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Collapse Volume 1

Author : Robin Mackay
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An investigation of the nature and philosophical uses of number. The first volume of Collapse investigates the nature and philosophical uses of number. The volume includes an interview with Alain Badiou on the relation between philosophy, mathematics, and science, an in-depth interview with mathematician Matthew Watkins on the strange connections between physics and the distribution of prime numbers, and contributions that demonstrate the many ways in which number intersects with philosophical thought—from the mathematics of intensity to terrorism, from occultism to information theory, and graphical works of multiplicity.

History of al Tabari Vol 8 The

Author : Tabari
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In this book, Wheeler Winston Dixon offers an overview of all of Godard's work as a filmmaker, including his work for television and his ethnographic work in Africa. Free from the jargon and value judgments that have marred much of what has been written about Godard, this is the only book that covers the entirety of Godard's career.

The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration

Author : Rochelle G. K. Kainer
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The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration is a rich and clinically detailed account of the therapeutic restoration of the self, and speaks to the healing process for analysts themselves that follows from Rochelle Kainer's sensitive integration of heretofore dissociated realms of psychoanalytic theory. In describing how the reworking of pathological internal object relationships occurs in conjunction with the transformation of selfobject failures, Kainer brings new insight to bear on the healing of the self at the same time as she contributes to healing the historic split in psychoanalysis between Kleinian theory and self psychology. Extensive case illustrations, refracted through the lens of her uniquely integrative perspective, bring refreshing clarity to elusive theoretical concepts. Of special note is Kainer's distinction between normal and pathological identifications. Equally valuable is her introduction of the term "imaginative empathy" to characterize the kind of attunement that is integral to analytic healing; her nuanced description of the relation between imaginative empathy and projective identification bridges the worlds of Kleinian theory and self psychology in an original and compelling way. She ends by spelling out how her theoretical viewpoint leads to a more comprehensive understanding of various clinical phenomena. The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration, is a sophisticated yet accessible work, gracefully written, that elaborates a relational theory of thinking, of creativity, of identification, and of the formation and healing of psychic structure. Kainer's ability to bring the often dissonant voices of different psychoanalytic schools into theoretical harmony as she develops her viewpoint conveys both the breadth of intellectual engagement with colleagues and the depth of clinical engagement with patients that inform her project from beginning to end.

Fashion Theory Volume 8 Issue 1

Author : Valerie Steele
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The importance of studying the body as a site for the deployment of discourses is well-established. By contrast, the study of dress has traditionally suffered from a lack of critical analysis. Fashion Theory takes as its starting point a definition of fashion as the cultural construction of the embodied identity. It provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for the analysis of cultural phenomena ranging from foot binding to fashion advertising. Fashion Theory provides a vital contribution to cultural studies, art, history, literary criticism, anthropology, fashion history, media studies, gender studies, folklore studies and sociology. It is multi-disciplinary, features international coverage and is heavily illustrated.

The Military Collapse of China s Ming Dynasty 1618 44

Author : Kenneth M. Swope
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This book examines the military collapse of China’s Ming Dynasty to a combination of foreign and domestic foes. The Ming’s defeat was a highly surprising development, not least because as recently as in the 1590s the Ming had managed to defeat a Japanese force considered to be perhaps the most formidable of its day when the latter attempted to subjugate Korea en-route to a planned invasion of China. In contrast to conventional explanations for the Ming’s collapse, which focus upon political and socio-economic factors, this book shows how the military collapse of the Ming state was intimately connected to the deterioration of the personal relationship between the Ming throne and the military establishment that had served as the cornerstone of the Ming military renaissance of the previous decades. Moreover, it examines the broader process of the militarization of late Ming society as a whole to arrive at an understanding of how a state with such tremendous military resources and potential could be defeated by numerically and technologically inferior foes. It concludes with a consideration of the fall of the Ming in light of contemporary conflicts and regime changes around the globe, drawing attention to climatological factors and developments outside state control. Utilizing recently released archival materials, this book adds a much needed piece to the puzzle of the collapse of the Ming Dynasty in China.

