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Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools

Author : Robert Marzano
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Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools: The Next Step in PLCs offers K-12 teachers and administrators a practical, comprehensive model of effective professional learning communities (PLCs). Authors Robert J. Marzano, Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, Phil Warrick, and Gavin Grift and contributors Laurel Hecker and Janelle Wills present a clear look at the future of the PLC process. Beginning with essential research and theory, they then detail the fundamental features of effective collaborative teams. Throughout the book, the authors go deeper to present guidelines and strategies readers can use to expand the responsibilities of collaborative teams.

Why School Leaders Need Vision

Author : Bruce S. Cooper
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Visionary leaders are those educators who are able to imagine a different future for their schools, teachers and students. Whether they are working to keep students engaged, ensure learning objectives are met, or develop new community partnerships, they must work collaboratively with students, faculty, and families to make this vision a reality.

Empowering Students to Transform Schools

Author : Gary Goldman
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In school reform, students are rarely consulted. This book presents a step-by-step process for involving students in transforming schools and empowering them to make real decisions that affect their education.

The Art of Coaching Teams

Author : Elena Aguilar
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The missing how-to manual for being an effective team leader The Art of Coaching Teams is the manual you never received when you signed on to lead a team. Being a great teacher is one thing, but leading a team, or team development, is an entirely different dynamic. Your successes are public, but so are your failures—and there's no specific rubric or curriculum to give you direction. Team development is an art form, and this book is your how-to guide to doing it effectively. You'll learn the administrative tasks that keep your team on track, and you'll gain access to a wealth of downloadable tools that simplify the "getting organized" process. Just as importantly, you'll explore what it means to be the kind of leader that can bring people together to accomplish difficult tasks. You'll find practical suggestions, tools, and clear instructions for the logistics of team development as well as for building trust, developing healthy communication, and managing conflict. Inside these pages you'll find concrete guidance on: Designing agendas, making decisions, establishing effective protocols, and more Boosting your resilience, understanding and managing your emotions, and meeting your goals Cultivating your team's emotional intelligence and dealing with cynicism Utilizing practical tools to create a customized framework for developing highly effective teams There is no universal formula for building a great team, because every team is different. Different skills, abilities, personalities, and goals make a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective at best. Instead, The Art of Coaching Teams provides a practical framework to help you develop your group as a whole, and keep the team moving toward their common goals.

Schools as Professional Learning Communities

Author : Sylvia M. Roberts
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Build a community in your school and improve learning outcomes with this one-stop sourcebook that features the latest educational issues, new research-based strategies and activities, and more!

The Power of Teacher Teams

Author : Vivian Troen
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This book's companion DVD features richly detailed video case studies that outline concrete steps for developing effective teams that transform schools into learning communities.

Shared Leadership

Author : Terry Wilhelm
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Supercharge your school culture with authentic shared leadership. Why do so many professional learning communities (PLCs) fail? Terry Wilhelm answers this question—and more—by challenging educators to work together once and for all to cultivate shared leadership. Through simple practices and processes, Shared Leadership: The Essential Ingredient for Effective PLCs highlights approaches that spark and sustain a successful PLC. If you need how-to steps to fuel a healthy school culture in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, it’s all here: Developing teacher leadership and enhancing collaboration Discussion protocols to fire up team meetings Tools and troubleshooting tips Common scenarios and dilemmas

Learning by Doing

Author : Richard DuFour
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Like the first edition, the second edition of Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work helps educators close the knowing-doing gap as they transform their schools into professional learning communities (PLCs).

A Handbook for High Reliability Schools

Author : Robert J. Marzano
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Usher in the new era of school reform. The authors help you transform your schools into organizations that take proactive steps to prevent failure and ensure student success. Using a research-based five-level hierarchy along with leading and lagging indicators, you’ll learn to assess, monitor, and confirm the effectiveness of your schools. Each chapter includes what actions should be taken at each level.

Mentoring as Collaboration

Author : Mary Ann Blank
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School and district leaders will discover how to develop, assess, and sustain a collaborative, team-based mentoring program that helps retain new teachers and improve student achievement.