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Collage of Dualism

Author : Rena Shan
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It is a book filled with colours of culture interspersed with tradition and superstition the culture it is set in. Characters are either sinisterly cunning or innocently oblivious to the threats lying in wait for them. It is a must read for those who keen on culture, either clashed or in harmony.

Abstraction and representation an examination of this essential dualism through collage

Author : Tracy Collamore
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Collage of Dualism

Author : Piva None
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Can post-colonial nations ever be completely free in their own definition of their self identity?In the light of globalisation in symmetry with post imperialism of the bigger powers along with their navigation of the progress of the world, post-colonial natinos haven not a single chance or the opportunity to flourish on their own. They have to pick up where the imperialists/colonialists left off however the cunningness of circumstances observe the post colonial nations still in obeisance of their colonialists because their conceptualisation of reality and the realm opened up to them in actual fact humbles them to the tyranny of their oppressors even when they are physically absent from the scene.This book depicts the struggles of the oppressed even when they are liberated for regardless what they do they ironically become the very thing they ran away from or paradoxically they will have to use the remnants of a past detested to make an identity worth living for. Collage of Dualism attempts to tackle the ubiquitious issue existing in a society where foreign and local cultures collide and pre existing notions about one another confuses the two about their roles as who they are and the parts they should be playing because where cultures and rights are concerned even religion cannot define the role of an individual in and out of a society.

Collage Personalities Concepts and Techniques

Author : Harriet Grossman Janis
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Dance Research Collage

Author : Patricia A. Rowe
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Appropriated Interiors

Author : Deborah Schneiderman
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Appropriated Interiors uncovers the ways interiors participate explicitly and implicitly in embedded cultural and societal values and explores timely emergent scholarship in the fields of interior design history, theory, and practice. What is "appropriate" and "inappropriate" now? These are terms with particular interest to the study of the interior. Featuring thirteen original curated essays, Appropriated Interiors explores the tensions between normative interiors that express the dominant cultural values of a society and interiors that express new, changing, and even transgressive values. With case studies from the late eighteenth century to the twenty-first century, these historians, theorists, and design practitioners investigate the implications of interior design as it relates to politics, gender, identity, spatial abstraction, cultural expression, racial expression, technology, and much more. An informative read for students and scholars of design history and theory, this collection considers the standards, assumptions, codes, and/or conventions that need to be dismantled and how we can expand our understanding of the history, theory, and practice of interior design to challenge the status quo.


Author : Francesco Pellizzi
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RES 63/64 includes "Source and trace" by Christopher S. Wood; "Timelessness, fluidity, and Apollo's libation" by Milette Gaifman; "A liquid history: Blood and animation in late medieval art" by Beate Fricke; "Guercino's 'wet' drawing" by Nicola Suthor; "The readymade metabolized: Fluxus in life" by David Joselit; and other papers.

Blue Stocking

Author : Rena Shan
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The Blue Stocking gives voice to the silent thinking of a modern woman in a conventional society masked by unconventionalism to forge a path of progress in the world which turns faster than any one of us can grasp. In its spin, are years trapped in the minds of a young woman who was too mature for her crowd but too young to break out for she was not bold to hurt the very culture which gave her the grace to move as much forward as they held her back to be on top. These essay, although written singularly with the selfish perception the thoughts only belonged to this young woman but in fact rings true in most of similar circumstances. However, the love which grows within her may have been the selfish desire to remain independently singular but in fact taught her to expand the love even further with wisdom, understanding, fortitude, knowledge from right to wrong (although only thinking makes it so), and the courage to do right spiritually because an inch within us remain the comfort of the compassion of saving her soul from the destitution of the real meaning of love. A must read for eye-opening revelations for those still learning to love and yearning for love. You may think you have lost it but this book gives you the conviction, it can never die because nothing good ever does.

Developing Creative Thinking in Beginning Design

Author : Stephen Temple
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Learning to think and act creatively is a requisite fundamental aspect of design education for architectural and interior design as well as industrial and graphic design. Development of creative capacities must be encountered early in design education for beginning students to become self-actualized as skillful designers. With chapters written by beginning design instructors, Developing Creative Thinking in Beginning Design addresses issues that contribute to deficiencies in teaching creativity in contemporary beginning design programs. Where traditional pedagogies displace creative thinking by placing conceptual abstractions above direct experiential engagement, the approaches presented in this book set forth alternative pedagogies that mitigate student fears and misconceptions to reveal the potency of authentic encounters for initiating creative transformational development. These chapters challenge design pedagogy to address such issues as the spatial body, phenomenological thinking, making as process, direct material engagement and its temporal challenges, creative decision making and the wickedness of design, and the openness of the creative design problem. In doing so, this book sets out to give greater depth to first design experiences and more effectively enable the breadth and depth of the teacher–student relationship as a means of helping your students develop the capacity for long-term self-transformation.

