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The Dwellings of Colonial America

Author : Thomas Tileston Waterman
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Colonial America Essays in Politics and Social Development

Author : Stanley Nider Katz
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As an anthology of readings by top scholars in the field of Early American History, Colonial America: Essays in Politics and Social Development provides students with an insightful and critical view of the Colonial period. The Fifth Edition is heavily revised to reflect shifting emphasis on the continentalist approach to early American history. With seventeen new essays, including essays on the New France and Spanish borderlands, this reader continues to be a best-selling text in the Colonial America course.

Colonial America and the Early Republic

Author : Philip N. Mulder
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The articles in this collection explore subjects such as Native American interests and encounters with settlers, diplomatic endeavours, environmental issues, legal debates and practiced law, women's citizenship and rights, servitude and slavery and popular political activity. The international and interdisciplinary perspectives illustrate the dynamic transformations of America during this era of settlement, conquest, development, revolution and nation building.

Trade and Empire the British Customs Service in Colonial America 1660 1775

Author : Thomas C. Barrow
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According to the thinking of the first British Empire (1606-1783), the American colonies existed primarily to increase the economic well-being of the mother country. But a series of Acts of trade and Navigation passed by the British Parliament proved to be ineffective because the colonists continually violated the laws. Attempts at reform in the 1760s came too late and after a decade of crisis the contest between British authority and colonial opposition degenerated into an armed conflict. Mr. Barrow explores questions raised about the attitudes of the colonists toward the English mercantile system and how the revolution put an end to the colonial customs service and to the first British Empire as well. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Bounty and Donation Land Grants in British Colonial America

Author : Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck
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Lists soldiers of the British Crown who were awarded land in the colonies as inducement or reward for their military service. Covers grants made in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Florida.

Children in Colonial America

Author : James Marten
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Examining the aspects of childhood in the American colonies between the late 16th and late 18th centuries, this text contains essays and documents that shed light on the ways in which the process of colonisation shaped childhood, and in turn how the experience of children affected life in colonial America.

Colonial America

Author : Robert W. Smith
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Going to School in Colonial America

Author : Shelley Swanson Sateren
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Discusses the school life of children who lived in the 13 colonies, including lessons, books, teachers, examinations, and special days. Includes activities.

Law and People in Colonial America

Author : Peter Charles Hoffer
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For the men and women of colonial America, Peter Hoffer explains, law was a pervasive influence in everyday life. Because it was their law, the colonists continually adapted it to fit changing circumstances. They also developed a sense of legalism that influenced virtually all social, economic, and political relationships. This sense of intimacy with the law, Hoffer argues, assumed a transforming power in times of crisis. In the midst of a war of independence, American revolutionaries labored to explain how their rebellion could be lawful, while legislators wrote republican constitutions that would endure for centuries. Fully updated to take account of recent scholarship, this revised edition also offers a fresh look at the legal experiences of American Indians, Spaniard, and the French as people on the edges of English settlement. How did English law deal with neighboring societies? How does this posture help up to understand English law and the changes the New World forced upon it? How did non-English-speaking people view English law? Law and People in Colonial America provides a rigorous and lively introduction to early American law. It makes for essential reading.

Colonial America

Author : Jerome R Reich
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This brief, up-to-date examination of American colonial history draws connections between the colonial period and American life today by including formerly neglected areas of social and cultural history and the role of minorities (African-Americans, Native-Americans, women, and laboring classes). It summarizes and synthesizes recent studies and integrates them with earlier research. Key topics: European Backgrounds. The Native Americans. The Spanish Empire in America. The Portuguese, French, and Dutch Empires in America. The Background of English Colonization. The Tobacco Colonies: Virginia and Maryland. The New England Colonies. The Completion of Colonization. Seventeenth-Century Revolts and Eighteenth-Century Stabilization. Colonial Government. African-Americans in the English Colonies. Immigration. Colonial Agriculture. Colonial Commerce. Colonial Industry. Money and Social Status. The Colonial Town. The Colonial Family. Religion in Colonial America. Education in Colonial America. Language and Literature. Colonial Arts and Sciences. Everyday Life in Colonial America. The Second Hundred Years' War. The Road to Revolution. The Revolutionary War. Governments for a New Nation. Market: For anyone interested in Colonial History, American Revolution, or Early American Social History.