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Clinical Research

Author : Lori A. Nesbitt
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As the demand for increased knowledge and new technology continues to unfold, readers will learn how to provide excellent service to research participants with this comprehensive guide.

Clinical Research in Psychoanalysis

Author : Marina Altmann de Litvan
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This book offers different theoretical approaches about what clinical research is. Clinical Research in Psychoanalysis is a unique contribution to the attempts to bridge the gap between clinicians and researchers and to create a culture of a more rigorous and systematic inquiry. It provides an innovative experience because for the first time different methods and perspectives were used to analyse one same clinical material. This was done by analysts from different working parties of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), from a range of different schools of psychoanalytic thought. This allows the reader to have a vision of the different methods that are currently being used by some working parties of the IPA and to learn about the strengths of each one for certain situations and types of research. This book revaluates clinical research, intending to make links between the analysts working through the working parties and the different ways of thinking in clinical research. By covering key topics, such as how working parties can facilitate different types of research; the place of metaphor in psychoanalytic research and practice; and the future for psychoanalytic research, this text is a fruitful dialogue between different theoretical conceptions and between clinicians and researchers, that will expand our perspectives on the evidence we find in clinical material and will broaden our views on the patient. This book offers a unique and invaluable experience to psychologists and psychoanalysts who are trying to improve their clinical practice and bring research evidence into their psychoanalytic practice. It is an invaluable contribution to psychoanalytic training of candidates, teachers, and students.

Handbook of Clinical Psychology Competencies

Author : Jay C Thomas
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This three-volume handbook describes the core competency areas in providing psychological services relevant to practitioners as well as clinical researchers. It covers assessment and conceptualization of cases, the application of evidence-based methods, supervision, consultation, cross-cultural factors, and ethics.

The Complete Book of Medical Device Clinical Trials in the United States

Author :
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Primary Care E Book

Author : Terry Mahan Buttaro
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Written by and for Nurse Practitioners from a unique collaborative perspective, Primary Care: A Collaborative Practice, 4th Edition, prepares you to provide care for all of the major disorders of adults seen in the outpatient setting. Evidence-based content reflects the latest guidelines for primary care of hundreds of conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, and sexually transmitted infections. Now in full color, the 4th Edition includes chapters on emerging topics such as genetics, obesity, lifestyle management, and emergency preparedness. Combining a special blend of academic and clinical expertise, the author team provides a practical text/reference that promotes a truly collaborative primary care practice. Comprehensive, evidence-based content incorporates the latest standardized guidelines for primary care in today's fast-paced, collaborative environment. Unique! A collaborative perspective, reflecting the key roles of NPs, MDs, PAs, PharmDs, and others, promotes seamless continuity of care. A consistent format from chapter to chapters facilitates learning and clinical reference value. Diagnostics and Differential Diagnosis boxes provide a quick reference for diagnosing disorders and helping to develop effective management plans. Physician Consultation icons highlight situations or conditions in which consultation is either recommended or necessary. Emergency Referral icons identify signs and symptoms that indicate the need for immediate referral to an emergency facility. Co-management with Specialists discussions help you provide truly collaborative care in the outpatient setting. Complementary and alternative therapies are addressed where supported by solid research evidence.

The Crisis in Clinical Research

Author : Edward H. Ahrens
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The current crisis in clinical research cannot be fully appreciated unless the underlying economic, sociological and motivational problems in American medicine are fully understood. Accordingly, this important book describes the evolution of biomedical research in relation to changes in institutional perceptions of the importance of each of the three roles that U.S. medical schools play--teaching, research and service to patients. Ahrens meticulously analyzes seven very different kinds of research activity that are included under the term "clinical research." He describes the profound shift in emphasis from patient-oriented research to research at the cellular and molecular level. This shift has created an imbalance between two contrasting research approaches to the problems of human disease--reductionism and integrative research. In searching out the reasons for this change, Ahrens carefully examines institutional supports for clinical research--the medical school environment in which the research is carried out and the main funding source, the National Institutes of Health. This timely work identifies the fundamental differences between reductionism and integrative research and provides clear evidence that if both modes are to prosper in the future, as they must, then patient-oriented research must receive far stronger support from U.S. medical schools and the N.I.H. Ahrens masterfully argues that changes must be made in the special training of clinical investigators and in their funding requirements, and that new working partnerships between clinically skilled M.D.s and technically trained Ph.D.s are urgently needed in order to restore patient-oriented research to full productivity and to accomplish a re-balancing that most effectively assures quality research in the future.

