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Communicating the Word

Author : David Marshall
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Communicating the Word is a record of the 2008 Building Bridges seminar, an annual dialogue between leading Christian and Muslim scholars convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Featuring the insights of internationally known Christian and Muslim scholars, the essays collected here focus attention on key scriptural texts but also engage with both classical and contemporary Islamic and Christian thought. Issues addressed include, among others, the different ways in which Christians and Muslims think of their scriptures as the “Word of God,” the possibilities and challenges of translating scripture, and the methods—and conflicts—involved in interpreting scripture in the past and today. In his concluding reflections, Archbishop Rowan Williams draws attention to a fundamental point emerging from these fascinating contributions: “Islam and Christianity alike give a high valuation to the conviction that God speaks to us. Grasping what that does and does not mean . . . is challenging theological work.”

Words Matter

Author : Elizabeth Keating
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In a twenty-first-century global economy, in which multinational companies coordinate and collaborate with partners and clientele around the world, it is usually English that is the parlance of business, research, technology, and finance. Most assume that if parties on both ends of the conference call are fluent English speakers, information will be shared seamlessly and without any misunderstanding. But is that really true? Words Matter examines how communications between transnational partners routinely break down, even when all parties are fluent English speakers. The end result is lost time, lost money, and often discord among those involved. What’s going wrong? Contrary to a common assumption, language is never neutral. Its is heavily influenced by one’s culture and can often result in unintended meanings depending on word choice, a particular phrase, or even one’s inflection. A recent study of corporate managers found that one out of five projects fail primarily because of ineffective transnational communication, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. In Words Matter, you will venture into the halls of multinational tech companies around the world to study language and culture at work; learn practical steps for harnessing research in communication and anthropology to become more skilled in the digital workplace; and learn to use the “Communication Plus Model,” which can be easily applied in multiple situations, leading to better communication and better business outcomes.

Communicating God s Word in a Complex World

Author : Robert Daniel Shaw
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The authors say that contemporary proclaimers of God's word can model their approach after that of the writers of scripture, who reinterpreted and restated their received texts for their audiences. Thus, Gospel communication is impacted by the way humans know God. This book draws lesson from the biblical authors themselves as a guide for how best to present God's message.

Speak the Word 12 Christian Leaders on Communicating the Truth

Author : Rebecca Van Noord
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Some of us must summon our courage to share our Christian faith. Others take the platform to speak to large congregations and national gatherings about their lives, lessons learned, and God’s faithfulness in all circumstances. Speak the Word: 12 Leaders on Communicating the Truth offers testimonies and encouragement from a dozen influential pastors and Christian leaders—including Beth Moore, John MacArthur, and Barry Black—who speak to God’s desire to transform our lives for his glory. We hope this hand-curated collection of stories, published by Bible Study Magazine between 2008 and 2014, encourages you to see God at work in your life and to share your story with others.

Culture Communication and Christianity

Author : Charles H. Kraft
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Charles Kraft is a well-known author, educator, linguist, anthropologist, and missiologist. This book consists of his selected writings compiled over more than three decades. Subjects including anthropology, communication, worldview, ethnolinguistics, hermeneutics, and contextualization are dealt with as they relate to Christianity and Kraft's unique perspective. Kraft's personal story and an exhaustive bibliography of his personal writings (from 1961-2000) are included. This book is of extraodrinary value to those who desire to study Christianity, culture and communication, and the interplay between all three.

Communicating with Your Dog

Author : Ted Baer
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Easy-to-use 20-word language of commands. Clear, simple hand signals. Many helpful illustrations.

Top 1 500 Persian Words

Author : Reza Nazari
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Designed as a quick reference and study guide, this reference book provides easy-to-learn lists of the most relevant Persian vocabulary. Arranged by 36 categories, these word lists furnish the reader with an invaluable knowledge of fundamental vocabulary to comprehend, read, write and speak Persian. Top 1,500 Persian Words is intended to teach the essentials of Persian quickly and effectively. The common words are organized to enable the reader to handle day-to-day situations. Words are arranged by topic, such as Family, Jobs, weather, numbers, countries, sports, common verbs, etc. A phonetic pronunciation accompanies each word. With daily practice, you can soon have a working vocabulary in Persian!

