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Coaching with Values

Author : Lindsay West
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COACHING WITH VALUES ‘This is an indispensable step-by-step guide from an experienced and successful practitioner, giving us everything we need to help us transform our own and others’ lives.’ Charles Fowler, Human Values Foundation Most people have an idea of what values are and know they are important, but few know which values are most important to them. Understanding and living our values benefits our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Over the past 10 years, Lindsay West has developed the I-VALUE Coaching methodology which puts values at the heart of coaching practice, dramatically changing the way people think, speak and live, giving lasting benefit. In Coaching with Values, Lindsay West introduces the concept of values, explaining where our values come from and why they are important in coaching others to achieve success, happiness and fulfilment in their lives. You can discover the power of the I-VALUE Coaching methodology, through its comprehensive framework and detailed techniques which enable you to adopt a values-based approach to your own life and practice. Coaching with Values leads you from the first exploration of values through to using values for setting goals, managing emotions and making change. Motivation, self-esteem, decision-making and reducing stress are all examined through the enlightening perspective of values. ‘Anyone interested in values and making a lasting difference to themselves and others will surely want to have this book by them constantly.’ Maureen Watson, UK Values Alliance

The Secret of Coaching and Leading by Values

Author : Simon L. Dolan
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Coaches play a major role in helping people understand their values and the values of their surroundings and helping them make choices and adapt. Sometimes the choice may be to find a situation more in sync with your values. Or it may mean working hard on yourself or in concert with your partner, team, or organization. Whatever we need to do to attain it, a positive fit makes for a happier person, and a happier person will be more successful. This accessible and practical book will help coaches, educators, leaders, and managers understand the philosophy, methodology, and tools that can be used to make a person happier, healthier, and more productive at work and in life in general. This book compiles short vignettes from over a dozen global academics and celebrated executive coaches, sharing information about aligning values in different settings. Based on years of research and written for readers from all walks of life, you will learn that when you understand your core values, place them on a triaxial template, and align them with your definition of success, everything changes. It will help you come out of your comfort zone in order to embrace the future and enhance the quality of your life. For this, you need a concept, a methodology, and effective tools, all of which are offered in this book. Rich with practical step-by-step methodologies and tools to facilitate values-led leadership, coaching, and mentoring, this book is essential for any change agent, be it a coach, a leader, an educator, or any person who is interested in learning how to become more effective, improve their practice, and engage in self or professional coaching. At the same time, it will enhance leadership qualities.

Values and Ethics in Coaching

Author : Ioanna Iordanou
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A complete guide to exploring values and ethics in coaching

Coaching by Values Cbv

Author : Simon L. Dolan
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This book is about values. It is about life values, work values, family values, and world values. It is also about value alignment. Author Simon Dolan extends the concepts presented in the best-selling Managing by Values, adding many innovations including a step-by-step methodology for diagnosing value congruence and tools for conducting real value reengineering (value alignment). Dolan argues that when people understand their values (regardless of how and why they have emerged), and analyze their relative importance and consequences, they can see more clearly how these values affect their daily lives. Extensive research shows that realignment of values ensures better congruence with goals and objectivesresulting in deeper inner satisfaction, which positively affects overall well-being, state of mind, performance, and general happiness. This is what the author calls success in the life of business and the business of life. The description is fresh and innovative, the methodology is clear, and the tools can be used by individuals, business professionals, families, organizations, and wellness and life coaches alike. Click on the links below for available book reviews.

