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Coding Projects for All Set

Author : Various
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There is nothing more prevalent in the modern world than computers. This set teaches young readers how to think like a programmer by focusing that learning into fun, engaging activities. From endless adventures in Minecraft to spooky stories in Twine, this set lays a foundation for coding and builds on core concepts to achieve a tangible end goal, whether that is an interactive tale in Twine or a unique Minecraft mod. Readers are taught the diverse skills necessary to succeed in continued coding education, such as logic, game design, variables, and even specific programming languages, including JavaScript. Features include: Dozens of activities for each subject, culminating in final programming projects. Accessible for any level of computer science experience. Uses popular video games and creation tools to teach crucial coding concepts.

Code of Federal Regulations

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Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.

C Builder Kick Start

Author : Joseph Mayo
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C#Builder Kick Start provides a rapid overview of the C#Builder tool, a Borland developer¿s introduction to C# explaining the new forms and interfaces, and set of examples illustrating the power of C#, C#Builder, and .NET development. Special attention is paid to differences between existing Borland tools and development strategies and C#Builder.

Software Product Lines

Author : Patrick Donohoe
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Software product lines are emerging as a critical new paradigm for software development. Product lines are enabling organizations to achieve impressive time-to-market gains and cost reductions. With the increasing number of product lines and product-line researchers and practitioners, the time is right for a comprehensive examination of the issues surrounding the software product line approach. The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is proud to sponsor the first conference on this important subject. This book comprises the proceedings of the First Software Product Line Conference (SPLC1), held August 28-31, 2000, in Denver, Colorado, USA. The twenty-seven papers of the conference technical program present research results and experience reports that cover all aspects of software product lines. Topics include business issues, enabling technologies, organizational issues, and life-cycle issues. Emphasis is placed on experiences in the development and fielding of product lines of complex systems, especially those that expose problems in the design, development, or evolution of software product lines. The book will be essential reading for researchers and practitioners alike.

The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

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The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

Mastering Software Quality Assurance

Author : Murali Chemuturi
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This comprehensive reference on software development quality assurance addresses all four dimensions of quality: specifications, design, construction and conformance. It focuses on quality from both the micro and macro view. From a micro view, it details the aspect of building-in quality at the component level to help ensure that the overall deliverable has ingrained quality. From a macro view, it addresses the organizational level activities that provide an environment conducive to fostering quality in the deliverables as well as developing a culture focused on quality in the organization. Mastering Software Quality Assurance also explores a process driven approach to quality, and provides the information and guidance needed for implementing a process quality model in your organization. It includes best practices and valuable tools and techniques for software developers.Key Features • Provides a comprehensive, inclusive view of software quality • Tackles the four dimensions of quality as applicable to software development organizations • Offers unique insights into achieving quality at the component level • Deals comprehensively with all aspects of measuring software quality • Explores process quality from the standpoint of implementation rather than from the appraiser/assessor point of view • Delivers a bird's eye view of the ISO and CMMI models, and describes necessary steps for attaining conformance to those models

Xcode Tools Sensei First Edition

Author :
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Section 8 Loan Management Set Aside Program for Projects with HUD insured and HUD held Mortgages

Author : United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Jenkins The Definitive Guide

Author : John Ferguson Smart
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Streamline software development with Jenkins, the popular Java-based open source tool that has revolutionized the way teams think about Continuous Integration (CI). This complete guide shows you how to automate your build, integration, release, and deployment processes with Jenkins—and demonstrates how CI can save you time, money, and many headaches. Ideal for developers, software architects, and project managers, Jenkins: The Definitive Guide is both a CI tutorial and a comprehensive Jenkins reference. Through its wealth of best practices and real-world tips, you'll discover how easy it is to set up a CI service with Jenkins. Learn how to install, configure, and secure your Jenkins server Organize and monitor general-purpose build jobs Integrate automated tests to verify builds, and set up code quality reporting Establish effective team notification strategies and techniques Configure build pipelines, parameterized jobs, matrix builds, and other advanced jobs Manage a farm of Jenkins servers to run distributed builds Implement automated deployment and continuous delivery

