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Collaborative Inquiry for Educators

Author : Jenni Donohoo
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Your step-by-step guide to making collaboration work Collaborating for improved student outcomes makes sense. But beyond theory, do you know where to begin? Aligned to current Learning Forward standards and based on the latest research, this book deconstructs the collaborative inquiry process. This step-by-step guide gives facilitators tools to move teams toward purposeful, productive collaborative work with: A clear and concise four-stage model that provides a structure for facilitating successful collaborative inquiry Real-world examples from collaborative teams that model components of each stage Clear, direct, and practitioner-focused tone with an emphasis on action over theory

The Transformative Power of Collaborative Inquiry

Author : Jenni Donohoo
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Foster reflective teacher leadership and make real change happen! Teachers are powerful change agents in the on-going process of school improvement. This insightful, must-read companion guide to Donohoo’s best-selling Collaborative Inquiry for Educators helps school leaders develop a sustainable professional learning culture. Practical suggestions and in-depth research shed light on your path as you explore the benefits and challenges of adopting authentic teacher collaboration across schools and districts. Learn valuable lessons from leaders in the field and discover: A rationale and framework for engaging in inquiry The vital conditions needed to ensure systemwide collaboration Common pitfalls and the four stages of school improvement

Collaborative Inquiry and the Shared Workspace of Professional Learning Communities

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Abstract : Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore educator collaborative inquiry in the shared workspace in professional learning communities (PLCs). Specifically, this investigation was part of an ongoing investigation of well-established PLC collaborative interactions and self-directed learning of educators as part of the shared workspace as a component of school improvement. Design/methodology/approach: A qualitative design was used for this investigation. Participants were purposefully selected to provide qualitative data on existent, well-established PLCs and their practice as educators in the shared workspace. Qualitative data were collected about participant perception. Data were collected from each participant by conducting semi-structured interviews, observations, and the collection of document and artifacts. Findings: Findings from this ongoing investigation point to positive collaborative physical interactions and intellectual discourse that lead to educator learning through the collaborative inquiry process. Originality/value: Theories on PLCs and educator job-embedded professional learning are unique in this paper. The concepts of PLCs and the collaborative inquiry process have been well developed but not in the context of the shared workspace. Recent literature on effective collaborative inquiry educators undergo in PLCs as a continuing professional development model provides a foundation for the work done in this ongoing case study. Sustained collaboration and continued professional development of teaching innovations as a product of the collaborative inquiry process in the shared workspace are underdeveloped as yet but further developed in this paper.

Collaborative Inquiry in Practice

Author : John N. Bray
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As such, it is a resource for those interested in highly participative forms of qualitative research and human inquiry."--BOOK JACKET.

20 Thinking Tools

Author : Philip Cam
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Annotation. Beginning with an Introductory Toolkit, Twenty Thinking Tools shows teachers how to strengthen students abilities to ask insightful questions, to look at problems and issues from various points of view, to explore disagreements reasonably, to make appropriate use of examples, to draw needful distinctions, and generally to develop their imaginative, conceptual and logical abilities in order to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of all kinds of subject matter.

Collective Efficacy

Author : Jenni Donohoo
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Improve student outcomes with collective teacher efficacy. If educators’ realities are filtered through the belief that they can do very little to influence student achievement, then it is likely these beliefs will manifest in their practice. The solution? Collective efficacy (CE)—the belief that, through collective actions, educators can influence student outcomes and increase achievement. Educators with high efficacy show greater effort and persistence, willingness to try new teaching approaches, and attend more closely to struggling students’ needs. This book presents practical strategies and tools for increasing student achievement by sharing: Rationale and sources for establishing CE Conditions and leadership practices for CE to flourish Professional learning structures/protocols

Using Data to Improve Learning for All

Author : Nancy Love
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School leaders will discover how to implement collaborative inquiry, use data systematically and effectively, and establish an equitable school climate to improve outcomes for all students.