Highlights of Astronomy

Author : Derek McNally
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It is the customary practice to report the major events of a General Assembly -the Invited Discourses, Joint Discussions and Joint Commission Meetings in Highlights of Astronomy. Vol. 8 reports the highlights of the XXth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, 1988 August 2-11, Baltimore, USA. The present volume contains the 3 Invited Discourses and papers presented at 7 Joint Discussion Meetings and 6 Joint Commission Meetings. Two Joint Commission Meetings will be reported elsewhere -JCM5 Spectroscopy of Individual Stars in Globular Clusters and the Early Chemical Evolution of our Galaxy (in summary only here, published by the Imprimerie de l'Observatoire de Paris) and JCM7 Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds (see Transactions of the IAU, Vol.XXB, report of Commission 37). I am most grateful to the authors of the invited discourses R.M. West and V.I. Moroz, M. Schmidt and M. Rees for sending me the manuscripts so promptly. I am also indebted to the Chairmen of the Joint Discussion and Joint Commission Meetings for their organisation of the meetings and for the assembly of their material for publication. Unfortunately the deadline for receipt of manuscripts coincided with an extended postal strike in France which seriously hindered the preparation of the volume for publication.

Riven Reflections Volume 8

Author : Dean Murray
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Adri is the happiest she's ever been, but a noose is slowly tightening around the entire pack. Alec's victory in Chicago put the shape shifter ruling body on notice that he was going to do everything he could to bring them down, but she knows that right now he needs time to secure allies, time that they are almost certainly not going to have. Alec's power has grown to a level Adri never would have believed possible just a few months ago, but the Coun'hij has the perfect tool for killing him and destroying every structure in Sanctuary. All indications are that Puppeteer is stalking them with an army of bestial creatures who are immune to Alec's special ability. Alec has taken his first step towards reestablishing the monarchy, with him as the king, and now that Adri is back in his life he seems to know who he wants to be his queen, if they manage to survive. Unfortunately Adri never realized becoming royalty was part of the bargain when they got back together. Publisher's Note: Readers new to the Reflections Series should begin with Broken (currently free) or Torn. Riven is followed by Driven. Riven is a clean young adult paranormal romance novel featuring vampires, shape shifters and werewolves.

MEMS and Nanotechnology Volume 8

Author : Barton C. Prorok
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MEMS and Nanotechnology, Volume 8: Proceedings of the 2014 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, the eighth volume of eight from the Conference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on a wide range of areas, including: Small-Scale Plasticity MEMS and Electronic Packaging Mechanics of Graphene Interfacial Mechanics Methods in Measuring Small-Scale Displacements Organic and Inorganic Nanowires AFM and Resonant-Based Methods Thin Films and Nano fibers

Acta Numerica 1999 Volume 8

Author : Arieh Iserles
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Numerical analysis is the subject of applied mathematics concerned mainly with using computers in evaluating or approximating mathematical models. As such, it is crucial to all applications of mathematics in science and engineering, as well as being an important discipline on its own. Acta Numerica surveys annually the most important developments in numerical analysis and scientific computing. The subjects and authors of the substantive survey articles are chosen by a distinguished international editorial board so as to report the most important developments in the subject in a manner accessible to the wider community of professionals with an interest in scientific computing.

Engineering Geology for Society and Territory Volume 8

Author : Giorgio Lollino
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This book is one out of 8 IAEG XII Congress volumes, and deals with the preservation of cultural heritage. In 1972, the World Heritage Convention linked in a single framework the concepts of nature conservation and the preservation of cultural sites. Since then, engineering geology is enlarging its contributions to national and international projects on this topic and is extending its interests to key issues like: safeguarding of monuments and sites from geotechnical perspectives; advanced monitoring; investigations on cultural landscapes; development of geo-databases for cultural heritage classification; studies on the interactions between humankind, natural landscape evolution and cultural heritage; analysis of weathering and deterioration of rock properties of monuments; risk analysis of sites affected by natural hazards and many others. With the contributions in this book, engineering geologists, conservation scientists and further experts from other natural, social and economic sciences, as well as representatives of international organizations and national and local administrative authorities exchange their ideas and practices on culture heritage preservation by presenting both local case studies and multidisciplinary international projects. The Engineering Geology for Society and Territory volumes of the IAEG XII Congress held in Torino from September 15-19, 2014, analyze the dynamic role of engineering geology in our changing world and build on the four main themes of the congress: Environment, processes, issues and approaches. The congress topics and subject areas of the 8 IAEG XII Congress volumes are: Climate Change and Engineering Geology. Landslide Processes. River Basins, Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Resources. Marine and Coastal Processes. Urban Geology, Sustainable Planning and Landscape Exploitation. Applied Geology for Major Engineering Projects. Education, Professional Ethics and Public Recognition of Engineering Geology. Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Oxford Studies in Metaethics

Author : Russ Shafer-Landau
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Oxford Studies in Metaethics is the only publication devoted exclusively to original philosophical work in the foundations of ethics. It provides an annual selection of much of the best new scholarship being done in the field. Its broad purview includes work being done at the intersections of ethical theory with metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. The essays included in the series provide an excellent basis for understanding recent developments in the field; those who would like to acquaint themselves with the current state of play in metaethics would do well to start here.