Stephens C Programming with Visual Studio 2010 24 Hour Trainer

Author : Rod Stephens
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A unique book-and-DVD package from preeminent programming instructor Rod Stephens Visual C# has become a leading programming language, resulting in greater career opportunities for Visual C# programmers. This Wrox guide literally shows novice programmers how to program in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio, using both written and visual instruction. Easy-to-follow lessons reinforced with step-by-step instructions, screencasts, and supplemental exercises make it easy to master Visual C# programming regardless of your learning style. Each lesson begins with a discussion of a concept or technique and proceeds through step-by-step directions for using the technique Visual C# has surpassed Visual Basic as the most popular programming language Coverage Includes: Getting Started with the Visual Studio IDE Creating Controls Making Controls Arrange Themselves Handling Events Making Menus Making Tool Strips and Status Strips Using RichTextBoxes Using Standard Dialogs Creating and Displaying New Forms Building Custom Dialogs Using Variables and Performing Calculations Debugging Code Understanding Scope Working with Strings Working with Dates and Times Using Arrays and Collections Using Enumerations and Structures Making Choices Repeating Program Steps Handling Errors Preventing Bugs Defining Classes Initializing Objects Fine-Tuning Classes Overloading Operators Using Interfaces Making Generic Classes Reading and Writing Files Using File System Classes Printing Using the Clipboard Providing Drag and Drop Localizing Programs Programming Databases LINQ to Objects LINQ to SQL Drawing with GDI+ Making WPF Applications Printing with WPF Note: As part of the print version of this title, video lessons are included on DVD. For e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed at using a link provided in the interior of the e-book.

Microservices From Day One

Author : Cloves Carneiro Jr.
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Learn what a microservices architecture is, its advantages, and why you should consider using one when starting a new application. The book describes how taking a microservices approach from the start helps avoid the complexity and expense of moving to a service-oriented approach after applications reach a critical code base size or traffic load. Microservices from Day One discusses many of the decisions you face when adopting a service-oriented approach and defines a set of rules to follow for easily adopting microservices. The book provides simple guidelines and tips for dividing a problem domain into services. It also describes best practices for documenting and generating APIs and client libraries, testing applications with service dependencies, optimizing services for client performance, and much more. Throughout the book, you will follow the development of a sample project to see how to apply the best practices described. What You Will Learn: Apply guidelines and best practices for developing projects that use microservices Define a practical microservices architecture at the beginning of a project that allows for fast development Define and build APIs based on real-world best practices Build services that easily scale by using tools available in most programming languages Test applications in a distributed environment Who This Book is For: Software engineers and web developers who have heard about microservices, and want to either move the project/applications they work on to a service-oriented environment, or want to start a new project knowing that building services helps with ease of scaling and maintainability. The book is a reference for developers who have a desire to build software in smaller, more focused and manageable chunks, but do not know how to get started.

United States Code

Author : United States
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NET Compact Framework Programming with Visual Basic NET

Author : Paul Yao
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This definitive tutorial and reference for the .NET Compact Framework (CF) shows readers how to transfer their skills and their code to the Pocket PC 2003 and other mobile and embedded smart devices. Authors Yao and Durant draw upon their years of research and experience with members of the Microsoft .NET CF team to show exactly how the best CF programming gets done in Visual Basic .NET.

Proposed Code of Fair Competition for the Boot Shoe Manufacturing Industry

Author : United States. National Recovery Administration
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Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python

Author : Al Sweigart
File Size : 78.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN NOVICE AND PROFESSIONAL You've completed a basic Python programming tutorial or finished Al Sweigart's bestseller, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. What's the next step toward becoming a capable, confident software developer? Welcome to Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python. More than a mere collection of advanced syntax and masterful tips for writing clean code, you'll learn how to advance your Python programming skills by using the command line and other professional tools like code formatters, type checkers, linters, and version control. Sweigart takes you through best practices for setting up your development environment, naming variables, and improving readability, then tackles documentation, organization and performance measurement, as well as object-oriented design and the Big-O algorithm analysis commonly used in coding interviews. The skills you learn will boost your ability to program--not just in Python but in any language. You'll learn: • Coding style, and how to use Python's Black auto-formatting tool for cleaner code • Common sources of bugs, and how to detect them with static analyzers • How to structure the files in your code projects with the Cookiecutter template tool • Functional programming techniques like lambda and higher-order functions • How to profile the speed of your code with Python's built-in timeit and cProfile modules • The computer science behind Big-O algorithm analysis • How to make your comments and docstrings informative, and how often to write them • How to create classes in object-oriented programming, and why they're used to organize code Toward the end of the book you'll read a detailed source-code breakdown of two classic command-line games, the Tower of Hanoi (a logic puzzle) and Four-in-a-Row (a two-player tile-dropping game), and a breakdown of how their code follows the book's best practices. You'll test your skills by implementing the program yourself. Of course, no single book can make you a professional software developer. But Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python will get you further down that path and make you a better programmer, as you learn to write readable code that's easy to debug and perfectly Pythonic Requirements: Covers Python 3.6 and higher