Art International

Author :
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Nabokov s Dualism

Author : Beata Grysakowska
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Current Architecture

Author : Charles Jencks
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History of Collage

Author : Eddie Wolfram
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"We tend to think of collage as a modern technique but there is nothing very new about the essential idea of bringing into association unrelated images and objects to form a different expressive identity. Building images in this way can be found in primitive as well as sophisticated cultures, but although highly developed collage technique can be traced back to tenth century Japan it has only re-emerged as a legitimate form of artistic expression in the first decade of this century with the advent of cubism and particularly the work of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Against a lucidly drawn historical background Eddie Wolfram re-evaluates the significance of collage in the major art movements of this century and in such diverse fields as theatre design, political propaganda, book binding and advertising, with beautifully illustrated examples of the major collages and assemblage works of each period. He traces the development of collage from Cubism to Futurism with the assemblage sculptures of Boccioni and the dynamic typomontages of Severini; from the Suprematist movement and the visual propaganda of the Russian Revolution to Dada and the coming of age of collage under Schwitters, the master of the medium; from the flowering of collage in surrealist painting, sculpture and photomontage with such masters as Ernst, Bellmer and Man Ray to its proliferation after the second world war in the work of such key movement figures as Rauschenberg and Warhol." -book jacket.

Two Kingdoms

Author :
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Aristotle and Plotinus on the Intellect

Author : Mark J. Nyvlt
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The scope of this book is to revisit the ancient Aristotelian and Plotinian philosophical and metaphysical problem of dualism and monism with respect to the first principle. Essentially, it defends Aristotle's position of the primacy of an intelligible first principle over the Plotinian philosophical move to affirm a principle above Intellect.

Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

Author : Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)
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Leibniz s Mill

Author : Charles Landesman
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The title of this book, Leibniz's Mill, is taken from Leibniz's famous metaphor in support of a dualism between the mind, or self, and the body. Given that Descartes constructed the most famous defense of mind/body dualism, the first chapter is a basic exposition and defense of Descartes' arguments, as well as Leibniz's supporting argument. Charles Landesman's basic claim, argued with clarity and philosophical precision, is that dualism is to be preferred to materialism; namely, the self is not reducible to the body, mental processes are not reducible to brain processes, and the idea that the self is a mental substance constitutes the best understanding of all the facts of mental life. Landesman takes up the central philosophical topics on the nature of the self and the mind in arguing that dualism is a defensible position, even if our mental life is dependent in some respects on the body. Dependency is not the same as identity. Nor should one deny that many bodily events are dependent upon states of mind. He examines our knowledge of other minds, the mind's knowledge of itself, and Descartes' famous argument "I think, therefore I am"; efforts by philosophers such as Hume, Nietzsche, William James, Whitehead, Wittgenstein, and Heidegger to deny the reality of a substantial ego; the mind's way of knowing of the physical world, with its "great deception of sense"; and finally, the teleological structure of human action and the problem of free will. Landesman argues that the dualism of mind and body is perfectly compatible with modern science and that, contrary to the claims of many philosophers, there is no reason to hold that science presupposes a naturalistic or materialistic framework. "Charles Landesman shows that Cartesian mind-body dualism is alive and well and more plausible than its naturalistic and materialistic competitors. This is a first-rate piece of work that will be of real interest to philosophers and educated readers with interests in the philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, and epistemology. It should find a large readership among those who are looking for an alternative to the physicalist perspective that has long dominated the academy." --Stewart Goetz, Ursinus College "Charles Landesman writes effortlessly, conveying to readers a rich alternative to today's mainline forms of materialism. This is a book that is comparable to Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature or Roderick M. Chisholm's Person and Object: A Metaphysical Study. Like the former, it is historical and substantial, like the latter it is unapologetic in advancing with clear arguments an under-represented position." --Charles Taliaferro, St. Olaf College

Nietzsche and Embodiment

Author : Kristen Brown Golden
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Examines the significance of Nietzsche’s writings for contemporary debates about embodiment. In Nietzsche and Embodiment Kristen Brown reveals the smartness of bodies, challenging the traditional view in the West that bodies are separate from and morally inferior to minds. Drawing inspiration from Nietzsche, Brown vividly describes why the interdependence of mind and body matters, both in Nietzsche’s writings and for contemporary debates (non-dualism theory, Merleau-Ponty criticism, and metaphor studies), activities (spinal cord research and fasting), and specific human experiences (menses, trauma, and guilt). Brown’s theories about the dynamic relationship between body and mind provide new possibilities for self-understanding and experience. Kristen Brown is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Millsaps College.

Alex Katz Collages

Author : David Cohen
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Essay by David Cohen. Foreword by Sharon Corwin.

Dualism in Hermann Hesse s Demian

Author : Ernst Graf
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