with chaotic markets- blends the personal touch of first hand travel with the in depth provocation of history. It is a sweeping, lucid work.

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities

Author : Greg Woolf
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"This book offer a new account of the ancient cities of the Mediterranean world. We are used to thinking of Athens and Rome and Alexandria as great models of urbanism, and of the ancient world itself as a world of cities. In fact cities came late to this corner of Eurasia and were almost always tiny compared to those of neighbouring regions. Greg Woolf sets the slow growth of ancient cities in the context of our species great urban adventure which began six thousand years ago. He asks why, if as a species we are pre-adapted to live in cities, the Greeks and Romans, and Phoenicians and Etruscans and all their neighbours came so late to urban life. Answering this question involves probing questions of human evolution, of Mediterranean ecology, and of ancient imperialisms. Ancient cities emerged from a mixture of accident and entrepreneurship, from local projects of state building and the whims of kings and generals. The handful of ancient mega-cities will built and sustained at enormous cost and against the ecological odds and collapse as soon as imperial powers lost the will or power to keep them going"--

The City of the Dead

Author : Jeffrey A. Nedoroscik
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Presents a comprehensive look at Cairo's City of the Dead, and includes biographies of some of the residents of the cemeteries.

Sick City

Author : Richard Barnett
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Odessa Genius and Death in a City of Dreams

Author : Charles King
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"Rich and riveting, complex and compelling, powerful and poetic."—Peter M. Gianotti, Newsday In Odessa, the greatest port on the Black Sea, a dream of cosmopolitan freedom inspired geniuses and innovators, from the writers Alexander Pushkin and Isaac Babel to Zionist activist Vladimir Jabotinsky and immunologist Ilya Mechnikov. Yet here too was death on a staggering scale, as World War II brought the mass murder of Jews carried out by the city’s Romanian occupiers. Odessa is an elegy for the vibrant, multicultural tapestry of which a thriving Jewish population formed an essential part, as well as a celebration of the survival of Odessa’s dream in a diaspora reaching all the way to Brighton Beach.

Beyond the Bottom Line

Author : Andrew Spicer
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This is the first collection of original critical essays devoted to exploring the misunderstood, neglected and frequently caricatured role played by the film producer. The editors' introduction provides a conceptual and methodological overview, arguing that the producer's complex and multifaceted role is crucial to a film's success or failure. The collection is divided into three sections where detailed individual essays explore a broad range of contrasting producers working in different historical, geographical, generic and industrial contexts. Rather than suggest there is a single type of producer, the collection analyses the rich variety of roles producers play, providing fascinating and informative insights into how the film industry actually works. This groundbreaking collection challenges several of the conventional orthodoxies of film studies, providing a new approach that will become required reading for scholars and students.

City of God

Author : Saint Augustine
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City of God is an enduringly significant work in the history of Christian thought, by one of its central figures Written as an eloquent defence of the faith at a time when the Roman Empire was on the brink of collapse, this great theological and philosophical work by St Augustine, bishop of Hippo, examines the ancient pagan religions of Rome, the arguments of the Greek philosophers and the revelations of the Bible. Pointing the way forward to a citizenship that transcends worldly politics and will last for eternity, City of God is one of the most influential documents in the development of Christianity. Translated with Notes by Henry Bettenson with an Introduction by G. R. Evans

The City of God Volumes I II

Author : Aurelius Augustine
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One of Augustine's most famous works, this book tells of the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the holy and righteous City of God from the ashes. While building a utopia much like The Republic does, Augustine uses sound theology to build the foundations of the cities morals and lawful authority. Many theologies, especially within the Catholic tradition, owe their beginnings to the teachings of Augustine and this work is one of the starts of the field. This is a revised version of Devoted Publishing's 1st edition of this work.

City of Death

Author : Ephraim Mattos
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A frontline witness account of the deadly urban combat of the Battle of Mosul told by former Navy SEAL and frontline combat medic Ephraim Mattos. After leaving the US Navy SEAL teams in spring of 2017, Ephraim Mattos, age twenty-four, flew to Iraq to join a small group of volunteer humanitarians known as the Free Burma Rangers, who were working on the frontlines of the war on ISIS. Until being shot by ISIS on a suicidal rescue mission, Mattos witnessed unexplainable acts of courage and sacrifice by the Free Burma Rangers, who, while under heavy machine gun and mortar fire, assaulted across ISIS minefields, used themselves as human shields, and sprinted down ISIS-infested streets-all to retrieve wounded civilians. In City of Death: Humanitarian Warriors in the Battle of Mosul, Mattos recounts in vivid detail what he saw and felt while he and the other Free Burma Rangers evacuated the wounded, conducted rescue missions, and at times fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the Iraqi Army against ISIS. Filled with raw and emotional descriptions of what it's like to come face-to-face with death, this is the harrowing and uplifting true story of a small group of men who risked everything to save the lives of the Iraqi people and who followed the credence, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." As the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling American Sniper, Scott McEwen has teamed up with Mattos to help share an unforgettable tale of an American warrior turned humanitarian forced to fight his way into and out of a Hell on Earth created by ISIS.