Kotlin Blueprints

Author : Ashish Belagali
File Size : 78.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Get to know the building blocks of Kotlin and best practices when using quality world-class applications About This Book Learn to build exciting and scalable Android and web applications (both the server-side and client-side parts) with your Kotlin skills Dive into the great ecosystem of Kotlin frameworks and libraries through projects that you'll build using this book This project-based guide contains clear instructions to help you extend your applications across a wide domain Who This Book Is For This practical guide is for programmers who are already familiar with Kotlin. If you are familiar with Kotlin and want to put your knowledge to work, then this is the book for you. Kotlin programming knowledge is a must. What You Will Learn See how Kotlin's power and versatility make it a great choice to create applications across various platforms, and how it delivers business and technology benefits Write a robust web applications using Kotlin with Spring Boot Write Android applications with ease using Kotlin Write rich desktop applications in Kotlin Learn how Kotlin can generate Javascript and how this can be used on client side and server side development Understand how native applications can be written with Kotlin/Native Learn the practical aspects of programming in each of the applications In Detail Kotlin is a powerful language that has applications in a wide variety of fields. It is a concise, safe, interoperable, and tool-friendly language. The Android team has also announced first-class support for Kotlin, which is an added boost to the language. Kotlin's growth is fueled through carefully designed business and technology benefits. The collection of projects demonstrates the versatility of the language and enables you to build standalone applications on your own. You'll build comprehensive applications using the various features of Kotlin. Scale, performance, and high availability lie at the heart of the projects, and the lessons learned throughout this book. You'll learn how to build a social media aggregator app that will help you efficiently track various feeds, develop a geospatial webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot, build responsive web applications with Kotlin, build a REST API for a news feed reader, and build a server-side chat application with Kotlin. It also covers the various libraries and frameworks used in the projects. Through the course of building applications, you'll not only get to grips with the various features of Kotlin, but you'll also discover how to design and prototype professional-grade applications. Style and approach Each chapter is independent and focuses on a unique technology, where Kotlin is used to build an example application. Together the chapters cover a full spectrum.

Popular Mechanics Complete Home How to

Author : Albert Jackson
File Size : 26.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides an extensive home repair guide for both interior and exterior home repairs, including installing windows, laying floors, and building fences.

Complete Guide to Digital Project Management

Author : Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar
File Size : 75.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get a 360-degree view of digital project management. Learn proven best practices from case studies and real-world scenarios. A variety of project management tools, templates, models, and frameworks are covered. This book provides an in-depth view of digital project management from initiation to execution to monitoring and maintenance. Covering end-to-end topics from pre-sales to post-production, the book explores project management from various dimensions. Each core concept is complemented by case studies and real-world scenarios. The Complete Guide to Digital Project Management provides valuable tools for your use such as: Frameworks: governance, quality, knowledge transfer, root cause analysis, digital product evaluation, digital consulting, estimation Templates: estimation, staffing, resource induction, RACI Models: governance, estimation, pricing, digital maturity continuous execution, earned value management and effort forecast Metrics: project management, quality What You’ll Learn Study best practices and failure scenarios in digital projects, including common challenges, recurring problem themes, and leading indicators of project failures Explore an in-depth discussion of topics related to project quality and project governance Understand Agile and Scrum practices for Agile execution See how to apply Quality Management in digital projects, including a quality strategy, a quality framework, achieving quality in various project phases, and quality best practices Be able to use proven metrics and KPIs to track, monitor, and measure project performance Discover upcoming trends and innovations in digital project management Read more than 20 real-world scenarios in digital project management with proven best practices to handle the scenarios, and a chapter on a digital transformation case study Who This Book Is For Software project managers, software program managers, account managers, software architects, lead developers, and digital enthusiasts

Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin

Author : United States. Internal Revenue Service
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Visual Basic 4 Multimedia Adventure Set

Author : Scott Jarol
File Size : 34.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Covering the latest version of Visual Basic, the authors take readers into the fascinating world of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Learn about multimedia and Windows programming, programming the Windows API, creating multimedia applications for the Internet and World Wide Web and video capturing the editing using Video for Windows.