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Light Vision Color

Author : Arne Valberg
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Light Vision Color takes a well-balanced, interdisciplinary approach to our most important sensory system. The book successfully combines basics in vision sciences with recent developments from different areas such as neuroscience, biophysics, sensory psychology and philosophy. Originally published in 1998 this edition has been extensively revised and updated to include new chapters on clinical problems and eye diseases, low vision rehabilitation and the basic molecular biology and genetics of colour vision. Takes a broad interdisciplinary approach combining basics in vision sciences with the most recent developments in the area Includes an extensive list of technical terms and explanations to encourage student understanding Successfully brings together the most important areas of the subject in to one volume

Light and Color in the Outdoors

Author : Marcel Minnaert
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All of science springs from the observation of nature. In this classic book, the late Professor Minnaert accompanies the reader on a tour of nature's light and color and reveals the myriad phenomena that may be observed outdoors with no more than a pair of eyes and an enquiring mind. From the intriguing shape of the dapples beneath a tree on a sunny day, via rainbows, mirages, and haloes, the colors of liquid, ice, and the sky, to the appearance of the sun, moon, planets, and stars - Minnaert describes and explains them all in a clear language accessible to laymen. This new English edition is supplemented by 80 plates, over half of them in color, taken by the acclaimed photographer Pekka Parviainen, illustrating many of the phenomena - ordinary and exotic - discussed in the book.

Color and Design

Author : Marilyn DeLong
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From products we use to clothes we wear, and spaces we inhabit, we rely on colour to provide visual appeal, data codes and meaning. Color and Design addresses how we understand and experience colour, and through specific examples explores how colour is used in a spectrum of design-based disciplines including apparel design, graphic design, interior design, and product design. Through highly engaging contributions from a wide range of international scholars and practitioners, the book explores colour as an individual and cultural phenomenon, as a pragmatic device for communication, and as a valuable marketing tool. Color and Design provides a comprehensive overview for scholars and an accessible text for students on a range of courses within design, fashion, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology and visual and material culture. Its exploration of colour in marketing as well as design makes this book an invaluable resource for professional designers. It will also allow practitioners to understand how and why colour is so extensively varied and offers such enormous potential to communicate.

Color for Interior Architecture

Author : Mary C. Miller
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This book examines the major considerations involved in color choice for interior spaces.


Author : Julie Murray
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Discusses the basic science concept of color.

The Power of Color

Author : Sara O. Marberry
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"COLOR is literally the 'wavelength' medicine of the future. Itcalls to us and asks us to recognize its value as an alternativemedicine that the environment can provide." --from The Power ofColor THE FIRST PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CREATING HEALTHY INTERIORS WITHCOLOR Working from the scientifically based premise that the use offull-spectrum color on finishes and surfaces is essential tocreating a healthy man-made environment, Sara O. Marberry andLaurie Zagon arm design professionals with: * A complete methodology and clear, easy-to-follow guidelines todesigning with full-spectrum color without compromising style orclient preferences * A concise refresher course in color theory * Detailed analyses of more than 20 projects for a wide range ofpublic and private spaces, including healthcare facilities,schools, day-care centers, hotels, and offices * Color charts that break down proportions of hue, value, andchroma for each project discussed * A project showcase featuring more than 40 full-color photographs,bringing vividly to life all of the examples discussed Thanks to the efforts of a handful of visionaries working in avariety of disciplines, our knowledge of the role of light andcolor in human health has taken a quantum leap during the pastdecade. For instance, clear links have been established betweencolor and academic performance among grade-schoolers, and medicaljournals now routinely feature reports of color being usedsuccessfully to assist in the treatment of everything fromdepression to AIDS. Now, in a book that is as inspiring as it is instructive, designprofessionals can learn how to use color to create interior spacesthat support the health and well-being of all who live and work inthem. The first and only practical guide to creating healthyinterior design using color, The Power of Color provides a simplemethodology and set of guidelines that can easily be integratedinto professional practice. The book begins with a concise, accessible refresher course incolor theory. From there, the authors embark on a fascinatingexploration of the healing properties of color as documented in thescientific literature. This is followed by in-depth, practicaldiscussions of surface colors and lighting, the importance of usingfull-spectrum color in interior design, and techniques for usingfull-spectrum color without compromising the design professional'sunique sense of style or the demands of his or her clients. The remainder of The Power of Color is devoted to the detailedanalyses of more than 20 projects executed in the United States andEurope. Chosen for their use of a full-spectrum color palette, theexamples include designs for many different types of public andprivate spaces--from healthcare facilities and schools to hotelsand offices. Each project is accompanied by color charts that breakdown proportions of hue, value, and chroma. A project showcasecontaining more than 40 full-color photographs vividly brings tolife all of the examples discussed. The most complete, practical guide to the use of color to createhealthy interior spaces, The Power of Color is an indispensableresource for interior designers, architects, and all other designprofessionals.