Coaching with the Brain in Mind

Author : David Rock
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Coaching Brain in Mind Foundations for Practice David Rock and Linda J. Page, PhD Discover the science behind brain-based coaching By understanding how the brain works, coaching professionals can better tailor their language, strategies, and goals to be in alignment with an individual's "hard-wired" way of thinking. Written by two well-known coaching professionals, David Rock and Linda Page, Coaching with the Brain in Mind presents the tools and methodologies that can be employed by novice and experienced coaches alike to create an effective—and ultimately more rewarding—relationship for both coach and client. This informative guide to the neuroscience of coaching clearly demonstrates how brain-based coaching works in practice, and how the power of the mind can be harnessed to help an individual learn and grow. Illustrated with numerous case examples and stories, this book is organized for immediate use by professionals in their client work. Coverage includes: A succinct but comprehensive overview of the major scientific and theoretical foundations for coaching and their implications for practice How the language of coaching—setting goals, making connections, becoming more aware, seeking breakthroughs, and taking action—parallels what neuroscientists tell us about how the brain operates Neuroscience as a natural platform for the ongoing development of coaching Building on the existing foundation of coaching by adding neuroscience as an evidence base for the profession, Coaching with the Brain in Mind shows that it is possible to become a better professional coach by understanding how the brain works. As well, the authors, through their research, present that an understanding of neuroscience research, however new and speculative, can help coaches and leaders fulfill their potential as change agents in the lives of others.

Sport Coaching with Diverse Populations

Author : James Wallis
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Sports coaches apply their skills in a wider variety of contexts, and with a more diverse range of athletes and participants, than ever before. This book introduces the professional competencies and knowledge needed to build successful working relationships across the different communities and groups with which coaches operate. The book offers important insight for coaches who work with specific populations including different age groups; black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people; those of different gender or sexual orientation; individuals with disabilities or illness; the socio-economically disadvantaged; and refugees. Drawing on real-world case studies, such as coaching girls in combat sports and coaching cardiac rehab patients, and adopting a critical approach to values, philosophy and pedagogic process, this book argues that understanding the recipient of coaching and their particular needs is as important as content knowledge. With contributions from leading coaching researchers and practitioners, this is important reading for developing coaches, students on sports courses and other individuals involved in the sport pedagogy domain who seek to gain a better understanding of the demands of meeting the specific needs of people in the coaching process.

Evolutionary Coaching A Values Based Approach to Unleashing Human Potential

Author : Richard Barrett
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No matter what type of coach you are, if you are concerned with the healthy psychological growth of your clients, this is a book you should read. It is not about coaching per se, it is about the framework of human development that coaches need to be familiar with in order to facilitate the full emergence of their client’s potential: not just helping people become more proficient at what they do, but helping them participate in their own evolution, the evolution of their organizations, the evolution of our global society and the evolution of our species. Part I explores the theory of human emergence, providing a detailed description of the seven stages of psychological development, the evolution of cultural world views, the evolving structure and operation of the human mind/brain and the six evolutionary stages in human decision-making.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Author : Stephen Neale
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Emotional Intelligence Coaching examines the vital role emotions and habits play in performance. Emotional intelligence can help leaders and coaches recognize how attitudes - both their own and those of the people they coach - prevent individuals from reaching their potential. Replacing these with more useful feelings and thoughts can provide a powerful means of improving performance. This book explains the principles of emotional intelligence and how these relate to coaching for performance. It includes practical activities for those seeking to identify and adapt their behaviour in order to achieve more. Never before have emotional intelligence and coaching been brought together in this way to help you develop your own and other people's performance.

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

Author : Linda M. Gross Cheliotes
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This companion and follow-up book to Coaching Conversations brings the coaching style of leadership to life with stories of real people using coaching skills to empower their staff.

