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Classroom Observation Tasks

Author : Ruth Wajnryb
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Classroom Observation Tasks shows how to use observation to learn about language teaching. It does this by providing a range of tasks which guide the user through the process of observing, analysing and reflecting, and which develop the skills of observation. The book contains a bank of 35 structured tasks which are grouped into seven areas of focus: the learner, the language, the learning process, the lesson, teaching skills and strategies, classroom management, and materials and resources. Each task looks at one aspect of a particular area; for example, the language a teacher uses to ask questions, or how the teacher monitors learning, or how people interact in a lesson. Each task provides guidance in how to record observations, and questions to help users interpret the data and relate the experience to their own teaching circumstances and practice. [This book]: a- is addressed mainly to teachers, but also caters for trainee teachers, teacher trainers and others involved in school-based teacher support, teacher development and trainer training; b- has a comprehensive introduction to the tasks and a rationale covering the theoretical issues involved; and c- places the responsibility for professional growth in the hands of the teacher. -- Back cover.

Classroom Observation

Author : Matt O'Leary
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Building on recent changes and debates surrounding the use of observation, this fully updated second edition of Classroom Observation explores the role of lesson observation in the preparation, assessment and professional learning of teachers, lecturers and educators at all levels and across all educational organisations. Offering practical guidance and detailed insights on an aspect of training that is a source of anxiety for many teachers, this thought-provoking book offers a critical analysis of the place, role and nature of lesson observation in the lives of education professionals. Updated to incorporate the latest research, policy and practical developments on observation, this new edition also includes greater coverage of research and developments in the field of observation beyond the UK. Enabling readers to use observation as a lens for understanding, informing and improving teaching and learning, and equipping them with structured frameworks for applying observation, this book includes sections on: Teacher autonomy and professional identity Performance management, professional standards and accountability Peer observation, self-observation and critical reflection Educational assessment and evaluation Peer-based models of observation Using digital technology to inform learning. Written for all student and practising teachers as well as teacher educators and those engaged in educational research, Classroom Observation is an essential introduction to how we observe, why we observe, and how it can be best used to improve teaching and learning.

Materials Development in Language Teaching

Author : Brian Tomlinson
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Comprehensively revised and updated to take account of the impact of technology on the field of materials development

Working with Student Teachers

Author : Michael A. Morehead
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Supervising student teachers effectively assures that vital professional experience will be of maximum benefit to the pre-service teacher. Mentor teachers and university faculty who work with student teachers need specific training to make the experience rewarding, while the student teacher requires specific information for professional success. The primary focus of this text is based on conferences, strategies, and specific techniques that mentors can use while working with pre-service interns. Several appendices provide resources for mentors to use with the student teachers they work with and bibliographic resources are included with each chapter for additional reference. Written for mentor teachers, principals, university faculty, and anyone working with student teachers.

Current Perspectives on the TESOL Practicum

Author : Andrzej Cirocki
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This volume presents the current state of the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) practicum in 13 countries, including Armenia, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Malta, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and the USA. Together the contributions offer a unique and contemporary view of how teachers are being educated and brought into the TESOL worldwide community of practice. This is the first publication to present diverse models/frameworks of the TESOL practicum from several international teaching contexts, focusing on exemplary practicum cases in the selected countries.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Author : Jennifer Miller
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A critical reality of contemporary education in a globalised world is the growing cultural, racial and linguistic diversity in schools and the issues involved in educating increasing numbers of students who are still learning the dominant language. This poses extraordinary challenges for second and foreign language teachers in many countries, where such students must engage with the mainstream curriculum in a new language. What do these increasingly plurilingual and multicultural classrooms look like? And how do language teachers address the challenges of such diverse classrooms? This book brings together a group of well-recognised language education scholars who present their research in a range of international settings. They focus on the key areas of pedagogy, language policy and curriculum and exemplify new research directions in the field.

Mentor Courses

Author : Angi Malderez
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This practical resource book provides a collection of materials for use on mentor courses. It presents a range of activities and processes for exploring the roles and duties of mentors and for developing and practicing the skills required. The book begins with a discussion of the Principles and practice of mentor courses. There then follow several chapters that provide a wide range of in-session activities. The final chapters provide suggestions and materials for projects and assignments.

QualiTraining Leitfaden f r die Qualit tssicherung im Sprachunterricht

Author : Laura Muresan
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There is growing interest in national and regional contexts for standard-setting in areas such as evaluation, approaches to quality control and management. The ECML has developed a CD-ROM entitled "Quality Management in Language Education". Building on the outcomes of this project, this publication - a training guide for teacher trainers and multipliers responsible for quality assurance in language teaching at various levels in the educational system - has been produced. The guide aims to provide them with a complementary tool for this work, linking theory to practice with illustrative case studies from a variety of sources.--Publisher's description.

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms

Author : Jack C. Richards
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Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms introduces teachers to ways of exploring and reflecting upon their classroom experiences, using a carefully structured approach to self-observation and self-evaluation. Teachers are encouraged to collect data about their own teaching; to examine their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions; and then to use the information obtained as a basis for critical reflection on teaching practices. The approach is not linked to a particular method, but rather can be applied to a variety of approaches and teaching situations. Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions and activities appropriate for group discussion or self-study.

Researching edTPA Promises and Problems

Author : Peter B. Swanson
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Teacher effectiveness and licensure in the United States continue to be scrutinized at the state and national levels. At present, 40 states plus the District of Columbia have adopted edTPA to inform initial teacher licensure and/or certification decisions (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, n.d.). edTPA is designed to measure novice teachers’ readiness to teach their content area, with a focus on student learning and principles from research and theory (SCALE, 2015). Composed of planning, instruction, and assessment tasks, edTPA portfolios seek to provide evidence of teacher candidate readiness in three areas: (1) intended teaching, (2) enacted teaching, and (3) the impact of teaching on student learning. Specifically, edTPA measures teacher candidates’ ability to: • develop knowledge of subject matter, content standards, and subject-specific pedagogy • develop and apply knowledge of varied students’ needs • consider research and theory about how students learn • reflect on and analyze evidence of the effects of instruction on student learning (p. 1) Teacher candidates create extensive portfolios that include written commentaries explaining each task and video excerpts of a recorded teaching event. Teacher candidates must submit evidence to show their teaching prowess and pay $300, at present, to Pearson Education for their portfolio to be evaluated by external reviewers. In this volume, researchers share their experiences working with edTPA in three areas of language learning: English Language Arts, English to Speakers of Other Languages, and World Languages. The volume provides empirical research in the areas of multicultural perspectives, pedagogical practices, and edTPA (in)compatibility. Findings are of interest to multiple stakeholders such as teacher candidates, mentor teachers, teacher preparation faculty members and program coordinators, and administrators.