Dimensional Color

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In a broad sense Design Science is the fail to perceive the system of organiza grammar of a language of images rather tion determining the form of such than of words. Modern communication structures. techniques enable us to transmit and reconstitute images without the need of Perception is a complex process. Our knowing a specific verbal sequential senses record ; they are analogous to language such as the Morse code, or audio or video devices. We cannot, Hungarian. International traffic signs however, claim that such devices per use international image symbols which ceive. Perception involves more than are not specific to any particular verbal meets the eye: it involves processing language. An image language differs and organization of recorded data. from a verbal one in that the latter uses When we name an object, we actually a linear string of symbols, whereas the name a concept: such words as octahe former is multidimensional. dron, collage, tessellation, dome, each desig nate a wide variety of objects sharing Architecturial renderings commonly certain characteristics. When we devise show projections onto three mutually ways of transforming an octahedron, or perpendicular planes, or consist of cross determine whether a given shape will sections at different altitudes capable of tessellate the plane, we make use of being stacked and representing different these characteristics, which constitute floor plans. Such renderings make it the grammar of structure.

Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Color and Weave Effects

Author : Tom Knisely
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Join expert weaver and teacher Tom Knisely in his exploration of Huck Lace! "Lace Weaves" are best described as loom controlled warp and weft floats on a Plain Weave ground fabric. The term "Color and Weave Effects" refers to a careful arrangement of light and dark colored threads in the warp and weft that weave into beautiful patterns. Log Cabin is probably the best known color and weave pattern. Combining Huck with Color and Weave orders opened the door to astonishing pattern possibilities. He then came up with four color arrangements: Light and Dark, Complimentary Colors, Monochromatic, and Triadic colors. With 144 patterns and four color themes for each pattern, that's 576 patterns. Each pattern includes the full draft and a woven sample for reference. Tom also includes full details for five projects that are perfect for weaving Huck: dish towels, mug rugs, baby blanket, and two scarves. Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Color and Weave Effects is an essential resource that you will turn to for inspiration and guidance again and again.

Color for Architects Architecture Brief

Author : Juan Serra Lluch
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As far back as the earliest Greek temples, color has been an integral part of architecture but also one of its least understood elements. Color theory is rarely taught in architecture schools, leaving architects to puzzle out the hows and whys of which colors to select and how they interact, complement, or clash. Color for Architects is profusely illustrated and provides a clear, concise primer on color for designers of every kind. This latest volume in our Architecture Briefs series combines the theoretical and practical, providing the basics on which to build a fuller mastery of this essential component of design. A wealth of built examples, exercises, and activities allows students to apply their learning of color to real-world situations.

Exploring Color Photography Fifth Edition

Author : Robert Hirsch
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The classic book on color photography is back in print and completely revamped for a digital photography audience! Learn from step-by-step instruction, illustrative charts, and unbelievably inspirational imagery in this guide meant just for color photographers. World renowned artists give you insight as to "how they did that" and the author provides challenging assignments to help you take photography to a new level. With aesthetic and technical instruction like no other, this book truly is the bible for color photographers. Be sure to visit the companion website, featuring portfolios and commentary by contemporary artists: