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A Course of Instructions on Landscape Painting in Oil Water Color Pastel Painting

Author : D. M. Campana
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The purpose of this small book is to teach art students right-hand facts on the painting of landscape. Having had long experience in this branch of art, I feel confident I can suggest certain rules and give advice that will help them in avoiding mistakes and eliminate many difficulties so common with beginners in all lines of work. A book of this kind contains many instructive suggestions, it leads toward the proper method of producing varied effects and is actually as compact and good as a book costing several times as much. While an art book cannot make an artist, it can, no doubt, help students in planning their compositions, teach them to differentiate between this method or the opposite method in producing certain effects.

Topographic Instructions Cartographic procedures pt 4B Color separation procedures chapters 4B1 4B3 1 v 4B1 Preparing manuscripts for color separation 4B2 Negative scribing for color separation 4B3 Color separation drafting

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.). Topographic Division
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An Instructional Guide for Leaf Color Analysis Using Digital Imaging Software

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Digital color analysis has become an increasingly popular and cost-effective method utilized by resource managers and scientists for evaluating foliar nutrition and health in response to environmental stresses. We developed and tested a new method of digital image analysis that uses Scion Image or NIH image public domain software to quantify leaf color. This publication provides instructions for using this software to measure the percentage green and red in leaves, colors of particular importance for the assessment of plant health. Comparisons of results from digital analyses of 326 scanned images of leaves and concurrent spectrophotometric measures of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and anthocyanins verify that image analysis provides a reliable quantitative measure of leaf color and the relative concentrations of underlying plant pigments.

Sketches in water colors by various artists with full instructions for copying

Author : Vere Henry L. Foster
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The Color Printing Manual

Author : Bob Nadler
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The Kindergarten primary Magazine

Author : Bertha Johnston
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Proceedings Abstracts of Lectures and a Brief Report of the Discussions of the National Teachers Association the National Association of School Superintendents and the American Normal School Association

Author : National Education Association of the United States
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Principles and Practices of Teaching

Author : James Johonnot
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The Publishers Weekly

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