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Clyde the Glide

Author : Clyde Drexler
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Through his fifteen-year career as an NBA player, Clyde Drexler played with elegance and flair, leadership and poise, integrity and an ability to come through in the clutch. He led the Portland Trail Blazers to the NBA Finals twice and helped the Houston Rockets win the NBA championship in 1995. A ten-time All-Star, a member of the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, and now a member of basketball’s Hall of Fame, Drexler reached the top of his profession without revealing many of his inner thoughts on himself or the game. Now, Clyde the Glide is finally ready to talk to his fans. From growing up in a single-parent household to life as a local teen legend, and eventually getting teamed with Hakeem Olajuwon to guide the University of Houston into the NCAA Final Four twice in the early 1980s, Clyde the Glide tells it all. Famous NBA figures such as Maurice Lucas and Patrick Ewing even add their two cents. Without a doubt, Clyde the Glide is a must-read for every ?die-hard basketball fan.

Cowards Crooks and Warriors

Author : J. C. De Ladurantey
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Family man and police officer Howard Hamilton happily works the quiet night shift in the Orchard Hills community of California. One evening, he is in a situation where he might have used his firearm but froze, which is when he starts to question his qualifications as a Police Officer. Then, the unthinkable happens: a rookie officer is killed. When the department struggles with their first on-duty death in ten years, the new chief transfers HH to day watch—where the bad luck really begins. Within days, another officer has a heart attack. Then, HH’s good friend accidently kills an officer while hunting. HH becomes unwittingly embroiled in a drug-dealing cop’s arrest. The OHPD is in a state of duress! While the department swirls in the windstorm of deaths, HH discovers the body of Ginny, sister to the largest business owner in town. She has been brutally slain in a ritualistic murder, which brings in LAPD’s occult expert. HH wants nothing more than to return to the usual night shift and his family, but first, he has to work with his nemesis to unravel a horrendous crime in a city once lauded for its peace and quiet.

Expatriate Games

Author : David Fromm
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When Dave Fromm graduated from college with good grades and high LSAT scores, he planned to apply to law school. But he actually wasn’t that sure he wanted to go, at least not right away. A few years earlier, he’d been to Prague for a weekend, and played a game of pickup basketball there. And he was a decent basketball player, though not good enough to make the team at Boston College either time he’d tried out. So he did the kind of thing we’d all do if we had the guts (and a foolhardy sense of determination) – he moved to Prague, even though he didn’t speak Czech, or know anyone who’d been to Prague, or if they had basketball leagues there, much less professional leagues, much less if they let foreigners play. Expatriate Games is Dave Fromm’s touching and amusing memoir of the year (1994) he spent playing basketball for TJ Sokol Kralovske Vinhorady, a Czech semi-pro team. Throughout, Fromm, a self-proclaimed “gym-rat,” struggles with his teammates, the European style of play, and the language barrier. But miraculously, Fromm describes how despite the struggles the team came together, a girl appeared, and he was introduced to a side of Prague most foreigners can’t--a Prague full of ghosts and back alleys and a people simultaneously embracing and reeling from transition.

Fly Off the Mountain

Author :
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I Wasn t Lucky I Was Blessed

Author : DeShannon Butler
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Are you lucky, or are you blessed? Is there a difference between being lucky and being blessed? Depending on the circumstances, one would suggest the two are very subjective. I believe, when you are blessed, you are giving a divined gift from God. You cannot not be lucky to receive such miraculous gifts. This notion of being blessed has been a life lesson for me. As a child, I always was taught to count my blessing and to always look to progress. Against all odds, I felt a calling on my life. My life experiences have shaped me to be the person I am today. I realized how sports served as a platform for my future success. It is quintessential to say I learned early in life...without being academically eligible, I could not participate in sports. "No one was going to cut me a break because of my learning disability!" More and more, this motivated me to try my best in school. Fasten your seat belt! You are about to embark on a journey of bravery, of struggles, of trials, of defeat, and of triumph. At the conclusion of this book, reflect on your own life and determine, are you lucky or blessed?

No X Cuses

Author : Mark Beecham
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Praise for No X-Cuses! No X-Cuses! takes memorable quotes from our most influential thought leaders and combines them with life experiences to which we can all relate. I have known Mark for over a decade and have been witness to many of the transformations in his life. I am certain that many people will find the power to become the best version of themselves held within the wisdom of its pages. Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniels Master Distiller "In this wise and practical book, Mark Beecham gives us the way to become more effective, more loving, and more intentional in all areas of our lives. His work covers the virtues and values that scriptures and wisdom traditions have taught since humans began living in community. His work offers personal real-life stories of people who embodied each attitude and belief that we need to improve the world that is inside of us, as well as the world that is around us." -Derek Peterson, Author of the Helping Kids Succeed series

Portland Trail Blazers

Author : Travis Clark
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Portland Trail Blazers is a beginnerÍs history of the NBAÍs Portland Trail Blazers. Beginning with the franchiseÍs early years, readers will experience the teamÍs highest and lowest moments, meet the teamÍs best players and managers, and gain the inside track on information that completes the teamÍs story. Mini-biographies, fun facts, anecdotes, fantastic quotes, and sidebars combine with full-color, action-packed photographs to round out the story of the Trail Blazers, allowing your readers Inside the NBA! SportsZone is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Numbers Don t Lie

Author : Yago Colás
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Numbers Don't Lie gives readers a multilayered understanding of basketball analytics on its own terms, describes the historical and contemporary conditions in basketball culture, science, and society that have facilitated the rise of basketball analytics, and shows the varying impact of basketball analytics.

Chicken Soup for the Baseball Fan s Soul

Author : Jack Canfield
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Play Ball! These words resonate with special meaning in the minds of anyone who has ever enjoyed a game of baseball. Every fan will be amused and touched by stories of sportsmanship and victory gathered from the clay diamonds of America.


Author : Craig Messmer
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Starting Five: Basketball’s Best...Both Real and Imagined chronicles the history of professional basketball like nothing ever has before. With a unique and creative format, it will take readers on a cover-to-cover journey of the sport’s best teams, players, and moments from the past seventy-five years. High school, college, and the ABA also get their fair share of exposure in addition to the most enjoyable and comprehensive analysis of the NBA and its superstars that you’ll find anywhere. Young fans will learn all about the history and evolution of the sport, while older readers will appreciate the author’s focus, recognizing so many of the great starting fives of all-time—both real and imagined. Filled with stories, statistics, and something for everyone, this book is the perfect gift and resource for anyone who loves the game of basketball.