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Collecting and Museology

Author : Andrea M. Gáldy
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To celebrate the first ten years of the international forum Collecting and Display, as well as the launch of a dedicated series of publications “Collecting Histories”, in 2014, a conference dedicated to new directions in terms of collecting, display, visitor experience and the use of modern media in today’s museums was held at museums of the city of Memmingen in Bavaria. Speakers looked into whether and how the engagement with the history of collections, in their diverse permutations, has influenced and modified modern museology. This volume looks forward towards a future which oftentimes looks bleak due to funding cuts, lack of appreciation of cultural history and a sometimes dubious art trade in times of looting and vandalism. On the positive side, the future of museums and museology nonetheless offers exciting prospects as far as diverse possibilities of display, as well as museology courses taught at universities worldwide, are concerned; not to forget the rising visitor numbers at many of the great museums worldwide. Collecting and Display ( is an international forum founded by three scholars in 2004. The group has been running a research seminar at the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London since 2005 and in Florence from 2008 to 2012. The forum has organised international summer conferences in London, Ottobeuren, Florence, Irsee and Jerusalem since 2006.

Museums of the Mind German Modernity and the Dynamics of Collecting

Author :
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Collecting Cultures

Author : Sally K. May
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Collecting Cultures investigates colonial museum collecting practices in indigenous communities based upon the case of the 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land.

Introduction to Museology

Author : I. Maroevic
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Museology for tomorrow s world

Author : Zbynek Z. Stránský
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Keyguide to Information Sources in Museum Studies

Author : Peter Woodhead
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This revised and updated edition provides an integrated guide to the documentation, reference aids and key organizational sources of information about museums and museum studies worldwide. Part One provides an overview of museums and the literature about them. Part Two is an annotated bibliography, and Part Three is an international directory of organizations. A detailed index completes the work.

A Companion to Museum Studies

Author : Sharon Macdonald
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A Companion to Museum Studies captures the multidisciplinary approach to the study of the development, roles, and significance of museums in contemporary society. Collects first-rate original essays by leading figures from a range of disciplines and theoretical stances, including anthropology, art history, history, literature, sociology, cultural studies, and museum studies Examines the complexity of the museum from cultural, political, curatorial, historical and representational perspectives Covers traditional subjects, such as space, display, buildings, objects and collecting, and more contemporary challenges such as visiting, commerce, community and experimental exhibition forms

Decolonization in Germany

Author : Jared Poley
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When Germany lost its colonial empire after the Great War, many Germans were unsure how to understand this transition. They were the first Europeans to experience complete colonial loss, an event which came as Germany also wrestled with wartime collapse and foreign occupation. In this book the author considers how Germans experienced this change from imperial power to postcolonial nation. This work examines what the loss of the colonies meant to Germans, and it analyzes how colonialist categories took on new meanings in Germany's «post-colonial» period. Poley explores a varied collection of materials that ranges from the stories of popular writer Hanns Heinz Ewers to the novels, essays, speeches, pamphlets, posters, and archival materials of nationalist groups in the occupied Rhineland to show how decolonization affected Germans. When the relationships between metropole and colony were suddenly severed, Germans were required to reassess many things: nation and empire, race and power, sexuality and gender, economics and culture.

Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads

Author : Stephen T. Asma
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The natural history museum is a place where the line between "high" and "low" culture effectively vanishes--where our awe of nature, our taste for the bizarre, and our thirst for knowledge all blend happily together. But as Stephen Asma shows in Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads, there is more going on in these great institutions than just smart fun. Asma takes us on a wide-ranging tour of natural history museums in New York and Chicago, London and Paris, interviewing curators, scientists, and exhibit designers, and providing a wealth of fascinating observations. We learn how the first museums were little more than high-toned side shows, with such garish exhibits as the pickled head of Peter the Great's lover. In contrast, today's museums are hot-beds of serious science, funding major research in such fields as anthropology and archaeology. "Rich in detail, lucid explanation, telling anecdotes, and fascinating characters.... Asma has rendered a fascinating and credible account of how natural history museums are conceived and presented. It's the kind of book that will not only engage a wide and diverse readership, but it should, best of all, send them flocking to see how we look at nature and ourselves in those fabulous legacies of the curiosity cabinet."--The Boston Herald.

Museum Archetypes and Collecting in the Ancient World

Author : Maia Wellington Gahtan
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Museum Archetypes and Collecting in the Ancient World offers the first general overview of the reasons why ancient civilizations from Archaic Greece to the Early Christian period amassed objects and displayed them together in public, private and imaginary contexts.

The Exhibit in the Text

Author : Caroline Patey
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While interest in collecting and museology has increased exponentially over the years, the relationship between museums, collections and literature has not been fully investigated. This book examines this intensifying relationship from the wake of the Enlightenment through to the end of the 19th century.

Studies in Museology

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Post Critical Museology

Author : Andrew Dewdney
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Post-Critical Museology considers what the role of the public and the experience of audiences means to the everyday work of the art museum. It does this from the perspectives of the art museum itself as well as from the visitors it seeks. Through the analysis of material gathered from a major collaborative research project carried out at Tate Britain in London the book develops a conceptual reconfiguration of the relationship between art, culture and society in which questions about the art museum’s relationship to global migration and the new media ecologies are examined. It suggests that whilst European museums have previously been studied as institutions of collection, heritage and tradition, however ‘modern’ their focus, it is now better to consider them as distributive networks in which value travels along transmedial and transcultural lines. Post-Critical Museology is intended as a contribution to progressive museological thinking and practice and calls for a new alignment of academics and professionals in what it announces as post-critical museology. An alignment that is committed to rethinking what an art museum in the twenty-first century could be, as well as what knowledge and understanding its future practitioners might draw upon in a rapidly changing social and cultural context. The book aims to be essential reading in the growing field of museum studies. It will also be of professional interest to all those working in the cultural sphere, including museum professionals, policy makers and art managers.

Publications in Museology

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Encyclopedia of National Dress Traditional Clothing around the World 2 volumes

Author : Jill Condra
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This two-volume set presents information and images of the varied clothing and textiles of cultures around the world, allowing readers to better appreciate the richness and diversity of human culture and history. • Contributions from over 50 experts in their field • Dozens of photographs • A bibliographic listing of further reading and references with each section

Museums and Museology

Author : Grace Morley
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Comparative Museology and Museography in ASEAN

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Guide to Collections in Victorian Special Libraries

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International Restitution Conference Estonian Russian Co operation in Museology

Author : Anu Laansalu
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Report from Two Symposia at the Department of Museology Ume University

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