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Clear Your Shit paperback

Author : Dane Tomas
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Integrated Man paperback

Author : Dane Tomas
File Size : 35.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Book Writer Breakthrough Your Guide For Overcoming The Resistance To Finally Write Publish Launch Your Book paperback

Author : Dave Thompson
File Size : 47.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Demolition of the Century

Author : Duncan Sarkies
File Size : 33.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'Twisted, surprising and very very very funny. Did I put too many verys? I don't think so' Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords, on Two Little Boys Tom Spotswood (a.k.a. William McGinty) is an insurance investigator who has lost his socks, his suitcase, his career, his ex-wife, and most importantly, his son, Frank. He is being followed by Robert Valentine, the mysterious owner of the horse with no sperm; Alastair Shook and his van of teenage guards; and Spud, a demolition man who is using his wrecking ball to bring down the most beautiful movie theatre in town, the Century. To find his son he will have to come to terms with his past - a past he ran away from. But first he will have to find those socks. The Demolition of the Century appeals to fans of kooky, quirky humour similar to Flight of the Conchords.

Something of My Own

Author : Nick Zules
File Size : 38.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Clear A Transparent Novel

Author : Nicola Barker
File Size : 52.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Longlisted for the 2004 Man Booker Prize. A raucous, novel about the circus surrounding David Blaine’s starvation stunt at Tower Bridge, from a Granta Best of British Novelist.


Author : Kim Lemke
File Size : 33.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Growing up in a large family, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Invisible takes you on a retrospective journey through life as seen through the distorted eyes of Samantha Wilton, a woman who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder. What happens when a person with BPD is constantly challenged or disrespected? How much is too much, and what will the conniving mind of this deranged, seemingly normal person decide is justified? The book is a roller coaster of emotion and erratic thinking that will touch you in a way no other character ever has.

Grammar the Difference Between Knowing Your Shit and Knowing Youre Shit

Author : Language Publishing
File Size : 74.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Notebook Language EditionThe Paperback Notebook with easy-to-use ruling, the clear Table of Contents, the integrated Name Field and the Unique Design is rounded off by a beautiful Matt Premium-Cover with Creme-Colored and Numbered Pages. Best size to take it with you, wherever you want! Perfect gift for every occasion such as birthdays, B-Day or Christmas for grandma, grandpa or sister and brother. As well for your mother on mothersday or for your father on fathers day. Of course for employees, colleagues or rela gentleman and ladies too. Especially suitable as a nice present for loved ones. Use this notebook as a daily planner, annual planner, monthly planner or weekly planner. Of course there is enough space for notes and ideas to quickly capture them on paper. As a calendar or organizer you get the perfect overview of tasks appointments and events. Can also be used as a diary or a journal, for the school or as a note-pad for studying to make quickly your note or notes. During sport you can use this book as a training log, training diary, logbook, sports diary and training journal to document your successes and failures. This will make your training more effective in the long run and you will be more successful. The continuous improvement through mindfulness, self-reflection and gratitude is of course applicable to all areas of life such as hobby, leisure time and work. You want an other ruling? Then click on the author's name above the title. There you will find this cover with further different contents. Dream book not found?Have a look at our other notebooks too! Frequently we publish several designs on one topic. Just click on the author's name! Maybe you'll find what you're looking for!

Home Improvement Projects for the Busy Broke

Author : Christina Salway
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Searching for a house or apartment is difficult enough on its own—transforming it into your home is an entirely different story, especially for those who have never lived on their own before. As millenials create their first homes away from home, they are bombarded with constant DIY ideas and articles on social media. Unfortunately, many of the seemingly simple ideas are beyond the average twenty-something’s means. Home Improvement Projects for the Busy & Broke aims to give you the knowhow and teach you to decorate your home while staying within your budget, all presented in an engaging and approachable way. Each project is accompanied by a list of tools and materials needed, along with step-by-step instructions. Salway uses her wit and playful personality to describe her journey of renovating and redecorating not only her two-bedroom Williamsburg apartment, but also the New York farmhouse she and her husband bought as a major fixer-upper. Just like millenials today, she took on these projects while working a full-time job and sticking to a strict budget—the advice is tried and true! A resource for anyone who is short on time and strapped for cash, Home Improvement Projects for the Busy & Broke will help you turn any space into a unique home you love and are proud to show off.

Inspirational Book Writing paperback

Author : Dave Thompson
File Size : 64.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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