Acceptance and Commitment Coaching

Author : Jon Hill
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Jon Hill and Joe Oliver introduce the Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (ACC) model with clarity and accessibility, defining it as an approach that incorporates mindfulness and acceptance, focusing on committed, values-based actions to help coachees make meaningful changes to their lives. Acceptance and Commitment Coaching: Distinctive Features explains the ACC model in such a way that the reader will be able to put it into practice immediately, as well as offering sufficient context to anchor the practical tools in a clear theoretical framework. Split into two parts, the book begins by emphasising ACC’s relevance and its core philosophy before providing an overview of its key theoretical points and the research that supports it. The authors also explain the six key ACC processes: defusion, acceptance, contact with the present moment, self as context, values and committed action, and explain how to use them in practice. Hill and Oliver address essential topics, such as the critical work needed before and as you begin working with a coachee, how to use metaphor as an effective tool as a coach, and they finish by offering helpful tips on how to help coachees maintain their positive changes, how to make ACC accessible to all types of client, how to manage challenging coachees and how to work with both individuals and groups using ACC. Aimed specifically at coaches, the book offers context, examples, practicality and a unique combination of practical and theoretical points in a concise format. Acceptance and Commitment Coaching: Distinctive Features is essential reading for coaches, coaching psychologists and executive coaches in practice and in training. It would be of interest to academics and students of coaching psychology and coaching techniques, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practitioners looking to move into coaching.

The Coaching Manual

Author : Julie Starr
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The second edition of this bestselling manual remains the practical, readable guide to the skills, insights and perspectives of being a highly effective personal coach.

Communicating with Values

Author : James Young
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V.A.L.U.E.S. is a perfect and memorable acronym in distilling the essence of communication, the most important skill in life. This book compellingly affirms and inspires the reader to cultivate the true heart and soul of this skill kind, sincere caring. --- Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Gender Equity in Coaching

Author : Dorothy Strachan
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Coaching Excellence

Author : Frank Pyke
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No single resource can convey everything that a coach should know and do. So Coaching Excellence does the next best thing: it builds on the basics to provide you with a wealth of information so you can become more adept in your role as an excellent coach. Eighteen experts offer the best knowledge, research and insights that you can apply in working with your athletes, players and teams. This comprehensive manual focuses on the three key facets of coaching: 1. Roles and responsibilities of a coach. One size doesn’t fit all, so you will find several examples of successful coaches with quite varied personalities and skills. 2. Plans and methods that stem from the core values and that are implemented in achieving the major goals of the program. This requires ongoing evaluation of objectives and a commitment to achieving long-term success regardless of any pitfalls encountered in the process. Learn what this entails on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. 3. Applications of the sport sciences to enhance fitness and the technical, tactical and mental skills of athletes. Don’t look for a trip to the lab. All the research findings here have practical uses to take individual and team performances to new heights. Throughout the text, you will find proven strategies, advice and insights. From evaluating and teaching skills to motivation, nutrition and safety, Coaching Excellence is the complete guide to becoming a complete coach.

Coaching Skills A Handbook

Author : Rogers, Jenny
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Coaching Skills: A handbook, Third edition introduces the reader to the core skills needed to become a great coach.

The Coach s Coach

Author : Alison Hardingham
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Professional coaches and trainers, specialist consultants and coaching managers, and HR professionals.

Applied Research in Coaching And Athletics Annual

Author : Warren K. Simpson
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Coaching Issues Dilemmas

Author : Carol L. Alberts
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This book uses a practical approach to help coaches deal with the most agonizing dilemmas they will face today. It presents real-life scenarios, and provides a template to help coaches analyze a problem, consider appropriate actions, and anticipate the impact of those actions.

Relationship Coaching

Author : Yossi Ives
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Relationship Coaching provides a comprehensive guide to coaching to achieve relationship success and enrichment in three main areas: to help single people to form and secure stable relationships, to assist couples seeking to enhance their relationship and to support parents looking to improve their relationships with their children. Yossi Ives is an experienced relationship coach and Elaine Cox is an expert on developmental coaching approaches. They explain how the fundamental elements of coaching are customised and adapted to meet the needs of relationship enhancement. The book introduces specific coaching theories, processes and techniques through the use of practical case studies, which provide insight into a range of applications and contexts, and introduces new ways of approaching marriage and singles coaching. Relationship Coaching combines an accessible, practical guide with a strong theoretical underpinning. It will be an essential guide for coaches, counsellors and students, as well as other professional helpers including social workers and ministers.

Effective Coaching

Author : Donald E. Fuoss
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