Interpersonal Communication

Author : Teri Kwal Gamble
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Written in a conversational style for students living in today's world of ever-evolving media and new technology, this hands-on skills guide by Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble puts students at the center of interpersonal communication. To help them become better, more successful communicators, married author team Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael Gamble shed new light on the dynamics of students' everyday interactions and relationships, and give students the tools they need to develop and cultivate effective communication skills. Using an applied, case-study approach that draws from popular culture and students' own experiences, Gamble and Gamble go beyond skill building by encouraging readers to critically reflect on their own communication patterns and actively apply relevant theory to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and co-workers. Designed to promote self-reflection and develop students' interpersonal communication skills, each chapter of this engaging text examines how media, technology, gender, and culture affect the dynamics of relationships and self-expression.

God s Word and the Church s Council

Author : Mark O'Brien
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The publication of the Vatican II document on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) was an exciting and challenging moment for the Church. While honouring the tradition, it also marked a quite dramatic development in the Church’s attitude to modern critical analysis of the Bible and encouraged study and reflection on it by all members of the Church. The golden jubilee of its publication is a timely moment for a book such as this. It contains essays on various aspects of Dei Verbum by authors from around the world. They write from the perspective of their respective disciplines of biblical studies, patristics, theology, liturgy, philosophy, and communications media. They situate the document within the Jewish-Christian tradition, assess its reception since Vatican II, and its implications for the future.

Communication Harmony

Author : Karen Phillip
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The direction of many of our conversations can be changed quickly when you know how. Once you learn to lead the conversation, others will follow, ensuring your discussion is productive, rather than explosive. These skills can be used anywhere, with anyone. They calm the conversation and put the focus on the solution instead of the problem.

The Challenge of Bible Translation

Author :
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An In-Depth Look at Bible Translation ·The concerns, issues, and approaches ·The history ·The ins and outs of the translation task With a reach that covers the entire globe, the Bible is the best-selling, most earnestly studied book of all time. It has been translated into well over 1,000 languages, from those of global reach such as English, French, and Arabic, to a myriad of isolated tribal tongues. Yet while most readers of the English Bible have a favorite version, few understand how the different translations came about, or why there are so many, or what determines whether a particular translation is trustworthy. Written in tribute to one of today’s true translation luminaries, Dr. Ronald Youngblood, The Challenge of Bible Translation will open your eyes to the principles, the methods, the processes, and the intricacies of translating the Bible into language that communicates clearly, accurately, and powerfully to readers of many countries and cultures. This remarkable volume marshals the contributions of foremost translators and linguists. Never before has a single book shed so much light on Bible translation in so accessible a fashion. In three parts, this compendium gives scholars, students, and interested Bible readers an unprecedented grasp of: 1. The Theory of Bible Translation 2. The History of Bible Translation 3. The Practice of Bible Translation The Challenge of Bible Translation will give you a new respect for the diligence, knowledge, and care required to produce a good translation. It will awaken you to the enormous cost some have paid to bring the Bible to the world. And it will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the priceless gift of God’s written Word. Contributors Kenneth L. Barker D. A. Carson Charles H. Cosgrove Kent A. Eaton Dick France David Noel Freedman Andreas J. Köstenberger David Miano Douglas J. Moo Glen G. Scorgie Moisés Silva James D. Smith III John H. Stek Mark L. Strauss Ronald A. Veenker Steven M. Voth Larry Lee Walker Bruce K. Waltke Walter W. Wessel Herbert M. Wolf

