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Encyclopedia of Hair

Author : Victoria Sherrow
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Describes the cultural, historical, and scientific aspects of hairdressing and hairstyling throughout history.

Combs and Hair Accessories

Author : Norma Hague
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Collecting small antiques can be of absorbing interest, partly because the items are easy to display and partly because they can be found in a great variety of places, including antique shops, public auctions, bric-a-brac stalls, garage sales and flea markets. Each title in this series is written by an expert in his or her chosen subject...with a wealth of practical advice to help the novice over any initial hurdles, guidance on prices and over 100 illustrations to help with identification.

American Artifacts of Personal Adornment 1680 1820

Author : Carolyn L. White
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The first comprehensive guide to identifying and interpreting items such as buttons, clasps, buckles, combs, and other items of personal adornment in early American museum collections and archaeological sites.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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The Customs History in Remote Antiquity Period and The Three Dynasties Xia Shang and Zhou Dynasty

Author : Li Shi
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The book is the volume of “The Customs History in Remote Antiquity Period and The Three Dynasties (Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasty)” among a series of books of “Deep into China Histories”. The earliest known written records of the history of China date from as early as 1250 BC, from the Shang dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC) and the Bamboo Annals (296 BC) describe a Xia dynasty (c. 2070–1600 BC) before the Shang, but no writing is known from the period The Shang ruled in the Yellow River valley, which is commonly held to be the cradle of Chinese civilization. However, Neolithic civilizations originated at various cultural centers along both the Yellow River and Yangtze River. These Yellow River and Yangtze civilizations arose millennia before the Shang. With thousands of years of continuous history, China is one of the world's oldest civilizations, and is regarded as one of the cradles of civilization.The Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC) supplanted the Shang and introduced the concept of the Mandate of Heaven to justify their rule. The central Zhou government began to weaken due to external and internal pressures in the 8th century BC, and the country eventually splintered into smaller states during the Spring and Autumn period. These states became independent and warred with one another in the following Warring States period. Much of traditional Chinese culture, literature and philosophy first developed during those troubled times.In 221 BC Qin Shi Huang conquered the various warring states and created for himself the title of Huangdi or "emperor" of the Qin, marking the beginning of imperial China. However, the oppressive government fell soon after his death, and was supplanted by the longer-lived Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). Successive dynasties developed bureaucratic systems that enabled the emperor to control vast territories directly. In the 21 centuries from 206 BC until AD 1912, routine administrative tasks were handled by a special elite of scholar-officials. Young men, well-versed in calligraphy, history, literature, and philosophy, were carefully selected through difficult government examinations. China's last dynasty was the Qing (1644–1912), which was replaced by the Republic of China in 1912, and in the mainland by the People's Republic of China in 1949.Chinese history has alternated between periods of political unity and peace, and periods of war and failed statehood – the most recent being the Chinese Civil War (1927–1949). China was occasionally dominated by steppe peoples, most of whom were eventually assimilated into the Han Chinese culture and population. Between eras of multiple kingdoms and warlordism, Chinese dynasties have ruled parts or all of China; in some eras control stretched as far as Xinjiang and Tibet, as at present. Traditional culture, and influences from other parts of Asia and the Western world (carried by waves of immigration, cultural assimilation, expansion, and foreign contact), form the basis of the modern culture of China.

Pediatric Nursing Certification Express Review

Author : Springer Publishing Company
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Improve retention with this high-speed review for test-day success! Designed as a last-minute gut check for your certification exam, this guide is written by pediatric nurses who have your back, providing you with quick, digestible nuggets of the most pertinent topics on the PNCB and ANCC exams. Use this small but mighty book during the last month of your preparation to strengthen your knowledge and get ready to tackle the exam with confidence! Organized by body system and following the most recent exam blueprints, this guide covers all the pediatric topics and professional issues you’ll need to know for the exam. Each system-based chapter includes signs and symptoms, labs and other diagnostic testing, treatment, nursing interventions, patient education, and more. Key Features: Offers a succinct high-yield rapid review of nearly 100 disorders you’ll likely see on the exam Includes useful pharmacology tables for each system-based chapter and a dedicated chapter to pharmacology Provides essential details about child growth and development Provides important alerts, complications, nursing pearls, and pop quiz questions to highlight extra-important information Boosts your confidence with a 100% pass guarantee CPN® is a registered trademark of the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB), and PED-BC™ is a registered trademark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). PNCB and ANCC do not sponsor or endorse this resource, nor do they have a proprietary relationship with Springer Publishing Company.

Flower Arranging

Author : Teresa P. Lanker
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Advance your basic skills or offer valuable training to apprentice designers with our latest volume, which is filled with techniques and how-to's to inspire you and help you excel at the art of flower arranging. Industry veteran Teresa P. Lanker, who for more than 20 years has taught floral design and marketing at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, shares her expertise as author of this definitive guide. The design methods featured have proven especially successful among floral design students with little or no expertise. Flower recipes and step-by-step instructions walk you through the basics, and variations show you how to expand on your knowledge with more advanced designs. We've also included entire chapters on proper packaging of flowers, working with balloons and creating a perfect commercial display. A comprehensive flower glossary and care and handling appendix help you choose and condition flowers for optimal use. With more than 500 photos, this book leads you through every step in the process with easy-to-follow how-to's. Learn the tips and tricks of the floral trade, and master the fundamentals of floral design, all while working through the lessons at your own pace.

Professional Hairdressing Australian and New Zealand Edition 2ed

Author : Karen Roemuss
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Professional Hairdressing and Barbering addresses the essential knowledge and skills of all core units of competency and the most highly subscribed electives of both the Certificate III in Hairdressing and the Certificate III in Barbering. This edition has increased from 16 chapters to 25 to address additional competencies, including a new chapter on Special Event and Session Styling. A holistic blend of practical skills, theory and professional attitudes, Professional Hairdressing and Barbering is packed with modern photos and illustrations that are easy to understand, and offers a realistic approach to hairdressing that leaves a strong impression of what to expect from working in the industry. The accompanying instructor resources include advanced information, learning activities and assessment tools, while the online study tools on the CourseMate Express platform contains practical step-by-step imagery, activities and further information to enhance learning for students. New, print versions of this book come with bonus online study tools on the CourseMate Express platform Learn more about the online tools

Supporting Documents to Implement the Dominican Republic Central America United States Free Trade Agreement

Author : United States. President (2001-2009 : Bush)
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The United States Oman Free Trade Agreement

Author : United States. President (2001-2009 : Bush)
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