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Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools

Author : Robert Marzano
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Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools: The Next Step in PLCs offers K-12 teachers and administrators a practical, comprehensive model of effective professional learning communities (PLCs). Authors Robert J. Marzano, Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, Phil Warrick, and Gavin Grift and contributors Laurel Hecker and Janelle Wills present a clear look at the future of the PLC process. Beginning with essential research and theory, they then detail the fundamental features of effective collaborative teams. Throughout the book, the authors go deeper to present guidelines and strategies readers can use to expand the responsibilities of collaborative teams.

Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools

Author : Robert J. Marzano
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This text offers F-12 teachers and school leaders a practical, comprehensive model for building successful professional learning communities (PLCs). The authors and contributors draw from extensive research and experience to present a clear and compelling look at the future of PLCs. Beginning with foundational theory, the authors then detail the practical steps that collaborative teams can take to transform their schools. If you are an educator in the process of developing your school as a PLC, this book is an essential resource. Leaders and teachers will: be guided by six fundamental questions to bring about genuine transformation in collaboration, curriculum, assessment, instruction, teacher development and leadership; learn from the experiences of real schools by examining their strategies and practices; explore resources for collaborative teams to use as they have honest and challenging discussions, develop and monitor norms, and focus relentlessly on improving student learning; monitor their school's PLC journey through powerful self-evaluation surveys and reflective questions; deepen their understanding in order to shift from first-order change to second-order change; and build and extend their school as a PLC through a structured and manageable model for school improvement.

Why School Leaders Need Vision

Author : Bruce S. Cooper
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Visionary leaders are those educators who are able to imagine a different future for their schools, teachers and students. Whether they are working to keep students engaged, ensure learning objectives are met, or develop new community partnerships, they must work collaboratively with students, faculty, and families to make this vision a reality.

The Art of Coaching Teams

Author : Elena Aguilar
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The missing how-to manual for being an effective team leader The Art of Coaching Teams is the manual you never received when you signed on to lead a team. Being a great teacher is one thing, but leading a team, or team development, is an entirely different dynamic. Your successes are public, but so are your failures—and there's no specific rubric or curriculum to give you direction. Team development is an art form, and this book is your how-to guide to doing it effectively. You'll learn the administrative tasks that keep your team on track, and you'll gain access to a wealth of downloadable tools that simplify the "getting organized" process. Just as importantly, you'll explore what it means to be the kind of leader that can bring people together to accomplish difficult tasks. You'll find practical suggestions, tools, and clear instructions for the logistics of team development as well as for building trust, developing healthy communication, and managing conflict. Inside these pages you'll find concrete guidance on: Designing agendas, making decisions, establishing effective protocols, and more Boosting your resilience, understanding and managing your emotions, and meeting your goals Cultivating your team's emotional intelligence and dealing with cynicism Utilizing practical tools to create a customized framework for developing highly effective teams There is no universal formula for building a great team, because every team is different. Different skills, abilities, personalities, and goals make a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective at best. Instead, The Art of Coaching Teams provides a practical framework to help you develop your group as a whole, and keep the team moving toward their common goals.

Action Research in Education Second Edition

Author : Sara Efrat Efron
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Acclaimed as a text and professional development tool, this user-friendly resource has now been revised and updated, and offers expanded coverage of collaborative action research (CAR) and participatory action research (PAR). Preservice and inservice educators get crucial step-by-step guidance for conducting classroom- and school-based studies to improve their instructional practices. Organized to mirror the full cycle of action research, the book provides balanced coverage of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Vivid vignettes and examples illustrate research approaches for a range of teaching and learning situations, school subjects, and age groups (PreK–12). Readers learn how research approaches are driven by the research question, as well as how to develop data collection strategies; design and/or evaluate assessment tools; interpret, analyze, report, and implement study results; and design a new cycle of research that builds on the previous one. New to This Edition *In-depth descriptions of CAR and PAR--which enable groups of teachers to work together to solve problems in a classroom or school--plus examples of both throughout the book. *Expanded or new discussions (with examples) of such topics as how research approaches and methods are driven by the research question, how to assess different types of reliability and validity, the differences between analysis and interpretation, and how to use sequential cycles of research for continuous improvement and professional development. *Fully updated references and resources. Pedagogical Features *Both individual and group exercises and activities in every chapter. *New and updated checklists and guidelines that enable busy educators to self-assess the progress and quality of their studies. *Sample templates to assist in development of research instruments. *Example boxes illustrating the components of an action research report. *Summary tables highlighting key aspects of different research strategies. *Chapter summaries (now shorter for ease of use) and suggestions for further reading.