Words and functions communicating in english

Author : Elena Ungari
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Il presente lavoro intende essere un supporto per lo studio e l’esercitazione della Lingua Inglese soprattutto nelle sue particolarità lessicali e funzionali-comunicative. Lo strumento didattico qui proposto si propone innanzitutto di aiutare gli studenti ad ampliare il proprio vocabolario e ad esercitarlo correttamente in contesti scritti, quindi di fornire agli studenti stessi gli strumenti linguistici adeguati per l’approccio al testo scritto ed alla sua comprensione. Il volume si compone di nove Unità, organizzate tematicamente. Alcune di queste sono a loro volta suddivise in due parti, ognuna delle quali basata su argomenti fra loro affini o correlati. Le aree tematiche scelte sono fra quelle più familiari allo studente e riscontrabili nelle situazioni ed esperienze della quotidianità: relazioni interpersonali, familiari e sociali, le attività di ogni giorno, la scuola, lo sport, gli hobbies ed il tempo libero, il cibo, lo shopping, l’ambiente, i viaggi ed il turismo. Ogni Unità si articola in diverse sezioni, di difficoltà crescente, che intendono guidare lo studente nella progressiva acquisizione della padronanza della lingua nel suo passaggio dall’organizzazione frasale a quella testuale. All’interno di ogni singola Unità, la prima sezione è denominata “Vocabulary”: si tratta di un elenco di vocaboli e funzioni comunicative fondamentali, relativi al tema oggetto dell’Unità; tali vocaboli e funzioni sono presentati nella versione inglese e nella traduzione italiana. A completamento viene fornita la spiegazione di parole, locuzioni o aspetti lessicali e comunicativi, che possono essere di interesse particolare per gli studenti o che per gli stessi possono essere motivo di confusione La seconda sezione è denominata “Testing Vocabulary” e comprende esercizi che testano la capacità di usare correttamente all’interno di semplici frasi il vocabolario acquisito. La terza sezione prende in esame il meccanismo di formazione delle parole (Word Formation) attraverso l’ utilizzo di suffissi o prefissi. Tale sezione si correda di esercizi che richiedono allo studente il completamento di spazi bianchi (gaps) con parole create da un vocabolo-base fornito. La quarta sezione si concentra sulla comprensione testuale (Reading Comprehension). Dopo l’acquisizione del lessico di base, gli studenti possono così avvicinarsi al testo nella sua più articolata e complessa organizzazione. Gli esercizi scelti a tale riguardo comprendono testi con spazi bianchi da riempirsi con vocaboli forniti a scelta multipla (multiple choice cloze texts) e / o testi completi corredati da domande con opzioni di risposte sempre a scelta multipla. Alcune Unità contemplano in tale sezione esercizi che richiedono di trovare informazioni in un testo e di completare una griglia relativa con dati desunti dal brano proposto. In altri capitoli, invece, si trovano jumbled texts, brevi frasi da riorganizzare in modo tale da ottenere un brano coeso. Ogni Unità comprende inoltre una Grammar Revision. Lontano dal volere essere una sezione grammaticale esaustiva, tale parte intende essere un “richiamo” degli argomenti grammaticali prevalenti all’interno dell’Unità e, soprattutto, un invito alla revisione delle particolarità grammaticali stesse all’interno del testo di grammatica di riferimento adottato. Al termine di questa introduzione si precisa che le fonti bibliografiche da cui sono stati tratti brani e / o esercizi contenuti all’interno della seguente dispensa sono chiaramente indicate. Tale materiale, desunto da testi che spaziano dalla preparazione al PET a manuali adatti alla prepazione per il superamento del CAE, sono stati sottoposti ad una rielaborazione per conformarli alle esigenze dei destinatari della seguente pubblicazione. Come grammatica di riferimento si è preferito avvalersi del testo: Michael Swan, Practical English Usage, Oxford. Nato dall’esperienza didattica maturata in questi ultimi anni nell’ambito del SELDA e dal riscontro delle difficoltà che gli studenti si trovano ad affrontare nel loro approccio alla Lingua Inglese, il volume si propone ora auspicabilmente come ulteriore e valido strumento di studio e di approfondimento. Elena Ungari

Communicating Strategy

Author : Phil Jones
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Phil Jones' Communicating Strategy is designed to help you communicate your organization's strategy in a compelling and effective way, and dramatically improve implementation and the resulting outcomes.It provides a clear framework for building a communication plan as well as practical information, techniques, tools, tips and exercises that can be applied to explain and deliver a complete and coherent strategy message.