Ethical Dilemmas in Schools

Author : Douglas J. Simpson
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"Casuistry is probably not a word you employ in your everyday vocabulary. But I suspect that the practice of casuistry is nonetheless part of your ethical repertoire. What I mean to suggest is, you make use of actual cases of shared experience to generate ethical principles of care, justice, and responsibility and you apply already available ethical principles to new cases as they arise in an infinite and perhaps imperceptible cycle. This is a practice John Dewey learned from Aristotle and one that Doug Simpson and Mike Sacken learned from Dewey. It is a practice deeply woven into the fabric of Ethical Dilemmas in Schools: A Collaborative Approach to Inquiry, Decision-Making, and Action"--

Improving Teaching with Collaborative Action Research

Author : Diane Cunningham
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Once you've established a professional learning community (plc), you need to get this ascd (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) action tool to ensure that your plc stays focused on addressing teaching methods and student learning problems. This ascd action tool explains how your plc can use collaborative action research to formulate questions about topics of your own choosing, take action, and then collect and analyze data to answer those questions. This action research process helps your plc unearth the root causes of issues and plan corrective actions while fostering ongoing and collaborative teacher staff development. Dozens of learning activities--checklists, rubrics, planning guides, and reflection prompts--lead your plc through the steps of: (1) Developing a common understanding of effective group process and collaborative action research; (2) Identifying a meaningful starting point for inquiry, thinking through a rationale and vision for group work, and generating questions to guide the inquiry; (3) Encouraging meaningful and productive discourse among members; (4) Promoting the effective use of action planning and data; and (5) Supporting continuous assessment of results and reflection on effective practices. Each tool in the collection includes an explanation of why and how to use the tool. Whether your school is new to this action research or is already engaged in the process, this action tool gives you an easy, go-to resource that is perfect for instructional leaders of all sorts--grade-level leaders, department leaders, principals, assistant principals, and staff developers--who are responsible for facilitating improvement.

Collaborative Inquiry as a Strategy for Adult Learning

Author : Lyle Yorks
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Adult educators have a long tradition of valuing learning from experience. Collaborative inquiry (CI), a systematic process that educators can use to help adults make meaning from their experience, has attracted little attention from adult educators in North America. The contributing authors draw from collective experience and illustrate how CI is a powerful strategy for facilitating many different kinds of learning, from deep personal identity issues to innovative skills for the workplace. They bring alive the practice of CI through richly detailed case descriptions. Each project described in this book created a complex learning experience for its participants, the fullness of which cannot be captured within the space limits of this volume. Authors highlight particular characteristics of their projects so that this volume, taken as a whole, would represent the diversity of issues that we believe are important to adult educators. Each author "tells an engaging story," to evoke in the reader a felt sense of the CI experience. This book's objective is to provide guidance to adult educators while at the same time adding to the emerging discourse about this process. This is the 94th volume of the Jossey-Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education.

Collaborative Professionalism

Author : Andy Hargreaves
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Ensure Conversations About Collaboration Get Results. This book lays out the theory and practice of Collaborative Professionalism. Through five international case studies, the authors distinguish Collaborative Professionalism from professional collaboration by highlighting intentional collaborative designs and providing concrete examples for how to be more purposeful with collaboration. Additionally, the book makes Collaborative Professionalism accessible to all educators through clear take-aways including: Ten core tenets, including Collective Efficacy, Collaborative Inquiry, and Collaborating With Students. Graphics indicating how educators can move from mere professional collaboration to the deep and transformative work of Collaborative Professionalism. Analysis of which collaborative practices educators should start doing, keep doing, and stop doing Collaboration can be one of your most powerful educational tools when used correctly, and turned into action. This book shows you how.

Action Talk and Text

Author : Gordon Wells
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This book draws from six years’ work by the Developing Inquiring Communities in Education Project (DICEP) to provide a range of practical, replicable methods for building collaborative communities, in which democratic principles of education may be realized. Recognizing that each classroom is unique in its makeup, its context, and its history, these seasoned teacher-researchers rely heavily on discourse, both spoken and written, to engage students in the active learning process. Their findings are striking and clear, and testify to the exciting potential that dialogic interaction and collaborative knowledge building have for the field of education. Key features of this book are: identification of appropriate research questions; real-life teaching strategies based on extensive hands-on experience in the field; and workable suggestions for facilitating inquiry-based learning and teaching.

Perspectives on Supported Collaborative Teacher Inquiry

Author : David Slavit
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Supported collaborative teacher inquiry (SCTI) describes the process of professional development in which teacher teams build collaborative structures for the purpose of inquiring into aspects of their own instructional practice. Professional development performed collaboratively and grounded in "the work teachers do" is a highly effective forum for challenging existing beliefs about content, learners, and teaching and using data and research to reflect on, and possibly change, instructional practice. The contributors to this volume describe supported collaborative inquiry as a framework for teacher professional development and provide specific empirical evidence found in examples of SCTI. The chapters focus on the building of collaborative support structures, nurturing an inquiry stance, progressing through an inquiry process, and the various kinds of support mechanisms necessary to engage in SCTI. This seminal work in teacher research will be of interest to scholars, students, teachers, and administrators seeking insight into teacher education, teacher leadership, and teacher inquiry.