Professional Learning Communities

Author : Colin Sloper
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Professional Learning Communities – Voices from the Field: A Complete Professional Learning Resource for Schools is the perfect guide for any leadership team, collaborative team or educator looking to transform their school into a professional learning community.This multimedia professional learning package presents a series of in-depth interviews and meetings with teachers, leaders and other stakeholders as they discuss the key ideas of professional learning communities, providing invaluable insight into the PLC process from real educators who do the work every day. With the accompanying videos, you will observe how becoming a professional learning community has not only improved both the school and the school community, but also the professional outcomes of its own educators and the students they serve. The included video clips, and accompanying Facilitator’s Guide, are divided into three sections:To view a sample of the videos in each of these sections please click on the Videos tab above.Vox Pop Interviews – Gain an insight into the thoughts and opinions of individual educators as they discuss the key ideas and main issues addressed by the professional learning communities process.Leadership and Collaborative Team Meetings – Observe teacher teams as they discuss issues related to student learning that are affecting them and their students, and how they are addressed by working as a collaborative tea. See how the operation of a leadership team meeting is targeted to support the work of teacher collaborative teams.One-on-One Interviews – These interviews capture the weekly meetings between the principal and the school’s assistant principals, and the weekly meetings of the assistant principals with collaborative team facilitators, demonstrating how these key personnel are supported in their important work.Appropriate for use individually, with teacher teams or as a whole staff, Professional Learning Communities – Voices from the Field has been created by Colin Sloper, principal of the first school to be recognised as a model of a professional learning community in Australia, and offers any school that is working to become a professional learning community a guiding hand as they begin, or continue their journey.

Empowering Students to Transform Schools

Author : Gary Goldman
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In school reform, students are rarely consulted. This book presents a step-by-step process for involving students in transforming schools and empowering them to make real decisions that affect their education.

Global Perspectives Professional Learning Communities in International Schools Fully Institutionalize Behaviors Consistent with Plc Expec

Author : Timothy S. Stuart
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Transform your school into a high-performing, student-centered PLC. Tailored specifically to international schools, this resource will guide you through every aspect of PLC implementation. The book's contributors are all international-school educators with firsthand experience successfully reculturing their schools into PLCs. They offer real-world examples, strategies, and techniques to bring unparalleled professional growth to international teachers. Each chapter includes research-based recommendations for and authentic examples of systemic PLC implementation. Benefits Define the professional learning community process and understand how third culture kids can particularly benefit from PLCs. Shift from a teacher-focused school to a learning-focused culture. Understand the strengths and challenges of implementing PLCs in already high-performing schools. Learn to work in collaborative teams across grade levels, departments, and courses. Create a guaranteed, viable curriculum for the unique characteristics of international school students. Contents Introduction Making the Case for Professional Learning Communities in International Schools 1 Building a PLC Culture in International Schools--A Superintendent's Perspective 2 Understanding the International School Student 3 Understanding the International School Teacher 4 Creating a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum in International Schools 5 Creating a Learning-Focused International School 6 Creating an Inclusive International School 7 Harnessing the Potential of Singleton Teachers in International Schools 8 Building a Progressive International School 9 Learning from the Jakarta Intercultural School Story 10 Transforming the Singapore American School Index

Energize Your Teams Powerful Tools for Coaching Collaborative Teams in Plcs at Work r a Comprehensive Guide for Leading Collaborative Te

Author : Thomas W. Many
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Help your teams get better faster. Written for busy school leaders, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders, this ultimate "grab and grow" guide details how to bridge the gap between learning and doing at every stage of the PLC journey. Rely on the book's ample professional development activities to empower teacher teams to enhance their skills, grow together, and collectively focus on what's working and what's next. ● Understand every aspect of a professional learning community and how collaborative teams and school leadership play a role in them. ● Explore the different levels of PLCs on the PLC continuum. ● Learn a proven, effective coaching cycle that will fortify your collaborative team school improvement efforts. ● Improve team collaboration regarding all aspects of your learning community, including curriculum, assessment, and intervention. ● Determine the next steps that will help you realize the true potential of your PLC. Contents: Introduction Part I: Introduction to Coaching Collaborative Teams in a PLC at WorkⓇ Chapter 1: Energize Your Collaborative Teams Chapter 2: A Continuum of Practice for PLCs Chapter 3: The Team Coaching Cycle Part II: Modules for Coaching Collaborative Teams Chapter 4: Highly Effective Collaborative Teams Chapter 5: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum Chapter 6: A Balanced and Coherent System Of Assessment Chapter 7: Productive Data Conversations Chapter 8: The Pyramid of Interventions Part III: One Team's Transformation Chapter 9: Willis ISD: Practical Implications of Coaching Teams Appendix References and Resources Index

Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture

Author : John Eller
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The authors present practical, proven strategies to improve school culture, including activities for developing collaborative work relationships, dealing appropriately with conflict, and fostering rapport.


Author : Thomas W. Many
File Size : 33.65 MB
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Discover high-impact leadership strategies for a thriving learning community! This compelling new book provides straightforward guidance and solutions for educators working to transform their school environments. Concrete examples of practical, high-impact, and evidence-based practices help you leverage the “big ideas” of Professional Learning Communities to promote lasting improvement in your school. You’ll learn to: Understand the essential role principals and teacher leaders play in leading PLCs Foster an understanding of how PLCs can support implementation of major instructional shifts such as the new Common Core State Standards Apply high-leverage strategies across your own school and district to improve instruction

A Handbook for High Reliability Schools

Author : Robert J. Marzano
File Size : 33.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Usher in the new era of school reform. The authors help you transform your schools into organizations that take proactive steps to prevent failure and ensure student success. Using a research-based five-level hierarchy along with leading and lagging indicators, you’ll learn to assess, monitor, and confirm the effectiveness of your schools. Each chapter includes what actions should be taken at each level.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teams in Primary Care

Author : Richard Grant
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Power of Teacher Teams

Author : Vivian Troen
File Size : 33.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book's companion DVD features richly detailed video case studies that outline concrete steps for developing effective teams that transform schools into learning communities.

