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Administrative Theories And Management Thought 2Nd Ed

Author : R. K. Sapru
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Business Information Sources

Author : Lorna M. Daniells
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Lists and describes the various types of general business reference sources and sources having to do with specific management functions and fields

Management Principles

Author : Pieter Johannes Smit
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Book & CD. To improve on an award-winning book poses a major challenge to its authors. The authors of this book took the challenge head-on by conducting a major research study to determine what exactly the outcomes are that managers at different levels must deliver in contemporary organisations in South Africa, and the rest of Africa. The findings of this study, which dealt with current and near-future management issues, as well as classical and contemporary thinking about management, were used as the blueprint for the updating of this book. After placing management in context, the authors deal with the knowledge, skills and dispositions required of managers to perform the management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling in a volatile business world. Examples of how the functions are applied in practice are cited throughout the book. These examples refer mainly to South African organisations and situations that managers in South Africa, and Africa, have to deal with to create and sustain a competitive advantage for their organisations. The book endeavours to break down the silo effect of seeing the management functions as separate activities. This is done by continuously placing the management function at hand in a bigger context. This enables learners of management to assess the implications of management decisions on different people, processes, systems and so on that make up the organisation.

Classics of Organization Theory

Author : Jay M. Shafritz
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Compiled by three of the most influential authors in the field, CLASSICS OF ORGANIZATION THEORY, Eighth Edition is a collection of the most enduring works in organization theory. To help students grasp important themes, perspectives, and theories, the authors describe what organization theory is, how it has developed, and how its development has coincided with events and changes in other fields. This highly acclaimed reader is not simply a retelling of the history of organization theory; its evolution is told through the words of the distinguished theorists themselves. The readings in this edition have been thoroughly reviewed and updated. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Principles of Chinese Management

Author : Haibo Hu
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This book focuses on ancient Chinese management thoughts, building a Chinese management theory system and defining the core concepts. Firstly, it systematically reviews the excellent management ideas in traditional Chinese culture from the perspective of modern management, summarizing the experience and wisdom of Chinese management in order to disseminate the ideas to global readers, and highlighting the soft power of Chinese culture. Secondly, based on the management practices of Chinese local enterprises, the book refines the Chinese management model, constructing a modern management theory system with Chinese characteristics to promote innovation and changes in global management theory.

Human Foundations of Management

Author : D. Melé
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Human Foundations of Management explores the human foundation of management and economic activity in a way that is accessible to readers. The structure and contents of this book examines those aspects of the human being which are relevant to management and economic activities.

Management Classics

Author : Michael T. Matteson
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Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

Author : Tapomoy Deb
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The Present Book Is The Most Authentic Presentation Of Contemporary Concept, Tools And Application Of Human Resource Management. All The Latest Developments In The Arena Have Been Incorporated. It Remarkably Differs From The Books On The Subject Written In A Conventional Manner As It Does Not Attempt To Rediscover Personnel Management Under The Garb Of Human Resource Management. A Separate Chapter On Strategic Human Resource Management Is The Uniqueness Of This Book. Attempt Has Been Made To Provide For The Ambitious Students And The Inquisitive Scholars A Comfortable, Genuine And Firm Grasp Of Key Concepts For Practical Application Of Human Resource Management Techniques In Actual Business Organisations. Review Questions Have Been Provided At The End Of Each Section To Help The Students Prepare Well For The Examination. In Its Description Of The Entire Conceptual Framework Of Human Resource Management, Care Has Been Taken To Avoid Jargons Which Usually Obscure A Work Of This Kind. Another Speciality Of The Book Is That It Can Be Used As A Textbook By Students And As Handbook By Hr Managers And Practitioners. It Will Be Highly Useful For The Students Of Mba/Mhrm/Mpm/Mlw/Msw In Hrm And M.Com. Courses Of All Indian Universities.

A History of Management Thought

Author : Morgen Witzel
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Of all the sciences and social sciences, management is the one that most deliberately turns its back on the past. Yet management as we know it today did not spring into life fully formed. Management has more than just a present; it also has a past, and a future, and all three are inextricably linked. This book charts the evolution of management as an intellectual discipline, from ancient times to the present day. Contemporary management challenges, including sustainability, technology and data, and legitimacy are analysed through an historical lens and with the benefit of new case studies. The author helps readers understand how the evolution of management ideas has interacted with changes in society. By framing management's history as one of challenge and response, this new edition is the perfect accompaniment for students and scholars seeking meaningful study in the business school and beyond. Essential reading as a core textbook in management history, the book is also valuable supplementary reading across the humanities and social sciences.

Management Principles and Applications For Sem 3rd Utkal University Odisha

Author : Mahajan J.P. & Singh Ravindra
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This book presents the subject matter tailor-made for the latest syllabus as per CBCS Odisha to enable its students to study the course material through a single book without having to refer to multiple sources and comprehend the subject in simple, understandable language.