Comprehension and Collaboration Revised Edition

Author : Stephanie Harvey
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Revised ed. of: Comprehension & collaboration.

English Learner Instruction through Collaboration and Inquiry in Teacher Education

Author : James F. Nagle
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In an era of accountability and increased demand of literacy competency, this book provides examples of how teacher educators and teachers have come together to learn from each other and from English learners. The chapters in this book follow a teacher learning framework that highlights joint work, features inquiry into practice and integrates disciplinary content knowledge with culturally and linguistically responsive teaching. While the chapters feature different venues for teacher learning, they all depict the process of teachers and teacher educators striving to integrate English learner instruction into mainstream teacher education. This book will be a resource for faculty in teacher education programs and for administrative personnel in school districts to illustrate the process of building authentic collaborations that can improve teacher learning and understanding about English learner instruction.

Researching Teaching

Author : Ardra L. Cole
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B>" "Researching Teaching," with its attention to personal history influences and the broader contexts of teaching, extends the notion of teacher research beyond a curriculum focus. This book provides insight into the value and process of reflexive inquiry for facilitating and exploring teacher learning and development, broadly defined. The authors' reflexive inquiry framework is constructed around notions of personal empowerment, self-directed learning, the primacy of practice, and personal history. The book contains numerous stories of teacher-researchers exploring their own experiences within the context of professional development inquiry. The book is divided into four parts. Part One explains what is meant by teaching as reflexive or autobiographical inquiry. Part Two focuses on particular ways of researching teaching through autobiographical exploration. Part Three emphasizes ways of understanding teaching through researching elements of classroom practice, student experiences, and school contexts. Part Four discusses researching with others. Suggestions and reflections are provided on researching with peers and colleagues, involving students as research partners, and working with outside researchers. Designed for Teacher Inquiry/Research, Research Methods, and Pre-service Teachers.

Teaching as Inquiry

Author : Alexandra Weinbaum
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This book offers an engaging and effective approach to improving teacher and student learning. Based on the experiences of three leading educational organizations, the authors provide invaluable, research-based guidelines for incorporating inquiry into teacher's instructional practices and student work as part of the ongoing work of schools. In addition to discussing the lessons learned and questions raised by inquiry work, this volume includes specific considerations for determining who should be involved, what work should be under review, how it should be reviewed, and how such inquiry should be supported by the school.

The Data Coach s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students

Author : Nancy Love
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The authors illustrate how to use data as a catalyst for significant, systematic, and continuous improvement in instruction and learning. Includes a CD-ROM with slides and reproducibles.

Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research

Author : Carolyn A. Babione
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Teacher inquiry helps improve educational outcomes Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research explores theconcept and importance of the teacher practitioner, and preparesstudents in teacher education courses and programs to conductresearch in the classroom. Author Carolyn Babione has extensiveexperience in undergraduate- and graduate-level teacher trainingand teacher inquiry coursework. In the book, Babione guidesstudents through the background, theory, and strategy required tosuccessfully conduct classroom research. The first part of the booktackles the "how-to" and "why" of teacher inquiry, while the secondpart provides students with real-life practitioner inquiry researchprojects across a range of school settings, content areas, andteaching strategies. The book's discussion includes topics suchas: Underlying cultural and historical perspectives surrounding theteaching profession Hidden stereotypes that limit teacher beliefs about power andvoice Current curriculum innovation and reflections on moderndevelopments Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research successfullyguides and encourages budding teachers to fully understand theimportance of their involvement in studying and researching theirclassroom settings, giving a better understanding of how theirbeliefs and teaching practices impact classroom learning.

Leading Collaborative Learning

Author : Lyn Sharratt
File Size : 34.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Leadership, collaborative learning, and student achievement – discover what works! This resource-rich book provides a straightforward, strategic path to achieving sustainable communities of collaborative learners. Research-proven inquiry techniques, vignettes, case studies and action-oriented protocols help you build strong learning relationships for high-impact student achievement. System leaders, principals and teachers learn to: Integrate diverse views and perspectives Build trust and hear every voice Leverage key resources and processes Build students’ cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills Use “Assessments-in-Action” to improve, monitor and sustain progress Build a collaborative culture through learning together Use this go-to guide to transform your school from a place of ‘good intentions’ to a center of intentional practice today!