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Classical Armenian Culture

Author : Thomas J. Samuelian
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

An Armenian Mediterranean

Author : Kathryn Babayan
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This book rethinks the Armenian people as significant actors in the context of Mediterranean and global history. Spanning a millennium of cross-cultural interaction and exchange across the Mediterranean world, essays move between connected histories, frontier studies, comparative literature, and discussions of trauma, memory, diaspora, and visual culture. Contributors dismantle narrow, national ways of understanding Armenian literature; propose new frameworks for mapping the post-Ottoman Mediterranean world; and navigate the challenges of writing national history in a globalized age. A century after the Armenian genocide, this book reimagines the borders of the “Armenian,” pointing to a fresh vision for the field of Armenian studies that is omnivorously comparative, deeply interconnected, and rich with possibility.

A Bibliography of Articles on Armenian Studies in Western Journals 1869 1995

Author : Vrej N Nersessian
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Covers a comprehensive range of periodicals - well over 165 in all.

Encyclopedia of Indo European Culture

Author : Douglas Q.. Adams
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The Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture is a major new reference work that provides full, inclusive coverage of the major Indo-European language stocks, their origins, and the range of the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language. The Encyclopedia also includes numerous entries on archaeological cultures having some relationship to the origin and dispersal of Indo-European groups -- as well as entries on some of the major issues in Indo-European cultural studies.There are two kinds of entries in the Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture: a) those that are devoted to archaeology, culture, or the various Indo -European languages; and b) those that are devoted to the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European words.Entries may be accessed either via the General Index or the List of Topics: Entries by Category where all individual reconstructed head-forms can also be found. Reference may also be made to the Language Indices.In order to make the book as accessible as possible to the non-specialist, the Editors have provided a list of Abbreviations and Definitions, which includes a number of definitions of specialist terms (primarily linguistic) with which readers may not be acquainted. As the writing systems of many Indo-European groups vary considerably in terms of phonological representation, there is also included a list of Phonetic Definitions.With more than 700 entries, written by specialists from around the world, the Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture has become an essential reference text in this field.

Das Partherreich und Seine Zeugnisse

Author : Josef Wiesehöfer
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Inhalt: M. J. Olbrycht: Kultur der Steppengebiete - A. Invernizzi: Parthian Nisa - V. S. Curtis: The Parthian Costume and Headdress - H. von Gall: Architektur und Plastik unter den Parthern - R. M. Schneider: Bilder der Parther und des Orients in Rom - A. Hintze: The Avesta in the Parthian Period - R. Schmitt: Parthische Sprach- und Namenuberlieferung aus arsakidischer Zeit - R. J. van der Spek: The RahEimesu Archive - B. van Wickevoort Crommelin: Die Parther und die parthische Geschichte bei Pompeius Trogus-Iustin - J. W. Drijvers: Strabo on Parthia and the Parthians - N. Ehrhardt: Parther und parthische Geschichte bei Tacitus - T. Rajak: The Parthians in Josephus - E. Kettenhofen: Die Arsakiden in den armenischen Quellen - W. Posch: Chinesische Quellen zu den Parthern - M. Alram: Stand und Aufgaben der arsakidischen Numismatik - O. Bopearachchi: Indo-Parthians - M. Schuol: Zeugnisse zur Geschichte und Kultur der parthischen Charakene - E. Dabrowa: Zeugnisse zur Geschichte der parthischen Elymais und Susiane - J. Wiesehofer: Geschichte und Kultur der Persis unter den Parthern - M. Schottky: Zur Geschichte von Media Atropatene und Hyrkanien in parthischer Zeit - F. Millar: Dura-Europos under Parthian Rule - S. R. Hauser: Hatra und das Konigreich der Araber - A. Kuhrt: Concluding Remarks "This volume, by concentrating on the sources for Parthian history, is an important contribution, on which all further research must be based; it is also equipped with excellent indices." The Classical Review . (Franz Steiner 1998)

Indo European Language and Culture

Author : Benjamin W. Fortson, IV
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This revised and expanded edition provides a comprehensive overview of comparative Indo-European linguistics and the branches of the Indo-European language family, covering both linguistic and cultural material. Now offering even greater coverage than the first edition, it is the definitive introduction to the field. Updated, corrected, and expanded edition, containing new illustrations of selected texts and inscriptions, and text samples with translations and etymological commentary Extensively covers individual histories of both ancient and modern languages of the Indo-European family Provides an overview of Proto-Indo-European culture, society, and language Designed for use in courses, with exercises and suggestions for further reading included in each chapter Includes maps, a glossary, a bibliography, and comprehensive word and subject indexes

Languages and Cultures of Eastern Christianity Georgian

Author : Stephen H. Rapp
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This volume brings together a set of key studies on the history and culture of Christian Georgia, along with a substantial new introduction. The opening section sets the regional context, in relation to the Byzantine empire in particular, while subsequent parts deal with the conversion and christianization of the country, the making of a 'national' church and the development of a historical identity.

The Mekhitarist Contributions to Armenian Culture and Scholarship

Author : Kevork B. Bardakjian
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Matt os U hayec i and His Chronicle

Author : Tara L. Andrews
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Winner of the 2018 Dr Sona Aronian book prize for Excellence in Armenian Studies In Mattʿēos Uṙhayecʿi and His Chronicle Tara L. Andrews offers the first in-depth analysis of the history written by Mattʿēos, an Armenian priest living in Edessa around the turn of the twelfth century.

Favorite Armenian Fairy Tales Sirvats Haykakan Hekiatnere

Author : Eliza Garibian
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This book presents five of our favorite classical Armenian fairy tales. We retold these fairy tales avoiding cruelty but keeping enough of frightening staff to keep kids reading. We also changed the names of some of them. Ghazaros Aghayan is the author of "Anahit," "Enchanted Prince" and "Aram and Zangi-Zrangi." "Enjoy Your Life" was written by Hovhannes Toumanyan. "The Lazy Princess" is an Armenian folktale. These tales will help young readers to better understand Armenian culture, its high appreciation of hard work, craftsmanship, courage and family values.