Clinical Research Monitoring A European Approach

Author : Van Dooren A A
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Clinical research monitoring is a vital aspect of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Its principles are straightforward: they are aimed at protecting those subjects that participate in the trial, and their goal is to provide reliable data that will contribute to the safety and efficacy of the intervention under study, i.e. to support the health of future subjects. However, the practical implementation of these major goals is complicated. Various mishaps have happened in recent history, and an extensive set of international rules and regulations have emerged. This book gives a thorough survey of the ethical and legal aspects of clinical research and provides a detailed guideline for implementing these aspects into the practice of studying investigational medicinal products in humans, in the European context. It can be used as a study aid for starting monitors, a reference guide for more experienced monitors, and anyone else involved in clinical research. Contents: The PastMedicinal Products: The Development ProcessClinical Trials: Design AspectsThe Rules and the RegsThe Ethical Pillars of Clinical ResearchThe Players Part I: Ethics Committee and Data Monitoring CommitteeThe Players Part II: The Sponsor and the Clinical Research OrganisationThe Players Part III: The Investigator, the Sub-Investigator and the Clinical Research CoordinatorThe Players Part IV: The Pharmacy and the Clinical LaboratoryThe Players Part V: The Subject or PatientSafety Assessment and MonitoringThe VisitsThe Essential Documents Part I: Before Study StartThe Essential Documents Part II: During Trial ConductThe Essential Documents Part III: After Completion or Termination of the TrialData ManagementA Special Case: Medical DevicesComplianceThe Challenge of MonitoringThe Future of Clinical Trial Monitoring — Some Afterthoughts Readership: Clinical research monitors, clinical research associates, trial monitors, clinical research sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), ethics committees, clinical investigators, and study nurses. Keywords: Clinical Research;Monitoring;CRA;GCP;Clinical Trials;Drug Development;Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs)Review: Key Features: Current textbooks are US (FDA)-based, but this book covers the European situationProvides an up-to-date review of the theoretical and practical basis of clinical research monitoring and GCP, including the latest International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) GCP revisionsThe author has more than 10 years of experience in training and education of clinical research monitors

If You Work It It Works

Author : Joseph Nowinski
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Gain a clear understanding of the science and latest research behind the success of the Twelve Steps, a critical program used by millions of people around the world to stay sober and one of the greatest social movements of our time. Since the publication of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939, the Twelve Steps have been central to staying sober for millions of people around the world. Countless recovery and treatment organizations have adopted the Steps as their program for abstaining from addictive behaviors. But recently a growing chorus of critics has questioned the science behind this model. In this book, Nowinski calls upon the latest research, as well as his own seminal Project MATCH study, to show why systematically working a Twelve Step program yields predictable and successful outcomes. Whether you’re thinking of joining a Twelve Step group, or simply want to understand the science fueling one of the greatest social movements of our time, this book is for you. As any AA member will tell you, “It works if you work it.”

Specialty Competencies in Couple and Family Psychology

Author : Mark Stanton
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Specialty Competencies in Couple and Family Psychology provides a comprehensive explanation of the competencies involved in the specialty and illustrates how complexity, reciprocity, interdependence, adaptation, and self-organization are important aspects of the epistemology of a couples and family approach.

Designing Clinical Research

Author : Stephen B. Hulley
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This third edition sets the standard for providing a practical guide to planning, tabulating, formulating, and implementing clinical research, with an easy-to-read, uncomplicated presentation. This edition incorporates current research methodology and offers an updated syllabus for conducting a clinical research workshop.