Katrina and the Lost City of New Orleans

Author : Rod Amis
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New Orleans is the Lost City of America. New Orleans has disappeared as surely as the lost city of Atlantis or the lost city of Pompeii, which former mayor Marc Morial and Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA.) have compared us to in their statements. That New Orleans, the New Orleans I mean to tell you about, that will never, ever, exist again--that city of love, lust, death and sex--will never exist again. A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Fund. The cooks, servers and restaurant workers of New Orleans have provided fabulous times and memories for millions. Now we must remember them in their time of need.

Ash Mistry and the City of Death

Author : Sarwat Chadda
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Ash Mistry was just a slightly geeky kid until he fell on the wrong arrowhead and absorbed the unstoppable powers of the Death Goddess Kali. Now Ash can kill any living thing with a touch, so when the demon servants of the evil Lord Savage come after him again, you'd think he'd be ready to take them on. But how do you kill something that never lived?

The City of God Books VIII XVI

Author : Saint Augustine
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No description available

The City of Death

Author : Sarwat Chadda
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Perfect for fans of Roshani Chokshi and Rick Riordan! "A fabulous, action-packed modern take on Indian mythology. I can't wait to read more!" -- Rick Riordan on The Savage Fortress Meet Ash Mistry: eighth grader, pretty good video gamer, guy with a massive crush on the beautiful Gemma . . . Oh, and the Eternal Warrior of the death goddess Kali. Just when Ash has settled back into his everyday London life, his friend Parvati arrives with a mission: The evil Lord Savage is plotting to steal the Koh-I-Noor diamond. Ash and Parvati manage to intercept it, but at a terrible price-Gemma's death. Outcast and heartbroken, Ash returns with Parvati to India, where he meets up with old friends and develops new powers. But he's haunted by Gemma and thoughts of revenge. As he hunts Savage all the way to a long-hidden kingdom, Ash must face the prospect that he may no longer be entirely human . . . and his warrior side may lie beyond his control.

City of the Dead

Author : Sharon Stewart
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"A god of death lurks in the streets ... an ethereal presence types messages on a computer screen ... Spine-tingling tales guaranteed to take readers to the edge of fear and back" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

Symphony for the City of the Dead

Author : M. T. Anderson
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A 2016 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Finalist National Book Award winner M. T. Anderson delivers a brilliant and riveting account of the Siege of Leningrad and the role played by Russian composer Shostakovich and his Leningrad Symphony. In September 1941, Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht surrounded Leningrad in what was to become one of the longest and most destructive sieges in Western history—almost three years of bombardment and starvation that culminated in the harsh winter of 1943–1944. More than a million citizens perished. Survivors recall corpses littering the frozen streets, their relatives having neither the means nor the strength to bury them. Residents burned books, furniture, and floorboards to keep warm; they ate family pets and—eventually—one another to stay alive. Trapped between the Nazi invading force and the Soviet government itself was composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who would write a symphony that roused, rallied, eulogized, and commemorated his fellow citizens—the Leningrad Symphony, which came to occupy a surprising place of prominence in the eventual Allied victory. This is the true story of a city under siege: the triumph of bravery and defiance in the face of terrifying odds. It is also a look at the power—and layered meaning—of music in beleaguered lives. Symphony for the City of the Dead is a masterwork thrillingly told and impeccably researched by National Book Award–winning author M. T. Anderson.

City of the Dead

Author : Daniel Blake
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Daniel Blake more than delivers on the promise of his acclaimed thriller Thou Shalt Kill, bringing back detective Franco Patrese in City of the Dead, “a blood-soaked, full-throttle descent into hell and one of the best thrillers you will read this or any other year” (Lorenzo Carcaterra). “You’re not tainted. You’re not one of them. I need you alone. . . .” The woman who contacted Franco Patrese was the ultimate New Orleans society belle: beautiful, seductive, cunning, and, in this case, desperate. The personal assistant to the city’s most powerful man, she had to meet Patrese in secret. Fearful whispers of “sacrifices” were all Patrese could glean; she didn’t live long enough to tell him any more. Patrese had come to New Orleans, buffeted by the winds of fate, bearing a pain that cops know too well. His native Pittsburgh was still in his bones, while a disaster on a tropical island had shaken his soul. In the thick, hot, exotic world of the Crescent City he began to come alive again. But now he cannot afford to be the new guy, the guy on the outside looking in. A second body has been found, just like the first: Dismembered. A snake, an axe head, a mirror. And blood. A whole lot of blood. Patrese’s partner is a devout New Orleans native with a past she keeps private. By Selma Fawcett’s side, Patrese races in the footsteps of a serial killer who seems steeped in voodoo and linked to a priestess who practices her dark arts in the clear light of day—and the glare of the media. The more he learns about the victims and their connections, the more bizarre the case becomes. Then a veteran-turned-drug dealer takes him one step further, deep into a realm in which murder is only one kind of perversion. Patrese and Selma, traveling from the French Quarter to Natchez and the bayou, don’t realize they are out of time. A tide of corruption and secrecy is rising all around them. They are the tainted ones: two good cops, targeted by a force more malevolent than any one before.

Silence of the Soul

Author : D. Robert Kennedy and S. June Kennedy
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This wonderful book about the spiritual power of silence in the soul could only come from a person to whom silence has become loud with the voice of God. It is a great gift.