The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 8 World Christianities C 1815 c 1914

Author : Sheridan Gilley
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This is the first scholarly treatment of nineteenth-century Christianity to discuss the subject in a global context. Part I analyses the responses of Catholic and Protestant Christianity to the intellectual and social challenges presented by European modernity. It gives attention to the explosion of new voluntary forms of Christianity and the expanding role of women in religious life. Part II surveys the diverse and complex relationships between the churches and nationalism, resulting in fundamental changes to the connections between church and state. Part III examines the varied fortunes of Christianity as it expanded its historic bases in Asia and Africa, established itself for the first time in Australasia, and responded to the challenges and opportunities of the European colonial era. Each chapter has a full bibliography providing guidance on further reading.

New Theatre Quarterly 29 Volume 8 Part 1

Author : Clive Barker
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One of a series discussing topics of interest in theatre studies from theoretical, methodological, philosophical and historical perspectives.

The New Cambridge Modern History Volume 8 The American and French Revolutions 1763 93

Author : Albert Goodwin
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A comprehensive examination of the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the world from 1493 to 1945

Nineteenth International Cosmic Ray Conference HE Sessions Volume 8

Author :
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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Back

Author : Donald Steven Corenman
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If you are considering physical therapy, chiropractic, medications, ergonomics, injections or even surgery as a treatment for your back pain, this is a must read! As both a spine surgeon and chiropractor, Dr. Donald Corenman has a comprehensive understanding of back disorders and conditions. His more than thirty years in practice have taught him that treatment options make more sense when you have knowledge of how your pain occurs. This book contains the whys and wherefores of all lower back pain management. Understanding why the spine develops pain is not complicated or difficult. Dr. Corenman draws on his unique background and experience to teach you everything you need to know about your spine in a simple and straightforward way. By eliminating the mystery of back and leg pain, you are more empowered to make the right choices for your own care.

Volcanic Successions Modern and Ancient

Author : R. Cas
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One of our aims in the book is to provide geologists with a sound basis for making their own well founded interpretations. For that reason we cover not only concepts about processes, and the nature of the products, but also methods and approaches that may be useful in analysing both modern and ancient successions. Most importantly, we treat the diversity of products in volcanic terrains as facies, and we use the method of facies analysis and interpretation as a means of constructing facies models for different volcanic settings. These models will, we hope, be useful as norms for comparison for workers in ancient terrains. The idea for this book came into being between 1981 and 1982 when J. V. W. came to Monash University to take up a Monash Postdoctoral Fellowship. During this period a short course on facies analysis in modern and ancient successions was put together, integrating J.V.W.'s extensive volcanological experience in numerous modern volcanic terrains with R.A.F.C.'s extensive sedimentological and volcanological experience in older volcanic and associated sedimentary successions in the Palaeozoic and Precambrian of Australia. The enthusiastic response from the participants to the first short course, taught in May 1982, and to subsequent annual re-runs, encouraged us to develop the short course notes into this book. The idea for both the short course and the book arose because we felt that there was no single source available that comprehensively attempted to address the problems of analysing, interpreting and understanding the complexity of processes, products and stratigraphy in volcanic terrains.

The Cyclop dia of Anatomy and Physiology

Author : Robert Bentley Todd
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The Northwestern Journal of Homeopathy Volume First IV No 8 April 1889 November 1892

Author :
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We Philologists Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche

Author : Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
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This is a classic work by the German philologist, poet, composer, author and philosopher, Nietzsche (1844-1900). He critiqued religion, morality, contemporary culture and philosophy, basing his thoughts on whether the idea is life-affirming or life-denying. He was plagued by ill health, a workaholic and phenomenal thinker, and hence his life was both short and very productive, ending in mental collapse. At the age of 24 he remains the youngest ever Chair of Classical Philosophy at the University of Basel. But he rarely gained the respect he deserved within his lifetime. That has since been amended and in the 20th century he was recognised as one of the most significant figures in modern philosophy, most notably in the areas of nihilism, postmodernism and existentialism.