Environmental Communication Second Edition

Author : Richard R. Jurin
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Environmental professionals can no longer simply publish research in technical journals. Informing the public is now a critical part of the job. Environmental Communication demonstrates, step by step, how it’s done, and is an essential guide for communicating complex information to groups not familiar with scientific material. It addresses the entire communications process, from message planning, audience analysis and media relations to public speaking - skills a good communicator must master for effective public dialogue. Environmental Communication provides all the knowledge and tools you need to reach your target audience in a persuasive and highly professional manner. "This book will certainly help produce the skills for environmental communications sorely needed for industry, government and non-profit groups as well as an informed public". Sol P. Baltimore, Director, Environmental Communications and Adjunct faculty, Hazardous Waste management program, Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. "All environmental education professionals agree that the practice of good communications is essential for the success of any program. This book provides practical skills for this concern". Ju Chou, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Environmental Education National Taiwan Normal University Taipei, Taiwan

Communicating Effectively

Author : Donna Couch
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The Word Made Fresh

Author : Meredith Gould
File Size : 28.79 MB
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More than a how-to guide, this book helps readers appreciate

Marketing Expenditures and Word of mouth Communication

Author : Guillermo Armelini
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Marketing Expenditures and Word-of-Mouth Communication reviews the existing literature on WOM and advertising to determine whether and how WOM provides a complement to or substitute of advertising spending within the firm's marketing strategy

Communicating Ideas

Author : Irving Louis Horowitz
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Communicating Ideas is the first attempt to place publishing in America in its political and commercial setting. The book addresses the political implications of scholarly communication in the era of the new computerized technology. Horowitz does so by examining classic problems of political theory in the context of property rights versus the presumed right to know, and the special strains involved in publishing as a business versus information as a public trust Offering a knowledgeable and insightful view of publishing in America and abroad, this book makes an important contribution to the study of mass culture in advanced societies. The discussion ranges considerably beyond scholarly publications into communication as a whole, encompassing a wide range of issues from cable and satelite television control to specialized issues in copyright legislation, the prize system in publishing, and the definition of standards of the industry. This new edition, expanded by fully one third, expands on such themes, and in addition deals with Horowitz's new research on the history of social science publishing. The first edition, published in 1986, was described by WE. Coleman as "a marvelous book which indeed offers a realistic analysis of publishing." John P. Dessauer declared that "no one thinking seriously about the future of scholarly communication can afford to ignore his work, in particular his treatment of basic issues." Joseph Gusfield "(Los Angeles Times), "in his review, noted that "Horowitz is alive to the possibilities and barriers for academics to reach a wider audience and for lay persons to utilize scholarship. Both groups can learn much from this intelligent book." And Philip G. Altbach "(Scholarly Publishing) "concluded his review by saying that "Communicating Ideas ""will be of interest not only to publishers and editors, but also to librarians and to sociologists of science."


Author : Gjyn O'Toole
File Size : 35.21 MB
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This text introduces health sciences students to the various interpersonal communication skills that are commonly used within health settings to establish relationships with clients and fellow professionals, and improve therapeutic outcomes. It focuses on developing self awareness and skills for use in health settings and covers the types of scenarios commonly encountered in health settings that are rarely covered in generic professional communication texts. Perspectives and examples are drawn from a wide range of health professions. The book includes activities that will enable students to reflect on their experiences and practice using the skills. Ancillary package including MCQs Scenarios Reflection questions Health professions focus Specific chapters on - communicating with indigenous peoples Culturally appropriate communication Reflective practice Self awareness

Fatal Words

Author : Steven Cushing
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On March 27, 1977, 583 people died when KLM and Pan Am 747s collided on a crowded, foggy runway in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. The cause, a miscommunication between the pilot and the air traffic controller. The pilot radioed, "We are now at takeoff," meaning that the plane was lifting off, but the tower controller misunderstood and thought the plane was waiting on the runway. In Fatal Words, Steven Cushing explains how miscommunication has led to dozens of aircraft disasters, and he proposes innovative solutions for preventing them. He examines ambiguities in language when aviation jargon and colloquial English are mixed, when a word is used that has different meanings, and when different words are used that sound alike. To remedy these problems, Cushing proposes a visual communication system and a computerized voice mechanism to help clear up confusing language. Fatal Words is an accessible explanation of some of the most notorious aircraft tragedies of our time, and it will appeal to scholars in communications, linguistics, and cognitive science, to aviation experts, and to general readers.