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Cognitive Linguistics and Translation

Author : Ana Rojo
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The papers compiled in the present volume aim at investigating the many fruitful manners in which cognitive linguistics can expand further on cognitive translation studies. Some papers (e.g. Halverson, Muñoz-Martín, Martín de León) take a theoretical stand, since the epistemological and ontological bases of both areas (cognitive linguistics and translation studies) should be known before specific contributions of cognitive linguistic to translation are tackled. Several works in the volume attempt to illustrate how some of the notions imported from cognitive linguistics may contribute to enrich our understanding of the translation process in a general translation problem such as metaphor (e.g. Samaniego), the relationship between form and meaning (e.g. Tabakowska, Rojo and Valenzuela) or cultural aspects (e.g. Bernárdez, Sharifian/Jamarani). Others use translation as an empirical field to test some of the basic assumptions of cognitive linguistics such as frames (e.g. Boas), metonymy (e.g. Brdar/Brdar-Szabó), and lexicalisation patterns (e.g. Ibarretxe-Antuñano/Filipovi?). Finally, another set of papers (e.g. Feist, Hatzidaki) opens up new lines of investigation for experimental research, a very promising area still underdeveloped.

Cognitive Linguistics and Poetics of Translation

Author : Elżbieta Tabakowska
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Translation and Cognition

Author : Gregory M. Shreve
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"Translation and Cognition" assesses the state of the art in cognitive translation and interpreting studies by examining three important trends: methodological innovation, the evolution of research design, and the continuing integration of translation process research results with the core findings of the cognitive sciences. Several of the volume s essays focus on fruitful new process research methods, such as eye tracking and keystroke logging that have arisen to supplement the use of think-aloud protocols. Another set of contributions investigates how some central theories, concepts, and methods from our sister disciplines of psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience can inform our understanding of translation processes and their development in novices and experts. Yet another set of essays argues that methodological innovation and integration with the cognitive sciences can lead to more robust research designs and theoretical frameworks to explain the intricacies of cognitive processing during translation and interpreting. Thus, this timely volume actively demonstrates that a new theoretical and methodological consensus in cognitive translation studies is emerging, promising to greatly improve the quality, verifiability, and generalizability of translation process research."

The Interface between Scientific and Technical Translation Studies and Cognitive Linguistics

Author : Ralph Krüger
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Scientific and Technical Translation (STT) is a highly complex and knowledge-intensive field of translation and cognitive linguistics is a usage-based linguistic framework which provides powerful theoretical tools for modelling knowledge organisation and representation in discourse. This book explores the interface between scientific and technical translation studies and cognitive linguistics by discussing the epistemological, contextual, textual and cross-linguistic dimensions of scientific and technical translation from a cognitive linguistic perspective. Particular emphasis is placed on explicitation and implicitation as indicators of the interaction between text and context in STT. The corpusbased investigation of the two phenomena illustrates the complex knowledge requirements pertaining to scientific and technical translation and demonstrates the explanatory power of cognitive linguistics with regard to important textual and contextual aspects of STT.

The Handbook of Translation and Cognition

Author : John W. Schwieter
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The Handbook of Translation and Cognition is a pioneering, state-of-the-art investigation of cognitive approaches to translation and interpreting studies (TIS). Offers timely and cutting-edge coverage of the most important theoretical frameworks and methodological innovations Contains original contributions from a global group of leading researchers from 18 countries Explores topics related to translator and workplace characteristics including machine translation, creativity, ergonomic perspectives, and cognitive effort, and competence, training, and interpreting such as multimodal processing, neurocognitive optimization, process-oriented pedagogies, and conceptual change Maps out future directions for cognition and translation studies, as well as areas in need of more research within this dynamic field

Empirical Approaches to Cognitive Linguistics

Author : Milla Luodonpää-Manni
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This collection takes a cognitive linguistic view on analyzing language and presents innovative contemporary Finnish research to the international audience. The volume brings together nine chapters presenting empirical case studies that rely on various kinds of corpus data and experimental data or combine both types of empirical evidence. The topics vary from semantics to grammatical description, from terminological choices to language acquisition, and they study language from perspectives as diverse as psycholinguistics, comparative linguistics, and translation studies. A multi-methodological approach to linguistic research is promoted in this book. The idea is that language in all its diversity can best be studied by using the entire spectrum of modern quantitative and qualitative methods. It will appeal to academic readers, students, and established researchers, interested in the study of authentic linguistic material especially from the cognitive perspective.

The Nuts and Bolts of Arabic English Translation

Author : Ali Almanna
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This book is aimed primarily at undergraduate and postgraduate students of translation and contrastive linguistics across the world, as well as their instructors. It does not confine itself to showing the differences between Arabic and English in terms of traditional grammar alone, but gently extends to the discussion of such issues as functional grammar, syntax, cohesion, semantics, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, stylistics, text-typology, translation procedures, and, to a certain degree, translation theories. It will serve to develop a professional translation competence in all essential areas in students and trainees by providing a suitably wide range of bidirectional practice materials for them and their teachers. Such competence will be developed from the basis of a contrastive study of Arabic and English, and will embrace not just contrasting grammar, but also such matters as awareness of collocations, stylistics and cohesive devices and the identification of text types.

The Routledge Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics

Author : Wen Xu
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The Routledge Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics provides a comprehensive introduction and essential reference work to cognitive linguistics. It encompasses a wide range of perspectives and approaches, covering all the key areas of cognitive linguistics and drawing on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in pragmatics, discourse analysis, biolinguistics, ecolinguistics, evolutionary linguistics, neuroscience, language pedagogy, and translation studies. The forty-three chapters, written by international specialists in the field, cover four major areas: • Basic theories and hypotheses, including cognitive semantics, cognitive grammar, construction grammar, frame semantics, natural semantic metalanguage, and word grammar; • Central topics, including embodiment, image schemas, categorization, metaphor and metonymy, construal, iconicity, motivation, constructionalization, intersubjectivity, grounding, multimodality, cognitive pragmatics, cognitive poetics, humor, and linguistic synaesthesia, among others; • Interfaces between cognitive linguistics and other areas of linguistic study, including cultural linguistics, linguistic typology, figurative language, signed languages, gesture, language acquisition and pedagogy, translation studies, and digital lexicography; • New directions in cognitive linguistics, demonstrating the relevance of the approach to social, diachronic, neuroscientific, biological, ecological, multimodal, and quantitative studies. The Routledge Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics is an indispensable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for all researchers working in this area.

Machine Translation Based on Cognitive Linguistics

Author : Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt
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Translation A Multidisciplinary Approach

Author : J. House
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The cross-linguistic and cross-cultural practice of translation is a field of rapidly growing international importance. World-renowned experts offer new and multidisciplinary insights on this subject, viewing translation as social action and intercultural communication, and as a phenomenon of languages in contact and a socio-cognitive process.