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Colby s Quest

Author : Dianna Lynn
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If Colby Judd had known her and her family would be in mortal danger when she started her arduous quest to fi nd the truth of her fathers death eighteen years previous, would she have done it? The question was moot. Because here she was in that exact position. To top it off, after having no one but herself to rely on for the eighteen years following her fathers death, she fi nds herself in a position where she has to trust a ruggedly handsome stranger, Hayden Sullivan, who seems to know her family history almost as well as she does. Puzzled by her attraction to Hayden, she struggles to maintain control of her emotions while her life spins out of control.

Clara Colby

Author : John Holliday
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The book is the story about a leader in the cause, which one hundred years ago, gave American women the right to vote. Clara Colby was born in England, graduated as valedictorian of the first woman's class at the University of Wisconsin, and became a writer, publisher, teacher, public speaker, and friend of many leading figures of her day. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founders of the suffrage movement in America, became Clara Colby's mentors. Her journey is an epic saga of untiring and heroic endeavor, sometimes under the most adverse circumstances, across the United States, and her native England. She suffered great injustice, but she never complained, and her accomplishments contributed significantly to the successful introduction of the Nineteenth Amendment.

Madyson Rose Finds Love

Author : Beverly Coleman
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This novel is a fictional story about a young lady name Madyson Rose Moore. She is determine to wait on God to provide everything she desires in life. The road is rocky but Madyson Rose remains faithful to the promises of her Lord and Savior.

Nomination of William E Colby

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
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Colby and Me

Author : H. L. Wegley
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Colby and Me is a collection of true adventure stories drawn from the extraordinary lives of two best friends who believe that they grew up in the finest place at the greatest time ever to be kidsin southern Oregon during the 1950s and early 1960s. By the time H.L. was six years old, he and Colby had become best buddies who shared a love of the outdoors as well as all things that exploded, burned, or shot. H.L. shares both humorous and heartfelt stories as he chronicles many of their hair-raising adventures beginning in the little country church where Colbys shameless hound, Pal, entered one Sunday morning and walked the aisleseemingly to receive his penancebut in reality, just wanting to sit next to his beloved master. In a time when kids were free to simply be kids, H.L. details how the boys explored mountaintop limestone caves, built a rocket that went awry, and viewed a meteorite that they were sure indicated the arrival of aliens. The amusing tales of two rambunctious boys in Colby and Me highlight a time in history when children learned valuable life lessons simply by experiencing one amazing adventure after another.

Nomination of William E Colby Hearing 93 1 on Nomination of William E Colby to be Director of Central Intelligence July 2 20 and 25 1973

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Armed Services
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Colby s Wife

Author : Grace Green
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He needed a nanny… Colby Daken loved his son—but ever since seven-year-old Jamie had lost his mother, he'd been timid and shy. Jamie needed the warmth of a woman's affection to bring him out of himself. But did he want a wife? Greer knew she could help—and she'd been secretly in love with Colby for years. She'd been devastated when he'd wed her beautiful cousin, but now Colby was free to marry again. Would he finally realized that he'd chosen the wrong cousin—and that Greer was the perfect wife for him? "Grace Green generates an unbeatable emotional intensity." —Romantic Times

The Life Experience and Travels of John Colby Preacher of the Gospel

Author : John Colby
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The Cradle Conspiracy

Author : Christy Barritt
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A child in jeopardy A heart-racing The Baby Protectors story When the mother of the toddler Sienna Thompson is babysitting never returns for him—and then the child’s nearly abducted—Sienna knows their lives are in danger. Sienna’s neighbor, FBI agent Devin Matthews, thwarts the kidnapping and promises to protect Sienna and the boy. But when they discover the child’s missing mother isn’t who she claimed to be, can they survive long enough to uncover the truth?

Colby and Garden City Kans

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs
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