Learning by Doing

Author : Richard DuFour
File Size : 30.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Like the first edition, the second edition of Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work helps educators close the knowing-doing gap as they transform their schools into professional learning communities (PLCs).


Author : Thomas W. Many
File Size : 47.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Discover high-impact leadership strategies for a thriving learning community! This compelling new book provides straightforward guidance and solutions for educators working to transform their school environments. Concrete examples of practical, high-impact, and evidence-based practices help you leverage the “big ideas” of Professional Learning Communities to promote lasting improvement in your school. You’ll learn to: Understand the essential role principals and teacher leaders play in leading PLCs Foster an understanding of how PLCs can support implementation of major instructional shifts such as the new Common Core State Standards Apply high-leverage strategies across your own school and district to improve instruction

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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The Artisan Teaching Model for Instructional Leadership

Author : Kenneth Baum
File Size : 67.59 MB
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The Artisan Teaching Model merges the idea of teamwork with the concept of an artisan-apprentice relationship. As in any apprenticeship, newer members of the profession work alongside experts ("artisans"). As apprentices become more skilled, they take on larger and more substantial roles and continue to work alongside, and together with, artisans. Over time, the apprentices become artisans themselves and in turn share the art and craft of teaching with newer teachers. Although rubrics and checklists may cue good teaching practices, they do not make great teachers or effective leaders. Teaching is a craft, and great teachers must be treated as the artisans they are. It's the intensive collaboration among teachers that helps them develop the broad range of skills they need to become true artisans who know how to help every student achieve. Baum and Krulwich work from this underlying premise and argue that all schools must develop conditions that allow true artisanship to flourish. "Baum and Krulwich's Artisan Teaching is a great example of the power of collaboration in schools . . . and should be widely emulated by those interested in building capacity and improving schools. Great ideas for creating a school community based in deep learning that benefits all schools." —Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto "Artisan Teaching puts the emphasis right where it belongs—on the home-grown, teacher-led creation and improvement of course curriculum and instruction. Baum and Krulwich's book, based on the excellent results achieved at their school in the Bronx, confirms the unrivaled power of focusing on the right things, all the time." —Mike Schmoker, Author of Leading with Focus "Baum and Krulwich's system is a powerful and innovative new approach to leadership development within schools. The Artisan Teaching Model is both bold and creative and can be implemented successfully in any school in the country. It is a must-read for anyone interested in school improvement." —Joel Klein, Former Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

Transforming Schools

Author : Miranda Jefferson
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Transforming Schools demonstrates how transformation is no longer an option in teaching and learning - it has become a necessity. Changes in the way we work and the challenges of issues such as climate change, poverty and migration mean that teaching and learning need to alter to incorporate capacities that will help us meet those challenges. The 4Cs: Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication and Collaboration have long been present in education, but Transforming Schools demonstrates how schools can change teaching and leadership to embed and enact the 4Cs to make them central to dynamic and exciting learning. Miranda Jefferson and Michael Anderson demonstrate how a renewed approach to teaching that integrates the 4Cs can better equip today's learners. They draw on their own international research and experiences in school transformation in a variety of school settings, working in partnership with practitioners, researchers, students and the community. The authors consider how schools might reorganise themselves to become more relevant to their students and to the community. Practical strategies for transformation are included throughout the chapters to demonstrate how learning can be supported and how the 4Cs can be made explicit in schools. These examples will support school leadership teams and teachers to explicitly teach the 4Cs in relevant and challenging ways. This book is essential reading for those looking to transform schools and more effectively meet the needs of today's learners.

Learning in the Cloud

Author : Mark Warschauer
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This comprehensive and cutting-edge book portrays a vision of how digital media can help transform schools, and what kinds of curriculum pedagogy, assessment, infrastructure, and learning environments are necessary for the transformation to take place. The author and his research team spent thousands of hours observing classes and interviewing teachers and students in both successful and unsuccessful technology-rich schools throughout the United States and other countries. Featuring lessons learned as well as analysis of the most up-to-date research, they offer a welcome response to simplistic approaches that either deny the potential of technology or exaggerate its ability to reform education simply by its presence in schools. Challenging conventional wisdom about technology and education, Learning in the Cloud: critically examines concepts such as the "digital divide," "21st-century skills," and "guide on the side" for assessing and guiding efforts to improve schools; combines a compelling vision of technology's potential to transform learning with an insightful analysis of the curricular challenges required for meaningful change; and discusses the most recent trends in media and learning, such as the potential of tablets and e-reading.